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Princeton Review vs Kaplan SAT Test Prep Comparison

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Are you ready to take the SAT and prove your intelligence? Don’t bother going elsewhere; we’ve got you taken care of.

The two leading SAT prep courses are Kaplan and Princeton Review SAT; we’ll compare and contrast them in this article.

But wait on, let’s set the stage before we enter the fray. We have thoroughly compared Kaplan vs. Princeton Review, looking at their respective course offerings, delivery methods, and other details.

You’ve found the ideal site if you’re looking for in-depth analyses and comparisons.

At this point, you must decide which platform is the best of the best for you. The answer, of course, is conditional on factors such as your available time and money.

Although there are many similarities between Kaplan and Princeton Review’s courses, the main distinction is in the materials used in each.

For those seeking college application guidance, the Princeton Review Consulting review offers invaluable insider experiences.

Get ready to make giant leaps toward your academic objectives as we progress, and you break past your SAT roadblocks. How well do you respond to stress?

Let’s go to work figuring out what your the best SAT prep courses of course options the prep classes are.

Overall Comparison of the Test Prep Courses

Aspect Kaplan Princeton Review
Full Content Coverage Includes in-depth preparation for the SAT’s Reading, Writing, Math, and Essay portions. Includes thorough preparation for the SAT’s Reading, Writing, Math, and Essay portions.
Expert Instructors/Tutors Hires more seasoned professionals as SAT prep instructors and professors. Hires less qualified teachers and tutors to help students prepare for the SAT.
Prep Options Instructional Options: Going to Class, Learning Online, Watching Videos on Demand, or Hiring a Tutor. Courses available in person, online, and through private instruction range from instructor-led to ad hoc to self-guided.
Lowest Price $50/month and $599 per year $39.99/hr
Adaptive Learning Technology Incorporates additional adaptive learning tools for individualized instruction in specific modules. Possibly less of an emphasis on using adaptive learning technologies.
Online Tools and Support Offers a web-based interface, several online resources, and professional help to its users. Provides access to forums and question-and-answer sessions staffed by subject-matter experts.

Key Features of Platforms for Learners

Kaplan intro

Regarding preparing for the SAT, two giants in the test prep industry stand out. Kaplan and Princeton Review offer comprehensive resources and strategies to help students conquer the crucial SAT exam.

Let’s dive into the key features of each, so you can decide which path to take on your SAT journey.

Key Features of Kaplan SAT:

Kaplan - SAT intro

  • Expert Instructors and Comprehensive Content: Kaplan SAT covers everything on the SAT, from reading and writing to math and essay. Kaplan instructors are specialists. SAT and test-taking abilities are unmatched. They guarantee your comprehension and test-taking skills.
  • Flexible Learning Options: Kaplan recognizes that each student has a unique timetable and learning style. Since students learn best in various settings, they provide group and individual training. You can know how and when you want.

Kaplan - our teachers

  • Adaptive Learning Technology: Using adaptive learning technology, Kaplan takes individualization to a new level. This high-tech tool analyzes your academic profile and recommends specific areas for improvement. It’s like having a private coach who knows your every weakness.
  • Online Tools and Support: The Kaplan online platform provides many supplementary materials. You’ll get access to a private online center with practice problems, video courses, progress tracking, and subject-matter expert Q&As, like having a study companion 24/7.

Key Features of Princeton Review SAT:

  • Expert Instructors and Coverage: Princeton Review assures complete SAT subtest preparation. Use them to practice reading comprehension, writing, arithmetic, and essay. Princeton Review’s SAT specialists will help you score higher. They will teach the content and provide exam-taking advice.
  • Diverse Prep Options: Princeton Review has several SAT preparation courses. Various learning options, including traditional classroom settings, live online classes, individual tutoring, and self-paced online resources, are available.

Princeton - SAT intro

  • Plenty of Practice Materials and Guarantees of Score Improvement: Princeton Review materials are always available. Practice exams, exercises, sample questions, and study aids simulate the exam. The Princeton Review offers SAT classes with score guarantees. If a program doesn’t enhance a student’s score, they may get a refund or further help.
  • College Admissions Guidance: The Princeton Review offers college application and SAT prep help. They assist youngsters with college selection, application, essay writing, and interview preparation.

