EduReviewerTest PrepLSAT Max Review: Sifting Through Real Student Perspectives

LSAT Max Review: Sifting Through Real Student Perspectives

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 8, 2024


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About LSATMax
Lowest price$150
Charged one-time
My Verdict Pros & Cons


  • Whether this prep course is the perfect choice for you depends on your preference.
  • Do you like traditional courses, or are you in the mood for something new? If you want to study at your own pace with innovative approaches, then the LSATMax makes for an excellent choice.

Value for Money

  • You are getting excellent quality lessons and coursework you can depend on.
  • The app is designed to modernize LSAT learning. Therefore, it is definitely worth a try.


  • You can make the most of their recorded live classes and practical feedback.
  • Plus, it is a mobile-friendly program that's perfect for the on-the-go.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Flexible price points.
  • 24/7 live instructor access.
  • 100+ hours of digital lessons.
  • Over 8,000 officially licensed and real questions from previous LSATs.
  • Refund policy.
  • No physical class sessions or live courses.
  • Possible app crashes.
  • Some errors are difficult to fix.
  • The web and app program doesn't appear to sync well.
  • Free content is minimal.
  • Bigger packages can be expensive.
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LSAT Prep Course Rankings

Our team of editors and writers is constantly scouring the retail landscape for the finest products on the market.

Because of our previous marketing experience and dedicated consumers, we have a passion for finding products and services that will make our lives easier.

To compile this LSATMax review, we took all the quality reviews, prices, and practicality of the services.

Most importantly, it is focused on the experience of other consumers who’ve tried the product before. It is our mission to help every user when they want to make a purchase. WizePrep is an effective and comprehensive way to prepare for exams. WizePrep reviews are highly positive.

For that, we do extensive research and curate only the most accurate, fresh, and helpful information to gather only the best LSAT testcourses for users that we can recommend.

LSATMax Overview

Every student who wants to study law must pass the LSATs. This is a standard exam handled a couple of times a year. This test will evaluate your analytical reasoning, logic logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

The problem is, LSATs have a “bad” reputation. These exams are just too difficult for countless students to complete, let alone get a higher score. In about 100,000 exams administered annually, only about 30 people would receive a perfect score. Kaplan vs PrincetonReview LSAT Prep courses: both courses offer comprehensive instruction and study materials, but there are some differences between the two.

Data suggests that about 26.1% of students have taken the exam twice, while 7.1% have done it multiple times. Setting money and study schedule aside and doing the preparations and practice exam all over again can be extremely discouraging. That’s why sometimes, students need a push in the right direction.

LSAT Max - benefits

The LSATMax has become a powerhouse in digital LSAT courses. With their modernized software and digital content, they keep challenging the status quo of how students prepare for their LSATs.

By compiling useful video lessons, dissecting the complex material, and explaining the questions that appear on LSATs, students gain access to high-quality content. This kind of knowledge can help them get a better score. If you are looking for help preparing for your upcoming LSAT exam, then be sure to look into review of Varsity Tutors LSAT.

If you are interested in this self-paced program, you must know everything it has to offer. You need to distinguish its characteristics, flaws, and benefits. With the LSATMax app review here, you can learn all the pros and cons.

We covered every feature that comes with the software and how it has been designed to adapt to your knowledge level.

Including the various costs and feedback, it received from other customers. Take a look at the LSAT Max prep review below to find out more.

LSAT Max - reviews

LSATMax – What Is It, Exactly?

LSATMax is a prep course designed to provide immediate access to practical strategies to increase your LSAT score. Varsity Tutors provides an excellent service when it comes to preparing students for the LSAT exam. Varsity Tutors is the leading LSAT test prep company and course. We’ve helped over 150,000 students prepare for the exam. Check the reviews of Varsity Tutors LSAT.

LSAT Max - features

An LSAT Max review done by EduReviewer showed that this course is a pioneer in comprehensive learning. Its primary goal is to replace traditional learning opportunities and provide innovative techniques for students striving to become lawyers.

It provides users with:

  • Online access;
  • Daily drills;
  • Logic games;
  • Practical analytics;
  • Message boards work in real-time;
  • Reading comprehension;
  • Hardcopy binders.

With a course such as this, users can highlight their weaknesses, track their progress, and maximize their study time. Based on customer LSAT Max reviews, these results are difficult to obtain from a typical LSAT prep course.

LSAT Max - success story

How Does It Work?

LSATMax takes a unique learning approach. Instead of providing strict study schedules and live class sessions, the course relies on a 21st-century learning approach. It uses technology to create a more flexible learning opportunity.

