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Best Law School Consultants

Law school admission consultants are professionals who can help you increase your chances of being chosen in a highly competitive environment. They look at the academic pool and help you figure out the best law schools where you have the highest chances, offer exam prep and essay editing, etc. In this article, we will extensively discuss the best law school admissions consulting, so you can choose the most suitable option for you.

Top 1
Customer choice
$1500 Price starts from

1. Free-of-charge first consultation;
2. Personal statements and essay help;
3. 98% success rates;
4. No money-back guarantee.

Best law school consultants.
Top 2
$1650 Price starts from

1. In-depth assessment;
2. Free 30-minute consultation;
3. Elite network of experts;
4. Free books and essay guides.

Best college consulting.
Top 3
$1997 Price starts from

1. Money-back guarantee;
2. High success rate;
3. Guaranteed acceptance;
4. Only a few packages to check.

Best for schools in Canada.
$5999 Price starts from
$499 Price starts from
$99 Price starts from

The Best Law School Admission Consultants

Getting that desired admission into law school is a very long, gritty, and competitive process. There are only a few hundred seats in these law schools, but thousands of applicants from different academic backgrounds vying for an opportunity to fill them.

Recently, there has been an uprising in the number of law school applicants, and this has caused regulations to be more strict and the process more competitive.

Now, you require more than just an excellent LSAT score to stand a chance —there are thousands of other applicants with the same high score. You need to stand out with proper planning, research, organization, and strategic advice. This can be done by employing the use of law school admissions consulting services.

In the following paragraphs, we will write out some of the best law school admission services, their unique features, and their online reputation, and all these will be based on our personal experience and analysis gained by using these sites.

So, who are the best law school consultants? Let’s get into it:

Admit Advantage

This law school admissions service was majorly designed for students who are looking for comprehensive application support to help them get through the admission processes of these top, competitive law schools.
bemo academic consulting admit advantage
Depending on your preference, you can subscribe to their services one year before or two weeks before the final submission.

In Admit Advantage, the experts are alumni of some premium international universities and have first-hand knowledge of consulting and how to position you to get your best chances.

According to the number of schools you are targeting, here is the price for the Admit Advantage application package:

Package Number of schools Pricing ($)
Silver 1 1,950
Gold 3 4,450
Platinum 7 6,450

If you’re looking to add more schools to your packages, contact Admit Advantage for a plan. There are some extra add-ons, including:

Competitive edge positioning $925
Development of resumes $750
Development of letter of recommendation $825
Standard interview preparation $750
Premium interview preparation $1125
Optional essays per school Email
Diversity Statement $1950
T14 Insider audit $575
Coaching for waitlist $750
Hourly training for GMAT/GRE $250
CCA support Email
Hourly support $375
Advanced planning $2850
Adjustments to essays Email
Gut check $750

Aside from our glowing recommendation for this organization, here are some Admit Advantage law school admissions consulting reviews left by previous applicants:
BeMoAcademicConsulting Admit Advantage 2


This is a college admission consulting business with 35000+ applications reviewed and a 98% client success rate.
At Admissionado, they have some of the best law school consultants who work together as a team, which doesn’t help them alone; it also helps the applicant peek into a vast network of connections of alumni from Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Uni of Texas, etc.

You will be assigned to one of the top law school consultants, but there will also be some experts working as a team to help you oil the wheels while you and your consultant focus on the admission process.

There are two pricing packages in Admissionado: the Silver (Junior Deluxe) and the Gold (Deluxe). Here’s what they have to offer:

The Silver Package

Here, they ask many targeted questions to help you identify your strengths for the correct branding and weaknesses to help you develop them.

There’s also the IMPACT framework that looks at six major facts in an applicant (Influence, Management, Passion, Awareness, Creativity, and Teamwork). Your consultant will also draw an action plan and help you study for the essay.

Our Union Hall Advising review delivers a detailed insight into their advisory offerings for aspiring law students.

The Gold Package

Here, you will be guided step-by-step through your entire application and acceptance process.

You will get all the services included in the Silver package, plus the Mock Ding approach, where a second consultant goes over your application with a critical eye and acts as if it has just been rejected.

They will give you key insights on how to improve and prepare better.

You will also get a resume and LOR support. A law school application resume is very different from a job resume, and you will be taught how to draft it here. Over two sessions, you will also do interview prep and mock assessments.

