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LivePlan Review: The Best Software Out There?

By Max Zabairatskii, Updated July 25, 2023


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About LivePlan
Lowest price$15
Charged monthly/annualy
Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Easily consumable, clear, and customizable business plan.
  • Easy online publishing with a private link.
  • Exporting into various formats and templates.
  • Amazing forecasting with easy-to-add data points.
  • Zero calculation is required – the software handles everything else.
  • 60-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Only the most basic template can be exported into a Word document.
  • Difficult to integrate with QuickBooks desktop.
  • Zero control throughout synchronization when comparing with Actuals.
  • Unable to roll back synchronization.
  • Customers without Xero or QuickBooks have to resolve to manual inputting.
  • No font selection option when creating a business plan.


  • LivePlan is an online platform that makes it easy to create business plans.


  • Users no longer have to worry about calculating never-ending figures; the software does all of that. It is merely inputting the figures, and every other end is taken care of.
  • Not only do small business owners have access to budgeting and forecasting features, consultants and educators also use the platform to deliver their services better.


  • The expert guidance and simplicity of features make LivePlan the go-to software for many professionals.
Best Customer Choice
Price$15Lowest price
Amazing Formats and Templates
The Software Handles Everything
60-Day Risk-Free Guarantee
Ideal for New Start-Ups
Visit website Read review
Price$99Lowest price
One-Time Payment
Educational Help (Videos and Manuals)
Two Month Money-Back Guarantee
Visit website Read review
Business Plan Software

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Often, cost influences the choice of platform. However, it’s crucial to note that a steep price tag does not necessarily equate to superior service or delivery.

In your quest for a service provider that suits your specific needs, your budget is an important consideration.

It’s equally vital to look for a platform that ensures secure transactions and protects your data. Rest assured, all platforms featured on EduReviewer provide secure payment gateways and never disclose any details without your permission. In short, you are in good hands.

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In today’s climate, funding opportunities are relatively scarce, while there’s an abundance of investors ready to back projects. This fuels competition.

Standing out with a well-crafted business plan is a strategy that many entrepreneurs adopt. Hence, the surge in popularity of business plan samples and services.

liveplan tour

Various online lessons are available today, from business organizations, CV, resume, and cover letter writing to tutoring lessons.

Today, there are limited funding opportunities compared to the available cash flow of investors willing to fund enterprises, promoting competition.

One way that many are using to stand out from the crowd is their business strategies. And so, the reason why these sample plans and services are popular.

Writing services continue to be high thanks to the internet and the need always to stay relevant and different from the crowd.

Reports have shown that many employers consider excellent writing skills a major requirement when hiring. No wonder many are learning another langue and acquiring one digital skill or the other.

It is not enough to realize you need help; you should consider a few things before going forward. Please make sure they are qualified and have experience in the field.

Aside from these, ensure they have a great attitude and willingness to collaborate. When they are not open to feedback and constructive criticism, you should consider not going forward with such a service.

Ultimately, you want a company that can take you from your position to the height you want to achieve.

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LivePlan Overview

What is LivePlan?

LivePlan is a cloud-based business plan software that works entrepreneurs and small-to-medium size business owners through the entire business planning process.

It was created in step by step process using Palo Alto Software and in sections with various video tutorials to help write solid business schemes in record time.

The software also now has unique dashboard that helps entrepreneurs track how to track businesses’ performances against their goals and industry benchmarks. It also simplifies budgeting, business planning, and forecasting.

It is predominantly designed with small business owners in mind, but there are other interfaces for accountants, consultants, educators, and incubator operations.

Users have to input their business details, including company size, descriptions, business model, personnel plans, financial plans, and standard accounting statements.

LivePlan intro

How does LivePlan work?

LivePlan has a simplified method of helping small businesses actualize their goals and meet their target.

Below is the full step by step process-by-step process of how LivePlan works;

live plan promo

  1. Set up.

Setting up your business on LivePlan is the first step. Here, you will be asked a few details about you and your own business model.

After that, you will set the goal you have in mind for your business, and then a starting point and other software will be recommended for you — all on your easy-to-use dashboard.

  1. Get started with business strategy.

After setting up, the next step by step process is to get started on your business strategy. You will have access to a one-page summary of your business strategy.

LivePlan allows you to document and publish this pitch on the web and eventually share it on social media.

  1. Create a full business plan.

Next, you can easily create your business plan in simple steps by following instructions and creating examples.

The plan is also fully customizable, so you can add or remove chapters and sections as you want.

