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SAT Tutor Certification Guide

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Many students find it challenging to prepare for the SAT exam without proper guidance. They may struggle in several areas, including the exam format, time management, speed with which they answer questions, and whatnot.

However, SAT tutors with credible certificate are there to help aspirants achieve great scores. Their proven strategies and techniques enable students to excel in different sections, such as writing, reading, and math. Read Magoosh SAT review to see how you can prepare for the SAT with online prep software.

And guess what? As an SAT tutor, you can either work full-time or freelance, depending on your availability.

However, you’ll be required to understand the ins and outs of the exam so that you can guide students well. Having an SAT tutor certification further adds credibility to your profile and builds trust amongst first-time students.

Similar to SAT, LSAT is also a famous exam that lets students get admission in their preferred university. If you’re confused between these two tests and wondering which one to consider for tutoring, then do check our SAT vs LSAT post.

Do I Need an SAT Certificate?

How do you know if you really need an exclusive SAT certification? Some of you also might wonder if it is even mandatory to get a certification?

Well, there are many tutors out there who are demonstrating their knowledge and expertise without holding a certificate. But, adding a certificate will not only make your resume look good but will also increase your chances of being hired by reputed and high-paying institutions. Magoosh ACT prep review is effective by all means to enhance the score of your ACT test.

You can register for a SAT tutor certification online or in person at your nearest location. This offers tutors the necessary skills and that extra edge to help students prepare for the crucial test and get admission to the desired college or university.

Anyone, who has finished their post-secondary education and can showcase their in-depth knowledge in the subjects they want to teach, can be an SAT tutor. However, tutoring certificates boost your profile’s visibility and make it outstanding amongst other applications.

We have also created an informative article on how to become an SAT tutor. So, whether you are planning to work as a tutor or seeking the best courses for preparation, we’ve got you covered.

Which Platforms Can Help Me Get SAT Tutor Test Prep Certificate?

Without further ado, let’s explore the platforms that provide SAT tutoring certification along with the fees, certification, and assessment criteria followed by them.

  1. The Association of Test Prep, Admissions, and Private Tutoring (TPATP):

TPATP is a platform that offers over 12,000 accredited tutoring and advising programs for aspiring tutors.

It offers classes for SAT and ACT tutoring certification and gives you a wide range of certification options to choose from:

  • SAT Instructor Training: This certification costs $399 and provides you with a specialized certification in reading/writing areas. In case you want an SAT tutor test prep certificate in math/graphic literacy separately, you can register for USD $149.
  • ACT Instructor Training: You can prove your expertise in math/science by getting this specific training, that’s priced at USD $19 only. Also, you can receive a certification in Reading/English if you want to focus on teaching literature. This will cost you USD $399.
  • SAT/ACT Instructor Training: If you’re looking to do two certifications for the price of one, then the ACT/SAT tutor certification should be your first choice. After you’ve signed in, you will get complete access to the course content along with the practice test library, videos, etc. You can select the dates for tutor ACT and SAT certification and practice depending on your schedule.
  1. Credly:

Credly is another amazing platform that offers a 100-hour SAT Trainer Certification Program. This certificate will make you familiar with SAT preparation strategies, courses, and classes, which will eventually help you work for the best clients or institutions. It’s a 20-unit online course that you can study at your own pace and gives you access to the SAT tutor license.

The program consists of planning tasks and projects where you need to attain a minimum score of 70. Test your knowledge with quizzes at the end of each unit and achieve a score of at least 70 in each of the three comprehensive exams.

Also, it’s remarkable to note that there is no additional SAT tutor licensing fees that you should incur. All you need is a college degree, the best score on SAT, a great understanding of the topics that students will be tested on, get the certification, and be on top of your game to make your students succeed.

  1. Ed2Go:

To get SAT tutor certification, you can register for Ed2Go’s instructor-led or self-paced courses, priced at USD $349 each. The course material is designed considering the latest format of SAT.

While the instructor-led program offers you access for 6 weeks, the self-paced program gives you access for 3 months. This certification doesn’t require any prerequisites, and you can have access to the study material on a computer, Chromebook, or Mac.

Additional Options for Tutoring Training

Those who are planning to up their tutoring skills can also utilize several resources available online. While some of these resources are free, others might cost you a reasonable amount of money. Whatever the case be, consider this as an investment and not an expense.

Leading websites such as Udemy and Khan Academy offer different courses to tutors to upgrade their skills. Students, who’re preparing for this crucial exam and are ready to ace it, will mostly rely on your tips and tricks.

So, it becomes your ultimate responsibility to help students navigate through different sections of the exam and make them feel confident.

Further, you can also search for other in-demand tutoring courses, such as how to become a dyslexia tutor, how to become an MCAT tutor, and so on. You can also explore our articles and familiarize yourself with the next steps.


How much do top SAT tutors make?

As per the ZipRecruiters, SAT tutors in the US make an average of $67,941 on an annual basis, which boils down to $1,306 per week. While this is just an average number, tutors can make as much as they want, depending on their availability and the clients they work with. You can also read our article on ‘how much do SAT tutors charge‘ to get more clarity on this question.

How do I become an effective SAT tutor?

You can be an effective SAT tutor by understanding your student’s weak areas and working on them, practicing different questions daily, setting a target, making notes, and sharing them with students, helping students understand the exam pattern, and teaching them effective time management skills. Of course, a certificate to tutor SAT and ACT also helps immensely in having core competencies.

Do I need a license in CA to tutor for the SAT?

No, you don’t require a license in CA to be an SAT tutor, no matter if you’re freelancing or working for some other institution. So, the good news is that you don’t have to be worried about complying with provincial regulations and can solely focus on increasing your tutoring side-hustle or business.


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