Prices and Subscriptions Plans Overview
Online Learning Prices and Subscriptions Plans Overview

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I have known how important it is to locate educational resources that are inexpensive and efficient since I was a student. is a well-known website that provides various services to assist students in their academic success.

I’ll be breaking down the prices and services of in this blog post so you can decide whether it’s the correct choice for you.

Service Price per month
Chegg Study $14.95
Chegg Study Pack $19.95
Chegg Math Solver $9.95
Chegg Writing $9.95

The costs are in US dollars and are subject to change. Please visit Chegg’s official website for the most current pricing and discounts.

Chegg Study: A Description of the Services Offered

In my opinion, Chegg Study has changed the game regarding comprehending complicated ideas and resolving challenging tasks.

The website offers practice exams, professional Q&A assistance, and step-by-step textbook answers to assist students with their education.

It’s a helpful tool for folks who want to learn more about their topics or need more direction.

How much do Chegg Study Subscription Plans cost?

Chegg Study has two primary subscription choices, each with a different price:

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan is $14.95 for people who need flexibility or temporary assistance. You may use Chegg Study’s services with this option without committing to a lengthy subscription.

Annual Plan

The annual plan costs $119.40 per year ($9.95 per month) and is better for students who want to use Chegg Study throughout the academic year. This strategy is ideal for people who desire to save money over the long term.

Pros and Cons of Using Chegg Study

I’ve found Chegg Study to be really beneficial in my testing, but there are also benefits and drawbacks to take into account:


  • Access to a vast collection of textbook answers and professional Q&A.
  • Practice tests that you may personalize to gauge your knowledge.
  • Available across a variety of platforms, including mobile.


  1. Over time, subscription fees may increase.
  2. A need for more resources for specific topics or textbooks.
  3. Possibility of abuse, resulting in a superficial comprehension of the subject.

Chegg Textbook Rentals and Purchases

Textbooks may be a substantial financial burden for students, but Chegg’s alternatives for renting and buying textbooks provide an affordable answer.

I’ve discovered that using their website to look for and buy textbooks is straightforward and often does so at a significant discount off the list price.

Renting Textbooks on Chegg

  • Cost Savings

Compared to buying new books, renting textbooks via Chegg may save you significant money.

According to my observations, the leasing costs are often 50–90% less expensive than the retail costs, making it an affordable option for many students.

  • Rental Duration and Extensions

Chegg provides many rental choices, including semester, quarter, and short-term options. You may extend the rental term if you need more time, or if you prefer to retain the book, you can buy it.

Purchasing Textbooks on Chegg

  1. Books: New and Used

You have the choice to buy new and used textbooks from Chegg, allowing you to decide depending on your preferences and spending limit.

In my experience, secondhand books are often in excellent shape and provide significant discounts over brand-new versions.

  1. eTextbooks

Chegg also sells eTextbooks for individuals who choose electronic books.

Students who desire fast access to their books and the ease of having them accessible on different devices should choose this option.

  1. The Buyback Program at Chegg

The ability to sell your textbooks back to Chegg when you’ve finished using them is one of my favorite aspects of Chegg.

With the help of this tool, you can reclaim part of the money you spent on your textbooks and free up space for new ones.

If you have textbooks you no longer need, it’s worth looking into the repurchase costs since they vary depending on aspects, including demand and quality.

Chegg Test Prep Services

Chegg offers a variety of academic assistance services in addition to textbook answers to help students succeed in their schoolwork and be ready for tests.

These services have been massive assistance to me in completing my coursework and improving my comprehension of complex ideas.

Exam preparation services are available from Chegg for various standardized examinations, including the best materials for SAT, ACT, GRE, and MCAT. These services often include study guides, sample exams, and individually tailored study schedules to assist you in achieving your desired results.

Pricing and Benefits

Chegg’s exam preparation services’ price varies according to the particular test and the available resources.

However, spending money on these services may help you study entirely for your examinations, pinpoint your areas of weakness, and develop the abilities you’ll need to succeed on test day.

Chegg Math Solver

Another effective tool that helps pupils with challenging arithmetic problems is the Chegg arithmetic Solver.

In my experience, this user-friendly platform breaks down issues one at a time, making it easier for me to comprehend and apply the underlying ideas to other problems.

Pricing and Features

For a small monthly subscription, Chegg Math Solver offers immediate answers to algebra, calculus, and other math problems.

The site also has graphing tools and practice questions to aid students in improving their arithmetic abilities.

This tool, in my view, is a priceless resource for students who want to become better at problem-solving or need more assistance in their math classes.

Chegg Writing

Chegg Writing is a thorough resource to help students develop their writing abilities.

My own experience has shown it to be a priceless tool for editing, proofreading, and giving comments on essays, research papers, and other written tasks.

Features and Costs

Chegg Writing provides a powerful grammar and plagiarism checker for a monthly membership cost to guarantee academic integrity and well-written papers.

The portal also offers citation tools to assist students in producing appropriate citations in some styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago.

According to my research, Chegg Writing is crucial for students who want to improve their writing abilities and turn in superior academic work.

Additional Chegg Resources and Services

Chegg Tutors

Chegg Instructors was an online tutoring service that matched students with certified subject-specific instructors. Students can access private tutoring sessions that helped them comprehend complex ideas and improve their academic performance. Unfortunately, this service is no longer offered, but you can learn more in our Chegg review here.

Pricing and Availability

The platform provided numerous price tiers to meet a range of demands and budgets. For the help they need, students might choose between pay-as-you-go, monthly, or subscription-based programs.


Chegg provides a whole range of educational services to meet the different requirements of students, from study help and textbook rentals to writing aid and test preparation.

A site is a valuable tool for kids looking to succeed academically since it is accessible and affordable.

Final Thoughts, with its many services and resources, is a crucial tool for students who want to succeed in their academic endeavors.

My experience has shown that the platform has significantly contributed to my academic success, and I wholeheartedly endorse it for other students looking for assistance and direction in their studies.


Is Chegg a good app?

Chegg is a dependable and thorough educational platform that provides various services to aid students in academic success, including textbook rentals, study materials, tutoring, and test preparation.

How do I get a student discount on Chegg?

On their website or via third-party websites, Chegg periodically provides student discounts or promotions. For information on savings, sign up for their email and keep an eye out for special deals. Currently, they offer unlimited free deliveries when you subscribe to Chegg via a partnership with DoorDash.

chegg doordash

Is there an alternative to Chegg?

Yes, many Chegg substitutes exist, including Course Hero, QuizPlus, and PlainMath. To pick the one that best suits your academic objectives, you must investigate and contrast the distinctive aspects of each platform.

Is it safe to pay for Chegg?

Yes, paying for Chegg is secure. They use safe payment processing techniques to safeguard financial information and provide a fast and trustworthy transactions.

How much does it cost to get endless questions on Chegg?

The monthly cost of a Chegg Study membership, which gives users access to detailed textbook answers and professional Q&A, is $14.95. Check the membership terms, however, since there can be restrictions on how many new queries you can submit each month.

Can I cancel Chegg and get a refund?

You may cancel your Chegg membership, but whether you’ll get a refund will depend on the service and when you do it. For further information and directions on how to seek a refund, visit Chegg’s website.


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