EduReviewerTargetTestPrep (TTP) vs Magoosh: GRE Comparison

TargetTestPrep (TTP) vs Magoosh: GRE Comparison

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If you’re preparing to take your GREs, one of the most important things to focus on is the resources and tools that will be used to prepare yourself for d-day. It can be relatively tough to decide on the right tool to use.

You see, many business school students will be unable to attend live classes. As a result, they need resources that will help them study and save time.

There are several innovative GRE self-study platforms online. However, Target Test Prep and Magoosh GRE are some of the notable options that anyone can come across. These two platforms have an incredible track record of offering value to users.

As a result of the quality they offer, many users struggle to decide which of these alternatives to settle for. It’s even worse considering the raging debate on Target Test Prep versus Magoosh.

We’ve covered you if you wish to learn the major difference between these self-study platforms. This piece will look at the essential details to help you choose between Magoosh or Target Test Prep.

Overall Comparison: TTP vs Magoosh GRE

Brand Magoosh Target Test Prep
Price $149, $179, and $479 $149, $449, and $1,399
Content Access Limited Duration (1 and 6 months) Limited Duration (1, 4, and 6 months)
Video Instructions 100 video lessons 1,000 video lessons
Practise Tests 3 5
Practice Questions 1600 practice questions 4,000 practice questions
Mobile App Yes No
Money-back Guarantee Yes Yes
Live Online Classes Yes No

Features of the Platforms to be Aware of

Now, the first stage of comparing Magoosh vs. Target Test Prep is comparing the main features of both platforms. While both platforms are created for similar purposes, each stands out in unique ways.

Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep, also known as TTP, is a budget-friendly self-study option for GRE hopefuls. All of its solutions are 100% online and let you take full advantage of the digital space.

This study platform provides a high-quality GRE prep experience where students access verbal and quantitative content.

On this platform, you’ll find thousands of video lessons to bring you up to speed on what you need to learn before the exam date.

When you navigate the TTP platform, one of the first things you’ll notice is that it has several courses for students to learn from.

However, you’ll also find some features that you may not find useful.

This platform is one of the self-study options on the internet that allows users to purchase a monthly subscription for their services with the freedom to cancel it at any time.

Many students have described Target Test Prep as an ideal service provider to try out if you have limited time to practice for your examination.


The pricing of courses on TTP starts from as low as $149 per month. As a result, it’s safe to say that Target Test Prep is one of the cheapest alternatives for GRE students, especially when you compare it with some of the big names in the same space.

Target Test Prep has split its packages into three groups; Flexible Preparation, Dedicated Study and Maximum Learning.

Flexible Preparation is the most popular plan available to users on this platform. It’s charged at $149/month. The Dedicated Study and Maximum Learning plans allow users to make one-time payments for four or six months of access.

For $1,399, you’ll be able to use the Dedicated Study plan for four months, while users are charged $1,399 to use the Maximum Learning package for six months.

All the GRE study plans on this platform are designed to offer quantitative and verbal content. If you sign up for TTP, you’ll gain access to any of the following;

  • Larger Quant Section;
  • Organized Dashboard;
  • 4000+ Comprehensive GRE Verbal and Quant Questions;
  • 1000+ GRE Verbal and Quant Videos;
  • Custom GRE practice engine;
  • Live expert support;
  • Student performance tracking metrics;
  • Custom study plans;
  • +8 score improvement guarantee.

Why Is Target Test Prep Better Than Magoosh?

Let’s examine how Target Test Prep stands out from its close competitor, Magoosh. You’ll be surprised to find a few notable differences to consider.

To start with, Target Test Prep has a larger size of materials than Magoosh GRE. While Mangoosh has 1,300 different GRE Verbal and Quant practice questions, Target Test Prep has more than 4,000 questions for students to try their hands on. TTP also has a Custom Price Engine to test the student’s knowledge.

