EduReviewerServicesChegg Homework Help Review: Is It Good?

Chegg Homework Help Review: Is It Good?

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 8, 2024


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About Chegg Study
Lowest price$14.95
Charged per month
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My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • Chegg Study is a reliable and useful tool for students that offers high-quality homework help in a wide range of fields and topics.

Value for Money

  • The subscription-based approach gives students access to textbook answers and Q&A meetings with experts at a price they can afford. It also has extra features like video guides, a Math Solver, and a Writing Tool.
  • Also, users can try the service for free for 7 days, and it's easy to stop using it.

Student Feedback

  • Some people have had trouble getting rid of their membership. Overall, Chegg Study is a great choice for students who need help with their studies.
  • Prices are fair.
  • Free to try.
  • Simple way to get out of it.
  • There are also a math solver and a tool for writing.
  • Not very good page design.
  • Customer help might take too long to answer.

Review of Chegg Study

what is chegg study starting

Chegg Study is one of the best websites homework help websites for students to get help with their homework. It is a unique service on the market because it offers help with homework around the clock in a wide range of fields and topics.

Chegg Study, which is an online learning services based on a membership strategy, has hundreds of textbook answers and expert Q&A meetings.

Our review of Chegg Study will go over all of its benefits for students and shed some more light on its pros.

everything is figureoutable 24/7 help

In the same way, we will go into depth about the payment and membership plans. If you want to know more about what you get with a contract, read our Chegg study membership review.

Cost of Tutors

You’re here to find instructors with the lowest cost and the best ratings. Chegg’s fees are affordable for everyone and you can select the best plan. When you sign up for a free service, they offer you a 30-minute lecture for 7 days.

chegg tutors

From now on you will get Dashpass students memberships from DoorDash when you pay via your Chegg account. Clicking a picture will activate the offer. What does my Chegg account pay? Once the payments have been completed contact chegg and the following plan is available:

Services, Support, Ratings

Chegg is the leading educational technology services platform founded in 2005. The platform has enabled over 3 million users with online tutor services.

Aside from the online learning services and services mentioned for hiring students, the firm also offers a range of textbooks and other services to the students.

Our editors have sifted through numerous of Chegg ratings and reviews so we can give you an honest and thorough view of the new platform. Review today includes:

What does Chegg Study give you?

Most of a company’s processes and features are based on its own risk and benefits over other systems and companies. The most important parts of the basic package are the answers to textbook problems and the Q&As with experts.

try chegg study 24/7 help

The first one includes all the latest textbooks and answers to most customers their questions, while the first one relies on a Q&A chat with experts in the learning niches you’re interested in.

Does Chegg Study pay off?

The good thing about Chegg textbook solutions answers review is that they cover all texts used in high schools, colleges, and universities.

What’s even more amazing about chegg textbook solutions reviews is that the answers to the tasks are written in depth and include all the steps needed to do the tasks.

When it comes to Q&As with experts, all subscribers can ask their own questions, which may or may not be answered correctly, about how to solve problems from the textbook.


From our study of Chegg Study’s solutions, we know that both the answers provided in the handbooks and answered questions in the Q&A sessions can solve most of the problems that most students have. If you’re interested, you can read about how to use Chegg vs Transtutors here.

Chegg vs Course Hero

Course Hero offers many additional options than traditional answers. Free or paid plan will give you full answers provided only partial answers.

What makes Course Hero so special is you can earn a free answer by referring people to this site account sharing or uploading documents and you can provide homework support.

Chegg Homework Help Reviews

Chegg offers professional homework assistance in addition to the textbook solution. Bring photos and send them to Chegg experts, who will help you. This database can help you find similar homework questions or solve them and compare prices; it can even compare.

Next up is the Chegg Math Solver app, which enables users to upload photos of complex math problems and receive the help and support they need to solve it.

What is the Chegg Math Solver? Chegg Math Solver is an application that helps students solve math problems. You need to take a picture of the assignment (or a screenshot) or enter the problem using the keyboard.

There is a variety of videos, tutorials, and video walkthroughs and guides. Homework assistance can help you:

Chegg Study Prices

How much does a Chegg subscription to Study cost? Can you terminate it? When do you have to pay for a Chegg study app review subscription? Based on our review of three Chegg Study app review subscriptions, the basic version of the Chegg Study review app, which includes textbook answers and Q&A with teachers, costs $14.95.

Many individuals have expressed concerns over the quality and reliability of various online services. Among them is Chegg, a platform commonly utilized by students for its textbook solutions and other academic aids.


The first model, named Chegg, priced at $14.95, primarily offers digital books. In contrast, the $19.95 Chegg Study pack introduces numerous features, like video guides, a Math Solver, and a Writing Tool. It even permits users to pose up to twenty questions for seven consecutive days, while the basic plan limits to five queries daily. As for the fine print, it’s essential to note that this membership kicks off the day it’s paid for and renews similarly.

It’s important to use a plagiarism checker before relying on any platform, including Chegg, to avoid disappointing service or a fraudulent system. Some students have reported their account suspended due to misconceptions, leading to further inquiries about the platform.

chegg doordash

Chegg promotes a 7-day free trial for new users, a move likely aimed at countering claims of being a fraudulent system praying on students. As for cancellation, despite some users finding the process arduous, our experience was relatively straightforward, debunking the myth of a terrible service.

A unique collaboration between Chegg and DoorDash offers students a free Dashpass registration with a Chegg Study plan subscription. But, remember to be cautious; always read the fine print.

