EduReviewerBest Law School Prep Courses Rankings: Which One to Choose?

Best Law School Prep Courses Rankings: Which One to Choose?

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LSAT Prep Course Rankings

LSAT Prep Courses
To pass the Law School Admission Test, you need a lot of preparation. You also have to review various practice questions and have plenty of tutoring consistently.

Set by the Law School Admission Council, entrance exams for law schools can be daunting, but they don’t have to be. Help is readily available.

Unfortunately, many students struggle to find the best LSAT prep courses. These courses are an ideal way to get in some extra practice before the time comes to sit the actual exam. Maximize your chances of getting into your dream law school with the best law school consultants. Trust our experts to guide you through the admissions process.

The most highly rated online LSAT prep courses should have reliable materials, so you can prepare well; video lessons and practice tests are some examples. However, some resources are not good enough for students not confident enough to pass the Law School Admission Test.

The best LSAT prep courses are designed or taught by individuals who know the LSAT inside and out themselves. That’s why we reviewed courses to confirm that they’re led by LSAT experts who have high scores themselves, as well as rigorous training and extensive education experience.

Thankfully, EduReviewer can help you deal with the rigors of getting the best LSAT prep courses online for your level of ability.

Why Should You Read My Reviews?

Confused between LSAT Max vs Princeton Review? Compare their features and choose the best LSAT prep course for you! Start studying smarter, not harder. Before choosing the best LSAT prep course online, there are a few things to consider that we look at for each LSAT review course.

  • Are the prep materials, such as practice questions, available on the phone for easy access?
  • Do the best law school prep courses cost an arm and a leg?
  • How is the pace of the course, and how well does it measure up to real-life expectations when sitting the proper exam?
  • Are the study sessions customizable, and do you get personalized coaching from an LSAT expert?

These are all the things that EduReviewer takes into account when writing reviews about the best LSAT prep classes online. Each review is relevant since it covers each of the above factors.

LSAT Prep Course Rankings and Evaluation Process

education process
Here’s a quick fact: the best online prep courses can increase a student’s LSAT score by 20 points on average. There are several factors worth considering when picking an LSAT prep course. Get a comprehensive Varsity Tutors LSAT review and prepare to ace your exam! Our experienced instructors and customizable study plans will help you achieve your goals.

Some of the things EduReviewer considers important are listed below.

Course Coverage

Does the course cover enough material so that it’s adequate for SATs? The best way to determine this is by looking at previous LSAT prep classes for feedback.

The results from previous sittings should also let you know how well the prep courses worked for previous students.

User Friendliness of Material

These days, accessing reading material from a PC isn’t enough. It is much better if you can access resources from your phone, so you can read them whenever you like and wherever you may be.

Online Classes
This is important because courses include video lessons you can watch on your phone and logic games you can study while out and about. It’s also handy if you can access practice questions and even practice tests while on the go.

Duration of Prep

A comprehensive course should last two-three months to give students enough time with the program, prep materials, and scheduling. It should also have plenty of time for practice exams.

Cost of Program

While the most expensive law school prep program isn’t necessarily the best, a low LSAT prep cost isn’t ideal either. You should aim for the middle and go for a best-rated LSAT prep course that’s reasonably affordable.

How to Choose the Best LSAT Prep Sites

Below is a checklist for choosing the best LSAT test prep course sites.

Use the Best LSAT Reviews

The best LSAT review course and feedback from past clients should give you an overall idea regarding the site’s quality and the experience of using it. Where possible, seek previous students’ results to check if the site’s claims are true.

Customer Service

Look for ways to get in touch with people so that you can voice concerns or request information.

See how long it takes for you to get responses, especially when inquiring about the course. The best online LSAT courses support teams should be available 24/7 to respond to queries immediately.


Expensive prep courses are not necessarily the best. The better ones provide extras that are exclusive to them and enrich your learning.

It’s worth being aware of the cheap and free courses since they usually cut costs and services. Low prices are often their only selling point because they do not have other essential features. You should focus on LSAT prep courses that are worth every cent.



The best prep sites, such as LSAT Lab, do not limit their services to the desktop website. Instead, they allow you to access them on your mobile devices too.

You can simply access all the information you require thanks to the user-friendly layout and design of the video lessons. Practice tests, logic games, and practice questions should always be easy to find.

Focusing on sections

Guarantees Offered

In case of failure to receive the promised score increase guarantee after completing the preparation program, the best LSAT online course offers refunds.

