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Best Dental School Admissions Consulting Services

Welcome to my article on the best dental school admissions consulting services. I'll explore five major services: Blueprint, Admissionado, BeMo Academic Consulting, Kaplan, and Admit Advantage. I will also touch on two more: Prep Expert and Accepted. My examination covers pricing, expertise level, reputation, unique features, pros & cons, and value for money. By comparing and rating these college admissions services, you'll clearly understand which one suits you best. Let's dive in and find the perfect dental school admissions consultant for you.

Top 1
Customer choice
$1997 Price starts from

1. BeMo boasts a track record of successful applicants who gained acceptance to top dental schools.
2. Consultants have in-depth knowledge of the admissions process.
3. BeMo offers mock interviews to prepare you for the real thing and provides constructive feedback to improve your interview skills.

Best consultants for med schools.
Top 2
$1650 Price starts from

1. Stellar Online Reputation: Students love them! They have a great track record.
2. Experienced Dental Experts: Their consultants have some of the top dental practices in the country.
3. Personalized Approach: They focus on your unique strengths to craft a standout application.

Best college consultants.
Top 3
$1799 Price starts from

1. Aside from an option for free trials, you get to decide on your preferred learning schedule.
2. Kaplan houses one of the most prolific prep quizzes libraries on the planet. You'll never run out of options for test questions to practice with.
3. There's a dedicated Kaplan mobile

Best test prep features.
Editor choice
$249 Price starts from
Editor choice
$1500 Price starts from
Editor choice
$499 Price starts from

Dental School Admission Consulting Criteria Overview

This section summarizes the major criteria for evaluating dentistry school admissions consulting services. Pricing alternatives, service quality, mobile app accessibility, website usability, customer service, guarantees given, pros and drawbacks, and accessible discounts are among the variables considered, assuring a full review for selecting the finest counsel for dentistry school admissions.


The cost of services is examined here, including hourly rates and package agreements. Examines how costs are organized, whether fixed, per session, or hourly, as well as multiple package alternatives to fir your budget.


Our staff evaluates service quality based on consultant expertise, success rates, and comments. This includes assessing the success of mock interviews, personal statement support, and the whole consultation process.


This section examines the availability of a mobile app for simple access as well as the website's usability. Takes into account the ease of navigation, responsiveness, and convenience of communicating with the service.


And in this section, we concentrate on the amount and quality of customer service given, as well as any promises provided, such as satisfaction or money-back guarantees. Support teams' helpfulness are included.

Dental School Consulting: Best Options

Selecting the correct admissions consulting firm is vital to getting into your preferred dental school. We’ve carefully selected the finest dentistry school admissions advisory firms to help you make this important decision. Each service has been evaluated based on cost, service quality, accessibility, and customer support to ensure they provide thorough assistance and professional counsel.

The top selections for admissions success are:

BeMo Academic Consulting


If you’re looking for help with dental school admissions, BeMo Academic Consulting is a top choice. They have an excellent online reputation, with 4.8 stars on Google reviews. The best part? They offer great value for money, so you get expert guidance without breaking the bank.

The consultants at BeMo are experienced and knowledgeable, helping you stand out from other applicants. Get personalized support and boost your chances of getting into your dream dental school!

Experience Using BeMo Academic Consulting

Based on my experience, they were awesome! My rating? 5/5! The consultants knew their stuff and made me feel confident in my application. Price-wise, it was worth every penny. Give BeMo a shot – they rock!

Packages & Pricing

With BeMo, pricing differs with each student, and it’s determined by the student’s specific needs. As such, there’s no standardized pricing plan as obtainable with other consulting services.

Unique Features of BeMo Academic Consulting




Let’s talk about Admissionado for dental school admissions help. They’ve got a solid online reputation – people love them! Their dental school application consultants are dental experts who know their stuff.

But here’s the kicker – they can be a bit pricey. However, the value for money is awesome because it boosts your chances. Many students got into their dream dental schools with their help. So, if you’re ready to invest, Admissionado can be a game-changer!

