EduReviewerServicesGrades Fixer Reviews: Is It Any Good?

Grades Fixer Reviews: Is It Any Good?

By Alina Burakova, Updated July 27, 2023


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About Grades Fixer
Lowest price$13.90
Charged per page
My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • Why choose GradesFixer? I can safely recommend it to anyone looking for writing service!


  • Too high pricing in some cases but you can choose less expensive options though and wait for discounts!
  • Most importantly, is GradesFixer legit? In my opinion, it is!


  • Yes, it is worth it because you receive your paper on time, choose your writer, talk to them directly, and receive plagiarism-free essays.
  • Haven't found any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Free revisions are provided.
  • No plagiarism whatsoever.
  • Respect the deadlines.
  • Correct formatting.
  • Good resources list.
  • The quality is around B+.
  • Communication could have been better.
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Best Writing Services

As the academic world has gone remote due to a pandemic situation and increased use of digital learning, most modern students consider turning to the best online writing services.

Check our best paper writing service reviews before picking any service. Yet, how reliable are they? Is it legal to use them, and do they help get things done affordably?

For other creative writing courses, check review on our website.

GradesFixer Overview


I decided to do a GradesFixer review as an example and test the ground by checking whether it is safe to order an essay with this particular company. My purpose was to find out what are the guarantees that I shall receive a good essay.

Doing a detailed analysis of the Gradesfixer website, talking to their writers directly, and checking the final quality on my own, I wanted to see how things work in practice.

Read on further to find out the answers to all of these questions that we all have each time we approach any learning help online!

Spoiler: Yes, it appears to be a safe, legal service that offers high-quality work. The prices for an urgent order may be a bit too steep for some, yet it pays off as you receive an excellent, plagiarism-free paper!

Need a custom-written dissertation? Check our list of the best dissertation writing services to pick the top-rated company.

A Database of Free Essay Samples

Taking a quick look at the GradesFixer website, it becomes evident that we are dealing with all kinds of essay writing that range from analytical and argumentative to critical, reflective, and even satirical essays.

If you are looking for an admission essay, it is also available. Yet, what caught my attention right away was the offer of free writing samples. The company lets you see the list of different essays for free based on type and subject.

The very fact that they offer an extensive database of different essay types without charging you money answers the question of whether is GradesFixer reliable or not. When you have an example of what they do and can check it first, it speaks quite a lot.

GradesFixer essays database

The essays themselves were submitted by students, and they differ in their style and type to browse various subjects like Business, Entertainment, Healthcare, Literature, or Sociology.

You can also use the built-in search engine to enter keywords and see the papers that match your query.

I’ve checked a couple of essays. Some of them were good, others not that much, but considering their amount and being free, I still believe it worthwhile.

GradesFixer Writers

Of course, the most crucial part of any writing service is the writers. The site shows us the list of top writers with short information regarding the orders completed and the user-based ratings on the front page. Not sure if the photos are fake. Seems like they are.

Though, I understand why they would be fake. Being associated with writing services may bring some trouble, so I decided not to focus on that but rather prioritize the writing itself.

GradesFixer writers

Before hiring the writer, I scrolled a site a bit and got lured by the picture that explains the hiring process. Let’s take a look.

GradesFixer writers

The company claims it’s not that easy to get hired at the company because one should pass many different tests and training before taking even the most specific orders.

Well, if at least a part of it is genuine, my paper should be better than the free samples. I proceeded to the hiring.

Then she gave me an order link, which required registering with an email address (or Facebook or Google). Doing so resulted in this window where I could check my email and browse to the login page:


GradesFixer Pricing

The ordering process is quite simple, and I did it all with the help of the support desk person to check both the support team and the order process (I had to go through a chatbot phase first before I got a natural person talking to me).

I shared my task topic, then told about the deadline, citing format, number of citations, and the specific requirements.

My topic was “The Ways to Deal With Cyberbullying in The Special Education Classroom”, two pages of paper writing in MLA format with three citations.

I found out that the prices start at $13.90 per page and may increase according to the deadline and the writer’s level.