LSATMax reviews from clients who’ve tried the product believe that this uniqueness is what makes the course so appealing. Students can prep from anywhere at any time. This course uses a mobile-first, classless approach.

Thus, our review of LSATMax shows that the most valuable aspect of this course is, without a doubt, its digital video lessons. They are the core of the curriculum.


The way these 100 hours of video lessons work is straightforward. The digital content takes the form of a digital and dynamic whiteboard.

Here, instructors create voiceovers and discuss problems while they make notes on the whiteboard simultaneously.

With techniques such as these, the course uses the currently available technology to its full potential. Instructors can make notes in different colors while they verbally explain the lesson or problem. This creates a dynamic, fun, and creative learning environment.

When it comes to the actual exam and course structure, LSATMax divides all the concepts into unique modules or sections.

For instance, let’s say you are learning about “Solitary Passages.” The moment you select this section, you will get access to a video lesson. This lesson will highlight all the important information on “Solitary Passages.”

You will then receive homework, like drills practice questions, problem sets, or flashcards that will help reinforce that new information.

But, no matter what you receive, how instructors explain the problems will help you grasp that knowledge with ease.

LSAT Max - claim your session

Does It Guarantee a High Score?

Based on the LSATMax online prep course review, the ultimate differentiator is that this course does guarantee higher scores.

If clients do not get the results they are hoping for and can’t boost their LSAT scores after finishing the course, they can get a refund. Since you have a limited period to take the other LSAT courses, this makes for a practical alternative.


Is LSATMax That Effective?

Conventional LSAT courses utilize boring, outdated, and old learning methods. They take the pen-and-paper approach.

However, people need a breath of fresh air. Something that will keep up with the latest technological advances and provide a livelier learning tactic. LSAT Max app reviews show this software may provide that change of pace.

For students who want a more modernized approach, then the LSATMax mobile app can be effective. The mobile apps are designed to provide you with confidence and work at your leisure.

Besides, the feedback you get can help you figure out your exact knowledge and skills.

LSAT Max - call us

According to customer LSATMax and other LSAT prep courses reviews, the course has plenty of value. The Whiteboard lessons are a convenient tool that can give you the preparation and knowledge you need. It will create a classroom-like atmosphere, which is critical for students who enjoy a classroom setting.

However, those who prefer old-school learning methods may not find this software to be to their liking.

Is LSATMax Scam or Is It Safe?

Plenty of LSATMax app reviews claim the course is legit. But, some students are still skeptical.

They are afraid it is an LSATMax and practice test prep scam. That’s why we decided to take a closer look and analyze it in detail.


The LSATMax is a properly organized, designed, and maintained study program. It has been in the industry for quite some time now and has prepared more than 150,000 students to complete their LSAT.

It features multiple study tools. While the software used is a versatile and practical tool that adapts to your current knowledge level.

LSATMax Story

Mehran, the head instructor, began with an LSAT score in the 150s. After some time, he finally reached the desired score of 174. This helped him get into Harvard Law School.

After graduating in 2010, he started teaching LSAT prep courses. With more than a decade of experience, he has garnered only the most useful instructions that can aid any student. That’s how he created these courses. Need a detailed consultation? Here is a list of best law school consultants online.

This LSATMax program is created to fit every individual. That’s why customers gain access to customizable choices that will help tailor the course to suit their unique learning style.

LSATMax - book session

The course is also meant to address every inefficiency that comes with the traditional LSAT courses. That includes high prices, quality, restricted access to non-personalized information, limited schedules, and more.

Everything that will help you get a better grade. Learn more about LSAT prep courses costs on our blog.

But, to understand the program, you must take a look at the multiple features that will be at your disposal.

Once you get a clear picture of their practicality and convenience, you will have a much easier time deciding whether this is the right course for you.

Services at LSAT Max

Based on the LSAT Max course review, there are multiple features you should look forward to. First, you get 90 exams (full-length) and more than 100 hours of digital lessons.

Plus, LSATMax Pro reviews say that daily drills, an innovative message board, and the ability to store digital content for later viewing make for a worthwhile investment.


The digital lessons emphasize only the most important themes, and they dissect all those complicated concepts. So, you will have a much easier time digesting all that material.

Other than the various video lectures and lessons, you are also getting homework assignments. They are used to test day reinforce your learning and track your progress.

If you want to find an alternative, you can read our complete LSATMax and Princeton Review comparison on our blog.

