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Best GRE Practice Tests

Taking practice GRE examinations can be very helpful in preparing for the difficult Graduate Record Examination (GRE), which is a requirement to be accepted into the graduate program of your choosing. Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing are the three evaluations that are covered in the exam. Graduate schools utilize the test to determine whether candidates are ready for advanced study programs. You need the best practice test for GRE in the first place so that you can understand the format of the exam and become acquainted with your strengths, limitations, and level of exam readiness. This is the reason I examine some of the Best GRE practice tests in this post, using a careful analysis and assessment as a basis. Your particular needs and study objectives will determine which GRE practice exam is best for you. Keep reading, as I highlight top GRE practice exams to assist you get your target scores.

Top 1
Editor choice
$40 Price starts from

highly accurate and complete simulation of the real exam, making it one of the greatest unofficial free GREs you can find.

Greatest unofficial free GRE Practice Test
Top 2
Customer choice
$449 Price starts from

Computer-based practice exams closely mimic the structure and kinds of questions found on the actual GRE.

Computer-based practice exams
Top 3
$699 Price starts from

8 comprehensive, computer-adaptive tests included with each of the three GRE course options offered by Princeton.

Most well-known brand in test preparation

GRE Practice Test Checklist

In our review of GRE practice tests, we featured the 7 best prep tests. Precision, Availability, Quantity, and cost-effectiveness are key factors in selecting the real GRE Practice Tests.


Took into account the price per test, package, or subscription. I also account for any discounts, free trials, or assurances that are provided. Finding the best value for your money is the aim.


Emphasized that there are enough questions and full tests in each program to cover the two sections and skills included in the GRE. They ought to let you rehearse in settings and time limits that are reasonable.


Verified that the best GRE online practice test replicates the structure of the real GRE test. Also, they have to be based on actual questions from prior years or official GRE practice tests.


Examined the variety of course formats available and the ease of access to materials either online or on paper, based on personal taste and convenience. I make sure they are simple to use.

Verdict: Best GRE Practice Tests in 2024

Next, we’ll take a closer look at each of the GRE practice tests. I will tell you about my experience, whether the test is free or paid for, and whether it is similar to a real GRE practice test.

Magoosh GRE Practice Test

Magoosh GRE Prep Practice Tests

Magoosh tops the list as one of the most reasonably priced GRE Practice Tests providers, offering a decent quantity of top-notch study materials. Although the amount of resources provided is not quite as extensive as that of other GRE prep tests, it is still very valuable.

One benefit of Magoosh is that it gives you the freedom to choose the subjects you study whenever you want, without having to follow a set curriculum. Its elegant digital platform also offers a wide variety of excellent practice resources. About 1600 practice questions cover every topic linked to the GRE, along with brief video tutorials that include significant explanations.

Magoosh Questions for GRE

Having gone through them, I think Magoosh will always be remembered for their value because they are incredibly beneficial to anyone preparing for the upcoming GRE. You can modify practice problem sets and filter questions as per your preference. Each lesson comprises modules that correspond to different themes and examinations on the GRE.

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Manhattan Prep GRE Practice Test

Manhattan Prep Practice tests for GRE

The GRE test from Manhattan Prep is a highly accurate and complete simulation of the real exam, making it one of the greatest unofficial free GREs you can find. Access to the 6 computer-based practice exams requires first creating a free account.

No matter how adaptive the GRE can be, changing its level of difficulty in response to a student’s performance, Manhattan performs a fantastic job of incorporating an adaptive feature into its programming to assist with the difficulty jump.

Manhattan Prep gives six practice exams, which is comparable to other competitors, but Princeton Review offers eight, which is more than almost any other competition. This platform not only does that, but it also includes thorough explanations of the answers to assist you in determining the right answers. This is excellent if you’re having trouble understanding why you answered some questions incorrectly.

Manhattan Prep GRE Questions

Some of the questions on Manhattan Practice Tests seem a little trickier than those on the real GRE, based on both my test and the review below. This can give you the impression that you are less prepared than you actually are.

However, Manhattan Prep’s GRE tests are among the most comprehensive prep tests available in addition to the drills, study aids, and a sizable number of full-length practice exams.

Unsure if Manhattan GRE prep is worth the investment? Read our honest Manhattan GRE prep review to determine if it’s the right option for you.

The Princeton Review GRE Practice Test

Princeton Review GRE Tests

Some may be comparable, but in my opinion, Princeton Review’s GRE practice exams rank among the finest in the GRE test preparation category, which is why it is ranked on our list of the best.

One of the most well-known brands in test preparation is The Princeton Review, and based on my evaluation, they provide an especially good GRE study package. There are 8 comprehensive, computer-adaptive tests included with each of the three GRE course options offered by Princeton Review. With the exception of Achievable, this is more than any rival provides.

Princeton Review provides GRE exam-style questions and experience using a simulated computer program that mimics the real thing, giving students additional opportunities to take practice exams under exam-like settings.

In my opinion, Princeton Review does a fantastic job at closely imitating the format, style, and content of the GRE, making it appear and feel exactly like the actual thing. You will, however, receive an interactive score sheet following the test that lists the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. Once the test is over, you won’t be able to view the questions once again.

Detailed explanations of every question on the exam are only given straight from the score report.

Kaplan GRE Practice Test

Kaplan GRE Practice Tests

With some of the best outcomes in the business to show for it, Kaplan is one of the largest providers of online GRE preparation programs. I especially enjoy Kaplan’s extensive study materials and thorough exam explanations. You simply can’t get this with Princeton Review or Magoosh.

