EduReviewerTest PrepCrushendo Bar Prep Review: Does This Course Worth It?

Crushendo Bar Prep Review: Does This Course Worth It?

By Alina Burakova, Updated April 30, 2024


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About Crushendo
Lowest price$49
Discount 10%
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Audio outlines and flashcards for on-the-go study.
  • Lifetime access to materials.
  • 2000+ realistic practice questions and essays.
  • Mnemonics to remember complex legal concepts.
  • Pass guarantee, or money back.
  • Auditory learning style not suitable for everyone.
  • No personalized feedback on essays.
  • Interface is content heavy and confusing at times.
  • Some subjects lack depth in coverage.


  • Comprehensive study materials, including audio outlines and mnemonics, which helps to better understand complex legal concepts.
  • They use the latest educational technology to create high-quality interactive learning experiences, so you stay engaged.
  • Their curriculum is designed by educational experts and experienced attorneys which guarantees the quality of content and its relevance to the bar exam.

Value for Money

  • You can choose different package exam prep packages at a relatively reasonable price for what you get.
  • They provide lifetime access to their materials, which means you can keep reviewing and reinforcing your knowledge without spending more.
  • They also provide free updates to their study materials, so you always have the most current information.

Student Feedback

  • Many students appreciate the flexibility and convenience of Crushendo's study materials, which can be accessed on any device, at any time.
  • Students have praised the effectiveness of Crushendo's unique teaching methods, such as the use of mnemonics, which have significantly improved their recall ability.
  • Positive Crushendo reviews also highlight the exceptional customer service provided by Crushendo, which shows a strong commitment to student satisfaction.

With so many resources available, choosing the best bar exam prep can be just as overwhelming as the exam itself! This is where my Crushendo bar prep review comes into play. Your success hinges on the quality of your preparation, and I’m here to help you get it right.

Online test prep services have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many services offering financial flexibility and a range of study materials. But not all services are created equal.

The key is to find a service that delivers on multiple fronts. This Crushendo review is based on the most crucial criteria:

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Price
  • Website usability
  • Value for money
  • Student feedback
  • Guarantees

Throughout this review, I’ll provide examples from my experience using Crushendo and incorporate screenshots to support my claims. I firmly believe in showing, not just telling, and these visual aids will help give you a well-rounded understanding of what Crushendo has to offer.

So, let’s explore if Crushendo is the right solution for your bar exam preparation, so you can ace it.

What is Crushendo?

About Crushendo

As a legal enthusiast, I’ve come across countless online study platforms. However, Crushendo has managed to stand out as an effective and engaging platform. It’s been instrumental in my studies, and here’s why.

Crushendo is an innovative and game-changing educational tool designed to help students perform well on their exams. It caters specifically to students who need tutoring or are preparing for:

  • The bar exam
  • Law school finals
  • MPRE
  • Paralegal exams

The platform has an extensive range of prep materials for the BAR and Law School exams, making it a quintessential tool for anyone striving for success in the legal field. And the best part is that Crushendo uses audio outlines, mnemonics, and tutoring that enhances the studying process and helps you remember stuff.

Crushendo - info about prep course

So, is Crushendo good? Well, some highlights include:

  • Audio outlines and flashcards to study on the go means it’s a flexible solution for busy learners
  • Mnemonics, on the other hand, help students remember complex concepts, making studying more efficient
  • Personalized tutoring, offering a one-on-one learning experience catered to individual needs
  • It offers value for money, with premium resources available at competitive prices
  • The platform occasionally offers promotions and special offers, making it an even more attractive choice for budget-conscious students

Crushendo Features that Stand Out

What sets Crushendo apart from traditional learning tools is that it blends visual and interactive learning techniques with AI that adapts to your learning style. This product truly stands out in the market, being the perfect blend of technology and teaching methods.

Using Crushendo completely reimagines the learning process. One of its most striking features is how visually appealing the interface is. This enhances both user experience and information retention. It’s not just about aesthetics, though – Crushendo is mentally stimulating, bringing learning to life instead of making it a chore.

crush the bar exam

Targeting anyone who wants to learn and retain information more quickly, Crushendo harnesses the power of visual cues to help you remember foundational concepts.

This Crushendo test prep review has found that it’s a game-changer for students or anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge in a way that’s fun yet effective. Just take a look at what’s on offer.

Advanced Learning

Crushendo uses mnemonic (memorization) tools and auditory learning techniques that really help with making the details stick.

  • They have audio outlines and flashcards, a feature I found particularly helpful in retaining complex legal facts and theories

Using these memory-enhancing techniques, combined with a well-structured curriculum, not only makes studying more convenient, but it’s also more fun.


Crushendo’s auditory outlines, in particular, are remarkable.

  • They’re designed in a way that allows me to study on the go, turning my daily commutes into productive study sessions.

I love this feature because it gives me flexibility in my busy schedule, maximizing my study hours without compromising on other tasks or commitments.

Crushendo - master faster


In addition to the auditory learning resources, Crushendo provides plenty of written outlines, practice questions, and essay prompts.

