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Six Best LSAT Practice Tests to Take

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Looking to conquer the LSAT and secure your spot in law school? In my quest for the best LSAT practice tests, I’ve sifted through the digital haystack to uncover the golden needles of LSAT prep.

We’ll explore the features, pricing, and real-world value of these practice tests so you can make an informed choice.

Let’s unravel the mystery behind the LSAT prep curtain and discover who’s pulling the strings to elevate your test-taking prowess. Buckle up to ace the LSAT with the ultimate practice test showdown.

Best LSAT Practice Tests: Quick Overview

  1. Our Choice: Princeton Review
  2. The Most Personalized Schedules: Blueprint
  3. The Most Engaging: Kaplan
  4. The Most Budget-Friendly: Mometrix
  5. Best LSAT Practice: Varsity Tutors

Best LSAT Practice Tests: Detailed Reviews

This section jumps into the nitty-gritty of LSAT prep by dissecting some top LSAT apps: Princeton Review, Blueprint Prep LSAT, Kaplan, Mometrix, Varsity Tutors, and Khan Academy. By the end of this section, you’ll have the tools to decide what are the best LSAT practice tests to take.

Princeton Review LSAT Practice Test

Price starts from $799
Promo Code N/A
  • High-quality Prep Books.
  • Use of up to 16 full-length practice tests.
  • Get individualized instruction and guidance.
  • Access to more than 12 weekly sessions to delve deeper.
  • The live online MCAT courses include 10-50 hours of instruction with a live instructor.
Princeton LSAT intro
Princeton Review LSAT Practice Tests, backed by the prestigious Princeton Review, are the best LSAT practice test you can get your hands on. Founded in 1981 by John Katzman, this company knows the ins and outs of test prep like no other.

In my experience, they're not just based on real LSAT questions; they're the real deal from the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). These courses come with everything you need, from live instruction to expert access. Plus, the LSAT score guarantee is a game-changer. With an authentic test format and instant feedback, you'll feel like you're in the exam room.

What's unique is their adaptability; they customize to your style and track your progress. And guess what? They're accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device!
Now, let's talk value. They offer four courses:

  • Self-Paced Course at $699 – Kickstart the LSAT world at your own pace.

  • Fundamentals Course for $899 - Live instruction over 10 sessions.

  • LSAT 165+ Course for $1,799 - Guaranteed 165+ score or a free retake.

  • Immersion 165+ Course for $3,649 - Intensive 4-week program with that sweet 165+ guarantee.

Princeton - feedback
Online reviews about Princeton Review LSAT Practice Tests vary. Some users like Sanjay Kampani express frustration with the company's support service, citing login errors and unresponsive customer support. On the other hand, Alexa Schwartzman's positive experience highlights a significant 11-point score increase after enrolling with Princeton Review and receiving tutoring from Muhammed.

These mixed reviews indicate that while some students may face challenges with technical support, others find value in the test preparation and tutoring services offered by Princeton Review.

Blueprint Prep LSAT

Price starts from $299
Promo code N/A
  • Comprehensive Prep Books.
  • 15 full-length practice exams, 5 of which are from the official AAMC practice materials.
  • Over 40 hours of live online classes in 16 sessions.
  • Extensive library of practice questions, engaging video lessons. and the option for a self-paced course.
  • 24-hour return window for course purchases.
Blueprint LSAT intro
Blueprint Prep's LSAT practice tests have been honed over two decades, making them one of the best LSAT practice providers. Their unique approach encompasses powerful strategies, top-tier instructors, and cutting-edge technology.

With over 9,500 practice questions, 20 digital LSAT-style tests, and instructors ranking in the 98th and 99th percentiles, they're a formidable choice for LSAT preparation. Their comprehensive packages include video lessons, written explanations, and diagnostic scoring, all complemented by an LSAT search engine.

Price-wise, they offer flexibility, from the $299 per month Self-Paced Course to the Live Course with classes at around $1,199 for a 5-month access. For those seeking a personalized touch, their VIP packages, ranging from $2,429 to $5,399, provide private tutoring.