Guarantees are a sign that the site is confident in its services.

Best Law School Prep Courses: Reviews and Rankings

The best prep course for the LSAT is the one that has top-quality tutors and is balanced and well-rated by previous users. Here are some LSAT prep courses reviewed. Each LSAT review course is worth considering.


Price starts from $79
  • The best self-paced course for LSAT prep.
  • They have a seven-day money-back guarantee.
  • They have over 650 videos; each topic has its own video lectures and is easy to find.
  • It has an extensive library with all the material you need to pass the LSAT.
  • Their prices are among the best when compared with competitors offering similar resources.
  • There is no full refund should you not attain the expected score.
Magoosh is easily one of the best law school admissions test prep companies, and its regular top rank in LSAT rankings backs its claims. It boasts a superb reputation, which is attested by plenty of positive reviews.

The company was founded in 2009 by Pejman Pour-Moezz, Hansoo Lee, and Bhavin Parikh. The aim was to create quality and affordable educational material, reflected in their prices.
Magoosh stress free studying
This best LSAT test prep course is backed by printed books and other types of learning material; it is also self-paced. Magoosh has a range of educational products, such as practice tests that explicitly target preparations for higher learning exams.


While the quality of content is important, a lot of students will be concerned with the price. Of course, this is understandable if you are on a budget. You want educational materials that are good and affordable at the same time.

The good news is that Magoosh offers good prices, and they are cheaper than some other LSAT prep companies out there.
magoosh packages
Read the full Magoosh LSAT review and customers' reviews.


Price starts from $99
Promo Code N/A
  • The tutors are well-known LSAT experts.
  • Extensive enough to guarantee high LSAT scores.
  • You have options for in-person or live online classes.
  • A bit expensive, especially for private tutoring.


Kaplan’s LSAT program is one of the best LSAT prep courses meant for those who do not have time to study or go through eBooks and sift for information. It's one of the LSAT prep courses worth considering for students who are stuck for time.
Kaplan your future
The law school boot camp takes the student through a rigorous 150 hours of practice. It includes three timed practice exams and some 8 hours of private tutoring.


During our Kaplan test prep reviews, we had to take a look at the price. This is often a big factor for students that are on a budget. It is also about value for money too.

We found that the company charges quite high prices for their services. For example, in our Kaplan vs Princeton Review GRE comparison, we concluded that the courses were very different.

We noticed a big difference between the prices of courses online at this company. For example, during our Kaplan MCAT prep course reviews, we noticed a $700 jump from the Self-Prep course to the Live Online course.
Kaplan costs
We like that Kaplan offers a money-back guarantee for students. This is something that we like to see since it demonstrates they have faith in their materials, and it can give you peace of mind at the same time. To benefit from the money-back guarantee, you have to complete a test before you begin the course.

If you do not achieve a higher score than this, you will be able to receive your money back in full later on. This means you will not pay because you have experienced a score increase like they believe you should.

Read the Kaplan LSAT prep reviews and our detailed review.

Manhattan Prep

Price starts from $40
Promo code N/A
  • In-person sessions.
  • Comprehensive reading material.
  • A course that seeks to prepare you for tests in the least time possible.
  • Easy to miss core concepts because of the course’s fast pace.


This LSAT prep course relies on a curriculum that gives video tutorials to students before letting them step into a classroom. The in-person classroom time is usually spent sharing more problem sets and discussing some of the most challenging parts.

The concepts that are difficult to understand are given more focus. A lot of the time, there are online drills, and groups are broken down in size to focus on the core concepts.

The Manhattan prep course is truly streamlined, as it does not waste time on basic LSAT questions that students are likely to know. Manhattan Prep is probably the only real crash course out of the services listed. It is ideal for those who do not have much time available but want to go on such a course.
Manhattan Prep make your own success story


The pricing for Manhattan Prep’s courses will depend on the kind of test and the program the student needs. They offer a discount for some tests according to the number of hours the chosen program has.

Manhattan Prep LSAT course prices:

30 Hours program: $225 per hour;

20 Hours program: $230 per hour;

10 Hours program: $245 per hour;

Hourly Rate for less than 10 hours: $255 per hour.

One downside is that students will miss a core concept without the proper progress trackers, thinking it is too basic. In reality, what is essential to one person may be too advanced for another person.

Read the full Manhattan Prep LSAT review and customers' reviews.