Princeton - SAT score

Princeton Review: How Is it Better Than Kaplan?

Price starts from $150
Promo code N/A
  • Incredible and experienced tutors.
  • Comprehensive and effective courses.
  • Plenty of practice materials.
  • Guarantees of score improvement.
  • Realistic practice tests.
  • No mobile app.v
  • Basic dashboard.
You should be aware of specific vital differences between Princeton Review vs. Kaplan despite both being industry leaders in SAT prep.

More resources are available from Princeton Review than Kaplan, allowing you to test day practice your new abilities securely. As we know, nothing beats experience. Princeton Review also explains every practice question in detail.

Princeton - SAT score improvement

Individual attention is essential for SAT prep, and instructors at Princeton Review provide more personalized comments and support than Kaplan. Since every student is different, they will tailor their approaches to you. It's like SAT tutoring. Knowing you're not alone is comforting.

Kaplan: How Is it Better Than Princeton Review?

Price starts from $99
Promo Code N/A
  • The quality of content is impressive.
  • Expert instructors.
  • Adaptive learning technology.
  • Schweser’s PassProtection.
  • Flexible learning options.

Kaplan offers various advantages you should be aware of when comparing Kaplan vs. Princeton Review.

In contrast to Princeton Review's personalization, Kaplan's accessibility is exceptional and unrivaled.

With Kaplan, you can access additional instructors and classrooms to help you choose a better class time and location.

Princeton Review's instructors have little SAT experience compared to Kaplan, which boasts a solid staff of SAT-savvy instructors.

Kaplan - features

Princeton Review offers the best example tests and explanations, giving you more of both to prepare for all SAT questions. But take note that Kaplan stays successful because of its high-quality study materials. Quality always prevails over quantity, even if they're few.

Even though Princeton Review provides more options for feedback, you may not always get helpful, constructive criticism.

Kaplan excels above Princeton Review in this regard since it's like having a cheerleader who never offers criticism.

Kaplan - practice, tailored to you

Pricing Comparison

Familiarity with the Kaplan and Princeton Review SAT price structures is essential.

A wide variety of solutions are available from each service provider to meet various needs and price points.

You can find the best balance between quality and cost by comparing their pricing options below.

For anyone torn between LSATmax or Kaplan for their LSAT preparation, our comprehensive comparison can help.

Princeton Review

Princeton SAT pricing

For your convenience, Princeton Review SAT has four distinct price tiers.

  • SAT 1500+ Tutoring:

The SAT 1500+ Tutoring plan is ideal if you have high aspirations and want one-on-one instruction.

This plan guarantees professional coaching and solutions based on your unique strengths and weaknesses for a starting price of $420 (or $364 per hour).

In addition, you may decide between virtual and physical meetings.

Princeton - private tutoring

  • SAT 1400+:

The SAT 1400+ plan is a wonderful deal for those aiming for a lower score but still want a thorough education. You can make a down payment of $299 or pay the total price of $1,899.

With this strategy, score guarantee you’ll have the support of both virtual and physical tutors while you work to improve your SAT score.

  • Essentials:

Need a cheaper solution that doesn’t skimp on quality? You need the Essentials package.

The whole suite of online courses and in-person tools, including practice exams, study materials, and expert advice, is yours for the price of either a down payment of $299 or a full payment of $549.

Princeton - SAT and ACT self-paced

  • Summer Camp:

The Summer Camp plan is excellent for students who want to make the most of their time off by focusing on their studies.

A structured curriculum with online and in-person components is available for an initial deposit of $299 or $1,099. Using this schedule, you may maximize your summer studying for the SAT.

Princeton - on-demand tutoring

In addition to the primary price tiers, you may choose from the following four alternatives:

  • Private Tutoring:

Princeton Review can accommodate you whether you prefer in-person meetings or the convenience of online sessions. However, these tailor-made classes don’t come cheap, beginning at $175 per hour.

  • SAT and ACT Self-Paced:

This alternative option is for those who like to operate independently. You may go at your own speed with the Self-Paced online option. It’s like being able to marathon your favorite TV, only you’re really doing well on the SAT. The annual fee is $499. That’s a lot of study time for the SAT for the cost of a high-end coffee maker.