  • The platform then gives detailed answers with explanations so that each doubt is clarified, and every concept is thoroughly understood

This feature has significantly boosted my confidence in tackling exam questions.


Another aspect of Crushendo that I found extremely useful was its adaptive learning technology.

  • It tailors the study material to my learning style and pace, making the study process more personalized and efficient

This customized method of learning, coupled with Crushendo’s engaging content, has made my study sessions much more productive and less tedious.

Crushendo - information

Supportive User Base

One of Crushendo’s strongest suits is its dedicated community.

  • The platform encourages interaction among its users, fostering a supportive learning environment

Exchanging ideas, discussing complex topics, and sharing study tips with peers has made my learning experience more enriching.

In a nutshell, Crushendo is not just a study aid; it’s a comprehensive learning solution that brings productivity and personalization to the forefront. Its unique features cater to the modern student’s needs, making it a compelling choice in a market saturated with traditional learning tools.

how do you determine citizenship

The Quality of Crushendo

So is Crushendo bar prep legit? As it’s the brainchild of a dedicated team led by Adam Balinski, a law graduate himself, yes, it is legit. He understood the pressure and struggle law students face when preparing for exams.

So in designing their exhaustive exam prep materials, Crushendo leverages the expertise of top law graduates and seasoned legal practitioners who have aced the exams themselves. They also have an insider’s perspective on what it takes to succeed.

But why should they be trusted? For starters, Crushendo’s team knows the battlefield. They’ve been in the shoes of a law student and understand the intense stress and high stakes involved.

Crushendo - examples

Furthermore, their prep materials are not just generic guides; they’re the product of extensive research, experience, and a deep understanding of the exam process and expectations.

Crushendo In Practice

When using Crushendo, I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of their platform. From their personalized guidance to the extensive options available, Crushendo has it all. Because its main focus is on delivering top-notch bar exam preparation materials, they do it quite brilliantly.

  • Comprehensive bar courses, practice questions, law school outlines, and audio mnemonic devices that are crucial for acing law school and bar exams
  • The materials are detailed, accurate, and up-to-date, covering a wide range of legal topics

Crushendo stands out for its personalized guidance. They give thorough explanations but also offer individualized advice tailored to each user. So whether I had questions about a particular concept or needed help with practice problems, the Crushendo team was always there to help.

calculating the amount in controversy

Crushendo also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee – if you don’t like their materials, they’ll refund your money. But even better than that is their money-back pass guarantee. If you subscribe to their UBE Suite course and fail, they’ll give you your money back.

  • Both of these guarantees are a testament to their confidence in the quality of their product. It’s also very reassuring knowing that you’re investing your time and money into something worthwhile.

How Does Crushendo Compare to Other Law Prep Platforms?

When comparing law prep platforms, Crushendo distinguishes itself from the crowd. This is because its unique approach to learning sets it apart from competitors like BarMax and Kaplan.

But what makes Crushendo better? The answer lies in its innovative use of mnemonic aids and audio outlines that facilitate effective and enjoyable learning.

Unlike BarMax and Kaplan which rely primarily on traditional textbook learning and video lectures, Crushendo takes full advantage of auditory learning to help you master complex legal concepts.

what does that stand for

Additionally, Crushendo’s platform has engaging, concise content that saves time, so you can focus on what matters: understanding the material and preparing for exams.

The platform also offers a wide range of practice exams, questions and flashcards, further enhancing its study resources. So while BarMax and Kaplan have their strengths, Crushendo’s teaching methodology and an extensive library make it a compelling choice for law students looking for an effective and new way to prepare for exams.

Crushendo Kaplan BarMax
Price Affordable, with plans at the most $3,200 More expensive, with plans going up to $3,999 Mid-range, with plans maximum cost at $1,895
Quality High-quality audio outlines, flashcards, and practice questions Comprehensive study materials but no audio outlines High-quality study materials but no audio outlines or flashcards
Features Bar exam prep

1:1 tutoring

MPRE report

Law school

Bar exam prep

Private tutoring

Bar exam prep Lectures



As a user of Crushendo’s bar exam preparation course, I can confirm that their pricing is quite reasonable. The full UBE Suite prep course costs just $970, which, compared to other services on the market, is a steal.

Crushendo - prices

The package includes:

  • 1,350+ MBE questions
  • 300+ MEE questions
  • 100+ MPT questions
  • 60 MBE Civil Procedure questions
  • Detailed explanations
  • Chance to reassess your tests
  • Grading sheets
  • Study plan
  • Lifetime access
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Pass guarantee

I found the audio outlines particularly useful as they could be listened to while doing other things.

If you’re on a tighter budget, Crushendo offers the chance to purchase individual materials separately. For instance, extra MEE practice questions can be bought for $140. It’s nice to have the flexibility to choose what resources you want to invest in based on how you study.

course prices

When it comes to payment options, Crushendo offers a financing plan for their complete and comprehensive Uniform Bar Exam Course. You can pay as low as $88 per month. This option can make the course more affordable and accessible for many students.

Value for Money of

Is Crushendo worth it? Well, in terms of value for money, Crushendo offers an excellent return on investment. Considering the wealth of information and the high-quality content you get, the pricing is more than justifiable.