  1. Create a budget and forecast.

You also get to create your business budget and make educated forecasting. You don’t need math or complex spreadsheets to get it done.

Enter the sales you think you can make, and LivePlan takes it up from there.

  1. Compare with competitors.

You can also check your numbers with your competitors to know how you are doing.

You get to use real data from small businesses like yours in your region or country to compare. This helps you to come up with budgets and forecasts that make sense.

  1. Enhance your business growth with the dashboard.

With your customizable platform and dedicated dashboard, you get to connect to QuickBooks, Xero, and other platforms to track your progress against your plan quickly and easily.

LivePlan success

Does LivePlan help at all?

LivePlan reviews guarantee that your professional business plan is twice as likely to succeed. And the reason is simple; their experts work you through all the professional business plan set up and budget creation.

Through video tutorials, you can gain access to their professional experts and ask questions when you are not clear of a process.

The downside, however, is that there is no means of direct communication with the expert. You don’t also get to determine the type of expert that attends to you or your business.

Still, their experts have proved to be up to the task and are always willing to see your business succeed.

LivePlan customers

Is LivePlan good?

Without any iota of doubt, LivePlan online services are effective. The last liveplan pricing plan review from over 850,000 small business customers they have attended to over the years proved that.

LivePlan also features several verified customer reviews on its website. Here are a couple more examples: “LivePlan has reinvented business planning. It’s the only tool that helps entrepreneurs track their progress with a unique dashboard specifically designed for small business.” “I needed to write a business plan for my investors. I was going nuts trying to create charts and properly format them. Then a friend recommended LivePlan!”

#LivePlan helps entrepreneurs, business owners and other professionals like accountants and educators to reach their goals and build sustainable businesses that grow 30% faster than their counterparts.

Business owners have access to a robust system and customizable dashboard system that lets them see in real-time how they are doing. They can track their progress concerning their goals and also compare with their competitors.

LivePlan experts

Is LivePlan safe or a scam?

LivePlan is a robust business plan software that is published by Palo Alto Software Inc. It is a software organization with headquarters in the United States and an office in the United Kingdom.

Customers reviews on LivePlan propose you can either visit their physical location for inquiries, live chat through their website or send an email to them. With many customers worldwide and operating for years, the scam cannot be used in the same sentence as LivePlan.

Is LivePlan the best business plan software out there?

With thousands of customers in several world countries, it is safe to say that LivePlan is doing something right. Not only has entrepreneurs, other small businesses, entrepreneurs, accountants, and educators benefited from LivePlan’s financial data and solutions, individual customers all over the world also testify.

Users of found liveplan software tool and plan reviews have access to over 500 sample plans, fast expert guidance, and able to build complete and accurate company and financial data and reports quickly. A review of LivePlan also reports that its customers record 30% fast business growth.

Story of LivePlan

If your business needs a professional business software to plan with ease, then you have to consider LivePlan. Several SMEs have chosen the platform as their go-to business planning online accounting software already, and the reason is apparent.

And when you are done, you can easily share it on different platforms. You can host your plan online with a unique and customizable URL link that you can share in another case.

LivePlan help

Forecasting is not only a great tool but another opportunity that users of LivePlan have to get a better financial picture of their business.

Users can see sample plans, build budgets, create charts and forecasts, track business goals, and create visual reports. So, let’s proceed with the LivePlan business plan review.


LivePlan offers diverse services to different professionals, such as entrepreneurs, accountants, educators, enterprises, and incubators.

These services include:

  • Business plan:

LivePlan uses cloud-based business planning software to help professionals, investors and business and company owners create complete business strategies that help them break processes into simple steps.

LivePlan info

  • Budgeting and forecasting:

It is not enough to only tool it to create a business plan; businesses and other enterprises should plan for the future through adequate forecasting.

They should also be able to plan the budget and track expenditure.

When we analyzed the liveplan reviews online from different platforms, we found that not many liveplan review and clients have used this liveplan review service. But those who did had a good impression of liveplan review and it.

LivePlan Pricing

As at the time of this LivePlan review, users are charged based on a monthly subscription model. There are Standard and Premium monthly subscription plans. Users can either pay annually or by monthly subscription.

When charged annually, you pay $15 for a Standard plan and $30 for a Premium one plan. When you pay monthly, you pay $20 per month for the Standard plan and $40 for a Premium annual plan.

But the Standard plan has a discount for the first 3 months, so you’ll be charged only $15.

LivePlan Pricing

owever, access to the software is risk-free for 60 days. That means you get a 100% refund if you are not satisfied within the first 60 days of signing up.