Princeton - SAT reviews

  • On-Demand Tutoring:

Want some last-minute assistance? Have no fear!

You may obtain help from qualified instructors without leaving your sofa for a starting price of as little as $39.99/hr. They provide you with an hour of daily tutoring for a month. It’s like having a personal math rescuer at the touch of a button.

  • On-Demand College Essay Review:

It’s normal to feel some anxiety as you sit down to write your college application essays. Starting at only $59 per essay draft, Princeton Review’s online essay reviews are a steal. It’s a little thing to pay for assurance and advice from instructors.

Princeton - SAT reviews2


Kaplan SAT also has flexible pricing to accommodate various student needs and budgets.

  • Live Online SAT Prep:

This package starts as low as $59/month at 0% APR and $699 per year and includes access to live online lessons taught by professional instructors who will walk you through the SAT material. One may get high-quality education from a live online instruction from the comfort of one’s own home.

  • SAT Bootcamp Course:

The SAT Bootcamp Course is great for students who thrive in a fast-paced, concentrated learning environment. With this plan, you may prepare for the SAT in less time and for less money (starting as low as $50/month at 0% APR and $599 per year).

Kaplan - SAT pricing

  • SAT Tutoring + Live Online Course:

This is the perfect package if you’re looking for one-on-one care. For a starting price as low as $167/month at 0% APR and $1,999 per year, you may take advantage of our live classes, online classroom instruction and one-on-one tutoring.

  • Unlimited Prep:

The Unlimited Prep plan is a great choice for students who need unrestricted access to materials and time. It costs $1,599 and gives you access to several study guides, sample exams, and other learning tools.

You may choose your study schedule and devote more time to the areas you feel require the most work.

Kaplan or Princeton Review SAT?

That depends on your objectives, preferred learning style, and available resources. The price of Kaplan SAT and Princeton Review SAT varies based on the specific package and services you want.

Examining the offerings, costs, and availability of many service providers might help you choose one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. It might be helpful to gather as much information as possible about each plan and evaluate them before deciding on a course of action.

Quality of Learning Experience

Kaplan and Princeton Review provide all-encompassing SAT prep courses covering every exam subject. They also provide learners with many opportunities to hone their skills via exercises, quizzes, and practice exams.

Nevertheless, there are notable distinctions between the two businesses regarding value for money and quality of learning.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review’s approach to SAT preparation is novel. They realize that studying, particularly for standardized examinations, may be nerve-wracking, so they work hard to make their classrooms welcoming and exciting learning places.

Princeton Review provides engaging and practical instruction.

Princeton experts

Teachers know how to make the concepts they cover relevant and exciting by including real-world examples and valuable applications. They have a flair for articulating difficult ideas clearly and logically, simplifying them to the point that pupils can absorb them.

Princeton review live/SAT

When preparing for the SAT, Princeton Review offers the best package for the money. Students may choose from various learning formats, such as live lectures, recorded lectures, and self-paced readings and exercises.

Their courses include study guides, practice materials, and help from knowledgeable teachers.

Princeton Review’s capacity to relate to learners on an individual basis is a significant quality. They recognize that every learner is different and adapt their teaching methods appropriately.

Princeton Review ensures that all students, whether they learn best by listening, watching, or doing, may benefit from their courses.

The focus on actual classroom use is another distinctive feature of Princeton Review. They strongly believe in the need to provide students with numerous opportunities to put their knowledge to use.

Students may strengthen their expertise and pinpoint problem areas via various types of practice examinations, quizzes, and exercises.

Princeton - exclusive online tools

Strategy is another central focal point for Princeton Review. They prepare students not just for the material that will be on the SAT but also for the actual process of taking the exam.

Princeton Review equips students with the skills they need to take the exam strategically and get the best possible results, including time management tactics and advice for addressing various question types.


Kaplan realizes that studying doesn’t have to be a tedious chore. Their engaging and approachable teaching style provides a breath of new air to the SAT prep process.

The teachers at Kaplan are experts at maintaining a casual tone while conveying severe information.

