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Best GRE Books

I have investigated multiple resources to identify the best GRE books. This article goes into depth on the research, focusing on critical features, unique characteristics, price range, and overall worth of each selected guide. In addition to the checklist, you will find guidance on using these materials to improve your study schedule. What I have learned over time is that knowing the book's strengths precedes tailoring your prep to your needs. I tried and found out that strategic study tips and the right resources are what can significantly raise your test scores.

Top 1
Editor choice
$179 Price starts from

It's designed for comprehensive test prep, offering a blend of practice questions, video explanations, and study strategies

Best study schedules and strategies
Top 2
Customer choice
$25.99 Price starts from

Diagnostic tests, video tutorials, and a mobile app for instant learning, making it a budget-friendly option for this test's preparation.

Most Cost Effective
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$40 Price starts from

The product includes over 1,500 practice problems, online tests, and comprehensive explanatory materials covering both Math and Verbal areas.

Most extensive content review

Most Crucial Considerations for Choosing the Best GRE Study Materials

The choice of the best GRE prep books is decisive. I have spent a lot of time researching and testing this product, and I'm here with an unbiased guide based on merit to help you choose the best companion for your study needs.


Selecting a book that covers all parts of the test's sections is very important. My tests have proved that complete coverage, similar to it and includes many practice questions, is irreplaceable for successful mastering.

High-Quality Questions

The importance of the quality of practice questions can not be exaggerated. I have tested several books and found that those with diverse, high-level questions provide better understanding and skill development.


Strategic test-taking is vital. I have found that books that give you tips on time management, how to answer questions, and strategic planning for the different sections can significantly improve your chances of success.

Practice Tests

The significance of taking full-length tests cannot be overstated. The assessment that I have done indicates that the books of mixed practice tests will give you taste of the exam, allowing you to determine your progress.

The Best GRE Books at a Glance

So friends, this is my personal rating of books for GRE test preparation. Below, I’ll write more about each of these books, their prices and key benefits. Let’s go!

Magoosh GRE Prep Book

Magoosh GRE book

Unique selling points:

Magoosh GRE Book: Feature and User Feedback

The Magoosh GRE Book, authored by Magoosh’s experts Chris Lele and Mike McGarry, delivers an online-enhanced test preparation experience. It’s designed for comprehensive test prep, offering a blend of practice questions, video explanations, and study strategies.
User feedback is mixed; S. Elmore praises it for effective math review and achieving desired scores.

On the other hand, Kolton Hooks criticizes its lack of depth for beginners.

Magoosh GRE Prep Book Review

Magoosh GRE Book: Price and Value for Money

Priced between $9.99 for Kindle and $15.99 to $18.45 for paperback, it targets students looking for a cheaper prep method.

Barron’s GRE Prep Book

Barrons book for GRE

Unique selling points include:

Barron’s GRE Book: Feature and User Feedback

In my opinion, Barron’s Prep book, written by Sharon Weiner Green M.A. and Ira K. Wolf Ph.D., is the best among the crowded GRE prep books because of its broad approach. The product provides a comprehensive guide, instructions on taking the test, an online course, and a customer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Although it is highly rated, many critics point to the quantitative data section as simplified yet confusing.

Barrons Prep for GRE Review

Barron’s GRE Prep: Price and Value For Money

The paperback edition costs $7.63, which is an excellent deal. This opens up many resources available for students, such as diagnostic tests, video tutorials, and a mobile app for instant learning, making it a budget-friendly option for this test’s preparation.

Manhattan GRE Prep book

Manhattan Prep book for GRE

Unique selling points:

Manhattan GRE: Feature and User Feedback

The Manhattan GRE Prep books were produced by Manhattan Prep and co-written by 99th-percentile teachers. Apart from the vast content the GRE books are well known for, the strategic approach to test-taking is also a factor here. The product includes over 1,500 practice problems, online tests, and comprehensive explanatory materials covering both Math and Verbal areas.

Manhattan Prep book for GRE Review

Customers offered varied commentaries, one of whom gave a five-star rating for the simplicity of the example, while the other signaled difficulties they experienced in translating the examples to practice problems.

Manhattan Prep GRE: Price and Value for Money

The paperback edition of the book is priced at $64.44. This price can be attributed to the book providing extensive resources and many preparation materials.

The Princeton Review GRE Prep Book

Princeton review book for GRE

Unique selling points:

Features for online users include premium features for additional advantages.

The Princeton Review GRE: Feature and User Feedback

Princeton book for GRE Review

The Princeton Review’s GRE Prep book, authored by the world-class education organization, provides a comprehensive guide that can be used by high-scoring test takers. The book has 7 full-length practice tests, thorough topic reviews, and premium online content.
Feedback from users like Peter B. highly appreciates the app’s effective layout and problem-solving focus.