If you’re the type of student who enjoys learning by trying your hands-on practice questions, then you’d enjoy the additional questions you’ll get with TTP.


Also, Target Test Prep has effective learning modules ideal for driving home new lessons and reinforcing old knowledge.

With this platform’s module-based approach to learning, everything is broken down for easy assimilation. Each module is streamlined with content details, instructions, explanations, and practice questions.

You’ll have to attempt a set of questions when you’re done with each chapter. TTP will require that you reach a certain percentage to move on to the next chapter. Also, they are easy to manage and use for your learning journey.

Furthermore, TTP has top-notch GRE courses. The analytics on this platform does more than tell you the questions you answered correctly.

Instead, they give you in-depth knowledge of your academic journey, including what to improve. Their reports include behavioral analyses that review your metrics and tell you how you stack up against peers.

Also, you’ll learn more about your pacing. The information from performance analytics on this platform is detailed, and you could spend hours going through everything.


Magoosh is one of the most popular and earliest platforms designed to help students study for their upcoming GRE examinations.

This user-friendly digital tool was developed in 2009. Since then, it has gained a widespread reputation as a trustworthy platform with everything you need to learn before your exam date.

It’s exciting to note that Magoosh establishes itself as a 100% online company. As a result, all their resources are completely online.

They offer exam prep in a comprehensive digital format. Learners can access hundreds of explanations, video lessons, strategies, and other tricks to help them perform better in the exam.

It’s safe to say that Magoosh has everything that you need to succeed in your upcoming GRE evaluation.

An interesting thing to note about this study prep platform is that they offer affordable courses. Lowly priced options on their platform, starting at $149. They are one of the best low-cost options on the internet, and they offer real value for money.

On Magoosh, you’ll get access to two self-study options; Monthly and Premium. The monthly option, priced at $149, was created for those who wish to prepare for GRE’s Math, Verbal, and AWA sections.

It gives a comprehensive feel to all GRE study sections. However, students will only have access for a single month.


Furthermore, the Premium course is priced at $179 and offers users access to verbal, Math, and AWA content.

What’s more? You’ll also access hundreds of video lessons, practice questions, reliable diagnostic tests, study schedules, and so on. It’s similar to the 1-monthly self-study package.

However, the premium course will last longer. When you sign up for this course, you’ll gain access to 6 months.

Regardless of the study package that you opt for, Magoosh will offer you access to its best features. Other competitors in the same category can’t offer the same value for money.

If you’re the type of student who requires additional guidance to get through your examination, Magoosh also has an exciting alternative: Live Tutoring + Premium package. It’s currently the most expensive package on the platform.

It offers users access to premium self-study options and 16 hours of live instruction (eight 2-hour classes). While this package is a more expensive option at $479, it’s still a great bargain and cheaper than what you’ll get from other competitors.

Why Is Magoosh Better Than Target Test Prep?

We’ve spent some time reviewing the key features of Magoosh GRE, and established that GRE courses are a great way to prepare for your GRE examination.

Now, let’s look at how this study platform edges out its close competitor – Target Test Prep.

The first thing Magoosh does better than TTP is offering students content-based lectures. Magoosh uses video lessons to engage students and teach them crucial concepts.

You’ll find hundreds of content-driven videos on this platform. These video lessons are incredibly effective and offer students real value for money. On the other hand, TTP only uses video lessons to explain complex problems.


Going further, Magoosh is a study platform that relies on live classes. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a hands-on approach to your learning experience, you will enjoy the live sessions available on Magoosh.

These classes will provide students with insightful instructions and hacks. You won’t find any live classes on Target Test Prep as all their lessons are pre-recorded. If you have problems motivating yourself on self-study, Magoosh is an ideal choice.

Finally, Magoosh is a study platform designed with exciting bonus tools. You’ll have access to more bonuses and resources, despite offering cheaper course options and plans than TTP.

