EduReviewerBest Homework Help Sites For College Students

Best Homework Help Sites For College Students

Consequently, we’ve made it our priority at EduReviewer to bring the best homework help sites (also called "best do my homework sites" by some) that’ll suit your homework needs affordably. So, when I needed help with my homework, I tested all these websites. My primary mission is finding, testing, and reviewing websites with affordable prices, professional tutors, and all-around good services. In other words, I will try them as a student, use them, and present you with our findings.

Top 1
Editor choice Customer choice Recommended
$14.95 Price starts from

Everything went well. For the past three years, I have been a patron. Excellent support for clients. In my experience, they also have a good refund policy.

Top 2
Customer choice
$35 Price starts from

I like how the tutors from the Wyzant online service helped my son pull up his knowledge of mathematics. And most importantly, he improved his grades.

Top 3
$9.99 Price starts from

Geek follows instructions to the letter. I never had any issues and received my work before the deadline. Definitely, give them a shot.

Brandy R.

How We Rate Homework Help Sites

We analyze the best online homework help sites for college students, offering quality, affordability, mobile access, and reliable customer support.

Quality Assurance

Selected websites offer comprehensive solutions, including detailed explanations, interactive tools, and qualified tutors. Quality and all-around service are key.


There is a happy medium between price and quality at the top assignment assistance sites. They provide first-rate assistance without breaking the bank for students, so everyone can afford it.

Mobile Accessibility

Top-selected sites have user-friendly mobile apps, making learning accessible anytime, anywhere. This caters to students' tech preferences and busy schedules.

Support & Guarantees

These sites provide robust customer support and guarantees on grades, safety, privacy, and satisfaction, ensuring a reliable and secure learning experience.

Four Best College Homework Help Websites

Using our criteria as discussed above, we’ve picked the top homework help websites you’ll ever need as a college student.

From online tutoring in math homework to STEM homework, these websites cover a broad of subjects to help with that challenging task. In no particular order, Chegg starts our list of good homework helps.

Chegg Study

Chegg Study is probably the most popular homework-help website on this list. It’s used in the United States and beyond for its easy navigation and interactive forums.

With Chegg, you can take a photo of virtually any subject’s problem and upload it to the interactive forum for experts to solve and drop detailed and affordable homework solution.

Chegg master your courses

Chegg is so established that you have four different apps to pick from. Asides from assignments, you have test preps, a massive library of books, boot camps, internships, and life topics to access on the platform.

Cheeg equips students with study materials, video tutorials, textbook solutions, and more for better knowledge and grades.

Unfortunately, this academic platform can only be contacted through phone or live chat. Both channels are rarely available, which might be a drawback for many.

The basic plan for Chegg’s study starts from $14.95/month and can go up to $19.95 with the full package. You can unsubscribe from these plans at any time.

Chegg Features

  1. The mobile application is available on iOS and Android devices.
  2. Affordable subscription plans.
  3. A broad range of academic services.
  4. Massive library of resources for your assignments and exam prep.
  5. The basic package starts at $14.95.

Visit Chegg


Wyzant has been one of the best homework help websites for college homeowrk in the US since 2005. With almost 18 years in operation, it’s one of the most-trusted tutoring sites, featuring on CNN, New York Times, and Forbes.

Asides from offering homework assistance, Wyzant helps with test prep for high school students vying to take college-level entrance exams.

Wyzant ask our expert

There’s virtually no subject Wyant doesn’t cover, including Algebra, world languages, coding, chemistry, study skills, and even guitar. Within the United States, you can find a professional local tutor to teach you any of these subjects one-on-one.

You’ll have the best experience navigating Wyzant’s website to find a tutor via the desktop site or mobile application.

The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices. In addition to these perks by Wyzant, you can reach a representative via phone call, email, and live chat at any time and day of the week. The tutors charge based on the subjects, and you can pay up to $60 for some.

Features of Wyzant

  1. Private tutoring online and physically.
  2. Over a decade of experience.
  3. Professional tutors only.
  4. Price starts from $30.
  5. Various customer support channels, including the live chat option.

Visit Wyzant


mysupergeek review

MySuperGeek primary aim is to assist students in helping with assignments. The online platform achieves this by serving as a bridge between college students and professional tutors. Each of the tutors on this website has ratings, reviews, completed jobs, and profiles on display.