On the other hand, BOREDMAN argues its irrelevance with the new test’s format.

The Princeton Review GRE Prep: Price and the Value for Money

A Kindle version of the book costs $12.99, and paperback is $24.49, which is a bargain when you consider the amount of resources and discounts on future courses it offers.

Kaplan GRE Prep Book

Kaplan GRE Prep book

Unique selling points:

Kaplan’s GRE Prep: Feature and User Feedback

Previously, I’ve written a review on Kaplan’s prep for the GRE. The Kaplan GRE Prep book, authored by Kaplan Test Prep, offers comprehensive materials for GRE aspirants. It includes six practice tests, over 1500 practice questions, plus online resources featuring a 500+ question bank and video tutorials.

User feedback is mixed. Thomas C. describes it as essential because it has rich content and excellent online tools. For him, it is a must-have.

Kaplan GRE Book Review

However, Neil offers some arguments about the appearance of a used book that pretends to be new.

Kaplan Prep GRE Book Neil Review

Kaplan’s GRE Book: Price and Value for Money

This $19.00 is the price that clearly shows the good value by allowing you to practice a lot and receive online resources.

Mometrix GRE Prep Book

Mometrix book for GRE

Unique selling points:

Feature and User Feedback

The Mometrix GRE Prep book, by Matthew Bowling, targets individuals preparing for the GRE. It’s a product of Mometrix Test Preparation, a small business emphasizing detailed content, video tutorials, and practice questions aimed at a comprehensive review of GRE sections. Feedback online is predominantly positive, citing its straightforward approach and effective practice exams.

Mometrix GRE Book Review

Although there are criticisms about it not meeting some expectations.

Mometrix GRE Books: Price and Value for Money

Mometrix GRE Book Review

Priced at $22.99 for both Kindle and Paperback versions, it represents a balanced value for money, providing extensive resources, detailed answer explanations, and online video support for the price. In my experience, books for GRE prep like this offer tangible benefits for structured learners.

More Books and Learning Materials for GRE Preparation

Knowing plenty of resources, including free materials, can be used during your GRE preparation is vital. During my studies, I have found that using a combination of these resources is the key to success in exam preparation. For example, ETS Free GRE Full-Length Practice Tests have two practice tests that are full-length for free, which is very important in preparation for the test.

Check out our past reviews on the best test prep books as well:

Also, Magoosh’s free GRE E-book guide has summaries, strategies, and practice questions at no cost to the students. Throughout my quest and experiment, I have realized that a balanced combination of free and paid resources can result in a holistic and impactful strategy for GRE preparation.

Tips for GRE Test Study

In my experience, incorporating these tips and choosing the best book for GRE can significantly improve your preparation and performance.

  1. Understand Format: Knowing the GRE’s sections is crucial. It helps tailor your study plan.
  2. Section Priorities: Focus on sections most relevant to your field. It streamlines preparation.
  3. Time Management: My experiments have shown practicing under timed conditions is beneficial.
  4. Learn Directions: Memorize test instructions to save time during the exam.
  5. Careful Reading: Avoid mistakes by reading questions thoroughly.
  6. Strengthen Weaknesses: With the help of the best books for GRE prep, taking time to pinpoint the weak areas helps improve skills.
  7. Attempt All: Since there is no penalty for guessing, answer all the questions.
  8. No Skipping: Try every question to get the highest score possible.

GRE Prep Books: Verdict

Each recommended GRE prep book offers unique advantages tailored to different learning styles. Magoosh stands out for its online integration and affordability, while Barron’s impresses with its extensive content and accessibility. Manhattan Prep offers top-percentile instruction but may present challenges in practice. Princeton Review provides comprehensive coverage, despite concerns about relevance. Kaplan offers rich content but may have issues with book condition. Mometrix provides balanced value but faces some criticisms. Ultimately, success on the GRE requires a combination of resources, personalized study plans, and strategic preparation.

What is the best book for the GRE?
In my experience, the Manhattan Prep GRE: The most complete GRE preparation book is the Set of 8 Strategy Guides. It provides a detailed strategy for every section.
What is the best resource for studying for the GRE?
The ETS Powerprep Tests are the most effective tool for preparing for the GRE. They give the most precise simulation of the examination conditions and question types.
Is it easy to get 320 on the GRE?
I targeted a 320 on the GRE, but it was a challenging but doable task with consistent study. Success is based on your starting score and the work you put into your studies.
Is 3 weeks enough to study for the GRE?
Following my experience with intensive study periods, three weeks is sufficient to prepare for the GRE if you put together a focused study plan and set aside ample time daily for practice tests and targeted review.