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Best Online SAT Prep Reviews (September, 2022)

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SAT Prep Courses Rankings

“The SAT”. If you say these words in a high school senior classroom, you can almost hear the students shake. It is not a negligible reaction, especially if you consider that their academic future depends almost solely on the score they get.

Luckily for students, some of the best SAT prep online programs are at the reach of their computers. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to prepare you to choose the best SAT prep course for you.

Reasons to Take Into Account SAT Prep Reviews

We have developed a well-grounded method to identify the best classes in the market, which we use to write the best SAT prep course reviews. Read along and find out what criteria we evaluate the courses when we are doing our amazing reviews.

  • Quality of the course. We determine this aspect by evaluating clients’ feedback and the results that previous students have had.
  • Duration. Best SAT preparation courses usually last from 2 to 3 months. Some even offer students the possibility of adapting their own schedule.
  • Pricing. Higher prices don’t necessarily mean higher quality. However, the free programs or cheapest courses aren’t the most recommendable either. We have in high consideration those programs with fees within the average range of prices.
  • Usability. Some courses are limited to their websites, but those more versatile offer the chance to use your smartphone or tablet.
  • Customer support service. The best SAT test prep courses offer flawless customer support, with immediate response and attention around the clock.
  • Guarantees offered. It is a great sign when a program is very sure of its method, up to the point of offering you a full refund in case you don’t get the score they promise.
  • Extras. Features like the chance to personalize your classes, define the accessibility from several devices, and choose your practice tests are good advantages. This aspect does not define the quality of the course, but it is a great plus.

SAT Exam Problems that Students Face

The SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a standardized test designed to assess students’ potential to perform well in college. It is widely used in college admissions processes in the United States. Its structure is arranged for the students to show their skills and abilities in several fields of knowledge.

It comprises four sections: math, critical reading, writing and language, and an essay that must be written in place. Each portion takes around 50 minutes, and the entire test is to be done in 3 and a half hours approximately. The timing is essential to the score as good answers; that is why the best-rated SAT prep courses pay special attention to it when designing their practice tests.

At a theoretical level, the SAT should be just a test to visualize the potential of students. Still, on a practical level, it is a test that defines the students’ academic future. Since there is so much depending on it, many students prefer to look for guidance among the top SAT prep classes. This event creates so much stress in students that they may question its effectiveness.

Why SAT Might be NOT Effective?

Several experts argue that this assessment is no longer worthwhile and that it has more disadvantages than benefits. One of the arguments is that the original intention of the test has been altered. The SAT used to be oriented as a draft of the student’s potential, but its importance has grown, and now it is considered a decisive factor in determining if a student gets into a college.

Even so, on many occasions, the SAT score has more important than the grades from school. This deformed the original intention of the test and increased the pressure on students.

Another reflection about this assessment is related to its precision. Some studies show that the success rate during college of students with a low score in the SAT is not too different from the success rate of students with a high score in the SAT. This shows that the current structure of the SAT is not the most reliable to determine the students’ potential.

This factor might be related to the fact that this standardized test is designed using the average student profile as a reference. In consequence, there is an important percentage of students whose profile is not considered for this design.

Even though the SAT has some flaws and there are questionings about its effectiveness, it is still an important assessment. So, until the educational system changes, every student should prepare as much as possible for his SAT.

Some of the best SAT prep courses are online, willing to help you reach all your potential. Ahead in this article, we give you the secrets to determine which one is ideal for you.

The Best Online SAT Prep Companies

You are probably wondering what the best SAT prep is and how effective is the method we use to do our reviews. To give you a taste of the possibilities, we tell you details about some of the best online SAT prep available to you. Keep reading and find the best SAT review courses.

  1. PrepScholar – Best SAT Course
  2. Magoosh – Best SAT Website
  3. PrepExpert – Top SAT Prep Programs
  4. VarsityTutors – Best Online SAT Tutoring
  5. Kaplan – Top Rated SAT Prep Courses


Price starts from $38
Promo Code N/A
  • Lots of practice tests, very similar to the real SAT.
  • Complementary material, like videos and progress reports.
  • Complete refund in case a student does not improve at least 160 points in their scores.
  • Just 9 hours of the live class.
  • They don’t have in-person classes.
  • All communication with tutors is digital.

Without a doubt, PrepScholar is one of the best online SAT prep courses. They have great programs specially dedicated to increasing students’ performance. Their courses are designed to identify each student's strengths to reinforce them and their weaknesses to overcome them. Read the full Prep Scholar SAT review.