You can easily pick your preferred tutor to negotiate and get whatever assignment the school throws at you done in a couple of hours. This website was a life-saver when I needed someone to help me with homework.

You get 100% original work and a guarantee of your money back in case of plagiarized or poor content. Fortunately, its helps extend beyond literature to other subjects, including science and maths. However, there’s no mobile app for this platform.

MySuperGeek Features

  1. Best for assignment homework help.
  2. 24/7 customer support.
  3. Gets your assignment ready in as little as 3 hours.
  4. Uses professional academic tutors.
  5. Live chat option.

Visit MySuperGeek

The Princeton Review Homework Help

princetonreview homework help

Princeton Review Homework Help is dedicated to aiding students with their assignments, connecting them with expert tutors in various subjects. Tutors on the platform are carefully selected and their profiles, including ratings and reviews, are transparently displayed.

Students can choose a tutor to work on assignments efficiently, often delivering results in just a few hours. Renowned for its effectiveness, Princeton Review offers assistance in a wide range of subjects, including challenging areas like science and math.

Key features of this service include original work with a money-back guarantee for any dissatisfaction, 24/7 customer support, and a live chat option for immediate assistance. While it lacks a dedicated mobile app, its web-based platform remains highly accessible and user-friendly.

Princeton Review Homework Help Services

Highlights of TPR

  1. Specializes in diverse subject assignment help.
  2. Round-the-clock customer support.
  3. Quick turnaround, with assignments completed in a few hours.
  4. Utilizes experienced academic tutors.
  5. Offers live chat for instant help.

Visit Princeton Review

More Tools That Help Students

Check our collection of articles that list and rank various student tools for homework assistance. These articles provide valuable insights and detailed comparisons to help you choose the most effective tools for your academic needs.

3 Websites that Help with College Homework

I'd like you to please read detailed overviews of three additional assignment help tools, each offering unique features and benefits. This section gives you an in-depth look at alternative resources to help you further in your academic endeavors.



EduBirdie offers personalized writing assistance, catering to a variety of academic needs. Renowned for its professional writers, this service guarantees originality and quality, providing tailored support for essays, research papers, and other assignments. Read full EduBirdie review here.



Students can take use of PapersOwl's professional writing services, which focus on academic papers. The site guarantees original, well-researched writing for a variety of academic projects thanks to its team of skilled writers and dedication to excellence. Read full PapersOwl review here.



Edusson has a staff of professional writers that are able to produce unique, high-quality articles for academic purposes. It's a great option for students who need help with a variety of academic tasks, including essays, term papers, and more. Read full Edusson review here.


Check out these reviews on assignment help tools for more options, but be aware that you should use them wisely. These alternatives provide diverse approaches and resources to suit academic needs and preferences.

So, What are the Best Sites for Homework Help for College Students?

With the features of the homework help websites listed above, the choice is up to you to pick the top tutoring platform that best suits your needs. Every piece of information provided in this guide is fact-checked to ensure you make the best decision possible.

However, if we’re to rank these homework help websites in features to help you pick, our first choice will be Chegg Study, followed by Wyzant and MySuperGeek with Princeton Review.

Homework Help FAQs

This FAQ section is for quick answers on online homework help services. It's your go-to resource for understanding features, usability, and benefits of these educational websites.

What are the best websites for college student help with homework?
You can now use the best student homework question answers help websites, complete homework-help platforms, and much more. We hope you learned a few useful things and you are ready to go out there and get the help you need. Chegg, Wyzant, and MySuperGeek, all of these websites have been reviewed, tested, and ranked accordingly on our website. Pick the one that is ideal for your usage.
Is it legal to use homework help websites?
Yes, it is perfectly legal. Most of them won’t offer any services that affect college policies. In addition, there are no traces that you have used these websites.
How to choose the best sites for homework help for college students?
Look for the quality of service and the price. You have found the best website if you get great homework at a low price.
What you should look in homework help websites for students?
The best homework help websites for college students need to be easy to use, offer high quality of service, and offer various services. They need to be affordable as well and come with 24/7 customer support. Money-back guarantees and privacy are mandatory as well. These are things you need to look for.

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