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Studybay Review 2021

Price From: $10
Deadline: 24 hours
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By Alina Burakova fb Apr 09, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

I am an independent reviewer and have no affiliations with Studybay, so my opinion is only based on my experience within this platform.

My goal is neither to persuade nor to dissuade you but to provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the services offered by Studybay. The choice is always yours. I understand that each service changes over time, so I will try to keep this Study bay review updated.

Studybay is legit. It was founded in 2011, and it’s a part of StudyWorld Media holding, an international edtech company with a long history. Studybay is transparent and open to new clients, and they even have their License, which includes their address, terms of use, refund policy, and other important information.

If you want to know more about popular academic writing services, check the list of the best essay websites on our website.

We have not found any evidence of a Studybay scam. So, it’s definitely not a scam. offers academic writing services and provides them according to the promises. Studybay also has many writers signed up within the platform. The writers are called experts on Studybay, and you can decide which one you want to hire yourself or re-assign choosing the best writer for your task to the platform.

The pricing policy of this service is about the average level. Studybay writers usually charge from $10 per page. I need to remind you, you probably can find some websites charging much less than that, but there is still a chance those services would be a scam.

Is reliable? Most of the paper writing reviews online state that this is a reliable platform, yet the team behind Edureviewer has to check if it’s true. So I’ve tried using Studybay to come up with my own opinion. Keep reading this post to make sure you can trust Studybay with your studies.

The number of essay writing websites on the internet is overwhelming but I still feel like I need to make it clear which kind of services do they provide.

The best UK essay writing services, including Studybay, help you complete your writings (usually related to your studies, but you can also assign Studybay experts with some creative writings or other writing projects). Yet Studybay is not only limited to essays, research papers, and term papers.

For example, you can also hire an expert in Maths on the platform and get your Algebra homework done with the help of them. There are also many experts in Biology, Nursing, History, Physics, and other disciplines on the platform.

As I already said, I do not recommend you settling for a very cheap service. The lowest price on the market doesn’t stand for the quality, also, when the price is suspiciously low, it usually means you’re dealing with some fraud. If EduReviewer spots a platform that provides very cheap essays in hours, we leave these platforms and look elsewhere.

Please, be careful and stay away from sites that advertise themselves as “best free academic paper websites”. No one can provide you with a free service of good quality. The papers you get from such platforms are probably plagiarized, you may even end up being expelled from your school or university in case of getting caught with such papers.

However, you don’t need to take over-priced services. At, we only choose services that are affordable for students. One more appropriate service that could be mentioned is – just check Paperell reviews and compare.

Fortunately, during our Studybay prices review, we found that its experts are not like that. For a decent price, they provide you with good or even great writings, always plagiarism-free and open to revisions. Studybay is not an overpriced service.

The platform works as a marketplace where different experts can set their own bids for the services based on their education level, expertise, rating, and other criteria.

Some of them charge more than $15 per page, and some offer their help for about $10 per page. You can pick any writer that seems right for you and your project since Studybay carefully verifies each writer within the platform.

Some people may say that $10 is not a small amount of money, yet I need to remind you, you probably can find some websites charging much less than that, but there is still a chance those services would be a scam.

If you want free $15 for your Studybay account, use our promo code “edureviewer15“. How to apply it? See the screenshot below.

I can assure you it is one of the most affordable services for students, and the quality of the final files meets all the modern academic writing standards. Studybay experts, for sure, know everything about popular formatting styles such as AP, APA, Chicago, MLA, BB, AMA and are able to complete your homework according to the guidelines of such styles.

I placed an order on Studybay ordering a dissertation of 30 pages in the field of economics. The next step was an auction where I should’ve chosen the best expert for my assignment. I was surprised by the number of bids from experts and wondered if all those writers were qualified enough to work on a dissertation, considering it is a postgraduate-level assignment.

To make sure all the experts bidding on my project could fit my requirements, I checked some of their profiles. Surprisingly, all the writers I’ve checked on had enough qualifications, knowledge, and skills. They all not only had a relatable education level but also a specialty in economics.

