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Best LSAT Prep Courses In New York City, NY

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Are you looking to conquer the LSAT and make your legal dreams a reality? This comprehensive review of the best prep courses in the NYC has got you covered. It will interest you to know that as a NYC resident, you have a plethora of choices.

This guide is your compass through the maze of LSAT prep courses in the NYC. Based on my experience, I’ll be dissecting the features of each of our top picks alongside their pricing and unique points. I will match you with what suits you best for you, either as an individual learner or within a team setting.

Five Top LSAT Prep Courses in NYC

  1. Our Choice: Blueprint LSAT
  2. Best For Practice Tests: Princeton Review
  3. Best For Comprehensive Courses: Kaplan LSAT
  4. Best For Logical Reasoning: Magoosh
  5. Best For Video Instruction: LSATMax
  6. Best For Self-Study: Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep

In-Depth Reviews of the Top LSAT Prep Courses in NYC

This section specifically entails a detailed discussion of LSAT prep courses in New York City. The best LSAT courses in NYC comprise Blueprint Prep LSAT, Princeton Review, Kaplan, Magoosh, LSAT Max, and Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep Tutoring. Let’s discuss all available alternatives that will lead to a perfect match for your path of an LSAT.

Blueprint Prep LSAT

Price starts from $299
Promo code N/A
  • Excellent website usability – enjoy learning from your desktop or mobile device with no barriers or lags.
  • Flexibility in preparation types – choose from the Self-Paced and multiple Tutoring options.
  • Proficient LSAT instructors and tutors – as students learn their course options with the best experts in this niche.
  • Price – prepare to pay extra money since Blueprint Prep course options are more expensive than regular alternatives.
Blueprint - LSAT prep online course
Despite being considered one of the best LSAT prep course in NYC, Blueprint LSAT provides multiple options to fit different learning styles and expenses. What makes their program stand out is their 88-hour video course, which comprehensively examines basic concepts in an interesting way. Additionally, you will be awarded three textbooks and a promise for high scores.
Blueprint - course options
They offer different price options to cater for different budgets. Alternatively, you could subscribe to the Self-Paced Course at $299 or the Live Course, which comes in classes valued at about $1,199. In addition, if you’d like more personal treatment, they have VIP packages that range from two thousand four hundred dollars to five thousand three hundred fifty-nine dollars, inclusive of private studies.

Live course comprising 112 hours offered through Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island combined with Web-based resources. However, they do not offer a live online course.

Its unique adaptive learning technology distinguishes it.
Blueprint LSAT preparation
As you tackle practice questions, the program analyzes your performance and tailors further exercises to your weak points. It offers 19 full-length practice LSATs, including proctored ones, to measure your progress.

On the downside, their in-person courses are only available at specific times, so check their website for schedules. Also, there's no live online course. Blueprint LSAT's strengths are its engaging video content and adaptive learning, while its affordability in tutoring is a standout feature. However, the limited in-person course availability and absence of a live online course may not suit everyone's needs.

Princeton Review

Price starts from $799
Promo Code N/A
  • Instant access to tutors.
  • Comprehensive courses.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Personalized learning.
  • No mobile app.
Princeton LSAT intro
When it comes to acing the LSAT and conquering the legal world, The Princeton Review stands out as one of the best LSAT courses in NYC. Here's a breakdown of their offerings.
Starting at $299 with the option of a full payment of $899, this course delivers 30 hours of live instruction and four proctored practice tests. It's perfect for those seeking a quick refresher or supplementary aid to independent study.

The LSAT 165+ Course is priced at $399 for part-payment or $2,099 in full, and this comprehensive program packs a punch with 84 hours of live instruction, six in-class proctored practice tests, and a vast online repository holding over 150 hours of valuable videos and practice questions.

The Immersion 165+ Online Package starts at $399 or a full payment of $3,999. With this package, you will gain access to 145 hours of live instruction, ensuring thorough LSAT preparation.

If flexibility is your priority, consider the Self-Paced Course at $799. It covers the same material but with pre-recorded videos and without proctored exams. Moreover, The Princeton Review offers budget-friendly private tutoring starting at just three hours.