The Princeton Review

Price starts from $299
Promo Code N/A
  • Has a 100% refund guarantee.
  • LSAT course students can customize their learning.
  • It supports all forms of learning, including having a personal onsite tutor.
  • The cost of private tutoring is high and can be prohibitive to most students.


The Princeton Review is one of the oldest LSAT prep companies in the industry, established in 1981 by John Katzman and Adam Robinson. The long years in the business have allowed the company to perfect its programs and courses while covering almost all entrance exams.

The company offers a comprehensive package that includes onsite tutoring. It has one of the best LSAT prep courses that consists of 150 hours of video lessons online and 84 hours of live teaching.
Princeton online or offline
These are backed up by numerous official practice questions and six full-length practice tests. Each practice test is in the format and standard of the LSAT tests. The company is also among the few that offer full refund guarantees.


Most students know that learning comes with a price. The Princeton Review is not different. You will have to pay for their services, and you can expect this to be slightly more than the average company. You can expect live and online courses to be more expensive.

Some courses are around $1500 to $2500. If this is not in your budget, you can see that self-paced courses are a more affordable option. This can be anywhere from $299 to $1599.

Please read the full Princeton Review LSAT reviews by customers and the review made by us.


Price starts from $150
Promo code N/A
  • An interactive, self-paced curriculum that covers all aspects of the LSAT, including logical reasoning, logic games, and reading comprehension.
  • A mobile-friendly platform that allows students to study on the go, with access to thousands of practice questions and practice exams, along with real LSAT exams.
  • Access to expert tutors who are available to answer official LSAT questions and provide additional support.
  • A score improvement guarantee, providing students with a refund or additional course if they do not see a certain improvement in their score.
  • Regular timed practice tests to track the progress and target the weak areas.


LSATMax is a comprehensive LSAT prep course that offers a variety of resources to help students achieve their desired scores on the LSAT. These include practice test papers and video lessons.
LSATMax's platform is easily accessible, affordable, and user-friendly. Its interactive and self-paced curriculum provides a personalized learning experience that can adapt to the student's unique learning style and pace.


However, LSATMax does have some limitations, such as:

  • It is an online platform, so students miss the opportunity for in-person interaction. Since it is a live online course, it's all video lectures and screen-based learning.

  • Some students may find the self-paced curriculum challenging and may miss the structure and accountability of in-person classes.

  • Only the full-course members have access to the score improvement guarantee. Some students with limited budgets may not be able to afford it.

Overall, LSATMax provides a comprehensive and effective solution for students preparing for the LSAT. It's backed by a dedicated team of experts and a satisfaction guarantee.

The fact that the practice questions cover all aspects of the LSAT, including logical reasoning, is encouraging. Students who are serious about doing well should take advantage of all the test options they are given on a course.


This prep course has three distinct plans, the LSATMax 60, Max 180, and Max 365. TestMaxPrep LSAT cost ranges from $600-$1,500. When you compare the LSAT costs to some of the other competitors, the LSATMax price seems more affordable. Different packages will fit any budget.

With the Max 60 budget plan, which costs less than $600, customers get complete access to the LSATMax course. Such as digital lessons, simulated exams, and questions for practicing. However, this access ends the moment the 60 days expire.

There are a few options to check out if you want to save some money. For example, read Magoosh reviews of customers on our website and see that they have a little bit cheaper prices for LSAT test prep.

For students who need longer studying sessions, Max 180 seems like a better alternative. This is the middle budget plan. It costs less than $1,000. Customers get the same benefits and access as in the Max 60 budget plan. But, this one lasts exactly 180 days.

LSAT Max is a part of TestMaxPrep, which also has GRE test prep. You can take GRE test tutoring for $200 an hour. If you are looking for the top GRE prep courses, you should check our list. There you can find more affordable options.

Lastly, the top and the most expensive budget plan is Max 365. At about $1,500, you get a full year of LSAT knowledge access.

Based on the TestMaxPrep review, the course has 4.7 stars on AppStore, a very high rating.

How to Choose The Best LSAT Prep Course

LSAT Prep Course
When choosing the best course to take, there are many factors to consider. The most ideal option for you is whichever one suits your needs the most and offers services that you will benefit from.

Below are a few important factors that you may wish to take into account. Read through these and bear them in mind when deciding on a course to take.

Comprehensive Content

Everything you anticipate appearing on your LSAT exam should be covered by the top LSAT prep course. When finding the top LSAT prep courses, you should focus on gaining skills that will be handy when doing your test and nothing more.

