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Best GMAT Prep Courses Online (October, 2022)

Best Customer Choice
Price$249/courseLowest price
Useful Mobile App
Score Improvement Guarantee
Best GMAT Tutors
Personalized Programs
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Price$69/courseLowest price
Expert GMAT Tutors
A Lot of Study Resources
Unique Algorithms
Affordable Prices for GMAT Courses
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Price$799/courseLowest price
Boost Your GMAT Score 700+
Perfect Self-Paced Option
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Price$66,50/monthLowest price
A lot of Individual GMAT Lessons
High-Quality Resources for Students
Score Increase Guarantee
Live Support
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Price$45/hourLowest price
Private One-on-One Tutoring
Best GMAT Tutors
Personalized Approach
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GMAT Prep Course Reviews

It is normal to feel anxious when tests like GMAT are coming close. This is an important test, and many students struggle with the possibility of not doing great. Luckily, many prep courses in the market offer to help students in this situation.

But you can’t just go with the first choice that appears to you, and you need to evaluate several options and assess which ones are the best GMAT test prep courses. We can help you with this decision, so keep reading these best GMAT prep course reviews if you want to know who offers the best GMAT prep class.

Why Do You Need to Take Into Account EduReviewer’s Review?

Here, in EduReviewer, we work hard to create outstanding reviews to give you the cleanest information. To achieve great quality reviews, we have developed a method in which we evaluate the most relevant criteria. The results of each criterion by separate and the overall performance of the programs are what determine our recommendations.

Let us tell you about the criteria we consider when doing our reviews.

  • First, we check top GMAT prep courses’ quality of the company’s services. Reviews from previous clients are a good indicator of the programs’ quality level, so we always read what others have to say.
  • There is a misperception that the more expensive a service is, the better. That is not necessarily true since a high price is no guarantee of a great result. What you need to look for is fair pricing that offers exactly what you are paying for.
  • Customer Support Service. You can measure a company’s seriousness by paying attention to its customer support service. A good company prioritizes the clients, attends to their needs as soon as possible, and answers every inquiry. The best online GMAT course meets these aspects, so it´s safe to say that it is reliable and worries about its clients’ welfare.
  • It is always a good sign when a company is so sure about its services that it is willing to guarantee improvement. Some offer just a few points, and others give a bigger range, depending on the company’s profile. With these guarantees, the companies offer a full or partial refund of the money in case there is no improvement.
  • Customization of the courses. A personalized course is a big advantage because it means that the program will answer specifically to its client’s requirements. The best GMAT courses offer a tailored curriculum to their clients.

Types of GMAT Prep Courses: What to Consider Choosing a Service Online

Choosing the right program is not just about selecting a course with a good profile. You also need to consider the specifics needs you personally have to choose a program that can fulfill them. Here are some types of prep courses in the market, so you can know what format will answer your needs and determine the best GMAT course for you.

  • Online courses: the internet has given us the benefit of not moving from our computers to get things done. So, if you don’t need personal contact to enhance your learning process, you can easily take a course for the GMAT in advance. That way, you will improve your performance without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • In-person programs: if you like person-to-person contact, then maybe in-person classes are the best for you. Look for companies that are staged in your hometown to assist their classes. Many companies offer both online and in-person classes.
  • Group classes: group classes are always very enriching and can become a good learning environment. It is OK if you prefer a group class, but we recommend you to choose small groups, with a maximum of 11 students. Otherwise, a big group might become a distraction, and the tutor won’t have time to work with all students’ issues.
  • Private lessons: many students are shy or easily distracted. If that is your case, it will be best to hire a private tutor to help you. With this format, you will have one-on-one time with the tutor, and you both can work on your academic weaknesses together.

The Best GMAT Prep Courses

We told you about our method to determine which programs to recommend in our reviews. We will show you what that method can do when applied by telling you about some of the best online GMAT courses you can find in the market. Don’t miss a word because you could see the right one on this list.


Price starts from $249
Promo code EDUREVIEWER10
  • They have some of the most attractive prices on the market.
  • Score improvement guarantee.
  • They don’t offer group classes.
  • Web usability is not 100% good.
This is one of the most known companies, and it is considered by many previous clients that it has the best GMAT math prep in the market. That is quite a good introduction. Magoosh offers courses for the GMAT both online and in-person, and they give their students video lessons, practice questions, and custom-made practice tests. Also, they have a money-back policy if the student doesn’t reach the score improvement of 50 points promised by the company.