Blueprint's value shines through its customizable study schedule, official LSAT questions, and homework tailored to your level. They even offer a score increase guarantee – if you don't improve by at least 11 points after completing a live course, they'll refund your money.

Unique features include their LSAT Study Plan tool, Q&A video explanations, realistic test interface, advanced AI-powered analytics, free LSAT practice test, Logic Games eBook, Study Plan Generator, Question of the Day, and LSAT Flashcards.
Blueprint - review
Online reviews about Blueprint Prep LSAT Practice Test are quite mixed. Some students like Sydney had a positive experience, praising their tutor, Chris Whyte, for being excellent and helping them significantly improve their LSAT scores.

However, others like Navasz Hansotia had an awful experience, citing issues with video explanations, excessive jokes, incompetent customer support, and a lack of features like blind review and comprehensive prep test access.

Kaplan [Formerly Manhattan Prep LSAT]

Price starts from $107
Promo Code N/A
  • The quality of content is impressive.
  • Schweser’s PassProtection.
Kaplan LSAT intro
Kaplan LSAT Practice Test is your go-to resource for LSAT preparation. With almost 80 years of experience, Kaplan is a trusted leader in test prep. This app offers a real LSAT exam for practice, detailed performance reports, instructional videos, and a personalized study plan. You also get access to 100+ hours of live and on-demand LSAT instruction.
Kaplan LSAT - pricing
Now, let's talk cost. Kaplan offers a variety of courses: self-paced at $799, live online at $1,199, and in-person at $1499. Private tutoring packages range from $1,999 to $3,999.

It might seem pricey, but the value is unmatched. You get over 70 hours of on-demand videos, 75 quizzes, a quiz bank with 7,500+ questions, and access to every official LSAT question ever released (almost 10,000), with detailed explanations. Plus, there's a score increase guarantee – if your score doesn't improve, you get a full refund.

What's unique? A free LSAT practice test, two weeks of post-test instructional videos, personalized study plans, and the Kaplan LSAT Channel with 180+ hours of interactive workshops. Not to mention a PrepTest library and detailed explanations for every LSAT question.

Kaplan - feedback

Some users online find the Kaplan LSAT practice test highly beneficial. They appreciate the structured approach and flexibility it offers, especially for those with busy schedules. The teachers are praised for their willingness to assist and clarify doubts, making it easier for students to grasp challenging concepts.

However, there are also dissenting voices. Aaron Chew, for instance, strongly advises against Kaplan and suggests doing more research before committing. He expresses frustration over the lack of improvement in his LSAT scores despite significant time and financial investments. When you want to buy LSAT practice tests, it's essential to weigh these reviews and conduct thorough research.

Mometrix LSAT Practice Test

Price starts from $30
Promo Code N/A
  • Mometrix offers diverse study guides and practice tests for standardized exams.
  • With a money-back guarantee, they deliver high-quality products.
  • Authored by experts, Mometrix guides are regularly updated.
  • Mometrix study guides can be expensive for some people.
Mometrix - intro
Looking for the best LSAT practice tests? Look no further than Mometrix Prep LSAT Practice Tests. Founded by the trailblazing Jaqueline Doherty in 2002, Mometrix offers a comprehensive LSAT prep solution.

Their practice tests are a treasure trove of features. They mirror the real LSAT questions, providing instant feedback and explanations. Integration with Mometrix Test Prep means access to study guides, flashcards, and video lessons. Plus, they're adaptive, tailored to your learning style, and accessible on any device.
Mometrix - guarantee
As for pricing, there are two options to suit your needs. The Study Guide, at $24.99, packs all LSAT essentials. Flashcards, also $43.99, are a memorization aid. Mometrix offers bang for your buck with high-quality materials, adaptability, and a score guarantee of more than five points. Uniquely, they encompass a range of course packages to fit your preferences and needs. When it comes to LSAT prep, Mometrix has got your back!
Mometrix - feedback
Online reviews show that some users praise Mometrix LSAT Trainer for its helpfulness, while others prefer Mometrix for its comprehensive explanations. It's a matter of personal understanding and preference. Explore both options and see which resonates with your learning style.

