EduReviewerServicesEssay Edge Review: Is It Reliable or a Fraud?

Essay Edge Review: Is It Reliable or a Fraud?

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 7, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About Essay Edge
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My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • Compare with other editing services, and you will find it very satisfactory. This editing and proofreading service is the best one among competitors.
  • The way they edit the paper and proofread it will make it sound professional, and you won’t believe it was the same paper you wrote and sent.
  • There are other editing services, but will not disappoint you for sure.

Value for Money

  • Overall, we think that you should check if you need to edit your paper and avoid other editing services at all costs.
  • They are in the business for 20 years, making them one of the oldest and the most experienced services on the market.
  • Their editing services are professional and proven to be experienced, but expensive. Agreed that their editing services are professional and showcase expertise, but they are not as inexpensive.

Support & Feedback

  • Their support services are fast and reliable.
  • The testimonials and comments from customers on their website do not seem genuine or authentic! Some comments have grammatical errors!
  • Having expert proofreaders and editors onboard, they could’ve chosen the best words and phrases to put up on their website to attract customers and to showcase their expertise in the field of editing.
  • They provide email, chat, and phone call support, and their customer support agents are well notified and educated about every query you may put forth.
  • They focus on quality service and aim to resolve the issues as soon as possible.
  • The minor errors and mistakes we deliberately left in the article were taken care of by their expert proofreaders.
  • All errors were resolved with a complete and precise explanation of the same.
  • Their support services are quick and robust.
  • The quality of EssayEdge editing is unmatched.
  • Proof of authenticity.
  • Costly services.
  • Testimonials on their website seem to be not legit.

With every product and service shifting online, even the student community has primarily shifted online and is doing assignments over the internet. We are talking about the best paper writing site that provides editing services that can help you with your tasks online without any hassle or problem.

Earlier, when computers and the internet were not standard, the guides and mentors asked the students to produce hand-written or custom-typed assignments.

In Master’s and doctorate degrees, the projects were usually typed over a type-writer for easy readability and understandability.

But with changing times, hard copies remained less famous, and paper manufacturing cost the lives of many trees every year.

Hence, colleges and universities were the important institutions where hospitals and other critical public sectors most commonly consumed paper.

Hence, these institutions were asked to prevent or minimize paper usage and take everything on softcopy. That is when floppy disks and CDs came into existence.

Kids from the 90s would remember taking their assignments to class in a shady-looking floppy disk! That is one of the fondest memories that they have from that time.

But with technological advancement and changes in how things work and processes transformed, teachers are now asked to submit assignments and papers online.

Earlier, it used to be a teacher’s email ID where students would mail their papers. Still, colleges and universities later advanced enough to have their portals for students to go live and submit their work without any problems.

As things changed, many services and websites emerged online, providing editing services to students professionally.

While many students prefer writing services as they are not that creative to come up with a paper or article from scratch, many others prefer only editing services, as they have a writing streak.

Still, they only need polishing on top of it to make it. Appear professional overall!

For writing, students visit many popular websites like,,, etc., but need more editing services.

Read more in the reviews, for example. While many websites ‘claim’ to provide editing services, they cannot be relied upon. The websites that essentially offer the best algebra homework help services focus on the writing part; that’s all!

They do not focus on editing or proofreading the content; majorly, that is where a student loses marks because anyone can write just anything and complete the word count of an article or paper.


What matters is appropriately formatted, edited, and error-free content that should make it your mentor or guide if you want to get good grades in your course.

The editing services are offered only by a few online websites, and one of the most common websites that students prefer to get their content edited!

We have compiled the best dissertation writing services reviews already. That’s why we thought to do our EssayEdge review to help students determine whether it is a legit and trustworthy company.

For other creative writing courses, check review and on our website.

Essay Edge Overview


Essay Edge is a website with hundreds of content editors and proofreaders in the service. If you want to understand how they work or what are their salient features and services, you can check out EssayEdge reviews on the internet.

Many of the Essay Edge reviews focus on both the pros and cons of the website, clearly depicting its strong and weak points. has significant viewership, a customer base, and a strong network of professional editors and proofreaders that make them different and better than their competitors across the internet.

Why Should You Opt for EssayEdge Editing Services?

Before we proceed, please check one of the edited papers by EssayEdge below to see why it is essential to format and edit your texts before using the final variant.

Here you can see the text before editing:

paper before editing at EssayEdge

And here you can see the first pack of edits suggested by EssayEdge professionals:

paper after first edits at Essay Edge

And here is a sneak peek at how they format your paper in a proper format:

paper after formatting edits at EssayEdge

And here is the last slight but professional touch from the editor:

last paper edits at Essay Edge

So, now you know what exactly they will do with your texts if you need editing and formatting. And most of the time, you need, believe me.

Quality of the Services Provided: Our Experience

They offer editing services for papers of various grades and levels. From MBA papers to doctorate-level pieces to high-school papers, you can get anything edited by their experts.