Most Chegg Study account reviews, though mixed, did mention the platform’s convenience. However, a significant downside is the absence of a graphing calculator for non-paid members.

The Chegg Study package, priced at $19.95, primarily provides free homework assistance. But, those who’ve faced issues often lament the lack of a graphing calculator.

While Chegg’s primary focus is academic aid, its book rental and purchase service also has its share of admirers and critics. It’s crucial to be vigilant, especially when handling textbook rentals. Delays or failure in returning books could lead to extra fees, adding to the cost.

Lastly, always remain alert to the possibility of hidden fees and always ensure you’re not caught off-guard by the fine print or any fraudulent system. Research thoroughly before making any commitments.

Math Solver ($9.95 per month)

Math Solver helps people submit math questions on this site and get answers explaining each step toward correct solutions to math problems. Students completing algebra, physics, and chemistry will be an advantage in Math Solver.

You have a cheat subscription for just three questions every day but don’t have any detailed answers. Aside from that, there is no charting calculator available, as paid members do.

Chegg Study ($19.95)

Chegg Study offers free homework assistance to users. In general, the answer is found in textbooks, and Chegg maintains this database.

You may submit your questions to an experienced expert, and they will reply within 30 or 24 hours. These experts are workers working for Chegg, but their websites have little details.

However, there’s information on the Chegg website in India that shows if a person is interested in becoming an expert and receives wrong answers, a fee per wrong answer.

Cost for Books

Chegg provides textbook rentals. The company previously bought old books for students, but not anymore. If your book has not been returned, you will have to pay Chegg a fee and pay for the purchase. Sometimes books can last for one semester or five months.

It will cost the buyer a refund. You might list the pages of the books you’re renting. Rentals have 21 days for refunds. If you decide to buy books that have been borrowed, you can always make that choice.

Chegg Tutors Payment

Thursday will be good days for Chegg tutors because it’s week-end payday. The teachers are highly educated graduates and students at the university.

Because you are working on your flexible schedule it is possible you can have another job, and you still receive a bonus. The professor makes $20 per hour in class. Then if we begin live conversations, the money goes to them.

chegg plans

If the workflow is too large (such as during the exam period), the salary rises to approximately $30 in order to get more students working.

Chegg Apps and Device Limitations

Chegg’s website has a variety of apps available for free. Apps include Chegg Study, Math Solver, e-reader (to access electronic books), Writing, and Flashcards. the Chegg Math Solver mobile app lets people take screenshots of horse equations and download them for help with the calculations instead of using a computer calculator.

mobile app chegg

Chegg users are limited to one device per user. This one-device limit information is not clearly stated on Chegg sign-up pages (this was verified by Chegg representatives).

How Good the Chegg Study Service Is

Membership, fees, and withdrawals are important, but what matters most to students is quality. In this way, it seems like a great deal, especially for people who want detailed explanations and answers to textbook problems and useful conversations with experts.

As other Chegg Study reviews have said, using textbook solutions for answers and Q&A meetings use textbook solutions for wrong answers instead of writing style and working closely with teachers is a great way to save thousands of dollars.


We agree with the other reviews of Chegg’s homework help because the answers to textbook problems are very good. The same is true for answers from experts in different fields of study who can answer your questions in 30 minutes.

Do we think that quality is one of the most important things about this tool? No problem! Honestly, there is no one perfect thing in the world, and Chegg Study is no different. Its best features for students are undeniable, but we also found a few problems.

Taking these pros and cons into account, we think that the Chegg Study is a good tool for students who want to do a better job in school. Also, you can find the pros and cons of the Chegg study pack and some sites like Chegg’s homework help that offer school help like Chegg.

Chegg's Mobile Apps Usability

Chegg is among the cheapest and most versatile mobile platforms. Right now, users can access an app from the following list: These applications have specific applications, and their functionality or design options are excellent.

It’s noticeable the professionals worked to make this app easy to use and convenient. It is highly recommended that you try a Chegg phone product to make sure that your computer science mobile access has strong advantages for you in a way that can give an academic success even better experience.

Help & Online Support

Chegg’s customer service is accessible by fax or chat 24 hours a day. Social support hours are from 7 am to 10:30 pm, which is also daily. Although extended customer support hours are extremely handy, unfortunately, multiple users and some reviews of this website mention an unresponsive customer support team, particularly with billing queries.

Chegg has many more teachers than learners and has 24/7 access. We offer 24-hour support and respond promptly. The time required to speak to a teacher is a little less after describing your problem; therefore extremely reliable. It also provides excellent customer support. This service is very useful.

  • Prices are fair.
  • Free to try.
  • Simple way to get out of it.
  • There are also a math solver and a tool for writing.
  • Not very good page design.
  • Customer help might take too long to answer.


Based on my study of Chegg Study, I would tell other students who need help with their homework to use Chegg Writing in it. The subscription-based approach gives users access to a wide range of tools, such as thorough answers to textbook problems and Q&A talks with experts.

Even though the basic membership is already a good deal, the extra features in the Chegg Study Pack make it an even better deal. Also, the 7-day free trial gives new users a great chance to try out the service and see if it meets their needs.

Some users have had trouble ending their accounts, but it was pretty easy for me. I think that Chegg Study is a good and trusted resource for students as a whole. Read my review of the Chegg Study to find out more about it.

Check out our reviews of and Course Hero before you choose a service. Still, how sure are they? Are they legal to use, and do they help get things done in a cheap way?

Chegg Study Alternatives

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