Overcome your shortcomings

Each person possesses both places for growth and strengths. The best LSAT prep companies should offer help with weaknesses.

Outstanding personnel and competent tutors are available to you within some LSAT courses if needed.

Staying consistent

Online Ranking

Chances are the top 5 LSAT prep courses are some of the best. The analysis relies on objective user ratings, which explains why.

While the very best live online course for LSAT prep may cost more, it’s of much better quality than its cheaper counterparts.

Smaller Is Better

LSAT prep providers pay each student more attention when there are fewer students in the classroom. You should attend classes of 15 to 20 students whenever you can because they will be more valuable to you.

Having a small class is better for tutors, too. They can get to know their students, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, much more effectively.

Group Classes

Courses for First-Time Entrants

Is there an LSAT course that’s best for first-time entrants? If a company is more responsive, this is a sign that it can be trusted more and is better suited for first-timers.

Still not a student? TestMaxPrep can still be of assistance. You can depend on them to deliver quality service when you pay them for the best law school admission test preparation on the Internet.

Check our LSATMax review and see how they can help you with your LSAT test preparation for law schools. Another company we haven’t mentioned is LSAT Lab. The LSAT Lab courses are on the pricier side, though there are free options available.

What is the Best LSAT Prep Course to Take?

Best Course
It is challenging to decide which LSAT prep course is the best. This is because most top courses, such as LSAT Lab, cover the basic requirements adequately and employ different approaches.

On the other hand, students have different needs in areas.

Learning style

Some students can adapt and learn material, no matter how a course is delivered; others prefer to learn in a particular way


Not every student can afford every course. Some students have to restrict themselves to cheaper, more affordable options because of a lack of money.


Available time

Courses can take up a lot of time. Some people cannot commit to a full course because they have too many other commitments to juggle.

If you are unsure about the best LSAT prep course, choose one that covers the most LSAT test requirements. Preparation best works with additional practice questions, enough books, reading material, and practice exam papers.

Additionally, the length, method of teaching, and venue of the LSAT course should be suitable for your circumstances. There are many different options, and finding one that ticks the boxes for you should not be hard at all.

If you require personal instruction, the best LSAT course is the one that a personal tutor offers. Your ideal course should meet your needs as a student, with the best coverage at an affordable price.


Best Online LSAT Prep Course: How to Find the One

Online Course

Search for the best LSAT prep course productively and more quickly by using the following tips:

  1. Do not pick the first law school prep course you find or one which appeals to you. Instead, conduct a broad search using the best LSAT preparation course review sites and articles that evaluate different courses using credible criteria. When looking for any type of course, the first one you come across is not necessarily the best.
  2. Look for law school admission courses that cover all the subjects you will get on the LSAT exam. Do not go for courses with other topics or skills you will not need in your test. This only wastes your time and money. Focus on content that comes up in LSAT questions only.
  3. You can consider specialized classes, which will help you improve your weak areas by focusing much time and practice on them. Even then, the LSAT best prep specialized course should still have classes related to the other LSAT areas.
  4. Use the best LSAT prep courses that keep their material and information up to date. The curriculum should cover the subjects and reflect the standard of the current year’s tests. The practice questions and practice exams should also meet this requirement.
  5. Choose classes with few students if you opt for an in-person learning option. Big classes deny the teacher a chance to focus on individual students. The ideal class size is from fifteen to twenty students.

Where to Find the Best LSAT Prep Course?

Find the best Course
There are different options for preparing for the LSAT test. The most effective method to accomplish this is to check out our LSAT prep course evaluations up above and see which firm comes out on top.

The primary distinctions between the two are if you’ll be learning electronically or in person and whether you are assigned a trainer. Live online classes that are supported by online readings, video lessons, and books are one alternative. These sessions are conducted by a teacher in a real-world setting.

Some of the best LSAT online courses have a feature similar to live chat. This lets you communicate with a tutor in real time. Doing this can be very useful when you have questions or issues regarding something on the course.

Another option to consider is the one-on-one LSAT tutor. This involves studying alone with no classmates, with undivided attention from the teacher. You may do this as an online course or in person if you prefer.

One alternative is to self-study for the LSAT, which involves using internet learning materials like books and hours of video lessons instead of a formal teacher.

Online sources give you more options and variety. This is vital to help you pick the best prep course. The various schools’ authentic LSAT prep evaluations are very simple to compare and uncover.