So I decided to chat with some of the experts and picked the one who seemed the best fit for me after a short chat.

I’ve had a similar experience working with Edu Birdie. Check the reviews on our site to see what their former clients think about working with their writers.

Cheap services usually produce unoriginal papers and resell the same writings over and over again, putting students at a huge risk. And there is no way to know if the paper is unique without checking it with a plagiarism checker.

Studybay guarantees to provide its clients with authentic and original academic papers made from scratch for each project. And the platform not only sticks to its promises but also provides you with a tool to check your writing for plagiarism. You can either check your academic paper yourself right on the platform or request a plagiarism report from the expert that works on your assignment. Both of the options are absolutely free of charge.

The paper I got from my Studybay expert was 96% original, which is a good score considering the volume (30 pages) and the deadline (I needed it in 10 days) of my assignment.

It is important to know who is actually handling your assignment. For instance, if you are pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemistry, you need to know that your assignment is being handled by an M.A. or Ph.D. holder with an in-depth knowledge of Chemistry.

The writing service should have highly qualified writers to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge to get any type of paper assigned to them done. Luckily, there are thousands of experts on Studybay to choose from. And with the option to pick the best writer yourself, you can get full control over your project.

Also, Studybay lets you chat with experts right on the platform for free, so you can negotiate to get a discount if you feel confident enough for this. You also can discuss your special requirements, formatting details, or any other things related to your assignment via chat.

This direct contact with the potential writer actually makes the process of choosing the right expert much easier, you can ask a couple of questions as a test and detect the best professional to work on your academic writing.

Also, Studybay states to have its own verification program for potential experts. Each candidate has to get through the special examination, and only after getting through it successfully they can work on assignments within the platform.

One more thing that can help you make the right choice is checking reviews on experts’ profile pages. Each expert has their own profile page that contains useful information about their education level. professional backstory, focusing disciplines, and also reviews from previous clients. Make sure to check those Study bay reviews before hiring anyone to work on your academic paper.

A good essay writing service always offers secure payment methods. On Studybay, your funds are only transferred to the writer after you accept the final file and agree that the project is completed. You can also choose a partial payment and only make a 30% down payment so that the expert can start working on your task. You have to pay the remaining part once the assignment is done.

One thing that also makes using Studybay secure is the warranty period they offer on each project. It means you have 20 days after your assignment is completed to request revisions or even a refund.

However, you can’t get a piece of writing of great quality and then just get all your money back: the Studybay team examines each request attentively and makes sure you have enough reasons to request a refund before making a decision.

So make sure your request is based on something, and you actually aren’t satisfied with the final file before requesting a refund. Otherwise, you may be considered a scammer trying to get an academic paper for free.

Speaking of money, Studybay accepts vast payment methods — MasterCard, PayPal, Payoneer, VISA. All the transactions are secured. I paid for my paper via PayPal and had no issues whatsoever.

There are some Studybay reviews out there saying that the Studybay support team is not good enough, which I actually can’t agree with. Even though I had no issues with the platform, I decided to chat with the customer service specialists just to make sure I have a full picture of what’s going on at

To be honest, it probably wasn’t the most rapid support service I’ve ever gotten, yet it wasn’t that bad and slow. The specialist I’ve chatted with seemed to be very polite, professional, well-prepared, and open to communication. He answered all my questions and even offered me help with picking the best expert for my assignment, which I politely declined. Yet I appreciated the offer.

Also, I have to remind you that some writing services don’t have any customer service available via chat at all. Studybay offers you support via chat, email, as well as over the phone, which is very convenient.

Studybay guarantees to provide you with authentic and unique writings made by professional experts from scratch right on time. And, from what I’ve experienced, these guarantees are actually working.

During this review, the expert I hired was able to complete the 30-page writing that meets my requirements and is ready to be shown to any college professor as a completed assignment. Once I got the final file, I was very happy — all the references included were up-to-date and related to the content, all the sources used were reliable and trustworthy, all the data seemed pretty decent, and even the formatting and the conclusion met my expectations.

