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Best LSAT Tutoring Firms in the New York City, NY

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In my search for the best LSAT tutoring services in NYC, I delved into the offerings of prominent names like Kaplan, Varsity Tutors, Princeton Review, Blueprint Prep LSAT, and LSATMax. In this exploration, I examined their packages and pricing meticulously. Each service’s unique features stood out vividly, offering real-world advantages.

This article dissects these options, focusing on what resonates with discerning learners and potential drawbacks.

Best NYC LSAT Tutors at a Glance

  1. Most Compact: Varsity Tutors
  2. Best Value for Money: Princeton Review
  3. Our Choice: Blueprint Prep LSAT
  4. Most Affordable: LSATMax
  5. Most Up-to-date: Kaplan

Varsity Tutors LSAT Prep Tutoring

Price starts from $45
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  • When you choose Varsity Tutors you will be able to receive help from a large number of experts in many different academic areas.
  • Professional and friendly customer service reps are available 24 hours a day.
  • Varsity Tutors offers live sessions and recorded webinars designed to help students prepare for exams.
  • The website can be hard to navigate.
In my experience, Varsity Tutors offers LSAT tutoring in the NYC that's worth exploring. Their LSAT prep is informative and personalized. Tutors are well-prepared and can assist in various LSAT sections. With a user-friendly platform, it's easy to schedule sessions to fit my schedule. The real-world examples and practical approach help me understand complex LSAT concepts.
Varsity Tutors - intro
They provide tailored lessons, adapting to my needs and explaining complex ideas clearly. The focus is on practical, actionable content. I appreciate that the tutors are experts and provide support with test-taking strategies. This LSAT prep option is a valuable resource for those looking for online assistance. It's informative and offers personalized guidance for LSAT preparation.

Packages & Pricing

You'll find different study options at Varsity Tutors.
Live Classes: 5 - 10 weeks; 5 weeks; 10 weeks$40/hr; $799; $1,599
Private LSAT tutoringDecided Based on Learner's Preferences

Pros and Cons

From engaging tools for personalized guidance, Varsity Tutors are value-laden and tag alongside several benefits. Yet, they're not without drawbacks. Here's an overview of the benefits and drawbacks to expect:
Access to numerous practice tests and materials strengthens your skills effectively.Some tutors might have limited schedules, making it challenging to find suitable times.
Engaging tools, like shared documents, enhance your learning experience.Prices can vary based on instructors, potentially affecting your budget planning.
Tutors are knowledgeable, helping you understand difficult topics easily. 
Tutors focus on your specific needs, ensuring tailored guidance. 
You can choose study times that fit your busy life, making learning convenient. 

Unique Features

Varsity offers several features you may not find with other tutoring services. One of these is proprietary file sharing. Other features you'll come across include:

  • Tailored study strategies focus on weaknesses and reinforce strengths, optimizing LSAT preparation.

  • Seasoned LSAT professionals provide clear explanations and strategies for mastering complex concepts and questions.

  • Convenient booking options accommodate diverse schedules, ensuring effective learning at preferred times.

  • Real-time collaboration via shared document editing and virtual whiteboards enhances engagement during tutoring sessions.

  • Abundant practice tests and relevant materials offer extensive LSAT exam preparation, reinforcing skills and boosting confidence.


Princeton Review

Price starts from $799
Promo Code N/A
  • Instant access to tutors.
  • Real practice tests.
  • Personalized learning.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • No mobile app.
In my experience, the expert instructors simplified intricate concepts, making learning effective. Their personalized approach tailored lessons to my learning style, ensuring steady progress. The access to extensive resources, including 70+ full Official LSAT PrepTests and LawHub advantage, significantly enhanced my preparation.

I appreciated the clear explanations and practical examples, clarifying even the most challenging topics. Additionally, the guarantee of score improvement provided assurance.

The only drawback I found was the higher cost compared to self-paced options, but the quality of instruction justified the investment. Princeton Review is undoubtedly a top choice if you're seeking a reliable LSAT tutoring service.

Packages and Pricing

With Princeton Review, learners may study at their own pace online or on a 1-on-1 basis with varying live instruction hours. Check out the pricing structure for their packages below:
LSAT 165+$1,799Online & In-Person; 84 Hours
Immersion 165+$3,649Online; 145 Hours
Fundamentals$899Online & In-Person; 30 Hours

Princeton LSAT intro

Pros & Cons

Princeton Review guarantees all learners at least a +5 score improvement, alongside in-depth video explanations plus LSAT private tutoring New York. A notable downside is their high cost in comparison to other major brands. Check out other perks to expect from Princeton Review:
Skilled tutors with deep LSAT knowledge simplify complex topics, making learning efficient.Availability may be limited, impacting some learners' flexibility.
Tailored learning adapts to your style, ensuring effective progress.Tutoring can be expensive compared to other self-paced options.
Access to extensive video lessons, full PrepTests, and study materials. 
1-year access to 75+ Official PrepTests, enhancing your preparation. 
Score improvement is assured; if you are unsatisfied, get a refund or a better tutor. 


