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Club Z Tutoring Review 2021

Price From: $45
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By Alina Burakova fb Jan 12, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Learning using this program has contributed greatly to revolutionizing the education sector. Students can now be educated at home by professionals, at any schooling level. To understand the program better, we have answered questions often asked by clients like the ones below:

  • What is Club Z all about?
  • What are the subjects coached on the program?
  • How much does Club Z Tutoring cost?
  • Do they offer online lessons?
  • What are the Club Z Tutoring locations?
  • I am a working student. Can I get an instructor with a flexible schedule?

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The idea of starting this teaching service provider came up in 1995, and 23 years later, students across the globe are still benefiting. Z Club Tutoring franchises are distributed across the USA and Canada, with its main headquarters being in Tampa, Florida.

Today, you can be coached at home, on campus, at the library, in the hospital, or in school, thanks to this program. Since education is universal, they also have a very functional online platform. From the Club Z tutoring reviews online, the story is that this is the way to go if you want to improve your grades fast.

You can afford these services. The fees for various subjects and levels of learning taught do vary. Hence there is no fixed price. However, from Club Z reviews, the range is between $45 and $100 per hourly session. There are significantly huge discounts when you purchase many sessions at a go.

You should note that you may also incur extra charges when registering with them for the first time. It costs around $100. There are more than a million students that have benefited from this program: it is totally worth it!

The ClubZTutoring prices are as follows:

  1. 4 hours of tutoring costs $231;
  2. 8 hours costs $415;
  3. for 12 hours of tutoring you’ll have to pay $554;
  4. and you can also order a custom amount of hours.

Teachers on the program are paid depending on the subjects they teach. An academic instructor makes $12-$26 while another hourly contractor can be paid $16-$30. The specific amount paid is totally dependent on the nature of the work done.

Some of the subjects lectured include study skills, Pre-K guidance, writing, college subjects, and science topics. The only issue with the payment is that it does not include transportation costs incurred for commuting teachers. However, the money they get is enough to cater for transport.

Club Z Tutoring parent reviews collectively indicate that their children did not improve a lot within 60 days of coaching, and many clients are not contented. For kindergarten kids and younger, they do not become so good at their Pre-K training and other interests they may develop.

The instructors employed are thoroughly vetted, qualified graduates. It is thus very believable when they tell you that your grades or your kids’ will improve by 2 letters and get 140 more points within two months. The quality of services offered is reputable.

When looking for an instructor, you can log in to the website to arrange for one. The support group is very proficient and is there for you 24/7. You can also call them on their number 866-442-2582 to get clear steps on how to schedule for these teachers.

With more than 300 subjects to be taught in the USA, they are doing a good job. So far, Club Z Tutoring complaints are minimal, and their long-term clients are proof of this. Read the testimonials submitted online by satisfied clients for you to be more convinced that you are making the right choice. Also, check our review and check this service for comparison and you’ll see all the pros and cons of both.

In three simple steps, you shall be enrolled in the program. To get started, visit their website or call them and give them your details. There is an online form where you fill in your details before they can show you the teachers available and their schedules. You should pick a private teacher with expertise in your field of interest.

Once you find the best educator for you, that’s it! Learning can commence. Their website also outlays the various subjects they teach. They include; study skills, writing, Pre-K, Math, reading, science, foreign languages, and college subjects.

  • The program covers a wide curriculum and employs highly qualified instructors.
  • You will improve your grades greatly in two months.
  • Both in-home and online tutoring services are availed.
  • Have virtual classrooms and all online lessons are recorded for future reference.
  • They offer assistance and lead to admission to universities.
  • Their support group is available 24/7.
  • The Club Z tutoring cost is high especially for a few single sessions.
  • It is not the best to choose when you have urgent assignments.
  • Canceling a class and rescheduling it is not very easy.
  • Lesson preparation time and transport costs are not compensated to educators.
  • There is limited work for the instructors in the summer.
  • Different franchisees run the club differently.
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Club Z is a website that offers both in-home classes and online sessions. A lot of students have been through this program in the past two decades, and it has worked for them. It will work for you too if you let it, and all you will want to do is write a Club Z Tutoring review for the whole world to see.

The Club Z Tutoring prices are not very affordable and don't match the quality of services offered. You will not enjoy the benefits that come with this program like assistance to enrolling in major universities and scholarships. Check the ClubZTutoring reviews below this overview to know what the former customers think about this company. There are better options for assistance in your curriculum. Enroll in Magoosh or Preply, these are much better options. Good luck while at it!

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Our son has done very well with club z tutoring and has seen his grades increase! Would recommend.


As a company they are great for the kids but not for the employees. Depending on your area director you may or may not like the position but the choice is yours…


Our children have been doing not very good with clubztutoring tutors we have decided not to continue with summer tutoring!


The owners of the company are very kind and forward thinking when pairing you with students. The students you work with are eager to learn, especially being able to do it from home. They pay isn’t necessarily as high given travel time.


Love my students but I just wish I had more of them! This is a better job for someone who works during the day because kids are generally only available in the evening.


Flexible with everybody’s schedule. Elementary students are pretty straight forward to work with and Club Z! provides tutors with the necessary tools.


When looking for a tutor we had tried the route of using an individual, however we had a real bad experience. isn’t a good choice, cause they have troubles with support and service! Bad score!