There were just a couple of small typos that I requested to correct, which my expert did almost immediately.

Moreover, I remained anonymous, so no one including the expert that has been working on my assignment could say what my real name is. Studybay takes its clients’ privacy seriously. Is safe? Yes, the platform is actually safe and secure to use.

Many times, choosing the right type of essay to address a writing prompt is critical to getting the examiner’s question right. There are dozen essay types, but the number is manageable. The last thing you want is to get confused about what kind of Studybay essay you wish to order.

Distinguishing between them is all about figuring out your writing objective. Check out the four main variations which are available at Study Bay.

  • Narrative essay;

This is a story of life experiences. A narrative essay must be vivid, and it is written in the first-person tone of voice.

If you need top term papers, check the best term paper reviews on our blog.

  • Descriptive essay;

It paints a picture in the reader’s mind through the power of words. The subject could be a person, object, place, or event. It must communicate deeper meanings.

  • Expository essay;

This is an informative essay that only states the facts, striking a good balance of analyzing a subject matter. The writer defines and explains the topic with valid statistical data and realistic examples.

Subgenres of expository essays include compare and contrast, how-to, and cause and effect essays. They are based on facts rather than personal feelings, so you have no business revealing your emotions.

  • Persuasive Essay.

The main aim of this essay is to convince the audience to agree with the writer’s perspective or recommendation. The case must be founded on logical facts, examples, and expert opinion. Sound reasoning is critical in this case. All sides of the argument must be communicated precisely.

  • Affordable prices starting at $10 per page.
  • Excellent quality of the final files provided by experts.
  • A nice discount for new clients.
  • Delivery is on time.
  • Safe payment options.
  • An opportunity to choose your writer.
  • A long list of experts to choose from.
  • Many services are provided (academic writing, maths solving, proofreading, plagiarism checking).
  • Direct chat with each expert.
  • Order placement takes a lot of time because you have to check the bids by different writers.
  • The minimum deadline is one day so you cannot order a very urgent paper.
  • It is not easy to come across a highly qualified writer.
  • Probably too many experts to choose from, so picking the right one may take time.
  • Customer service specialists don’t answer right away yet are fast, professional, and polite enough to help you.
My verdict
Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Studybay

The variety of experts within the platform, as well as the variety of disciplines and subjects covered, make Studybay useful for each and every student. I highly recommend using this service for assignments of any complexity and type.

There are lots of qualified experts for typical essays, but there are also many professionals capable of completing projects that require research, creativity, and deep knowledge in a particular field of study.

Hope this Studybay review can help you with placing an order and picking the right expert for your task.

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Ruby Tyler

That studybay could have been a miserable fail, but at the level I asked (at secondary school level) they did good.
I was getting the paper for ideas and guide and it was good. They did everything in time, got some issues with spelling, but that’s okay for the price I paid.


I ordered my essay in 2 days before the deadline, and you know what? Studybay company done everything in time


Friend recommended the studybay. Good service through and through. But I think they should consider the 25-30% of service charge over the tutors fee. And then I will recommend it too.


I contacted Studybay for some help…There were some cons of course, but in general, everything went great. Loyal price, thanks!


Oh my God!! I got “A” with the research paper you wrote for me! I will graduate soon:) I”m just happy!


Studybay service, you can’t imagine how they helped me with my graduation! Thank you so much!


Used to do a study in my course and I passed. Quite happy with the result.
Although the site admins could review and make the prices more affordable to struggling students.


Just received my article from Studybay service. It looks good, I hope I will get some excellent mark with it! Peace for all of you!


I use StudyBay because I am busy working at night and studying in daytime.
So I could quickly and easily place an order ahead of time, give detailed instructions and I can get a completed assignment.
But writers seem very money hungry and the service fees should not be as high as they are.


Ordered a lot of papers from, but sometimes I couldn’t understand which one is ready and where can I get it.
Everything else was fine, the quality, the requirements were kept in mind while writing my papers, so I’m good.