Experience Using Admissionado

Based on my review, using Admissionado was a game-changer for my dental school admissions journey. Their knowledgeable consultants gave me personalized guidance, making my application shine. After their mock interview sessions and feedback, I felt more confident going into interviews. While their service cost a bit more, it was totally worth it. Thanks to Admissionado’s help, I got into my dream dental school!

Packages & Pricing

How much money you’ll get charged for Admissionado’s consulting services depends on your grade and level.


Unique Features of Admissionado




They’ve got a fantastic 4.5-star rating from over 5,000 Google reviews. Their consultants have 10 years of experience and can boost your chances of getting into your top-choice school. The price starts at $999, but they claim to have helped over 95% of students reach their dream schools.

Plus, they offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. With access to a vast library of resources and practice tests, Kaplan provides everything you need for success!

Experience Using Kaplan

Kaplan may cost more, but it’s worth it. They cover 90+ tests and offer many courses for all learners. They have awesome teachers, a free trial, and flexible learning options. Perfect for prepping for dental school admissions.

Packages & Pricing

Pricing differs from the Package you intend to purchase. For instance, if you’re interested in enrolling for a language course, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your pricing:

  1. Head over to
  2. A box with a ‘Get Your Quote’ text displays. Click on the drop-down and pick your country to have the pricing displayed in your local currency.
  3. Choose your program from the three displayed: English Courses >> German & French Courses >> Language Camps.
  4. Stick to the instructions presented henceforth, depending on your chosen program.

kaplan-succesful-statisticsFor a detailed breakdown of other pricing plans, head over to for a proper estimate.

Unique Features of Kaplan

Best Admissions Consultants by Type

Among the dental school consulting services, BeMo Academic Consulting stands out as the top choice for dentistry aspirants. But are they the best among other admission consulting firms? Check these listings to find out.

Some More Good Admission Consulting Options

We investigate more top dentistry school admissions consulting firms. These choices demonstrate admissions consulting’s diversity and quality. Each service has distinct capabilities and ways to meet various requirements and preferences. Let’s examine other dental school application alternatives to help you choose:



Blueprint aims to help you succeed in getting into dental school. They offer personalized guidance and coaching throughout the application process. With their Primary Medical School Application Package, you can get a brainstorming session, personal statement review, and assistance in selecting experiences.

Their Secondary Applications & Med School Interviews package includes help with essay reviews, interview preparation, and post-interview thank-you notes. For comprehensive support, their Comprehensive Admissions Package covers everything from primaries to managing acceptances and rejections. With experienced consultants and mock interview sessions, they are dedicated to improving your chances of acceptance.

Experience Using Blueprint

Compared with other services, Blueprint is undoubtedly more affordable for the same specific sets of offerings.

Apparently, their consultants are practicing dentists working with top universities in the US. Their one-on-one sessions are super effective at exploring the nitty-gritty of the admissions process, and the same with personal statement review sessions. Though they don’t craft personal statements for aspirants, their expert guidance is superb at simplifying the whole writeup process.

Packages & Pricing


Unique Features of Blueprint

Admit Advantage


One of the best dental school consultants, Admit Advantage, has got you covered! They offer hourly consultations at $275 per hour and various package options for business school applications. With a 4.7 rating and excellent customer service, they’re trusted and legitimate.

They provide personalized college admission services and have a high success rate in maximizing admissions opportunities. Their team of experienced experts, including top alumni, offers top-notch tutoring for exams like GMAT and GRE. Admit Advantage is your go-to for expert guidance in getting into dental school!

This platform offers a personalized and individualized approach from a team of experts, no matter what field you want to study. The communication is efficient and polite, and the service meets all of your needs.

Experience Using Admit Advantage

My experience with Admit Advantage was excellent. They provide services by true professionals and experts in the field. The option to customize packages to suit my specific needs was fantastic. Hourly consultations were reasonably priced, and they even offered discounts for multiple school applications.