The quality of all the sections and services offered by LivePlan cannot be questioned. The business plan you make with LivePlan is solid and industry-compliant.

When you sign up, you get access to automatic financials that erase the need to use formulas. You also get automated charts, tables, and reports – just the way you would expect.

The next step by step-by-step instructions also ensure that you do things right once and for all, alongside expert advice whenever you are unsure of a process.

There are also over 500 sample plans you can choose from with benchmark data that you can use to compare with competitors.

And when you are no longer interested in LivePlan, you can easily export your plan in the format you desire.

liveplan promo

LivePlan Customer Service / Support

LivePlan consumer review shows that their’ customer support service is top-notch. When in doubt, you can easily chat live with their customer service representative or send an email.

Renowned business plan experts also give free tutorials on how to go about writing your business plan. All of which add up to the only tool to ensure you achieve your goal.

LivePlan growth planning

Their physical office is also opened from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, with their expert, customer support and advocacy team on the ground to help.

Website and Mobile App Usability

LivePlan does not have a mobile app at the time of this professional review of the features of the LivePlan software. However, it features of the website it features is robust yet easy to navigate.

It can also be easily used on iPhone or Android phones. We also featured LivePlan for our best business plan app list.

Upon visiting the website, you are welcomed to a simple website with a welcoming blue background. Right at the top of the page, you can view a video of the website tour.

LivePlan contacts

The website is user friendly and built with users in mind. Each of their offerings is segregated into different interfaces, making it easy to navigate.

  • Easily consumable, clear, and customizable business plan.
  • Easy online publishing with a private link.
  • Exporting into various formats and templates.
  • Amazing forecasting with easy-to-add data points.
  • Zero calculation is required – the software handles everything else.
  • 60-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Only the most basic template can be exported into a Word document.
  • Difficult to integrate with QuickBooks desktop.
  • Zero control throughout synchronization when comparing with Actuals.
  • Unable to roll back synchronization.
  • Customers without Xero or QuickBooks have to resolve to manual inputting.
  • No font selection option when creating a business plan.

LivePlan Competitors

When it comes to quality, LivePlan has excellent value for money. But there are still a few alternatives to consider. Check these other liveplan reviews if you want to consider an alternative service:

  1. Palo Alto Business Plan Pro review (this is another Palo Alto software, check our comparison here);
  2. review (this option would be great for those who are looking for the best business plan writers);
  3. Bizplan (but comparing Bizplan vs LivePlan we would definitely pick the latter).


Who owns Liveplan?

Our name is Palo Alto Software.

Are business plans worth it?

The most important step in the development of a business plan is to focus on what is necessary to succeed in achieving its objectives. Benjamin Franklin once told a man that when you don’t plan, you’re not prepared.

What do business plan software packages do?

The software for planning a business can be used for a variety of financial purposes. Some software can generate an automatic financial statement for you so your audience understands the figures.

What is a perfect business plan?

Business plans require examples of an executive summary, examples of product and service offerings and a section on marketing and analytical tools, financial plans and budgets.

How long does it take to work on a business plan?

Researching and designing your business proposal will take from 1-2 months, depending on the complexity of your business plan software used. Expert advises that business plans may vary between 35 and 60 pages depending on specific business needs and specific business requirements.

LivePlan Alternatives

$99 Lowest price Read Review
$1650 Lowest price N/A Promo code Read Review
$20 Lowest price Read Review

LivePlan Reviews 6

  1. MichelleC says:

    LivePlan is committed to ensuring businesses actualise their goals and meet their target. It offers various services that help in the growth of the business. The prices are affordable and vary depending on the package. It focuses on quality; hence, you are assured of getting maximum satisfaction. Besides, in cases of complaints, their customer service is top-notch.

  2. Richard Howard says:

    The dashboard of the platform allowed me to customize in real time. I found ease in tracking the progress of my business vis a vis other competitors.

  3. Ray says:

    A friend asked me what my business strategy was and I couldn’t fully articulate myself. Thanks To Live Plan, I was able to document and pitch it on the web as well as social media.

  4. NMatt says:

    I really needed a firm business plan to seek more investors for my small retail shop. Live Plan was able to deliver a functional and thorough plan that landed me three solid investors that I approached.

  5. Jessica says:

    I had a hard time creating a budget for my business and it was not until Live Plan that I managed to compile my expenses. I no longer have to do complex spreadsheets anymore.

  6. liam says:

    I am not good at writing formidable business plans so when my colleague told me to check Live Plan I was eager. I can say with confidence that my business has grown exponentially. I am truly grateful.

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