Package Pricing ($) Number of schools
Silver 2,450 1
Gold 9,450 5
Platinum 12,450 12

There are extra add-ons and services that you can include in your package, and they are highlighted in the table below:

Gut check/Ding analysis $750
Coaching for waitlist $750
The T14 Insider audit $575
Positioning for a competitive advantage $925
Blind 2nd consultant peer review $575
Assistance with recommendation letters $825
Development of resumes $750
Diversity Statement $1950
Standard interview preparation $750
Premium interview preparation $1125
Essays per school Email
Hourly support $375
Hourly tutoring for GMAT/GRE $250
Advanced planning $2850
CCA support Email
Essay reviews Email

We did our extensive review on Admissionado and combed the internet to see what others were saying about this law school admissions service. Here’s what we found:
Here’s what’s unique about Admissionado: You work with a team of consultants instead of one.

BeMo Academic Consulting

This is another one of the best consulting companies for law school admissions. They have years of experience, with over 54,000 students as part of their success stories. During our review, we were impressed with their package and service.
BeMo has some of the best law school admissions consultants with PhDs and expertise in their field. They will help you choose the perfect schools, offer unlimited application reviews, interview prep, and even help you secure scholarships. They have a 93.5% success rate and have one of the best offers to top law schools.

There are two types of law school consulting packages in BeMo:

Application Review

This is to make your application stand out among the rest. You will get your review revised as many times as possible until the experts are satisfied with it.

Your first session starts 24-48 hours after your enrollment. In this package, you’ll also be assisted with unlimited personal statements to about 20 schools, unlimited CV reviews, expert video and a mock interview (via 1-hour video conference)

It has 3 sub-packages: Titanium ($13,197), Platinum ($9197), and Gold ($4197). The prices are the total amount you pay for the entire session with them. You can decide to pay per month, but it is costlier.

Interview Prep

This one also has 3 sub-packages: Titanium is $5997 (5 months), Platinum is $4997 (three months), and Gold is $1497. It can be paid monthly to lessen the financial stress. This package offers 3 mock interviews, private one-on-one feedback from an expert, a free law school acceptance challenge, and access to lead interview experts.

If you’re still skeptical about their law school admission consulting services in this review, here are some reviews from other applicants who benefited:
bemo academic consulting estimation

Find More Counsellors Ratings

More top college consultants may be found in our articles, which include complete ratings and insights into their services and accomplishments.

Additional Counseling Options to Choose From

Here check some more of our reviews, where we deliver detailed insights into advisory offerings for aspiring law students for a few more firms. These mainly deal with test prep and all, but they also have admission consulting services. Please, take a good look at what we have to say about these companies and their services. Which one is the best law school consulting firm available?

Princeton Review

This organization has some of the best admissions consultants for law school. Their consultants are aware that only a great LSAT score can not get you into the school of your choice, that only expertise and time management will do the job.
bemo academic consulting princeton review
This is why the Ultimate admissions package was created. It goes for $3,499. In this package, you will get the following:

Before this is done, your consultant will ask several targeted questions in various spheres:

Your consultants will be a College Admissions Counselor and a College Admissions tutor. These two will provide first-hand insight and help you meet your milestones.

We’re not the only ones who think their services are great and affordable; here are some of their online rating:


This is another law school admissions counseling program we checked out during our review. This organization is like a family that works tirelessly to ensure that all students and their parents are satisfied to see their kids gain admission into their preferred colleges.

On their homepage, we read a claim that in 2019, 2020, and 2021, 96% of PrepExperts students were admitted to at least one of their top choice colleges and won merit scholarships worth millions of dollars.
prepexpert services
Due to the extensiveness and authenticity of their services, they have been featured in Forbes, ABC, The New York Times, USA Today, Business Insider, and Shark. Their services include:

If you’re interested in this service, there are three distinct packages. You can check them out for more clarification:

Depending on your price packages, you will have access to admission consulting and preparation hours. We also notice an allowance for custom packages, where prep experts can create your package due to your unique needs.

Their online reputation is also very positive, which assured us that all we saw on their site wasn’t just empty claims. Here are a few comments from the PrepExpert reviews online:

PrepExpert 2

PrepExpert feedback


As prospective law school students, you will find the best law school admission consultant in Kaplan. They are a law school admissions consulting organization that utilizes your unique experience and personal goals to help you make a great application letter.
They have experts who are insiders in all the most prestigious law schools and are in the perfect position to give you an edge over other applicants.

According to Kaplan’s strategy, a strong LSAT and GPA score is just the beginning, you need a heart-binding personal statement to ace the interview, and these experts are ready to walk with you every step of the way.