Unique Features

Exclusive offers you stand to benefit from at Princeton Review LSAT tutoring New York range from 150+ hours of video explanations to a refund guarantee. Here's a full overview of the features Princeton Review offers:

  • Tailored plans that adapt to your learning style, optimizing progress.

  • Access to 150+ hours of video lessons, 70+ full PrepTests, and 1,800+ study pages.

  • LawHub Advantage: Enjoy 1-year access to 75+ full Official PrepTests.

  • Score higher or get a refund; Princeton Review stands by its effective tutoring method.


Blueprint Prep LSAT

Price starts from $299
Promo code N/A
  • Excellent website usability – enjoy learning from your desktop or mobile device with no barriers or lags.
  • Flexibility in preparation types – choose from the Self-Paced and multiple Tutoring options.
  • Proficient LSAT instructors and tutors – as students learn their course options with the best experts in this niche.
  • Price – prepare to pay extra money since Blueprint Prep course options are more expensive than regular alternatives.
In my LSAT journey, Blueprint Tutoring stood out as a game-changer. The tutors, scoring in the top percentiles, crafted a personalized plan tailored to my needs. With advanced tools like AI-powered Qbank and seamless scheduling, my preparation became focused and convenient.

Their real LSAT content ensured I was ready for the actual exam. The tutors explained complex concepts in straightforward ways, ensuring my understanding. Integrating a Study Plan tool simplified everything, from assignments to session notes. Their dedication was evident; they went above and beyond, even editing my study plan.

Thanks to Blueprint, you can confidently approach the LSAT. Blueprint Tutoring is the way to go if you're aiming for LSAT success without the fuss. It's not just tutoring; it's a personalized path to your best score.
which LSAT prep option is right for you

Packages and Pricing

Blueprint offers several LSAT course options tailored to different needs and budgets:

1.Live Online Course: $1,599

  • 37+ hours of live instructor-led classes

  • Extensive self-paced course materials

  • Over 9000 LSAT questions with detailed explanations

2.170+ Score Guarantee Course: $2,249

  • Live instruction sessions

  • Full-length practice tests

  • Access to official LSAT questions

  • Guarantee of a score of 170 or higher

3.Personal Live Tutoring: Starts at $225/hr

  • One-on-one instruction with LSAT experts

  • Personalized study plan tailored to individual needs and goals


Blueprint's flexible scheduling options simplify your life. And that's minor compared to other perks like the AI Qbank designed to improve your focus. Other cons associated with Blueprint's services include:
Planning is easy. You fit everything into your busy life without stress.Some folks might not like this style. It depends on your learning style.
You practice with real LSAT questions. It’s like practicing with the real deal.It costs a bit. You might need to save up or look for discounts.
They give you cool tools like AI Qbank. These tools make practice super-focused.
Your instructor makes a plan that’s all about you. It fits what you need and want.
Blueprint has excellent tutors. They help you get even the hard LSAT stuff.

Blueprint - pricing

Unique Features

Exclusive features offered by Blueprint Prep Free range from smart tools like AI Qbank to preplanned sessions and assignments. Here's a concise list of what to expect:

  • Get top tutors who know the LSAT inside out. They explain hard stuff easily.

  • Your tutor makes a plan just for you. It fits your goals and needs perfectly.

  • Practice with real questions. You get a feel of training for the actual test.

  • Easily plan sessions and assignments. Everything fits into your busy life.



Price starts from $150
Promo code N/A
  • Easy to work with.
  • Flexible price points.
  • 24/7 live instructor access.
  • 100+ hours of digital lessons.
  • No physical class sessions or live courses.
  • Possible app crashes.
In my LSAT journey, LSATMAX, one of the foremost LSAT tutoring companies NYC, proved invaluable. Their tutoring, tailored to individual needs, guided me effectively. The initial evaluation session ensured my tutor understood my goals. Together, we crafted a personalized plan that accelerated my progress significantly.

LSATMAX's pricing is reasonable, making high-quality tutoring accessible. Starting with just one session allowed me to assess the compatibility, ensuring a productive learning experience. Their flexibility stood out; I could book sessions based on my schedule.