People will appreciate The Princeton Review's affordability and extensive practice materials. However, the limited number of in-person locations in NYC might be a drawback for some.
The Princeton - User Review
What sets The Princeton Review apart is its exhaustive collection of real LSATs for practice, providing an authentic test-taking experience. Additionally, their low-cost private tutoring options make personalized help accessible to all, complementing their comprehensive course offerings.

Kaplan Formerly Manhattan Prep LSAT Courses

Price starts from $107
Promo Code N/A
  • You can pay for individual components of a test prep course rather than the whole thing.
  • Extensive and quality materials are available for a variety of courses.
  • Instructors are vetted and go through a lot of training.
  • There is a big price jump between Live Online and Self-Prep courses.
  • Some of the practice tests may be harder than what you can expect on the official exam.
Kaplan LSAT intro
In my quest for top-notch LSAT prep courses in NYC, I stumbled upon Kaplan, which was quite a discovery. With 80 full-length practice tests, a vast question bank, and the engaging LSAT Channel, they've got your back.
Kaplan LSAT - pricing
Kaplan presents a range of courses catering to diverse needs. The self-paced option starts at $799, while the live online course is available for $1,199, and in-person classes come in at $1,499. Private tutoring, priced between $1,999 and $3,999, offers personalized support.

Though the costs might raise an eyebrow, the value is unparalleled. Access to over 70 hours of on-demand video content, 75 quizzes, a quiz bank housing 7,500+ questions, and a treasure trove of almost 10,000 official LSAT questions with detailed explanations awaits. Moreover, Kaplan's score increase guarantee ensures a full refund if your score fails to climb.
Kaplan Test Prep - user review
Kaplan offers an LSAT Channel, with 10 to 40 extra hours of instruction weekly, delivered by knowledgeable instructors. You can even interact with them during live sessions. It's included with live course subscriptions.

On the downside, private tutoring is pricey, but Kaplan's higher score guarantee ensures your investment isn't in vain. And the sheer volume of 180+ lecture hours might overwhelm some.

Kaplan helps you to stay motivated with progress tracking, but if cost is a concern, explore other affordable options like The Princeton Review for tutoring. In the LSAT prep game, Kaplan in NYC offers a robust package.


Price starts from $299
Promo code EDUREVIEWER10
  • Highly affordable course.
  • Several practice questions, practice tests, and other helpful resources.
  • Flexible and highly customizable course.
  • Magoosh offers a score improvement guarantee.
  • Course materials are not available in print form.
Magoosh - improve your LSAT score
Magoosh is another reputable company that offers the best LSAT courses in NYC, and they're a game-changer for anyone tackling the LSAT. These courses offer comprehensive LSAT preparation, covering all the crucial areas: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension.
Magoosh - LSAT pricing
The Premium Plan, priced at $199 over 12 months, is a flexible, self-paced option. It includes access to over 7,000 official LSAT questions, 90+ video strategy lessons, and 200+ Logic Game explanations. Timed practice tests, email tutor assistance, and a +5 score guarantee ensure a thorough and effective prep journey. Plus, you get updated score conversions and access to LawHub Advantage for an additional one-time $115 fee, as LSAC requires.

If you prefer a guided study experience, the Premium + On-Demand Classes option, priced at $499, includes LawHub Advantage access. It offers 16 hours of engaging classes led by a 99th percentile LSAT instructor, customized homework, and targeted assignments with video and text explanations to reinforce concepts.
Magoosh - feedback
Based on my experience, you will appreciate the flexibility, expert video explanations, and the +5 score guarantee. However, the cost of the Premium + On-Demand Classes might be a drawback for some.

Magoosh LSAT's unique offering lies in its flexible self-paced Premium Plan and the guided Premium + On-Demand Classes with live instruction, catering to different learning preferences.


Price starts from $150
Promo code N/A
  • Easy to work with.
  • Flexible price points.
  • 24/7 live instructor access.
  • 100+ hours of digital lessons.
  • No physical class sessions or live courses.
  • Possible app crashes.
LSAT Max - main page
LSATMax LSAT in NYC offers a top-notch LSAT preparation experience that stands out among LSAT prep courses in New York. In my experience, it's a comprehensive and effective way to gear up for this challenging exam.