LSAT Max - App

Cost, Analysis, Assessment, Rating

This prep course package has three distinct plans, the LSATMax 60, Max 180, and Max 365. TestMaxPrep aKa LSATMax cost ranges from $600-$1,500. When you compare the costs to some of the other competitors, the full LSATMax prep course price seems more affordable. Different packages will fit any budget.

LSAT Max - pricing

With the Max 60 budget plan, which costs less than $600, customers get complete access to the LSATMax course. Such as digital lessons, simulated exams taking practice tests, and questions for practicing. However, this access ends the moment the 60 days expire.

There are a few options to check out if you want to save some money. For example, read Magoosh reviews of customers on our website and see that they have a little bit cheaper prices for LSAT test prep materials.

LSAT Max pricing

For students who need longer studying sessions, Max 180 seems like a better alternative. This is the middle budget plan. It costs less than $1,000. Customers get the same benefits and access as in the Max 60 budget plan. But, this one lasts exactly 180 days.

LSAT Max is a part of TestMaxPrep, which also has GRE test prep. You can take GRE test in private tutoring here for $200 an hour. If you are looking for the top GRE prep courses, you should check our list. There you can find more affordable options.

Lastly, the top and the most expensive budget plan is Max 365. At about $1,500, you get a full year of LSAT knowledge access.

Based on the TestMaxPrep review, the course has 4.7 stars on AppStore, a very high rating.

Note: If you are looking to save a couple of bucks, keep an eye out for discounts. LSATMax discounts can save you anywhere from 5% to up to 10%. So, options such as these can definitely come in handy.

LSAT Max prices

Quality Reviews: Feedback, Comments, Experience

According to the LSATMax Pro review from EduReviewer, this course has an excellent reputation. Clients are praising it for its effectiveness, practicality, convenience, and skilled tutors.

LSATMax LSAT Prep offers a higher score guarantee, underscoring its confidence in its curriculum, as reflected in many positive LSATMax prep course reviews.

Based on the customer rating, the video content features excellent quality and makes for a solid investment. Aside from some problems with app crashes, the course appears relatively easy to use and quick to get used to.

There are not that many reviews on GREMax, so we recommend checking Target Test Prep reviews on GRE. These guys have great courses for GRE and GMAT test prep.

LSAT Max - explore more free content

Customer Service

By taking the LSATMax review into account, and what clients are saying, here is what you can expect from customer service.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the quality and price of this prep course.

The support staff also appears to be polite and helpful. Even if someone runs into technical difficulties when learning to use the app, customer service can help them right off the bat. That makes this course an excellent resource for self-studying.

Practicality and Convenience of the Course

Preparing for the LSAT can be a time-draining process, particularly for students who lack confidence. This course comes with a mobile app that adds a completely different level of convenience.

Anyone can download it for free and check out the content before they decide to purchase it.


The mobile app is easy to work with. Those who want a bigger screen can access the material on their computer as well.

If you want to figure out if is LSATMax good for you, you must take a look at the bigger picture. There are no in-person classes. This is their main selling point.

LSATMax is focused on meeting the needs of modern students. The idea is for students to commit themselves to their lessons and become accountable.

They can obtain all of that by asking in-person questions in real time. They can engage with the rest of the class or communicate with professors.


  • Easy to work with.
  • Flexible price points.
  • 24/7 live instructor access.
  • 100+ hours of digital lessons.
  • Over 8,000 officially licensed and real questions from previous LSATs.
  • Refund policy.
  • No physical class sessions or live courses.
  • Possible app crashes.
  • Some errors are difficult to fix.
  • The web and app program doesn't appear to sync well.
  • Free content is minimal.
  • Bigger packages can be expensive.

LSATMax Alternatives

$299 Lowest price N/A Promo code Read Review
$299 Lowest price Read Review
$14.95 Lowest price N/A Promo Code Read Review

LSATMax Reviews 2

  1. JC says:

    Only recommend this prep course to you. The detail they put in to explain concepts is minimal for the first-time test taker. Many of their videos need more explanation for how to solve the problems in each section (especially Logical Reasoning). The instructor introduces a question type and immediately goes into example problems expecting the students to grasp their unexplained approach to solving said problem. Many practice questions also offer no explanation, which is the minimum you would expect when paying for a prep course, but rather leave a discussion board where you can leave specific questions but, in many cases, get your question neglected. If you want extra help, they email and call you frequently to purchase tutoring and an extension of your membership.

  2. John H. says:

    The LSAT makes use of technology to make learning easy and unique. With daily drills, practical games, reading comprehension etc., fun is introduced into a tedious schedule. Users can maximise their study time, progress and identify their weaknesses. Benefits of this app include a simple interface and affordable price depending on the desired package etc.

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