Price starts from $79
  • The client can customize his study sessions.
  • They have a video explanation for every subject.
  • The platform has a vast library at the disposition of its clients.
  • They don’t offer a full refund in case you don’t get the score expectedю

This is one of the top-rated SAT prep courses you can find, and it is usually included in the best SAT prep courses rankings. They offer self-paced courses with printed books so the clients can define their own rhythm of study. It is a company that gives progress reports to help students assess their performance and evolution. Their courses last up to 8 weeks. Read the full Magoosh SAT review.


Price starts from $499
Promo Code N/A
  • Flexibility.
  • Affordability.
  • Free consultations.
  • Highly qualified teachers.
  • Small video library.
Although it started as an on-location SAT prep course, Prep Expert has moved online too, providing students with access to expert online teachers covering all major SAT sections. This course makes dozens of excellent study resources available for students at an affordable price. Here you will find some of the best SAT prep teachers.

A top benefit is designing your study plan according to your schedule or choosing a pack according to your preferred intensity level. You can also discuss your problems and needs with a teacher before buying the course.

However, the platform does not provide a significant number of pre-recorded videos for students to follow at their leisure. If that’s your favorite learning tool, it’s best to skip this service. Read the full Prep Expert SAT review.


Price starts from $99
Promo Code N/A
  • Their teachers are experts on SAT.
  • It offers a lot of complementary material.
  • Clients can opt for live online classes or in-person classes.
  • In-person classes are usually very crowded.
  • They don’t offer customized study sessions.
  • Their private tutoring has the highest cost in the market.

This is one of the top-rated SAT prep courses you can find. They offer self-paced courses with printed books so the clients can define their own rhythm of study. It is a company that gives progress reports to help students assess their performance and evolution. Their courses last up to 8 weeks. Read th full Kaplan SAT prep review.

The Princeton Review

Price starts from $299
Promo Code N/A
  • Full refund policy.
  • Customized study sessions.
  • Charges for private tutoring are very high.

Princeton Review offers one of the best prep for SAT you can find on the internet; that is why they are always mentioned in the best SAT prep reviews. This platform stands out for having a wide variety of practice tests for free.

Also, they offer several formats of classes: on-site classes, self-paced courses online, live courses online, and even private tutoring for the students who need it. Read full review of Princeton Review.


Price starts from $399
  • It combines digital tools with human guidance.
  • Keep the parents updated with their kids’ performance.
  • They offer personal coaching and a great motivation program.
  • Their prices are very high.
  • The support has never made any responses to our emails whatsoever.

Testive is considered by many to be the best SAT prep online course due to its nice workflow. It offers three categories clients can access according to the plan they paid: coaching, coaching plus, and boot camp. Independently of the program, students will have personal coaching to help them improve their performance. Their courses have a duration between 2 and 5 months, depending on the client’s plan choice. Read the full Testive SAT review.

How to Find the Best SAT Online Course

The search for the top SAT prep courses is not as easy as it seems. There are too many options to choose from and not much information about making the right choice. Here are some of the main aspects that the best online SAT prep classes have.

  • Is it a self-paced or live course?

This is an important aspect that you must check every single time because each kind, of course, has a particular profile and requirements. A good self-paced SAT prep course must be a simple, still integral process that the student can do independently without conflicts. At the same time, a live course must have great teachers and tutors as guidance. If the courses have these aspects missing, then it is considered deficient.

  • How many online resources do they offer?

Whether it is a self-paced course or a live course, the best sat online prep courses always have excellent study material and complementary resources like videos and flashcards. It should cover all the subjects, be updated, including practical exercises, and be available anytime the student needs it.

  • Are there good educators leading the course?

This is assessed mainly in the live courses and programs with tutors. The best SAT prep programs have instructors with great experience with the SAT’s structure. The ideal scenario is to find tutors who are both good at their job and honestly worry about their development.

  • Does the course offer guarantees of good results?

This is an aspect that says more about the course than we can imagine. Some programs give guarantees like a full refund if the student doesn’t get the score promised. This policy is a sign of reliability since the owners are so sure of their method that they are willing to give you back your money if you end up disappointed. Hence, they will do anything and everything on their hands to not disappoint you.

Tips On Finding the Best SAT Test Prep

We have told you some good details about finding the best courses, but now we will tell you directly the right tips to identify the best SAT prep classes. Pay attention and don’t miss a word, because you can use this information to find the perfect course for you.

1. Make sure that the course covers all the subjects you will find on the SAT. You enrolled in the course to learn the necessary abilities to get a good score, so if it teaches you skills that you won’t need in the SAT, it can be considered a waste of money and time.

2. Try to look for classes specialized in your weaknesses. For example, if you are not so good at maths, you should look for the best SAT math prep to strengthen those skills. Still, it would help if you reinforce the other skills assess in the SAT. So, even if you are going for a specialized course, see if it has classes related to all the other subjects.