Here are the writers’ levels I could select:

  1. All writers;
  2. Premium (+10% added to the paramount price): writers with at least a Bachelor’s degree;
  3. Platinum (+20% added to the paramount price): writers with a Master’s degree or higher have the highest rate. It is the most expensive option among the Gradesfixer cost hierarchy.

What caught my attention was the premium deal. It says, “writers with at least a Bachelor’s degree”. Does it mean that with my regular discount, I can get a writer with no degree?

Not like it matters much to me, but I decided to stick to the formal agreement to check it out, even though the operator recommended choosing a Premium very intensively (I’d say too intensively).

It appears that the total price ranges from $54 to $76 for two pages of my particular order. A bit expensive compared to some other services. Let’s see if it’s worth it.


Another thing to mention is the advanced delivery option. It means that you will receive the half-done paper in the middle of your deadline. It comes with an extra $8.99 price tag. I skipped it to keep it within a lower price range!

Talking to some writers, I have checked for their grammar, respect in responses, and knowledge of the subject. Although each person was different, most of them looked confident enough. I chose “prof Ireen”, the medium price writer.

Before we get to the paper itself, we can look through the things I checked while my essay was at work.

Grades Fixer Payment Methods

Speaking of the payment methods, it has all the usual options, including:

  • PayPal;
  • American Express;
  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • Discover.

GradesFixer 24/7 Online Customer Support

Does it truly stand out? was some experience, I called it. As I mentioned before, first, I was connected to the AI consultant. At least, they didn’t try to hide it (at first). customer support review

After learning that I might be interested in ordering a paper, the AI consultant redirected me to another chat. Took like 1 question to realize I’m still chatting with another bot but with a friendly avatar and a name this time.

gradesfixer support review

Took me about 1 minute and some provocative questions to get a natural person to talk to me. After lying to me, I expected terrible service, but they proved me wrong. Running ahead of things, it is enough to say that the helpful operator has guided me through all the ordering processes and recommended the best writer based on my request.

I could ask for recommendations, and then they checked whether I understood the final price right (that was a bit weird tbh), and so on. Unfortunately, they had no discounts at the moment of my placing an order, yet they are possible as one also gets a discount code after the first order. I was offered a generous 20% discount coupon once my order was complete.

The support is exemplary. As was found in the EssayPro review, they tend to have a bit better support staff. Is a scam? Read more in our review.

I don’t mind bots that much, and I guess it might be unreasonable and expensive for real people to answer all the questions. The lying part turned me away a bit, but the support ended up being pretty friendly and helpful. I’d say 8 out of 10.

Is GradesFixer Legit? Confidentiality & Safety Matters

Checking through the website, I could see the physical address, registration number, DMCA policy, and Privacy Policy.

is gradesfixer legit?

They also have a money-back guarantee in case something goes wrong. This is what the best essay writing service must have because such things do happen.

Remember that one should explain what is wrong, though, which is perfectly normal, in my opinion. The company’s QA control team will address such issues.

Order Results

About five hours before my deadline, I received the final paper. Taking a quick look, I could see that it was formatted correctly in MLA format and had two sources from peer-reviewed magazines on special education. The quotes were incorporated right.

Is the GradesFixer reliable with Turnitin? It is! I checked it via several methods and received zero plagiarism. The grammar and structure were good too. No minor mistakes that I could spot.

I decided to try a free revision feature by asking the writer to break down one of the lengthy paragraphs in two and add a connecting sentence. She did it, no questions asked.

The quality itself was acceptable. I wouldn’t call it the best essay I’ve seen, but it was rather good (way better than some of the samples I’ve checked). I’d say around B+ quality.

In my review of PapersOwl, the quality of the paper was even better, but the price was higher too. It might’ve been better if I chose a different writer. I don’t know, maybe. Still, even this paper seemed satisfying enough to me.

  • Haven't found any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Free revisions are provided.
  • No plagiarism whatsoever.
  • Respect the deadlines.
  • Correct formatting.
  • Good resources list.
  • The quality is around B+.
  • Communication could have been better.

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