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By Brooke Hayes fb Aug 07, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

For a couple of years, has been offering academic writing services through affirmed writers who bid on the orders placed by clients. Then clients have to choose their own writers depending on the bids. You are probably asking yourself, “Is study bay legit?” Your question will be answered shortly.

With prices starting as low as 3 dollars per page, Study Bay seems like a company that sets a fair price. If you read the content on their homepage, it is easier to be convinced that they are the best choice for academic papers. However, some off-site reviews have different opinions. That is why Edureviewer has taken a close look and evaluates this service for you. Keep reading this honest Study Bay review to learn what we’ve found out.

We are an independent reviewer and have no affiliations with Study Bay so our views are completely open-minded. We are not here to persuade or dissuade you but we want to help you determine if this site is actually good for you. The choice is entirely on you. We understand that things change over time and we will try to update this review as often as necessary. We constantly check academic writing services and if you want to know the most popular at any given time, don’t hesitate to check So, is Studybay legit?

The number of essay writing websites on the internet is overwhelming. Every service,  including Study Bay, claims to be the best. But is Studybay real? You’ll realize that these companies have almost similar benefits. This is where you get confused. But we want you to get the facts right concerning When reviewing the site, we have analyzed the website content, the online Studybay reviews, writers’ credentials, and policies that govern writers and clients.  To ensure that we are only reviewing the best essay writing services online, here are important criteria we must look at.

Never settle for a very cheap service. If we spot a service that provides cheap essays within hours, we pass them and look elsewhere. Stay away from sites that advertise themselves as “best free academic paper websites”. Who can give free quality services within hours? These are probably plagiarized papers that have been resold over and over. The truth is writing an academic paper is not easy and that is why you can’t do it yourself because it consumes time and efforts. If you need a top-notch paper, then you must be ready to pay a decent amount of money. However, you don’t need to take overpriced services. At, we only choose services that are affordable for students. One more appropriate service that could be mentioned is – just check and compare.

We placed an order at Study Bay for 10 pages of dissertation paper in the field of sociology. We got a huge number of bids and wondered if all those writers qualified for dissertation writing, considering it is a postgraduate-level assignment. Finally, we picked a writer who offered a medium price range. Luckily, we received the final draft before the deadline but we found several grammatical and structural mistakes.

This must be part of the service guarantee. Cheap services produce unoriginal papers. There is no way to know if the paper is unique without passing it through a plagiarism checker. To ensure that the written material is not plagiarized, we have to ask for a plagiarism report which must be free of charge. There is no excuse for delivering copy-pasted essays. Every paper must be crafted from scratch. And that is how we know we are dealing with a good essay writing company. Study Bay claims that they check every complete assignment for plagiarism which is true because our paper was 96% original.

It is important to know who is actually handling your assignment. For instance, if you are pursuing a Master’s degree in Education, you need to know that your assignment is being handled by M.A. or Ph.D. holder with an in-depth knowledge of Education. The company should have highly qualified writers to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge to handle any type of paper thrown at them. With an option to pick your own writer, the process becomes simpler and you can actually bargain for a reduced price.

We suspected that the writer’s qualifications did not meet the requirements of tackling a postgraduate assignment. Even though her profile reads “Masters from the University of Chicago”, she delivered a paper that seems to have been written by an ESL writer. We requested a revision but it wasn’t satisfactory. The paper was simply inappropriate for submission at the University. We are not calling Studybay scam. Our biggest issue is with their quality of write-ups.

A good essay writing service offers secure payment methods. At Study Bay, clients place orders and choose their writers afterward. There is a framework for clients to communicate directly with writers and we find it to be a big plus. If you want a paper, you have to pay for it in advance but the cash is not reimbursed to the writer until the last draft has been delivered. Then you have 20 days to request a revision.

At Study Bay, you have to make a 60% down payment so that the writer can start working on your assignment. After the work is complete, you pay the remaining 40%. accepts vast payment methods like MasterCard, PayPal, Payoneer, and VISA. Funds are secured by Plantron. We paid for our paper through PayPal and did not encounter any issue.

Some writing websites have no live chat options and that is an indication of poor communication. We only review sites that offer clients an opportunity to ask questions as often as they like. The customer care representatives must be easy to reach whether via email, phone number, or live-chat. Regrettably, we couldn’t contact the customer support team immediately. Studybay is legit but it needs to improve customer service.

You must be sure of the guarantees that a service provides. It is important that they deliver quality work on time, provide up-to-date references, revise your paper free of charge, and keep your personal information confidential. Without these guarantees, you wouldn’t be at peace as you wait for your order.

With regards to our order, we found that most of the guarantees are Study Bay are true e.g. timely delivery, plagiarism-free papers, confidentiality, and free revision. However, we had issues with the quality of the paper in terms of grammar and formatting.

Many times, choosing the right type of essay to address a writing prompt is critical to getting the examiner’s question right. There are dozen essay types but the number is manageable. The last thing you want is to get confused about what type of Studybay essay you want to order. Distinguishing between them is all about figuring out your writing objective. Check out the 4 main variations which are available at Study Bay.

Narrative essay

This is basically a story on life experiences. A narrative essay must be vivid and it is written in the first person tone of voice.

Descriptive essay

It paints a picture in the reader’s mind through the power of words. The subject could be a person, object, place, or event. It must communicate deeper meanings.

Expository essay

This is an informative essay that only states the facts, striking a good balance of an analysis of a subject matter. The writer defines and explains the topic with valid statistical data and realistic examples. Subgenres of expository essays include compare and contrast, how to, and cause and effect essays. They are based on facts rather than personal feelings so you have no business revealing your emotions.

Persuasive Essay

The main aim of this essay is to convince the audience to agree with the writer’s perspective or recommendation. The case must be founded on logic facts, examples, and expert opinion. Sound reasoning is critical in this case. All sides of the argument must be communicated precisely.

  • Affordable prices starting at $3
  • Discount is given to new clients who use ILOVESB promotional code
  • Timely delivery
  • A wide array of academic writing services
  • Safe payment options
  • Ability to choose your own writer
  • Order placement takes a lot of time because you have to check the bids by different writers
  • The minimum deadline is one day so you cannot order a very urgent paper
  • It is not easy to come across a highly qualifiedwriter
  • The writer did not meet our criteria of academic writing style
  • The customer representatives are not so reliable
  • No screening process when hiring the writers
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If you are looking for standard academic papers at reasonable rates, Study Bay might be your site. But you must be extremely careful when choosing a writer, especially for a Masters assignment. The freelance site doesn’t have proper control over writers meaning that any writer with any education background can handle your paper. The site is only useful if you come across a good writer. This can be an issue if you have an urgent case. Let this Studybay review guide you when placing an order.

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I ordered my essay in 2 days before the deadline, and you know what? Studybay company done everything in time

I contacted Studybay for some help…There were some cons of course, but in general, everything went great. Loyal price, thanks!

Oh my God!! I got “A” with the research paper you wrote for me! I will graduate soon:) I”m just happy!

Just received my article from Studybay service. It looks good, I hope I will get some excellent mark with it! Peace for all of you!