Kaplan’s course materials are excellent; they provide students with a wealth of information to augment their classroom education. When preparing pupils for the SAT, they spare no effort.

Kaplan - LSAT intro

Kaplan’s materials are well-thought-out and designed with the learner in mind. They are eminently understandable without being too simplistic, so learners may learn from them without feeling overwhelmed.

Kaplan is also quite affordable for the quality it provides. They provide several classes at various price points and durations.

Kaplan offers a variety of learning options, from rigorous boot camps to more laid-back approaches. Their courses often include extras like online materials, video lectures, and individual evaluations to ensure students get the most out of their money.

Kaplan tutoring

Dry, boring lectures are a thing of the past. Kaplan’s classes are lively with lectures, group projects, and practical work. They want to create a setting where learners feel comfortable speaking out and working together.

Classes with fewer than twenty people provide an environment where everyone may participate actively in learning and discussion.

Kaplan’s dedication to tailoring lessons to each student is what really sets them apart. They recognize that each learner is an individual with their own set of skills and weaknesses. That’s why Kaplan makes individual learning strategies for each student.

They conduct tests to pinpoint problem areas and then create an action plan for improvement. Students can make the most of their study time by directing their efforts where they may have the most impact.

Kaplan - your personal LSAT coach

The Kaplan faculty are not just knowledgeable but also very kind and approachable. They can remarkably break down complicated concepts into easily digestible information. They understand the stress that taking the SAT may cause and make it their mission to calm students’ nerves.

When it comes to making sure their students fully grasp complex concepts, Kaplan’s educators never stop short of going the extra mile.

SAT Books Comparison

Books, online classes, and private coaching are just some options for SAT preparation. Most SAT books include arithmetic, reading, writing, and grammar chapters.

Also, they often include sample questions, exercises, and advice on approaching the exam. Both Kaplan and Princeton Review provide a wide selection of SAT books, such as detailed guides, practice exams, and flashcards.

Princeton Review

For many years, Princeton Review has been a go-to for students taking standardized tests, and its SAT preparation books have kept up that reputation.

These books try as much as they can to simplify the learning process to keep you interested and engaged. They know that studying for the SAT is not everyone’s cup of tea, so they try to make the preparation process as engaging as possible.

Princeton Review’s SAT books stand out because of their extensive exam coverage. They are comprehensive, going over not only the math but also the reading, writing, and essay portions of the SAT.

To help you learn and retain information, each chapter includes exercises, detailed explanations, and helpful tips.

They also give practice exams quite similar to the actual SAT so that you can gain a feel for the test and hone your test-taking abilities.

The strategic focus that Princeton Review is known for is what sets them different. In addition to covering the topic, they guide how to best approach each question on the exam. You may get an advantage on exam day by reading their books, which are full of helpful advice.

The Princeton Review SAT books also provide access to a wealth of digital study materials. As a result, you will have access to a wider variety of practice problems, video guides, and individual performance analyses.

The online system provides a means of monitoring development and honing in on problem areas.


Kaplan has been the gold standard in test prep for many years, and their SAT books don’t disappoint. I like Kaplan because of its straightforward study methods. In a sea of overwhelming data, their directness and lack of fluff provide welcome relief.

The Kaplan SAT books were created with the time-pressed learner in mind. They dissect the test into bite-sized pieces so you may take it one portion at a time.

Kaplan can help you if you’re struggling with everything from arithmetic to reading and writing.

Kaplan is unique because of its emphasis on strategy. Not only do they cover the material, but they also provide you with strategies for answering different kinds of questions.

Having this resource is like having a hidden weapon while taking the SAT.

However, it’s important to remember that preparing for the SAT isn’t always fun. That’s why there’s a dash of comedy in every Kaplan book. They know that a lighthearted approach may make the whole experience more pleasurable.

Kaplan’s SAT prep books and materials are the best option if you want books that are easy to read, focused on test-taking strategies, and have a lighthearted tone. Their interactive SAT resources are intended to keep you interested and inspired throughout your study process.

You may get digital study materials from both Princeton Review and Kaplan, providing access to many practice questions, video lessons, and individual progress assessments.