Varsity Tutors

Price starts from $45
Promo Code EDU15%OFF
  • Better Score Guarantee.
  • Receive Video Lectures.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Record Lessons and Lectures.
Varsity Tutors - LSAT guarantee
Varsity Tutors LSAT Practice Test is a trusted resource for aspiring lawyers. With nearly 80 years of experience, they're seasoned pros in the test prep game. Their free LSAT practice tests, diagnostic tests, and logical reasoning assessments make it a one-stop shop for honing your skills.
Varsity Tutors - LSAT tutoring
Pricing-wise, one-on-one tutoring starts at $102 per hour and becomes more budget-friendly with more hours purchased, all valid for up to a year. For $2,000, you can snag 12 hours of personalized tutoring and a 5-week online class. If you prefer a group setting, the LSAT Class with 20 hours of live instruction is $799.

But what sets them apart are the free LSAT Questions of the Day, timed quizzes for the best LSAT games to practice, and a personalized study plan that adapts based on your performance.

I stumbled upon a Reddit discussion about Varsity Tutors' LSAT Practice Test, and the opinions seem quite diverse. Some users are skeptical, deeming it too costly for the value it provides.
Varsity Tutor - user feedback
Others, like LSATDan, advocate for remote tutoring in general, emphasizing the effectiveness of platforms like Scribblar. According to LSATDan, it's all about finding the right tutor who can leverage these tools effectively.

However, GotMedieval chimes in with a mixed review. While they praise Varsity Tutors' remote interface, they express concern about tutor quality, comparing it to an "Uber for tutors" without rigorous vetting or support.

It seems like the consensus online is a mixed bag when it comes to Varsity Tutors' LSAT Practice Test. The key takeaway is that results may vary depending on the specific tutor and your needs, so do your research and choose wisely.

Khan Academy

Price starts from $0
Promo code N/A
  • All of the courses are completely free.
  • There are no adverts.
  • Track Your Progress.
  • More visuals on topic pages.
  • More courses could be available.
Khan - intro
Khan Academy's LSAT Practice Test, developed in collaboration with LSAC and spearheaded by Salman Khan, offers a treasure trove for aspiring law students. This free program boasts a personalized test plan, official LSAT practice tests, thousands of practice problems, and full-length exams.
Khan - lesson
You'll find it brimming with helpful content and regular progress updates, all at no cost – a godsend compared to pricey alternatives like Kaplan or The Princeton Review.

What truly sets Khan Academy apart is its commitment to your success. It tailors a practice plan to your schedule, provides instant help and feedback through interactive lessons, and guides you through a four-step process to reach your LSAT goals. With access to practice materials and genuine exam questions, it's like having a personal LSAT tutor right at your fingertips.
Khan - user review
Online reviews about Khan Academy's LSAT Practice Test are mixed. Some users find it beneficial for basic familiarity and practice questions. However, others express frustration with inaccurate level scaling, repetitive questions, and a lack of comprehensive teaching of LSAT concepts. For a solid foundation, many recommend switching to resources like 7-Sage drilling and prep-tests.


Which LSAT Practice Tests Should I Take

In my experience, the best LSAT practice tests vary based on your needs. Princeton Review offers authenticity and adaptability, while Blueprint Prep excels with personalized schedules. Mometrix is budget-friendly, Varsity Tutors suits diverse preferences, and Khan Academy offers free LSAT resources. Choose what aligns with your goals and learning style.

Are LSAT Practice Tests Harder?

LSAT practice tests’ difficulty varies. Some offer real LSAT questions, while others may differ. Reviews show mixed experiences, so choose based on your needs and preferences.

Which LSAT Test Is the Hardest?

The difficulty of LSAT tests can vary from person to person. In my experience, some find Kaplan and Blueprint Prep challenging due to their comprehensive approach, while others may struggle with Khan Academy’s question repetition. It ultimately depends on your learning style and needs.

Where Can I Get LSAT Practice Tests?

I’ve explored LSAT practice tests from various sources. Princeton Review, Blueprint Prep, Kaplan, Mometrix, Varsity Tutors, and Khan Academy offer options to suit your needs and budget.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on May 16, 2024
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