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Best MBA Admission Consultants (October, 2022)

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Are you applying for your MBA? Yes, we know how daunting this can be, not to mention how actually hard it is to get that admission right. This is one of the biggest reasons why MBA consulting services has gained huge popularity among potential applicants over the years and why everyone seems to be clamoring for the best MBA consultants. However, getting the help of the best MBA application consultants has also been a topic of constant controversy and debate.

What is an MBA Admission Consultant?

Alright, so how would you like the admissions panel to see you? Do you think what you have presented has enough potential to get you through the competition and into the selected list? The best MBA admissions consultants specialize in doing just that. They will help you present the most powerful and well-founded version of yourself to the admissions panel so that you have a better chance of getting in.

Should You Hire an MBA Admission Consultant?

Yes, you should ideally be able to get all the help you need to get into that best MBA for consulting. It could be that some of the attempts you have made already have not successfully gotten you through or perhaps, this is the first time you are trying this out, and you are not confident about the application you have made. In either case, the best MBA application consultants can help you get the results you expect or, at the very least, give you a much better fighting chance.

If you fall into the averages of the school of your choice, you may want to hire a top MBA consultant so that you can cut. However, if you have scored lower in your GMAT as opposed to what the median is that is expected, even the top MBA consulting firms may not be able to help you. In short, don’t expect miracles to happen and instead take your GMAT course to improve your score.

So, to help you out, EduReviewer put together a comprehensive review that is unbiased, impartial, and informative, covering a wide range of criteria that we choose to evaluate and rank the top MBA admission consultants.

The criteria that we use for the evaluation of the top MBA consultants include the quality of services provided, the prices, and the duration of the best MBA programs for consulting, alongside factors such as personalization, the number of practice tests offered by the best MBA programs for consulting, the accessibility of the best MBA admission consultants and the point increase guarantees.

Essentially, our MBA admission consultants’ reviews will offer you a complete guide on how and why you should choose a particular service and how to gauge the MBA admissions consulting rankings with the right information available to you.


Now when it comes to the MBA admissions consulting prices, we take into consideration the services that have been offered and have also compared them against the other similar service providers of the same caliber. This way, what we hope to provide you with is a comprehensive idea of what you are spending and an honest input on if the MBA admission consultants are worth it, are charging you the right price.


When it comes to the overall quality of the services provided, we take a good, long look at the admissions consultants’ reviews and see what the services they offer include and what kind of success rate they have. The whole point of you choosing MBA admission consulting services is to ensure that you get in, and therefore we understand that quality really does matter. There is no room for half-baked results.

Mobile App and Website Usability

We live in a time of technology, and therefore, we understand that you may need to have access to the information you are looking for across more than just one device, such as your desktop or laptop. We assess and look into the mobile app and website usability of all the best MBA admissions consulting firms that we offer rankings for.

If they have a good user experience, things like loading time of the pages and the site, the ease of navigation, how interactive the pages are, what kind of information is offered, how much information is offered, whether the information offered is relevant and true as well as the overall look of the pages and how they come across on different devices are all assessed.

Customer Service/Support

There is no good service in anything if there is no customer service or support provided. We go through the pages of the consultants and the best MBA schools for consulting to see if they have live chat options available. If they do not have the live chat option, we also look at what kind of customer care they offer, what other customers have had to say about any positive and negative experiences that they have had to encounter and how the speed and accuracy of services were like.


When you are looking at the best MBA program for consulting, you are investing in something that has a huge impact on your life and future, and we know that it is a rather prudent choice. This is why we also know the best MBA admissions consulting will offer you guarantees about the results that you can expect without exaggerating them. You need to be realistic with what you can be looking at, especially with the GMAT scores you have been able to secure. If a service is offering you something too good to be true, the chances are that it is exactly the case.

Types of MBA Admissions Consultants

An MBA admission consultant can either be an individual or a boutique organization managed by several experts. It could also be a much larger firm. They will, in general, offer you direction for your MBA programs and your application advising. This can usually be inclusive of the direction of the essay, the resume changes that are needed, and the preparation for the interview.

Some top MBA admissions consultants will also provide you with test prep and pre and post-application services. They will also give you rejection and waitlist services. They will assist you in bringing across the best version of your admissions package and customize that to suit whatever the school is looking for in their candidates.

Usually, the best MBA admissions consulting services will consist of graduates, former admission officers, and the likes in the top-caliber MBA programs. They will often be put through a thorough screening before they are recruited.

What Should You Know When Selecting a Service Online?

You should be looking at the level of expertise they have, the reviews online, prices, quality indicators, their guarantees are given, and the level of customer service they offer, along with time durations and any refund policies that they may have.