Also, check our list of the best LSAT test prep companies in case you are interested. Another amazing feature we noticed during our review was how affordable the Kaplan law school admission consulting rates were, compared to the extensive service they offer. Their prices are:

We appreciate how comprehensive these packages are, especially regarding your budget. If you prefer expert consulting without the LSAT prep, you can choose the premium consulting package alone.

If you haven’t written the LSATs yet, you might want to consider the package deal of premium consulting + LSAT prep, so you’ll get the best course allocation and expert advice at an affordable price. Other students appreciate their services too, as we could only find the most amazing Kaplan reviews online. Here are some:
Kaplan feedback


With over 20+ years of experience, Blueprint is one of the oldest educational platforms to find the best law school admissions consultant. It is effective because they have the most convincing and uniquely entertaining strategy to help you stand out.
This isn’t only word of mouth, they have enough proof to support their claims. They have helped students get into UCLA, Yale Law School, Berkeley Law, Chicago Law School, Harvard Law School, etc. They extensive packages into core and premium packages:

The core packages are divided into:

Comprehensive package ($3,499)

  1. Professional guidance on LSAT and how to select schools
  2. Writing the best personal statements
  3. Help with your resume
  4. Tips on how to prepare effectively for interviews
  5. How to negotiate for scholarships
  6. Assisting on waitlist

The Works Plan ($3,099)

  1. Professional guidance on LSAT and how to select schools
  2. Writing the best personal statements
  3. Help with your resume
  4. Tips on how to prepare effectively for interviews

The premium packages are divided into:

Comprehensive package ($6,499)

  1. Professional guidance on LSAT and how to select schools
  2. Writing the best personal statements
  3. Help with your resume
  4. Tips on how to prepare effectively for interviews
  5. Close affiliation with our top admissions consultants

The Works Plan ($6,199)

  1. Close affiliation with our top admissions consultants
  2. Professional guidance on LSAT and how to select schools
  3. Writing the best personal statements
  4. Help with your resume
  5. Tips on how to prepare effectively for interviews

For more targeted support: prices are divided into core, premium and hourly packages. The core packages are:

As an arm of the targeted support section, you can opt for the hourly package for $200/hr. This includes:

  1. Personal statement
  2. General Candidacy Review
  3. Diversity Statement
  4. Resumé
  5. Character and fitness explanations
  6. Interview Preparation
  7. School-specific essays

We also found great reviews of Blueprint’s class and law consultant packages online. Here’s the feedback:

The MBA Exchange

This is another amazing educational platform where you can get Law School Juris Doctor admission consulting. This platform has three tuition levels: silver, gold, and platinum.


  1. Expert positioning to give you a competitive edge;
  2. How to develop and refine your essays;
  3. Extensive email and phone support.
Silver (number of schools) Pricing ($)
1 3,450
2 4,370
3 5,020
4 5,670
5 6,320
6 6,970
7 7,620
8 8,270
To add each after payment plan 1,100


Gold (number of schools) Pricing ($)
1 6,100
2 7,340
3 8,390
4 9,190
5 9,990
6 10,790
7 11,590
8 12,390
To add each after payment plan 1,400


Platinum (number of schools) Pricing ($)
1 8,950
2 10,190
3 11,240
4 12,040
5 12,840
6 13,640
7 14,440
8 15,240
To add each after payment plan 1,400

Extra service includes: 30 minutes consultation with a professional ($265), basic expert service ($445), expanded service ($745), comprehensive service ($1895).

Necessary add-ons are highlighted in the table below:

Competitive edge positioning $925
Coaching for waitlist $750
Standard preparation for interview $750
Premium preparation for interview $1125
M7 Insider audit $575
Simulation of the admission committee $2550
Blind 2nd consultant peer review $575
Recommendation letter development $825
Development of resume $750
Expert hourly support $375
Hourly tutoring for GMAT/GRE $250
Advanced planning $2850
Gut check $750
Discussion interview prep with the team $495
Support for career counseling
Send them a mail
Post reflection interview and HBS $575
Social media audit $250

There is also an allowance on a case-by-case basis where students can reach out to MBA Exchange for a customized package to let them make additions or subtractions as they wish.

  1. What is unique about MBA Exchange: They are only suitable for those looking for Law School Juris Doctor admission consulting.
  2. What people like: They have intelligent consultants to support you into your top law schools; free evaluation.
  3. The only disadvantage is also what makes them unique.

How We Check the Counselling Firms

Learn more about our criterion analysis for law school admissions advice, with an emphasis on cost, services, success rates, and client feedback.