3. Check that the information is updated. SAT prep course with a 5-years old structure is no good. You need to see if they have an updated curriculum and cover the subjects evaluated in the current year’s SAT.

4. Don’t go for the first course you feel attracted to. Look for the best online SAT prep reviews from reliable sites, which are done with good criteria, like ours. This is a great resource that can tell you a lot about the best SAT prep courses.

5. Try to enroll in classes with few students. This is for those willing to try in-person classes. If a group is too big, the teacher or tutor won’t have time to focus on every student’s difficulties. The ideal number for a class is between 15 to 20 students; this way, there will be time for all students’ issues.

FAQ About Online SAT Prep Classes You May Have

We have given you a good share of information regarding how to choose the perfect SAT Prep classes for you. Yet it is possible that you still have some doubts about the most recommendable way to choose the right one.

Here we tell you the answers to some common questions regarding finding the best SAT prep online, and this information will guide you in the quest for quality.

How to find the best online SAT prep course?

To find the best SAT prep program is tough, and even more, if you consider the wide list of options available to any student that goes searching online. But at this point, we know that not every course is good and that each student has his particularities. So, it is important to distinguish those that worthwhile from those that are more close to a scam.

We gave you several tips on finding it and told you about the criteria we use to determine which programs are better. To complement that previous advice, we give you this last tip: pay close attention to reliable reviews done to analyze the necessary factors, like ours.

Something else to consider is that the best SAT prep class facilitates great resources to study. For example, the possibility of studying using several digital devices, optional private tutoring, and study material in various formats, like audio and video.

Where to find the best SAT prep course?

In today’s world, you can find anything you need on the internet. Of course, there are other options, like SAT prep courses dictated in classrooms, or simple courses where you receive reading material you have to study for yourself, or maybe a tutor with whom you can coordinate private lessons.

Still, the best place to find top SAT courses is online, where you can access resources from all over the world. Besides, it gives you the advantages of studying from your home and using the study material whenever you want.

How to choose the best SAT prep sites?

While searching for the best online SAT courses, you will encounter countless options. That is one of the perks of the internet: infinite information and resources. Don’t let the variety overwhelm you and lead you to a poor decision.

A good recommendation to find the best SAT prep websites and not get lost on the internet is to take reviews as a lighthouse: the best sites will have great reviews from websites like ours and former clients.

What is the best SAT prep course to take?

This is a difficult question because it mainly depends on your personal taste and academic needs, both very personal aspects. So, the best SAT online prep course should have a professional profile that complies with all the criteria we have covered in this article. It is paramount that the program you choose fulfills all your personal and academic requirements.

As per our research, the top SAT prep programs can be found at Magoosh, PrepScholar, PrepExpert, and Kaplan (Kaptest). But if you are looking for the best SAT tutoring, you should definitely check Varsity Tutors or Preply.

When is the best time to take SAT prep class?

The right answer is “whenever you need it”. So, what is the best time to take SAT prep course? There are no written rules about studying, where to study, or when to study for your SAT. The best SAT/ACT prep courses give you the liberty to find your own rhythm. This doesn’t mean that you can postpone the preparation.

Actually, there are some basic time recommendations:

  • The ideal is to study the entire year previous to the test.
  • The minimum recommended is a period of 2 months.
  • In the month previous to the test, you should study hard three weeks and last week tone down the rhythm, so you don’t get too saturated right before the test.

How to compare SAT prep courses?

It’s hard to determine what is the best SAT prep program. Several companies offer great deals. We told you about our favorites, which are the ones that pass our review with five stars.

But, even when there is a couple that we recommend with eyes closed, like Magoosh, we must remind you that this is a very personal decision. There are factors besides the company’s profile and related to the private interests that you must consider. Remember always to choose an SAT course having your requirements as a priority.

Can I find free SAT courses online?

Yes, there are various free options on the internet that might be just enough. The best free online SAT prep courses are characterized by having a lot of study material and working with a format very similar to video tutorials.

But, to be honest, the top online SAT prep courses are paid, and free courses work better as a complementary study than as the main course.

Would you pay for online SAT courses or use free courses?

We would definitely choose to pay for a complete course. The free resources online are plenty and very helpful for the majority of cases. But the SAT is a special case, it requires special preparation, and it has too much importance to limit your study to what you can find for free. That is why it´s preferable to pay for the best online SAT course to get the best preparation possible.


So, who has the best SAT prep course? It is an important decision that gets harder when you realize that the options are too many to count. Also, many personal factors should define your inclination since the course must adapt to your particular needs.

But, in our professional opinion and after evaluating the companies currently active, we concluded that Magoosh, PrepScholar, and Kaplan all have the top methods and the best studying material.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on September 12, 2022
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