This way, you can monitor your development and concentrate on weak spots. It’s like having your cheerleader in your ear.

You may be thinking about which one is preferable now. That, of course, is a matter of taste. Princeton Review is your best choice if you value in-depth explanations, interesting practice problems, and helpful advice. But if you want a straightforward approach, Kaplan has you covered.

Some Disadvantages of the Companies

While these platforms offer various advantages, it’s also essential to understand their limitations. So, let’s dive into the main disadvantages of each platform and discover what lies beneath the shiny surface.

Princeton Review

There are several oddities with Princeton Review that you may not understand at first. To find out the problems faced by site users, we combed through Trustpilot evaluations.

The Princeton Review’s online classroom has been the target of several complaints regarding its technological stability.

A user observed compatibility issues across web browsers sometimes make it challenging to utilize the virtual classroom effectively, even when using the most recent versions of available software.

Another user expresses dismay at the exclusive emphasis on monetary matters and the absence of tailored guidance. Some customers believe the service falls short in this aspect, however. Issues regarding unqualified instructors are also another drawback.

One of its users raises the problem of unqualified instructors and unclear return terms. It can be frustrating to pay for a package that promises quality training but then provide mediocre teaching and refuse a refund if you’re unhappy.


The main disadvantages of Kaplan’s test preparation program might leave some students feeling dissatisfied and upset. The lack of say over the timing of evaluations is a common complaint.

Just picture yourself as a student well prepared to do well on the SAT, only to have time run out before you finish the test.

Despite its importance, customer service sometimes seems like a frustrating phone tag game with no end.

Our examinee actively contacted Kaplan’s customer assistance in search of answers to their time problems. However, the problem only seemed to go on for a while until it returned.

Kaplan also fails to deliver on the promise of individual attention. Many students feel lost in a sea of peers and would benefit from periodic one-on-one progress assessments.

Some users complained that the meeting rooms are small, there is little security, and there is always the risk that classmates would behave inappropriately.

Both Kaplan and Princeton Review SAT have some rough spots that need to be smoothed out before they can compete with one another.

The last thing you need is more pressure and interruptions when studying for an exam. If you want to improve your SAT score, making the right decision is essential.


The SAT and ACT are critical exams for most students eyeing college admissions. The choice between providers like Princeton Review SAT prep and Kaplan SAT prep, or opting for specific live online courses, self-paced courses, or tutoring services, needs to be aligned with individual learning styles and goals.

Princeton Review courses and Kaplan’s offerings stand out for their comprehensive approach, seasoned SAT instructors, and various support systems. From writing skills enhancement to full-scale practice tests and instructional videos, these prep options aim to build the confidence and competence necessary for success.

While there might be a debate about Kaplan wins vs Princeton Review SAT, the most suitable option depends on individual preferences, budget, and targeted areas of improvement. Collaboration with the College Board, the provision of prep materials, and guarantees like a higher score guarantee can be vital factors in the decision-making process. The landscape of SAT and ACT preparation is vast, and with the right guidance and diligent effort, success is attainable.


Which one is better, Kaplan or Princeton Review?

Neither Kaplan nor Princeton Review is perfect. Kaplan excels in test-taking tactics and processes, whereas Princeton’s analysis stands out due to its comprehensive analysis of content and tailored study plans. The optimal choice is the one that conforms most closely to your learning style.

Is Princeton Review the best for SAT?

Among the many options for the SAT, Princeton Review’s courses and books regularly rank among the top choices. Various resources are available to you, including practice tests, study materials, and knowledgeable instructors.

However, what works best for one person may not work for another. Considering your options before settling on a course of action is essential.

Is Kaplan good for SAT content review?

Kaplan is well known in the education industry for its thorough breakdown of course content. Their study aid covers the materials thoroughly and thoroughly explains everything.

They also include quizzes and practice questions to help you test and improve your understanding. Kaplan is your best bet if you want to get a good grasp of the SAT subject.

Are Princeton Review SAT tests harder?

The Princeton Review’s SAT practice tests have a well-deserved reputation for being challenging. They put forth plenty of effort to make sure the practice tests they make are just like the real thing, down to the tough questions. But note that the more complex the questions you practice, the more prepared you will be for the test.

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