You should, however, also know that they will not apply for you and that you have to put a lot of work into the application process. You will fill out the application, write your own essays, look for recommendations, and face the interview. There will only be guidance provided to help you have better potential.

Best MBA Consultants

Below are some of the best MBA consultant services that we have come across, which we believe you might look at.


Price starts from $3440
Coupon Edureviewer2022
  • Free consultation;
  • The best MBA admission consultants;
  • Amazing and the most polite customer support we have ever encountered.
  • Can be pricey for some.
Admissionado has a unique way of creating an MBA application where they pair a candidate with an expert consultant and a storyteller. According to Admissionado reviews, they really help candidates tell their stories professionally and be powerful, which is great. They also offer free consultations. The Deluxe package has a lot of support, and they also have low-budget packages. However, they do not seem to have a live chat option on their website, but you can easily contact them through the site details.

Stacy Blackman

Price starts from $210
Promo Code N/A
  • Easygoing and friendly attitude;
  • Team of real experts in MBA.
  • Slight delays with responds from support.
Stacy Blackman has built a genuine reputation over almost two decades now and uses time-tested techniques and best practices. They also come with great expertise for almost every top-tier school in any industry. The All-In package is one of the best inclusive packages around with around-the-clock access to your consultant.

In our Stacy Blackman Consulting review, we found that they have meticulous attention to detail and are among the best MBA consulting services for sure. Because they are busy, the customer service may have slight delays in getting back, but that is a given and should not deter you.

A Few More Great Options

Veritas Prep

Veritas Prep reviewVeritas Prep offers you a free consultation service and also multiple tires of services. These cater to different budget levels, which is great, and they also offer packages for up to 8 different schools. They also come with many GMAT and admission packages, and you can hire them from the beginning.

They have mostly positive online reviews and are great at guiding you and providing you with the correct resources. They may be a little on the expensive side, but you know that you are getting what you are paying for.


ACCEPTED reviewAccepted probably has the most diverse offering of products, and they are mostly a la carte as well. They do not just have one inclusive package, and it is very personalized, which is a plus. They have a lot of top-tier admissions in their court and a great experience. You will have a dedicated consultant but the support of the entire team. However, they do say that prices are subject to change without notice on their website.

Best MBA Admission Consultants: FAQ

How Can You Decide If an MBA Admission Consultant Is Effective?

Go through their online reviews, the success rates (not the self-given ones), the pricing, the kind of expertise they have, and their approach.

How Can You Find the Best MBA Admission Consultant?

Do your research online. Look for reviews from professionals that consider a wide range of criteria to evaluate them. Go through the top rankings for MBA admission consultants and see what services are available as well.

Who Should Use Services of an MBA Admission Consultant?

This course is ideal for anybody looking for an MBA or applying for a graduate school program.

How to Choose the Best MBA Admission Consultant?

First, think of the requirement that you have and see what your budget is like. Then get into the online researching phase and make a list of the top-ranked services available. Based on your requirements and restrictions, shortlist the one that you can go with.

What Is the Best MBA Admission Consultant to Take?

Many services are available, and you can easily find the top ten MBA consulting services ranked. Their expertise, the approach is taken, rank, guarantees, reviews, prices, and quality and reputation all count. As for us, the best MBA consulting company is Admissionado.

When Is the Best Time to Use MBA Admission Consultant Services?

If you are thinking about applying for an MBA, we suggest that you use these guidance services from the beginning to make sure that your process is successful. If you don’t know which GMAT prep course is best, then check our list. Sometimes, it could help you get what you want with more convenience than applying alone. If you are unsure about the process, do get the help you need.

How Do You Know Which Company Has the Best MBA Admission Consultants?

Most top service providers will employ graduates and former admission officers of top-tier schools in the many industries they cater to. This way, a candidate will have the opportunity to apply for the school’s position realistically and know what they will be expected to stand up to. It is, therefore, a good idea to do some homework on the expertise that is available in the service that you are choosing.

Would You Pay for Online MBA Admission Consultants?

You are asking for guidance – a professional service – that will play a huge role in the success of you securing a position at a school of your choice. Of course, you must be willing to pay for the expertise that comes your way. The people who are helping you are qualified experts who work hard to ensure that you maximize your potential and such services do not come for, and no should be expected to be free of charge. You get what you pay for.


In conclusion, we can say that MBA consulting services are important and useful. They will help you stand the best chance of getting admission and give you the best possible chances of representing yourself powerfully. Take the guidance you need from the start of the process to have the best possible results and clear direction through each step. So, what is the best MBA consulting firm? Admissionado!

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