The staff was responsive and informative throughout the process. It’s evident that Admit Advantage genuinely cares about helping students achieve their goals and ambitions. I highly recommend their services!

Packages & Pricing

With Admit Advantage, the amount you get charged depends exclusively on the number of schools you’ve applied to. With $825, you can also take advantage of the add-as-you-go feature should you intend to pile on more than 8 schools on your application. Take a look at this table outlining the accompanying price points:

Number of Schools Applied To Pricing
1 School $3,950
2 Schools $4,550
3 Schools $5,050
4 Schools $5,550
5 Schools $6,050
6 Schools $6,550
7 Schools $7,050
8 Schools $7,550
Add-As-You-Go $825

Unique Features of Admit Advantage

Prep Expert


Prep Expert is a top choice to improve your dental school admission consulting prospects. Although known for SAT and ACT prep, over 50,000 students have taken their courses, and instructors are SAT and ACT experts. They promise score improvements of 200 points (SAT) and 4 points (ACT).

Featured on ABC, NBC, and FOX, they offer a money-back guarantee if scores don’t improve. Prep Expert’s 6-week online courses provide 60 hours of live instruction and 100 hours of online resources. Their proven success makes them a great option for dental school admissions preparation.


Experience Using Prep Expert

One notable upside to using Prep Expert is their flexible approach to the SAT tutoring process. As I got charged by the hour, it was quite easy to adjust my tutorial sessions to my schedule.

Packages & Pricing


Unique Features of Prep Expert



Accepted is one of the best dental school admissions consultants with a 25-year track record of helping applicants gain admission to U.S. dental and medical schools.

Their team comprises experienced professionals who have served on medical and dental school admissions committees, directed post-bac programs, advised undergraduate applicants, and guided dental school applicants to acceptance.

The consultants possess extensive medical and dental school admissions experience and must have served in an admissions capacity. Accepted offers various dental school application flat-rate packages, providing expert guidance for applicants’ dental school journey.


With their long-standing expertise, Accepted aims to support students in preparing successful dental school applications.

Experience Using Accepted


After reviewing Accepted’s services, I found them to be exceptional. Their experienced team and long track record of success make them a top choice for dental school admissions help. Highly recommended!

Packages & Pricing

Pros & Cons of Using Accepted

Though their packages may be somewhat pricey, Accepted delivers splendidly on their offerings. Not only do they offer guidance in crafting your personal statement, but they also make sure you can get across to them easily on a remote basis. Here are other pros – and cons – affiliated with Accepted.

Consulting services are offered via email, phone, and video conferencing. Rather costly packages.
Aspirants can claim editing and consulting for up to 15 activity descriptions on all packages. No mock interview is offered on the primary package.
Guidance on selecting the 6 most important experiences.
Wait-list consulting supported on the Gold Primary Package.

Unique Features of Accepted



What is the best acceptance rate for dental school?
The best acceptance rate for dental schools varies. Some dental schools may have an acceptance rate of around 5% to 10%, which means out of 100 students who apply, only 5 to 10 are accepted.
How do I get into Michigan dental school?
To get into Michigan Dental School, you need good grades in high school and college. Focus especially on science subjects like biology and chemistry. Take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and do well on it. Get involved in extracurricular activities and volunteer work related to dentistry. Write a strong personal statement and get good letters of recommendation.
What is the acceptance rate for UAB Dental School?
The acceptance rate for UAB medical school can change each year. It may be around 5% to 10%, which means out of 100 students who apply, only 5 to 10 get accepted. This makes it a very competitive school. So, work hard, get good grades, and show your passion for medicine to increase your chances of getting in.
What GPA do you need for dental school in Canada?
Most dental schools look for a GPA of around 3.5 or higher on a scale of 4.0. But remember, GPA is not the only factor they consider; they also look at other things like your test scores and experiences related to dentistry.

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