EduReviewerTutoringVarsityTutors GRE Review: Quality, Value, Reviews

VarsityTutors GRE Review: Quality, Value, Reviews

By Alina Burakova, Updated May 17, 2024


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About VarsityTutors
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Pros & Cons My Verdict
  • Great customer service.
  • Their prices are relatively affordable.
  • Their instructors are mostly kind and respectful.
  • Full refund when your GRE scores don't improve.
  • Their prep courses are well-tailored to your timeline and area of focus.
  • You can select a tutor based on their customers’ ratings and proximity if that's important to your studying needs.
  • We found a few reviews where customers were not fully satisfied with their tutors.
  • So, there is always a chance that you might need to change the tutor that you are assigned with.


  • Qualified tutors.
  • Easy to use their platform and apps.
  • Live classes and 1-on-1 tutoring with experts.
  • Extensive and personalized study material of prep courses.

Value for Money

  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Relatively affordable service.
  • High-quality tutors at a good hourly rate.

Student Feedback

  • Good customer service.
  • Encouraging remarks from customers.
  • A handful of tutors may not be as available as you require.


The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is a prerequisite for students applying for graduate-level education. The test is a major decider for the level of readiness a learner has toward an advanced degree.

Understanding the aim and structure of the examination can give a learner a sense of what to anticipate in the GRE.


Besides, only scoring a minimum of 60th/70th percentile in your GRE can get you into an advanced school program.

Realistically, you’ll need tutoring to achieve that and more. The purpose of this VarsityTutors GRE review is to highlight the benefits that the company stands to provide for you.

We’ve found that Varsity Tutors is distinguished from other tutoring companies after evaluating their online courses based on some factors. These criteria include features, quality, affordability, usability of their interface, customer reviews, money-back guarantees, privacy, and score guarantees.

We also have a more general Varsity Tutors review here, but it doesn’t cover their GRE or GMAT tutoring.

Varsity Tutors Overview

With at least 136,000 hours to boast and an average customer satisfaction rating of 97%, Varsity Tutors have proven to be the best GRE tutorship.


In this section, we go in-depth into the peculiarities of this company and the reasons why we think every aspiring grad-level scholar should be coached by the instructors at Varsity Tutors.

We also have a detailed one-to-one comparison of Princeton Review and Varsity Tutors, so check it out. Anyways, let’s jump right into this review!

Features GRE Prep Services

You’ll find in this GRE review that the company is distinguished by its provided prep packages for the exam. These include packages like:

  • Self-Paced On-Demand Course:

With this service package, you can study at your own pace without missing out on anything. It comes with a year of complete access to the course materials such as 90+ video lessons taught by GRE professionals, 8 timed practice quizzes, over 6,000 practice questions, and our digital GRE prep textbook.


What we like about the study plans is that they are based on your time and focus area whether it’s standard, verbal, or quant. The course was created for busy students who prefer to study on their own time.

We also like that the course includes GRE Practice tests that you can try for free.

The course keeps true to its name in that you can finish the assessments at your own pace. There’s provision for you to return to whatever point you had exited or paused the quantitative or verbal assessment.

The instructional videos that come with this package are all over 30 minutes long and they elaborate on strategies for reviewing particular subjects and taking tests. The practice questions also have varying difficulties to help you measure your progress while you prepare for the GRE.

Furthermore, this package facilitates studying on the go with the Varsity Tutor app.

  • Live Classes:

The option of tutorship with live classes at Varsity Tutor can be useful for some people as opposed to a prep course. These classes, which add up to 20 hours of live lecturing, are organized in small groups(6-9 students).

You essentially have a group live chat with your instructor every week.


We think it’s a good way to keep you accountable while you’re being provided with content and strategy for analytical, quantitative, and verbal reasoning.

We found their instructors to be professional, especially since Virtual Tutors promises that they only hire 10% of applicants for the post of an instructor.

We like how the live classes include the GRE self-paced course for people who are busy but still need some accountability. You’ll find their practice tests, strategy guides, and flashcards to be useful in your quest for an impressive GRE score.

  • GRE On-Demand and Tutoring Bundle:

This package is quite effective and flexible for students in preparation for the graduate exam. The VarsityTutors GRE reviews we found on this course described it as very helpful for students with busy schedules as well as those who prefer to study at their own pace.


It comes with several features inclusive of one-on-one lectures that add up to 6 hours, practice tests, over 500 pages of study materials, and the mobile app to keep up with your GRE prep anywhere.

Online safety is a paramount concern in today’s digital age. While you’re researching Varsity Tutors, you may also be curious about other platforms. Find out if is safe with our detailed review that delves into its safety measures and user experiences.

Pricing of the Tutoring and Clasess

It’s not uncommon for students to operate with limited budgets. Depending on the study package you’re applying for, you can expect different prices.

The most affordable plan on VarsityTutors is the self-paced digital course which currently goes for $149 for a year of access to all its features.