It’s also worth noting that Crushendo offers a risk-free, money-back guarantee, which shows their confidence in the product and gives you peace of mind.

As an ardent user of Crushendo, I can confidently say that it’s worth every penny. Take a look at why I think it’s worth the cost:

  1. The first thing that struck me about Crushendo was its wide coverage of subjects. The bar prep outlines, MBE flashcards, and MEE essays cater to a wide range of needs, making the study process more focused and efficient.
  2. I found the audio outlines particularly beneficial. They allowed me to study during commutes, during gym workouts, and even while cooking dinner. This flexibility is a major advantage that makes Crushendo stand out among its competitors.
  3. The practice exams and flashcards are another feature that gives Crushendo an edge. They closely mirror real exam questions, so it feels like an authentic practice experience. This hands-on practice significantly boosted my confidence before the actual exams.
  4. The fact that Crushendo provides lifetime access to its content adds significant value to the money invested. This means you can go back to the content whenever you need to brush up on your knowledge, even after you’ve passed your exams.
  5. The customer support, too, is commendable. They were very responsive and helpful, providing the necessary guidance I needed.

crush law school finals

In terms of cost, while Crushendo might seem like a significant investment upfront, when you break it down to the monthly cost over the course of your study period, it becomes quite reasonable. Plus, the knowledge, confidence, and convenience it offers are invaluable.

So, is Crushendo worth the price? Absolutely. It provides a comprehensive, flexible, and effective study solution that can significantly enhance your exam preparation process. If you’re looking for a study aid that delivers results and value for money, Crushendo is a stellar choice.

Student Feedback & Reputation of Crushendo

From the onset, I was taken by the company’s commitment to customer service. The support staff was not only polite but also showed a genuine consideration for my needs. I had a few queries before I decided to purchase their services, and their prompt responses were impressive.

They displayed a level of helpfulness that is rare in today’s fast-paced, business-oriented world.

However, my experience alone does not constitute a comprehensive Crushendo review. So, I’ve decided to delve into the feedback and reviews provided by other users on various platforms.

  • On Reddit, I found a mixed bag of com reviews. While some users lauded the company for its unique approach, others felt that the course was too audio-heavy, with some users citing a preference for more traditional learning methods.

Crushendo - review

  • Google Crushendo test prep reviews were largely positive too. Users appreciated the engaging nature of the course, the quality of the content, and the helpfulness of the support staff. The company boasts a 5-star rating, which is a testament to the quality of its services.

Crushendo reviews

  • I looked at Crushendo reviews on YouTube too. The video testimonials provided a first-hand view of the users’ experiences. Many users praised the audio content and the overall structure of the course.

Crushendo's review

The general consensus of the Crushendo test prep reviews I found among users is that Crushendo has been lauded across multiple platforms.Crushendo - review of AjanohCrushendo - review of Jay L

  • Audio outlines and flashcards for on-the-go study.
  • Lifetime access to materials.
  • 2000+ realistic practice questions and essays.
  • Mnemonics to remember complex legal concepts.
  • Pass guarantee, or money back.
  • Auditory learning style not suitable for everyone.
  • No personalized feedback on essays.
  • Interface is content heavy and confusing at times.
  • Some subjects lack depth in coverage.

The Recap: Is Crushendo Good?

Crushendo - review

Choosing Crushendo for my bar prep was one of the best academic decisions I’ve ever made. One of the things I loved was the audio outlines. The mnemonic devices and auditory learning methods offered a refreshing change from the visually heavy materials we’re usually used to.

However, like any product or service, it may not suit everyone’s learning style. This is particularly true for people who learn best through visuals – Crescendo relies heavily on audio teaching.

I also found the content to be quite dense sometimes. It seemed as though the creators were trying to cram as much information as possible into a single session. So it felt a bit overwhelming at times. So this would be extra heavy if you prefer a more measured pace of learning.

But, the choice, ultimately, lies with your learning preferences and needs. And despite these issues, Crushendo’s strengths largely outweigh its weaknesses.

Overall, I highly recommend Crushendo to anyone who needs an extensive and reliable study resource. Their materials and interface are so akin to the actual exam that I felt I had everything I needed to succeed. I cannot recommend Crushendo enough, in the competitive world of bar prep, they are truly a cut above the rest.


Is Crushendo legit?

Yes, Crushendo is a legitimate bar prep company. It’s been praised by numerous law students and even a former teacher for providing an effective learning platform, using concise outlines, and valuable tips to help students understand complex legal concepts.

How much does Crushendo cost?

Crushendo’s full UBE prep course costs $970. However, they offer many other affordable options, such as the UBE outlines and flashcards. They also have packages which can be purchased for as low as $88 per month.

Is worth it?

Absolutely, is worth it. It’s not just about the reasonable price, but the value that it offers. It’s an excellent study tool that uses actual previous MBE questions, making it an excellent investment for law students.

What is is an innovative bar prep platform that relies heavily on audio-learning and mnemonics to help law students memorize rule statements and understand complex legal principles. It’s known for its effectiveness, affordability, and use of former MBE questions.

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