They offer several plans for each section of the GMAT. The basic program for both sections costs around 220 USD and gives access to video lessons, practice questions, e-mail support service, and a tailored study plan. The premium version of this program costs around 250 USD and gives access to some extra features like practice tests and score predictors. Students can include tutoring in the premium plan, but it will end up costing around 800 USD for the privilege of having 6 hours of tutoring a week.

Price starts from $99
Promo Code N/A
  • You can opt for one-on-one lessons.
  • The material they provide is one of the most useful in the prep for the GMAT.
  • For some programs, you'll have to pay a pretty penny.
The main characteristic of Kaplan’s prep courses is that they offer various options to choose from. Students can have in-person classes, live online classes, video lessons, self-paced courses, and other options. A great benefit since students will always find what they need in one of these formats. It is a great company known for delivering excellent results, and many previous clients said that they are the best GMAT preparation course.

According to the program you choose you will find a variety of prices. For example, the self-paced gives the client access to most of the study material, so students can decide how to fit study sessions in their schedule. This program costs around 800 USD. In-person courses cost around 1500 USD, and the same online course costs 1250 USD. Other programs, like online tutoring, can cost up to 2500 USD, and some more simple, like the practice package, costs barely 150 USD.

Price starts from $69
Promo code N/A
  • Its unique algorithm helps them create tailored courses.
  • They have many study resources.
  • They don’t have group classes.
  • There aren’t many courses to choose from.
PrepScholar’s is well known for having some of the best online GMAT classes. They are an innovative company that uses technology to enhance the academic results of students. At the beginning of courses, students take a diagnostic test, and along the courses, they take a few practice tests and do some drills of the exam. The results of each test are analyzed by its unique algorithm, which helps the tutors create a tailored and effective curriculum for every student. This is a great technology that has proven its efficiency many times.

You can buy PrepScholar’s services with different plans. If you only want access to their impressive library of study material, you can pay around 69 USD for a plan that includes video tutorials and practice questions. A tailored course with video lessons, study plans, progress trackers, and practice tests will cost 260 USD. At the same time, a self-paced plan costs around 140 USD.

Price starts from $40
Promo code N/A
  • It has more than 20 years of experience in the market.
  • They have excellent resources for students.
  • They don’t have much study material.
  • The best plans are expensive.
If you look for the best online GMAT prep course reviews, you will find that Manhattan Prep is in almost all of them. This company has a little more than 20 years of experience in the field and has developed some of the most effective programs for the GMAT and other entrance tests. Also, they offer great resources to their students, like practice tests, some free classes, blogs, and forums. Any resource a student might need to solve his academic issues. They work only with professional tutors who had an outstanding performance on their entry tests.

In Manhattan Prep, students can choose one of two formats for their course: self-paced or led by tutors. With the first option, students will be given access to the company resources and features that will complement their study. Or choose a program directed by an instructor, in which students receive weekly private or group lessons from a tutor. These can cost you around 1000 USD. Also, you could hire a private tutor from this company that will cost you around 150 USD per hour.

Price starts from $799
Promo code N/A
  • Private tutoring.
  • They offer various formats for the courses: self-paced, in-person, online, tutored, etc.
  • Prices are a little above the average range.
  • They don’t have discounts.
  • Not the best GMAT preparation online.
There are many reasons to recommend Princeton Review to prepare you for the GMAT. First of all, they offer quality courses with great results, and it's highly considered in the reviews. This is partly due to their technology to create courses tailored to each student’s learning process. Also, they offer students many resources to help them prepare, like forums, video lessons, and a lot of study material.

This company allows students to choose between a self-paced course and a curriculum led by a tutor. The self-paced courses might focus on various GMAT sections and cost between 150 USD and 300 USD, and the entire comprehensive course costs 500 USD. The classes led by tutors can be done in-person or online, as the student prefers. These tutoring cost 18 USD per hour, and they come in “packages” of 10 hours. For many, Princeton Review is the Best GMAT prep online you can get.

Main Problem of the GMAT Prep: Are Tests Like This Effective?

While browsing for the best GMAT online prep course, you might find many articles that encourage you to study by yourself. But the problem is that tests like the GMAT create circumstances that aren’t enriching for the learning process. The stress of everything being at risk plays a not-so-positive role and can even block students’ process. That is why many students opt for the best online GMAT test prep possible and have professional guidance.

