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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 14, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Why do students need help with studying? A lot of learners struggle to keep up with the academic workload they have to take care of. This means that their grades might still be unsatisfactory regardless of the time they spend studying or working on assignments.

Moreover, they usually end up confused when they are studying alone or working on their own. An online educational website will help students find answers or review work when they are sitting at home.

We understand how challenging things can be for modern-day students. This is why we decided to review This website promises to provide academic assistance that can help students improve their grades regardless of the topic they are working on.

Our Varsity Tutoring review aims at providing honest information regarding the value of the service provided. We understand that the world of online education or online tutoring companies can be full of scams or untrustworthy websites.

This is why we made sure that we spend enough time studying this website and evaluating the service provided to answer this question: Are Varsity Tutors legit? Is VarsityTutors scam? We can help you decide if it is the right service for you. We evaluate this website based on the quality of the service provided, the safety, the value, and look for the best math tutor.

Is Varsity Tutors legit? Is Varsity Tutors a scam?

This is a completely legit company that is registered in the US. VarsityTutors is accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating with more than 100 positive Varsity Tutors customer reviews with an average rate of 4.6. There are not so many Varsity Tutors complaints online too. So, if you are wondering, is Varsity Tutors a legit company? Yes, it definitely is.

This website promises to deliver personalized and customized learning plans. The experts hired will design a special program that can cater to your specific needs. By examining the website, we see that they hire many online experts to provide academic assistance to kindergarten and grad school students.

While doing this VarsityTutors review, we found that more than 40,000 experienced experts are working for a website. This huge number of professionals guarantees that there are more than 1000 different academic subjects to choose from. We think that the wide selection makes this service a bit more comprehensive than other services on the market.

The pricing policy depends on your needs, geographical location, and the type of tutoring you prefer. If you are working on a more challenging topic, you can expect to pay a higher price since the expert will charge higher.

If you live in another country, for example, and need to chat or talk with your expert after their working hours, you can expect to pay more for the service. Varsity Tutors prices are considered drawbacks because Varsity Tutor’s cost is unclear before you actually order the service.

In the reviews of Varsity Tutors, we found that Varsity Tutors cost starts at around $45 per hour. The price can go up to $100 per hour for a top tutor.

You pay in advance, and the price is determined based on your location, the type of subject, and the number of hours you might spend learning with your private professional. Because the prices are not clear, many students might be skeptical about this website since they get into something they can’t afford.

Comparing Varsity Tutors vs Wyzant, we should say that both platforms deserve their rating. But if we would have to choose between these two, we will pick Wyzant. So, making a comparison of Wyzant vs Varsity Tutors in terms of quality, prices, and professional tutors is hard.

Varsity reviews show that this website is a good one to pick. Since there are currently more than 40,000 experts working for this website, you can expect to find many good ones. But, this large number might also include less experienced tutors.

You will have to state your educational problem, location, and availability to match the best expert. After that, you might choose to pick another one if you are not satisfied. The difference is attributed to the level of experience of the person who is working with you. Varsity Tutors ratings are quite high compared to other websites.

If you are looking for top English tutors, check this English tutoring services list.

There is a phone number that you can call. But you can’t expect to be contacted right away. Since thousands of people probably use this site, you can expect to wait for a while before they answer you. The webpage claims that you will receive a call within 24 hours. And there are some Varsity Tutoring reviews, where customers state that it is true.

A live chat option would have been more convenient, especially if you are calling from another country. The company offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the expert currently working with you, you can call them and find a better fit. This is a huge plus.

To use this web page’s services, you will have to enter your name, email, and phone number. A lot of students might be reluctant to share this private information for a lot of reasons.

Moreover, the company doesn’t offer a clear scheme of pricing. They tell you that you will receive the prices by email once you call to place your order. Many students prefer to know this information beforehand, so they use some other tutoring services like because of some pros. Is Preply safe? Read more in our detailed and complete review of Preply.

  • A large number of experts are available.
  • Experts cover more than 1000 academic topics, which means that you will always find someone to help you regardless of the nature of the topic.
  • They cover many academic areas, including test preparation and coursework revision, which means that you will improve your grades fast.
  • A lot of methods and lesson plans are suitable for your needs.
  • Online help is available for international students or people who work in other countries.
  • You can ask them to switch your tutor if you are not satisfied with the initial session.
  • The website doesn’t offer clear information about the prices.
  • No list shows all the services provided, and there is a small section at the end that tells you a little about them.
  • The quality of the service provided is solely dependent on the person you are working with.
  • You have to enter a lot of personal information to have access to the website.
  • You need to call them to place your request or talk to the customer care employees.
  • You have to wait for their call, so this might not work if you have an emergency.
My verdict
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We wanted to make sure that our Varsity review will be as useful as possible. Like other reviews, we think this educational service might be a good choice if you are not in a hurry. At Varsity Tutors, many qualified experts work for this company, and they can help you with many academic topics.

You can always switch to another tutor if you are not satisfied with the result. This is a great service to use because you can work with qualified experts who will create a perfect study plan for you. You will always have someone to help you no matter what you are working on.

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Michael Gorbet

We reached out to Varsity Tutors to receive NAPLEX tutoring for my wife recently and were assured three separate times that if a failing score was given “that they just wouldn’t feel right taking our money.” With my research of their website and repeated talks with them, they mentioned they would give a full refund if a failing score was achieved. I have followed their instructions to the letter for a week now after unfortunately we got a failing score. I have been trying to get ahold of anyone to review my case, yet nobody seems able to answer my calls now. I seemingly keep getting told I have to wait longer for it to be resolved. Looking at the timeline of the refund, it must be reviewed within two weeks and I believe they are just stalling for that deadline. The tutoring itself was pretty subpar and overpriced honestly, but now I’m having to contest with the BBB and my bank with something they promised from the beginning. Overall, a terrible experience with Varsity Tutors.


I generally think this platform is too expensive. All of my tutoring was done over voice/video call. The VT platform is horrible – laggy, unresponsive, difficult UI. It is not something I would recommend over face-to-face tutoring. However, for occasional lessons to keep you up to date on problem solving and to help review for exams with a tutor you’ve found to be good for you earlier, this platform does a good job.


I used for my son who has gone to other ACT Test Prep programs and he never scored well. After using this service he scored a 28 and we are very happy with that. The one on one tutoring seemed to make a difference. At the last test prep company he was in a group of about 25 students. Thank you for your service!


I don’t like how often they call me and ask me to review them but since my hours are already done then I will write a review… I had a really good in person Spanish tutor but a lot of my tutors did not help me but confused me more…

Brett Fischer

The tutors were good but they should find a way to make it more fun or exciting. Also the network connection was always horrible and wasted the limited time even when i had perfect wi-fi connection. Please repair that and I’ll be back.


We have decided to give our son a break this summer, however we tryed to contact so many times! No chance! Please, check your support!


Varsity Tutors should have been up front with me that it may be difficult to get in-person tutors to come to the house due to the distance from the city. Also, follow-up phone calls should be a priority. We all have busy lives – and especially the students, but it is Varsity Tutor’s business to accommodate the customer.


In my first tutoring session, it turned out after maybe ten minutes that the tutor knew less about the subject than I did, and so we gave up on the session. I have no idea why he thought he’d be able to tutor me in a subject that he knew nothing about. My other tutor seemed more promising, but never followed up with me to schedule a time for a lesson.