If you are not sure which of the practice tests you should take, check our LSAT or GRE comparison. Using these, you’ll learn more about which test is easier.

When is the Best Time to Take LSAT Prep Class?


There is no set rule as to when you can take the best online LSAT prep courses. Ideally, you should take one whenever it is best suited for you.

To improve your chances of getting a high LSAT score on the exams, you must be realistic. Although the best LSAT prep classes may be flexible and catered to your requirements, you shouldn’t put off going to class if you can avoid it.

For some official LSAT prep guidelines, use the following tips:

  1. Take law school prep classes for a whole year before doing the test. The more classes you take, the more confident you will feel about the real thing.
  2. If you are pressed for time or in emergencies, the minimum time recommended for the study is two months. Completing a course in this amount of time can be intense, though, so make sure you are up for it before you commit to it.
  3. Over the last month leading to the test, fit much of the study work in the first three weeks to allow yourself to reduce the workload in one week. Doing this prevents you from being saturated and burnt out before the test. The last thing you want is to be stressed out on the day of the exam.
  4. Do plenty of practice exams. By doing this, you’ll have a feel for what the actual exam will be like. Practice tests can also show you what your strengths and weaknesses are and determine what your reading comprehension level is.

Best Programs for LSAT Prep

Best Programs

The quickest way of determining the best LSAT prep is to look at feedback and LSAT review sites. The LSAT prep courses that have received the most favorable reviews on trustworthy web review sites are the strongest. Review sites for the LSAT might help you locate the knowledge you might not be able to obtain on your own while also saving you time.

The finest programs frequently combine an e-learning course with tools for independent study. Whenever you need a tutor, you can access one and benefit from them. As for the material, you can easily catch up with it in your own time.

Most of these programs have custom options. With these, you can plan your study hours to fit around your daily schedule. The best programs also offer plenty of video lessons and tutorials.

How Do You Know Which Company Is The Best Test Prep for LSAT?

Among many options, finding the right LSAT test prep company is a challenge. There are lots of choices, and you sometimes do not know which one to go for.

Fortunately, there are certain factors that you can look at to determine if you have made the right choice.

Self-Paced Course

If you are using a self-paced program, it should be a simple process and straightforward program. You should be able to use it on your own without needing constant help and support.


The right company should have a comprehensive collection of resources easily available online, whether it is a live or self-paced course. Such material includes hours of video lessons, relevant study material, flashcards, practical exercises, etc. The material should also be regularly updated.


Guaranteed Results

Find out if the course offers guaranteed results. The best online LSAT prep course has a higher score guarantee or a full refund if you fail. This means the program developers have catered to all your needs and have taken into account your reading comprehension and learning style.

Students’ Needs

Finally, the best LSAT prep test company is one that puts students’ needs first. In this regard, they should give students flexibility and have the best teachers genuinely concerned with their development.

Would You Pay for Online LSAT Courses or Use Free Courses?

Free Courses
Paying for the best LSAT prep courses is the best decision. Even though there are lots of free LSAT courses online, you should stick with the paid options.

There are also sample lessons that you can have for no cost, though these only go so far. To a significant extent, paid courses provide excellent material that should give you an idea of what to expect in the LSAT exam.

However, the biggest letdown that free courses have is that they do not come with the extensive resources paid courses have.

Students need these to prepare for the law school admission test fully. The resources include video lectures, practice exams, and coverage of topics, including logical reasoning.

Free courses do not have reputable instructors. If you go on a free course, you will have to deal with large classes competing for the attention of just a few LSAT instructors.

The self-paced option largely relies on plenty of resources. These are designed to take the place of LSAT instructors. There are more than enough exercises, video lectures, guides, and books.

So, Which Company is the Best for LSAT Prep?

From our evaluation and based on the information we have given, Magoosh is the best LSAT prep company. It’s ideal for students who want to get value for their time and money.

Magoosh’s LSAT prep courses have the best structure and supporting materials, including practice exams, to ensure that each student is ready for the exam. Whatever resources a student uses, they should find them helpful, informative, and worthwhile.

Also, Magoosh helps every student earn a better LSAT score than they did before. The other companies we’ve covered are worth considering, too; LSAT Lab is another contender.

Students interested in an LSAT course should follow the facts we’ve looked at in this review. Doing this will help them find the best LSAT prep courses to improve their LSAT score, pass the law school admission process and study at one of the country’s top law schools.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on October 12, 2023
Verified by Alina Burakova
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