Affordability and Packages

We thoroughly analyze the spectrum of pricing alternatives and service bundles offered by consultants. We prioritize the financial viability for our readers and the range of packaged services offered, guaranteeing that there are choices to accommodate various economic constraints and special demands.


Counselling Quality

We rigorously assess the caliber of advice and the level of expertise offered by consultants. Our focus is on their track record in successfully aiding applicants in gaining admissions, reflecting their adeptness in the admissions landscape.


Client Support

Our analysis includes the degree of personalized assistance and individual care provided to each applicant. This encompasses the support for crafting personal statements, conducting mock interviews, and developing unique strategies suited to individual profiles.

Experience of Consultants

We investigate consultants' histories, credentials, and professional networks. This is critical since their expertise with top-tier law schools and knowledge of the admissions process may have a considerable influence on an applicant's prospects of success.

Comparison of Law School Admission Consultants

Admission Consulting What you get Price
Admissionado ●     Targeted questions.

●     IMPACT framework.

●     Mock Ding approach.

●     Resume and LOR support.

●     Silver — $3250

●     Gold — $5850

BeMo Academic Consulting ●     93.5% success rate.

●     Numerous scholarships.

●     Unlimited CV.

●     Mock interview (1-hour video conference).

●     Application review — $13,197

●     Interview prep — $5997

Admit Advantage ●     Intelligent application strategy.

●     Advice on how to select the best schools.

●     Tips on how to outline and edit essays.

●     Reviewing and refining resume.

●     How to prepare for an interview.

●     Starting from $4000 for one school — $13,000 for ten schools
Princeton Review ●     Seven virtual meetings with the top college admissions counseling team at one-hour durations each.

●     Your statement will be edited professionally 2-3 times.

●     Your top choice application team will also be professionally edited.

●     Their professional team will review your application form.

●     There is an interactive admission dashboard where you can interact with your college coach via unlimited messaging.

●     $3199
PrepExpert ●     Planning.

●     Application strategy.

●     Essay edits and review.

●     School selection.

●     Exam Preparation.

●     Interview Preparation.

●     Expert advice on everything else that follows.

●     Flagship — $6000

●     Gold — $9000

●     Platinum — $13,000

Kaplan ●     Expert LSAT tutoring.

●     Comprehensive packages.

●     Premium consulting + LSAT Prep — $4499

●     Premium consulting — $1000

●     Mock interview — $299

●     Personal statement review — $399

Blueprint ●     20 years of experience.

●     Full Application Timeline.

●     LSAT Guidance & School Selection.

●     Personal Statement.

●     Resume.

●     Diversity statement (if applicable).

●     Interview Preparation.

●     Scholarship Negotiation.

●     Waitlist Assistance.

●     Comprehensive package starts from $3499


Our objective is to provide you with clear, meaningful comparisons and recommendations, allowing you to make better educated decisions.

Are law school admissions consultants worth it?
Yes, they are worth it. Sometimes a student might have the score it takes to get into their dream school, but positioning and strategy might be absent. A consultant is an expert with years of experience and knowledge in these activities, so they know what to do and how to play your strengths to your advantage.
How much does law school admission counseling cost?
This differs according to the educational platform, and there is no standard price. One of the major cons of law school admissions consulting used to be how costly they are, but there are now affordable ones for the same value. You can check our recommendation table above to compare the prices and values of all the platforms mentioned.
Should I hire a law school admissions consultant?
Yes, you definitely should. Law schools are now super competitive, especially with an increase in applicants. Law schools are not becoming very picky to choose the best students of the populace. You should hire a consultant to put you at an advantage instead of leaving your chance to fate.
Is admission consulting helpful?
Yes, it is. It helps you stand out from the rest. There are a lot of students with the same LSAT scores and even higher. You need something different and unique to make you a better candidate. These consultants have the know-how and will help you make the best decision.
What are the top 4 criteria for admission to law school?
The major criteria are your undergraduate degree, LSATs, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation. These are very important in giving you a chance in the admission office.
How can I stand out in law school admissions?
Aside from a high LSAT score, you want to make sure you write a killer personal statement. It can be the big difference between an acceptance and a waitlist. It is the first impression the school will have of you, so you want to make it count in the best way possible.
What percentage of applicants get into law school?
The median acceptance for law schools in the US is 40.8%. The top law schools are even more competitive, and some would have an acceptance rate of 15%. Some schools, like Harvard and Yale, have acceptance rates of 11% and below.
Does military service matter for admission to law school?
It isn’t a compulsory criterion, but it gives you a chance. Law schools value veterans and greatly appreciate the skills they learn during service.

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