One unique feature is the instructor change option, demonstrating their commitment to student satisfaction. If ever dissatisfied, switching tutors was hassle-free. Their tutors, skilled and patient, made complex concepts digestible. While no service is flawless, LSATMAX's dedication to student success makes them a top choice for LSAT preparation. For those seeking effective, affordable, and personalized tutoring, LSATMAX is a game-changer.
LSAT Max - main page

Packages & Pricing

LSATMAX provides five distinct packages. Here's a concise overview of their pricing structure below:
Hourly$200/hr2 - 9

Pros & Cons

You can schedule your sessions based on your preferences and enjoy a reasonable pricing structure with LSATMax.
You can schedule sessions at your convenience, allowing you to balance your LSAT prep with other responsibilities.While most tutors are excellent, some teaching approaches vary, potentially affecting the learning experience.
LSATMAX offers reasonable pricing, making high-quality tutoring accessible without straining your budget.Although instructor changes are possible, there might be restrictions on the number of times you can switch tutors, limiting your options.
Tutors craft tailored study plans based on your needs, maximizing your learning and addressing specific weaknesses. 
LSATMAX's tutoring significantly improves your understanding of LSAT concepts, ensuring better test performance. 

LSAT Max - feedback

Unique Features

Flexible sessions to expert matching are some of the several exclusive features available at LSATMax. Here they are:

  • Choose from packages that suit your needs, from basic to immersive, or book hourly sessions.

  • LSATMax matches you with a top instructor based on your needs, ensuring targeted and personalized guidance.

  • Tutoring happens at your convenience, either over the phone or via video conferencing. You have the flexibility to change tutors or cancel sessions with advance notice.



Price starts from $107
Promo Code N/A
  • You can pay for individual components of a test prep course rather than the whole thing.
  • Extensive and quality materials are available for a variety of courses.
  • Instructors are vetted and go through a lot of training.
  • There is a big price jump between Live Online and Self-Prep courses.
  • Some of the practice tests may be harder than what you can expect on the official exam.
In my LSAT prep journey with Kaplan, easily one of the best LSAT tutors in the NYC, I found their personalized attention invaluable. Working closely with an experienced LSAT expert tailored to my needs, I tackled my weaknesses head-on. The expertise of top scorers in the 99th percentile was evident; their guidance, honed over a decade, was instrumental. Access to 180+ hours of live and on-demand lessons and all official LSAT questions created a robust practice environment. What truly set Kaplan apart was their individualized study plan.
Kaplan LSAT Prep
Crafted around my specific requirements and schedule, it maximized my preparation efficiency. Furthermore, Kaplan’s Higher Score Guarantee provided assurance. While the pricing was competitive, the value was unparalleled. Kaplan’s approach is not just about learning; it's about tailored excellence. Kaplan is a reliable, results-oriented choice for anyone seeking top-notch LSAT preparation.

Packages & Pricing

Standard$1,999Tailored guidance and homework from an expert On-demand and live lessons up to 180+ hours Broken down into  10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of private, 1-on-1 tutoring Access to all LSAT questions A full LSAT live, online course
Premium$3,999Everything in Standard   +   99th percentile tutors Tutors with 10+ years of experience Law School Admissions Personal Statement Review

Kaplan LSAT Prep features

Pros & Cons

From refund guarantees to personalized guidance, every quality of Kaplan screams top-of-the-shelf. Compared with other prep courses, Kaplan is a worthwhile option to explore. Other perks you stand to gain from prepping with them include:
Kaplan offers you a refund if your scores don't improve.Pricing may be costly and only affordable for some learners.
Learners can obtain access to extensive lessons and real LSAT questions.Instructors' availability may be limited. This may lead to scheduling conflicts with learners.
Tutors tailor lessons to your learning style. 
Kaplan engages 99th-percentile instructors who simplify concepts effectively. 

Unique Features

Kaplan offers 1-on-1 tailored guidance alongside over 180 hours of video content. Here are features peculiar to Kaplan:

  • Work one-on-one with an experienced LSAT expert tailored to your needs.

  • Learn from top scorers in the 99th percentile with over 10 years of teaching experience.

  • Access 180+ hours of live and on-demand lessons, including all official LSAT questions ever released.

  • Receive a customized study plan designed around your specific requirements.



What is the best in-person LSAT tutoring in NYC?

It depends on your specific needs. Consider reputable options like Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Varsity Tutors. Look for experienced tutors who can explain concepts clearly and provide personalized guidance.

What is the best LSAT tutoring?

The best LSAT tutoring classes in New York caters to your learning style. Look for services like Varsity or Princeton Review, offering expert instructors who simplify complex topics. Personalized plans, extensive resources, and a results guarantee enhance your learning experience.

Are LSAT tutors worth it?

Yes, the best LSAT tutors or test prep courses in the NYC  are worth it if you need personalized guidance. They help you understand difficult topics, provide study plans tailored to your needs, and offer real LSAT practice. While some services can be costly, the focused learning they provide is invaluable for your LSAT preparation.

How much is LSATMax tutoring?

LSATMax tutoring offers flexible packages, including hourly sessions. Prices vary based on your chosen package, making it accessible for different budgets. For specific pricing details, visit the LSATMax website or contact customer support.

Where is the best place to study LSAT?

Some online platforms like LSATMax or Kaplan provide structured study environments with access to study materials and expert guidance. Choose any place where you feel comfortable and can concentrate on your studies.

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Updated on November 9, 2023
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