These bonuses include FAQs, flashcards, email support, a student forum, a progress tracker, a score predictor, etc.

While TTP offers bonus features like performance analysis and chats support, Magoosh excels more as a supportive and comprehensive platform.

Pricing Comparison

An effective way to compare Target Test Prep versus Mangoosh is by looking at the pricing of both study platforms. We’ll compare the pricing plans of these study platforms and explain what students stand to gain for each payment.

If you wish to be a part of the Target Test Prep, you’ll have to purchase from either payment plan; Flexible Preparation, Dedicated Study and Maximum Learning. Each of them gives you access to the same content.

However, they offer users access to learning content for varying durations. The Flexible Preparation payment plan is priced at $149. This plan will give you access to educational content on the platform for a year.

You can also purchase the Dedicated Study plan for four months at $449. Furthermore, the Maximum Learning package will last six months and cost $1,399.


On the other hand, Magoosh is designed to have three packages; Monthly and Premium, Premium, and Live Tutoring and Premium.

For $149, you’ll get access to the verbal, Math, and AWA content. This plan will give you detailed resources on quantitative and verbal topics.

The Premium plan costs $179 and offers access to verbal, Math, and AWA materials for six months.

You’ll pay $479 for the Live Tutoring and Premium package if you want access to live classes.


When you compare the pricing plan of both platforms, it’s clear that both platforms offer a similar pricing scheme.

But it’s safe to say that TTP charges users more for long-term usage. You’ll be saving around $20 when you pay for 6-month access.

Quality of Learning

Let’s compare the quality of learning in both study platforms to determine which is better Target Test Prep or Magoosh. Both platforms offer exceptional learning resources. They are a great way to prepare for your GREs and help you do the job without hassle.

When you sign up on Target Test Prep, you’ll gain access to 5 practice tests, video lessons, and a higher score improvement guarantee.

However, Magoosh GRE will offer students access to courses for a relatively long period, live classes, and more video lessons. Magoosh also allows users to access the course through their mobile phones and try their hands on three practice tests.


Furthermore, Target Test Prep is focused on offering students access to materials in quantitative and verbal content.

However, it has a large quantitative section. Magoosh GRE offers more than maths.

There are also resources on resources on verbal and AWA. The content delivery on both platforms is relatively similar. They provide video content in slideshow formats with additional explanations and whiteboard effects.

Both do a great job of breaking down complex concepts and providing easy-to-understand materials.


The final thing to note is that Magoosh provides users with a dashboard to see how they are performing, track their progress, and recommend the next course of action to aid their preparation.

On the other hand, TTP offers users detailed analytics and information about their platform usage. But there’s also a dashboard view here.

Main Advantages of the Platform

The next stage of our Target Test Prep and Magoosh comparison is to review the major advantages of both platforms.

Pros of Target Test Prep

Price starts from $149
Promo code N/A
  • Price is affordable.
  • Decent number of practice questions.
  • Provides Score Improvement Guarantee.
  • Various monthly subscriptions.

  • Price:

Target Test Prep is a service provider that offers you value for money. Unlike other popular platforms, you won’t need to spend a truckload of money to learn from the best instructors.

For less than $200, you’ll get access to the lessons, practice lessons, and other interesting features. There’s hardly any study platform that can also boast of this.

  • Several practice questions:

If you’re the type of student who enjoys learning and practicing independently, you’ll have a great time with Target Test Prep.

There are up to 4,000 practice questions on this study platform. You can practice as much as you want without trying out the same questions twice.

  • Score Improvement Guarantee:

TTP offers one of the best score improvement guarantees on the internet - +8 points. This is a great boost for you as you prepare for the exam.

However, you’ll need to meet certain requirements to qualify for these additional points.

  • Monthly subscription:

Limiting students’ access to materials and resources to monthly subscriptions is a great idea. Why?

Not everyone is interested in learning for many months at once. Some people only need a few months of practice. Target Test Prep GRE lets students subscribe for 1, 4, or 6 months.