The live online GRE class at VarsityTutors costs a subscription of $599 or $29.95 per hour for 20 hours of live lectures including the self-paced digital course.


Depending on your budget and availability, you can decide on the most suitable package for your exam preparation. Varsity Tutors offer several payment options that allow for flexible subscriptions.

As for cards, you can either use a Visa, Discover, American Express, JCB, or Mastercard. The platform also accepts payments via Venmo or PayPal, depending on which is convenient for you.


Quality of the Prep

From the Varsity Tutors GRE reviews from customers, it’s safe to say the platform is of impressive quality. The company has an overall customer satisfaction rating of 97% so you should expect a thorough experience with their instructors.

Only 10% of the instructors get through their rigorous selection process to become one of the prestigious tutors on the platform.

Besides relevant and proven educational background, tutors on the platform provide a wide selection of solutions to assist students in their GRE preparations in any field of their choice.

Their tutors are qualified for training whether you’re a busy student or you just need some guidance while learning at your own pace.

The company also guarantees to help students get a better GRE score than their previous one. If you don’t achieve a higher score, then you can be sure of getting your money back on any study package that you subscribed to.

Compared to other Tutorship platforms, Varsity Tutors offer more affordable study packages that serve different kinds of students.


You can select an instructor based on their customer reviews and even proximity to your location.

However, the best choice for your field of study might reside far away from you and that wouldn’t matter, especially with the provision of live online classes.

Depending on your schedule and level of required assistance, the self-paced course may suit your needs better than 1-on-1 tutoring or vice versa.

Are Varstity Tutors Good for GRE?

All the prices for the GRE prep study packages are fair given that you’re getting top-notch instructions. For less than $30 per hour, you can get live incredible tutorials and that’s incredible considering the prices you’ll find on other platforms.

However, the tutors on the platform all have varying rates so you can select based on affordability. The tutors each have their customer satisfaction grade and that’s the most relevant metric to consider when choosing your GRE instructor.

Exploring your GRE prep options with Varsity Tutors? This guide explores various platforms and their features to ensure you get the most out of your study time.


For $149, you can get a year’s subscription to the self-paced course where you get high-quality study plans based on your schedule and area of focus.

Under that package, you get over 90 lecture videos, each at least 30 minutes long, as well as 6,000+ practice questions and over 500 pages of study materials.

The live GRE classes which cost a subscription fee of $599 will entail comprehensive practice tests and questions as well as 20 hours of live online instructions.

By the time you’re done with this course, you’ll be better at handling advanced-level questions since you’ve practiced similar tests with real-time guidance from your tutor.

To combine elements from both live classes and the self-paced course, you can subscribe to the GRE on-demand + tutoring bundle for a current rate of $649.

By enrolling for this package, you get a year of access to study materials and 6 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring alongside practice tests.


Some of these tests will be times to get you even more realistically prepared for your advanced-level test. If your new GRE score isn’t an improvement after paying for this course, the platform promises a year of subscription at zero charges.

According to GRE reviews, their services are highly valuable as you’ll be dealing with tutors who are the most qualified.

Besides, you can try several features of the platform for free to have a taste of what you’re going to be paying for.

A good example of that is Ace, their free GRE prep coach which is mobile-friendly. This app does a good job of tracking your progress as you study with help from tutors, practice questions, and instructional videos.

The Ace app provides a personalized plan based on your timeline and it’s easy to use.

Student Feedback and Reputation

The majority of Varsity Tutor GRE reviews online are encouraging considering the affordability and quality of their instructional materials. Their customers show a great deal of satisfaction in their reviews on the website, especially since their GRE scores turned out impressive.

We found a positive review of the site on Reddit where the user commended the volume discounts which are offered per hour to their customers.


On Trustpilot, we also found an impressive number of positive remarks from previous customers of Varsity Tutors and how they helped students improve their grades at a relatively cheap rate. Their instructors received high praise for their professionalism and effective teaching strategies that boost the confidence of students when taking all kinds of tests.


Their customer service is described as effective and humane in resolving issues. The experience that their tutors demonstrate also reassured a lot of their clients about the quality of their recommended study materials which proved to be useful to a handful of them.

We came across many encouraging comments on the Varsity Tutor GRE prep app which provides the benefits of the platform on a mobile app. The Android-powered application was created to give their clients the ability to prepare for their graduate record exam on the go with features like flashcards and study plans.


  • Great customer service.
  • Their prices are relatively affordable.
  • Their instructors are mostly kind and respectful.
  • Full refund when your GRE scores don't improve.
  • Their prep courses are well-tailored to your timeline and area of focus.
  • You can select a tutor based on their customers’ ratings and proximity if that's important to your studying needs.
  • We found a few reviews where customers were not fully satisfied with their tutors.
  • So, there is always a chance that you might need to change the tutor that you are assigned with.

Quick Verdict

To end this GRE review, all there is to say is that the company can help you adequately prepare for your graduate record exams and similar tests.

We highly recommend the platform to anyone looking for some guidance or comprehensive study materials to use at their own pace.

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