LSATMax provides over 400 hours of video lectures, unparalleled in quantity and quality. These whiteboard lectures guide you through LSAT problems with clarity. The course includes four hard-copy textbooks, a rarity among online courses, making it ideal for those who prefer tangible study materials.
LSAT Max - pricing
LSATMax offers various tutoring packages:

  • Basic (10 hours for $1795, $180/hr)

  • Complete (20 hours for $3395, $170/hr)

  • In-Depth (30 hours for $4795, $160/hr)

  • Immersive (50 hours for $7495, $150/hr)

  • There's also flexible hourly tutoring at $200/hr without bulk discounts, suitable for individual needs.

LSATMax’s Digital resources feature 90 prep tests with real LSAT questions and detailed performance analytics. One-hour free private tutoring and daily office hours offer personalized support. The mobile app ensures accessibility on various devices.

While LSATMax may be pricier, the exceptional materials justify the cost as the platform is considered to be one of the best LSAT course in NYC. People will appreciate the vast video lecture library, hard copy textbooks, realistic practice tests, and accessibility through the mobile app. However, the higher cost might not fit everyone's budget.
LSAT Max - user feedback
LSATMax's standout feature is its combination of hard-copy textbooks and digital resources. This blend caters to various learning styles and preferences, setting it apart from other LSAT prep courses NY. It's a personalized, classroom-like experience in the digital realm, ensuring students have ample support.

Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep Tutoring

Price starts from $45
Promo Code EDU15%OFF
  • Better Score Guarantee.
  • Receive Video Lectures.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Record Lessons and Lectures.
Varsity Tutors - LSAT guarantee
Last but not the least on our list is Varsity Tutors. Varsity Tutors stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring lawyers aiming to conquer the LSAT courses in NYC. With their tailored approach, they offer a diverse range of LSAT courses designed to meet the unique needs of every learner.

Varsity Tutors understand that success in the LSAT is not one-size-fits-all. They provide a structured, full-length classroom experience led by esteemed LSAT instructors, ensuring a rigorous preparation journey.
Varsity Tutors - LSAT tutoring
Pricing for personalized one-on-one tutoring starts at $102 per hour, becoming more budget-friendly with additional hours, all valid for up to a year. A bundle of 12 hours of personalized tutoring and a 5-week online class can be yours for $2,000. Alternatively, opt for the LSAT Class with 20 hours of live instruction at $799.

What sets Varsity Tutors apart are their daily LSAT Questions of the Day, timed quizzes for honing your LSAT game skills, and an adaptive, personalized study plan based on your performance.
Varsity Tutor - user feedback
Students appreciate their one-on-one approach and competitive pricing. They even offer a satisfaction guarantee within two weeks if you're not pleased with the results.

However, it's worth noting that some students have reported delays in tutor contacts, and tutoring hours may have expiration dates depending on the contract, which can be frustrating.

What truly makes Varsity Tutors shine is their extensive range of study products, from self-study materials to live online classes. They specialize in one-on-one tutoring, boasting a high satisfaction rate and a unique guarantee. In the best LSAT courses New York City offers, Varsity Tutors stands as a top contender.


What is the best in-person LSAT prep course in NYC?

In my experience, Blueprint Prep LSAT offers one of the best in-person LSAT prep courses in NYC. They have locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island, providing 112 hours of live instruction and valuable online resources. However, it’s essential to check their website for schedules, as their in-person courses are available at specific times.

Which LSAT prep course is the best?

The best LSAT prep course depends on your learning style and budget. Blueprint Prep LSAT, The Princeton Review, Kaplan (formerly Manhattan Prep LSAT Courses), Magoosh, LSATMax, and Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep Tutoring in NYC are all excellent options. Each has its unique features and strengths, so it’s essential to consider your preferences and needs when making a choice.

Is Manhattan LSAT prep good?

Manhattan LSAT prep, now known as Kaplan, is a solid choice for LSAT preparation. They offer a comprehensive range of courses, including self-paced, live online, and in-person classes, along with private tutoring. Kaplan provides extensive study materials, including 80 full-length practice tests and a vast question bank, making it a valuable option for LSAT aspirants.

Is an LSAT prep course worth it?

In my experience, investing in an LSAT prep course can be well worth it. These courses provide structured study plans, expert guidance, and access to valuable practice materials that can significantly improve your LSAT scores. Ultimately, the dedication and effort you put into the course will determine your success in conquering the LSAT and pursuing your legal dreams.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on May 16, 2024
Verified by Alina Burakova
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