Pros of Magoosh GRE

Price starts from $179
Promo code EDUREVIEWER10
  • Great Value for Money.
  • Also, provides Score Improvement Guarantee.
  • Longer courses duration.
  • Availability of Live and Video classes.

  • Value for Money:

There are hardly any service providers that can compete with the quality of what Magoosh GRE courses offer students.

For less than $200, you’ll gain access to video lessons, practice questions, and other interesting bonus features. If you opt for the most expensive alternative, you’ll also gain access to live classes.

  • Score Improvement Guarantee:

As any top study platform expects, Magoosh also has an impressive score guarantee. By signing up for the Premium plan on Magoosh, you get access to a +5 score guarantee.

  • Course Duration:

Unlike most platforms that offer limited periods, Magoosh is designed to allow GRE students to enjoy access to resources and materials for longer.

If you’re a student who enjoys starting your preparation early, you can use this platform without spending too much money.

  • Availability of Video Classes:

Magoosh stands out from many GRE platforms because it offers most of its explanations through video lessons.

The video lessons on this website are quite detailed and offer a breakdown of the different questions and answers that students will face in their exams.

  • Availability of Live Classes:

One of the unique features of Magoosh is its live classes. These live classes are perfect for students who enjoy learning in a classroom environment. There are a total of 16 hours of live classes.

Main Disadvantages of the Platform

Cons of Target Test Prep

Course Duration:

Target Test Prep places a time limit on all its courses. If you are subscribing to the basic plan of this study platform, you’ll only get access to resources, material, and explanations for a month.

While this is a great idea for those who need a short time to prepare, you’ll spend a lot more for a longer access period.

Practise Tests:

Target Test Prep is a study platform that emphasizes the quality of resources it offers to GRE hopefuls.

However, they do not focus on practice tests. Despite its custom practice engine, Target Test Prep has only five practice tests compared to other study platforms.

No Live Classes:

Unlike Magoosh, which allows users to learn under the tutelage of a live instructor, TTP makes no provision for something like this. Target Test Prep is a platform that expects students to be self-sufficient and can learn everything they need without additional help.

If you enjoy learning in a classroom environment, you may prefer opting for something else.

Cons of Magoosh

Lesser Number of Practice Questions:

When using Magoosh, you’ll have access to practice questions to prepare yourself for the examination. There are only about 1,600 practice questions on this platform.

Lesser Practice Tests:

There are fewer practice tests on this platform. While some companies may offer up to five practice tests, you only get three on this online resource.

Limited Class Sizes:

A limited number of students can access the live classes on this platform. As a result, they aren’t open to everyone.


And that’s all on Magoosh versus Target Test Prep. In the earlier parts of this piece, we’ve identified that settling on a suitable GRE prep platform can be difficult.

Before making the final decision, you’ll need to look at what each platform does well and what they excel at.

After doing some research, you may find that some of the benefits of Magoosh and Target Test Prep overlap. Your final choice will depend on the nature of the classes you’re looking for and how long you expect to prepare for your examination.


Which is better for GRE – Magoosh or Target Test Prep?

Well, there’s no definite answer on which platform is better.

However, you need to note that the final choice depends on you. Take some time to review both platforms and signup for whichever work for you.

How is Target Test Prep for GRE?

Target Test Prep is one of the best study platforms to help you prepare for your upcoming examination. You’ll find courses and materials on verbal and quantitative courses.

However, your lessons will be limited to a time-based subscription.

How is Magoosh for GRE Prep?

Magoosh is a reliable platform to help students study at their own pace.

But it also offers live classes that take the learning experience to another level. Magoosh subscriptions offer users one-year access to all materials.

Which GRE course is cheaper – Target Test Prep or Magoosh?

Both study platforms offer a similar pricing scheme.

However, Target Test Prep charges more for long-term study access.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on October 30, 2023
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