Regardless of the course option you choose, the Kaplan GRE prep test gives you access to seven full-length practice exams. In comparison to other test prep firms, 7 is undoubtedly a pretty acceptable number; the only company that offers more tests than this is Princeton Review, with 8 tests.

In terms of appearance and feel, Kaplan’s computer-based practice exams closely mimic the structure and kinds of questions found on the actual GRE. The test is designed to replicate the adaptive elements of the real GRE, which only increase in difficulty as you move through the sections if you do well on the earlier ones.

Furthermore, I was very delighted by the “Smart Reports” feature of the Kaplan Practice Tests for GRE, which evaluates performance. Not only will it display your total score, but it will also break down your performance based on timing, question complexity, and more.

Mometrix Quantitative Practice Test

Mometrix Practice Tests for GRE

With Mometrix’s free GRE practice exams, candidates can get a sneak peek at what to expect on the actual test. They approach the GRE with the same powerful playbook that they have employed to great effect in the PSAT prep space.

The primary reason Mometrix Quantitative Prep Test ranks first on our list and is a great resource for students taking the GRE is that it evaluates your mastery of fundamental algebraic, geometric, and data analysis skills, all of which are heavily examined in the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section.

Mometrix GRE Test Questions

Give Mometrix GRE Quantitative Prep a serious look if maths is not your strongest fit before the exam. Their quantitative courses were highly insightful, with well-thought-out tactics, clear demonstrations, and helpful advice.

Furthermore, every question on the Mometrix Quantitative Practice Tests is covered in review courses. We advise taking the quantitative exams first because they might be a perfect fit for you if you’re having trouble with the quantitative portion of the GRE or simply want to start studying as soon as possible.

Confused about whether to choose Prepscholar or Magoosh for your GRE prep? Uncover the differences in our detailed analysis.

Mometrix Verbal Practice Test

Mometrix Verbal Practice Test for GRE

The Mometrix Verbal Practice Tests are among the best resources available if you only have one chance to assess your reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalency on the GRE.

When it comes to verbal reasoning, in particular, Mometrix Verbal Practice Tests provide one of the most comprehensive lesson plans out there. You must be the kind of student that doesn’t mind reading a little because the majority of their course content is text-based.

Even if the length and timed format of the Mometrix Verbal Practice Tests differ from those of the real GRE, they are still dependable and practical practice alternatives. The company also provides free GRE study materials, flashcards, and more than 240 instructional videos.

Peterson’s GRE Practice Test

Petersons GRE Prep Tests

For a comparatively low cost, Peterson’s offers an extensive selection of GRE test preparation solutions. The company not only gives 8 comprehensive GRE practice exams that are perfectly in sync with the new GRE, but it also provides comprehensive answer explanations and study aids.

All of the practice questions on Peterson’s GRE prep tests, including hundreds of verbal tests and an endless number of quantitative tests are created by Peterson’s experts. The standout feature of the prep test is its smart idea to divide the practice test results into sub-content level.

Petersons GRE Prep Tests

In addition to video lectures, Peterson offers flashcards for reviewing and testing often confused and difficult words, which is a huge plus in my opinion.

Overall, I think Peterson is a really good and efficient learning tool because it allows you to learn from your mistakes and provides comprehensive answer explanations.

How To Use GRE Practice Tests in Your Prep

Numerous offline and online resources are available to help students either improve tGRE exam scores or get as much practice as possible. However, since the GRE can be very intimidating for some students, it could take them one to three months to prepare, preparing for the exam for several hours each week.

To maximize the benefits of GRE practice exams and master your preparation, you want to think about implementing some of the most successful strategies listed below:

Benefits of Free GRE Practice Tests

Taking practice exams is crucial to your GRE preparation, and it’s crucial to use the best, least expensive tests possible while you’re studying. For students, studying with a couple of these GRE programs might be extremely hard and come with added cost.

What Makes a Good GRE Practice Exam?

The seven GRE preparation courses listed above are some of the best test-taking aids and resources for improving your GRE score and performance.

Not only should a practice exam be reliable and offered by a reputable firm, but it should also feature high-quality practice questions, a format that is close to the actual GRE, comprehensive answer explanations, and ease of use.

Realizing this is the only guaranteed method to raise your score and become an expert at all test-taking strategies and tricks in every prep exam you take.


A strong performance on this standardized test, which has 340 total points (170 for the Verbal Reasoning portion and 170 for the Quantitative half), can greatly affect one’s chances of being accepted into prestigious graduate programs. By investing sufficient time and energy into studying for the GRE using the best practice exams listed in this post, you can raise your chances of getting the scores you need to further your professional objectives.

As a result, you should weigh your budget, the amount of time you have left to prepare, and whether you prefer an online or physical book service while selecting between various new GRE Practice Tests. All of these tests are free to take, and we advise you to try the one that most closely matches your requirements.


What is the most accurate practice GRE test?
The most accurate of online practice GRE tests in this context depend on how well the prep test simulates the adaptive nature of the actual GRE, to make it look and feel like the real thing.
What is the best practice for GRE?
The most effective way to prepare for the GRE is to use official materials and take several timed practice exams to become acquainted with the format and types of questions.
Is it easy to get 320 in GRE?
Not exactly. Achieving a 320 on the GRE can be tough but doable with focused study and thoughtful planning; it calls for a solid showing in both the verbal and quantitative sections.
Who has the best GRE prep?
From my expert review, Manhattan Prep is rated as the best overall GRE prep course provider, offering comprehensive study materials and practice work.