Tips On Finding The Best GMAT Test Prep

There is no straight path to find the top GMAT test prep courses. Every search is particular since the academic needs of each student are different. Still, there are general suggestions that will help in every search. Here are some tips to give you a hand with your quest for the best GMAT prep classes.

  • Check several options before making your choice. Many offers are attractive but don’t fall for the first that comes to you. We suggest you check several options and see what each company has to offer. Some companies even give trial periods to try a couple and see which one is better.
  • Read EduReviewer’s reviews of these websites. Remember that we offer the best GMAT review course, counted among the most reliable reviews. Remember that the best programs are reviewed in our top one percent GMAT reviews. So, it is a good idea to check what we have to say about a company before making the final choice.
  • Read customer reviews. It is also very recommendable to see what previous clients have to say about a program. Many students share their experiences, and having others’ experiences can give you a good perspective on what to expect from the programs.
  • Look for services that work with professionals. Professional teachers and tutors with experience with entry tests are the way to prepare for the GMAT. The best website for GMAT preparation is the one that hires professionals to help their students.

FAQ About Online GMAT Prep Classes

There is no such thing as too much information when you need to decide what is the best GMAT prep course for you. To give you as much help as we can here, we give you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about preparation programs.

Where to find the best GMAT prep course?

In today’s world, where the Internet is the place to find it all, we recommend you to go online to look for the best GMAT test prep. Internet is not just a platform where all companies have displayed their offers, and it is also the easiest way to discover what you need. You can check all your options from your computer without having to leave your house, the most convenient place to find the top GMAT prep course you need to be ready for your test.

How to find the best GMAT online course?

If you have decided to take an online course to prepare yourself for the GMAT, you need to find the best possible option. To do that, you should keep In mind some factors:

  • Look for courses with a great platform to make video calls with your tutor.
  • Top GMAT online prep courses have various apps available for clients.
  • Video lessons should be of great quality.
  • It is a plus if the company allows you to download the study material.

What is the best GMAT test prep course?

It is a risk to say which GMAT prep course is best since there are so many different offers. Still, there are some aspects that you can check and will indicate to you if a program is convenient or not too good. We told you some tips that will be useful, like looking for companies that work with professionals and checking several reviews before making a choice. But there are other things you can pay attention to.

For example, you should see if the company you are considering is legit. Check its background and see if there are any suspicious reviews or bad experiences from other clients. Another thing is to see the performance of students who have taken the course and how good were their scores. If everything seems to be good with these two things, then you might be looking at one of the top online GMAT prep courses.

When is the best time to take the GMAT prep class?

Entry tests like the GMAT are very harsh and need a lot of preparation. That is why it is recommendable to start preparing for it as soon as possible. Some students prefer to study up to three years in advance, and some others just need a couple of months.

Every student has his own rhythm; top GMAT prep programs know that, and it’s why they offer several courses with different durations. You need to find an option that makes you feel comfortable, whether it´s a long course or a short one.

What is the best online GMAT prep course for you?

All top-rated GMAT prep courses have many things to offer, but you don’t just need to find the best GMAT prep course online. You need to find the best for you. To do so, you have to consider aspects like the course format that fits you better, and define if you are best with distance learning or if you necessarily need direct contact.

Also, consider if you want to take group classes or private tutoring. And define if you need to work with a self-paced course or if it is better to take a scheduled program.

How do you know which company is the best test prep for GMAT?

GMAT best prep companies are not so hard to identify if you know what to look for in them. The most important factors are to see that the background is clean, which means that it does not have any denounce or shady stories, and to see if it has courses with the profile you need to learn effectively.

Should I pay for online GMAT courses or use free courses?

Many defend the use o free courses and, certainly, there are many free programs on the internet with a decent quality that offers good results. Still, when it comes to a grade that will possibly define your academic future, it is best not to take risks. If you want the best prep for GMAT, the safest road is to pay for it.

When you hire a company to give you a service, you initiate a contract that bounds the company to you. With this legal and moral acquired commitment, the company sees itself in the obligation of doing the best it can for you.


There are many good choices and great companies that can successfully prepare you for the GMAT. We have analyzed the most popular and concluded that the best GMAT online prep courses are currently offered by Magoosh and Kaplan. Check the programs these two companies have and see which one fits better with your learning process.

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