Since there are an array of Essay Edge reviews on the internet and many of them might be paid or fake, so we decided to write a minor assignment with some hard-to-find mistakes and errors and present it to them for an unbiased and clean Essay Edge review.

We chose a topic that wasn’t too easy either and was related to medical science.

We just wanted to test the level of expertise of their editors and the level of professionalism in their service.

Our Essay Edge Order

Hence, we uploaded the document with minor, hard-to-notice changes that a mediocre and average editing service would miss and ignore.

After uploading the paper, we were asked to wait for some time, and we were notified that our essay would be reviewed and edited within 48 to 72 hours. That was the deadline or timeline we chose while submitting the report, so we waited for the final results to turn in.

We got the paper within 52 hours, almost as expected.


Essay Edge Prices

Their minimum turn-around is 24 hours, but you can’t get anything like an overnight delivery. While many websites provide overnight or quick delivery services, they do not. Their basic proofreading plan starts at $69, and the turn-around time is 48 hours.

Their standard plan will cost you $149, in which they will not only edit and proofread your content but also provide their comments on everything to strengthen your writing.

The premier plan starts from $379, where they provide you two sessions for brainstorming the writing, and you can also have two phone call sessions with their editors to discuss anything you want to. pricing

Professional Editors or Non-native Fraud?

The editors on this website are professionals and experts in their field. They devote their time only to editing the articles and content, making them better than hundreds of other services who proofread or edit it in a hurry, compromising on the quality.

The editors communicated with us, and we had the provision to choose the editor we wanted us to work on our project! That was the most significant advantage of

Apart from this, the editors were understanding and patient with all our requirements. We also requested the paper to be formatted in Chicago style, and they did that.


The best part about getting your paper ‘edited’ from professionals over getting an article ‘written’ from professionals is that you will have to pay more or less the same amount for editing a paper as you have to pay for getting an essay written.

And the cons of getting a paper written are – it might not be researched well, not be written in a proper format, not be well presented, and it might still have errors and mistakes that make them prone to getting you bad grades at the end!

Hence, if you want to spend money on something – spend it on getting a paper edited and proofread.

Customer Support of

The EssayEdge reviews and feedbacks from customers say that their professional editors and their quick services.

Some customers are returning visitors because the quality of their work is said to be supreme and professional.


Website Usability

essayedge-promo-bannerIn our EssayEdge review, we found that the website is clean and modern with a clear interface and easy-to-navigate options.

You can easily find all the information you are looking for on their website. They might not have a global search enabled on the website, but they do have mentioned everything in grids and sections for quick navigation by a new user.

If you are a new user, you will find their website attractive and easy to work with! But you also can have a look at Grades Fixer and see some differences between these services. Learn more in the GradesFixer review from our team.

  • The minor errors and mistakes we deliberately left in the article were taken care of by their expert proofreaders.
  • All errors were resolved with a complete and precise explanation of the same.
  • Their support services are quick and robust.
  • The quality of EssayEdge editing is unmatched.
  • Proof of authenticity.
  • Costly services.
  • Testimonials on their website seem to be not legit.

Essay Edge Alternatives

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Essay Edge Reviews 10

  1. Carmen says:

    I honestly prefer essayedge for good editors service. Since when I made order for the first time, they randomly picked me an editor, their feedback enhanced significantly for my English writing.

  2. Zoe says:

    Essay Edge is a good editing service. The editor I worked with provided nice feedback, he seemed to be professional, but he was not timely. The customer support was okay. They connected me with the right editor for what I needed.

  3. Barbara says:

    I thought I found a skillful and attentive editor at Essayedge service, but I was wrong, he wrote my academic paper, not a professional level. so I think the next time I’ll ask for help some another service!

  4. Philip says:

    Essayedge, I’m grateful and will want the same editor to help me on my next essay or research paper! Great!

  5. Tilda says:

    Essayedge – I’m highly grateful to you and your work! Excellent mark

  6. Timothy says:

    Essayedge isn’t a perfect editing service but they did a good job. Many thanks for my research paper!

  7. Mason says:

    I had a great experience with their editor, don’t remember her name though, but, man, her edits were thoughtful and sharpened my statement for sure. Thank you!

  8. Taylor says:

    Essayedge editors gave me detailed feedback on my essays and made them polished and well-rounded for my MBA application. If you provide them more context on what edits you are looking for, they can make it exactly whats needed to take your application to the next level.

  9. Sam says:

    This was my first try to order an edit of an academic paper. Well, what can I say – isn’t so bad, but I noticed some cons, as customer support bad service, and problems with deadlines.

  10. Brooklyn says:

    They claim that all of their editors are native English speakers. This is fraud. I will happily email you the essay they edited for me if you want to read it and you can judge for yourself if it was edited by a native English speaker. It was not.

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