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When we talk about students, there are two kinds of them:

Those who love assignments that involve continuous jobslike typing for hours and days.

Those who love assignments that involve practical things, like going door to door and conducting a survey or going out in the field to conduct a study based upon which they can present their report.

Some students love to write content, while some hate it. That is why they hire experts who can write content for them at low prices. They do not care if the content delivered to them is high in quality or fulfills the criteria of being qualified as a good paper to get them an A-grade, but they for sure are happy to have their assignment submitted on time, which is the biggest concern for them. Other students, however, would prefer to have someone to write high quality papers and deliver them on time, and here is where most online portals and academic ghostwriting services step in.

There are many websites that are now providing academic writing services to students, and one of them is paperhelp.org. Paperhelp org is an organization dedicated to providing the students with affordable options for choosing the content that they want to outsource to the expert writers on the platform. On the internet, you will find many paperhelp org reviews, and some of them are fake. In such a scenario, the user is confused whom to trust and whom not to. That is why we have created this genuine paperhelp review, that you can trust and by the time you have read this entire review, you will be independent and cautious enough to choose the right website for yourself and order a paper from it.

Unlike other paperhelp reviews that either talk only about the negative sides of the company or only positive, we have kept this review strictly neutral, discussing both the pros and cons of it.

Starting with the review, we would like to evaluate and analyze the website of paperhelp.org at first:

One look at the website and you can see a lot of information presented on the screen, from pricing to authors, you can see everything in one glance. You can also find their personal statistic information on the landing page. They give monthly statistics for the customers to see and review the performance of their website.

For June 2018, they published following statistics on the portal – 525 clients ordered thesecond assignment from them, which was a big thing because usually, that happens only when a client gets a satisfactory response in the first go! Only 2% of the clients used revisions, which means 98% of the clients were happy with what they got the first time. $45 were saved on every assignment, which means their prices are lower as compared to their competitors. They even have paperhelp coupons to make it easier for the customers to afford quality writing help. 678 clients brought their friends and acquaintances over for the assignment work, which means their platform is getting popular through recommendations of satisfied customers, which is the best kind of popularity you can have!

Unlike other websites and online portals that show you text-based or image-based testimonials from customers, paperhelp.orghas videos uploaded on their platform that come straight from their users who have experienced the services first-hand. This is great in our opinion because text-based or message-based testimonials are usually unreliable, and a good content writer can draft them all beautifully without the customer realizing that they are all coming from the same person!

Below the video section, they have answred some very frequent questions that the readers or customers might ask, like – “Why can we help you?” “Why should you trust us?” “What’s included in the total cost?” These are the most common questions that every reader has, and if you also have similar questions on mind, you can get proper in-depth answers on their platform.

They also provide a money-back guarantee which isn’t offered onmany platforms. This is a great service because it ensures the customers that they won’t be duped for their money and they can claim a refund if they are not satisfied. Having such policies on your platform also make you appear more trustworthy and genuine.

The writers on paperhelp.org are all experts or their domains and professionals who havethe thorough knowledge of their subjects. They not only write quality papers but also provide proofreading services to ensure that no mistakes or errors have been done on their part.

The prices that they charge fortheir customers are really groundbreaking and affordable compared to many of their online competitors. While an average Ph.D. level research paper of 20 pages would cost you somewhere around $500 on any other academic ghostwriting website, on paperhelp.org, you can get the same paper for $300 (delivered to you in 20 days). You can see a clear difference of $200 right here in one paper, which is substantial if you are considering to become their returning customer for more assignments in the
To properly review the services and features of paperhelp.org, we decided to outsource a small assignment to them and see how they perform, what mistakes they do or what great things they bring to the table. So, we pretended to be their customers and ordered a high school level essay from them on a topic about the social cause, and based upon the essay that was delivered to us, we are going to draft the further review.

  • Quality of content– We ordered a simple essay on the social topic, that was high school level of difficulty, and what we received was a high-quality essay that clearly describes the topic and talks about the cause in such a depth. This showed that the writer has not only taken time to properly articulate the essay, but they also spent the substantial amount of time in researching the topic and then writing about The quality of the content surely impressed us!
  • Plagiarism Free Content– We decided to run the essay through some sophisticated and modern plagiarism checking software and we did that, but guess what – we found 0% plagiarism in the content. This again impressed us, because mostly there is some plagiarism in everything that you order online. The plagiarism level sometimes is 10% or below but there always is some form of plagiarism present in the online academic content. But here, it was zero, which clarified that the writer has written every word from scratch.
  • Expert and Professional Writers– The writers that are working with paperhelp.org are all experts of their domain. Some of them are native English writers, while some are teaching high school students, and some are professors in universities, which makes this platform even more reliable, trustworthy and valuable from a student’s point of view.
  • Money back guarantee– Although, this is a service that hardly anyone will use at this platform, but they do have a refund policy and a 100% money-back guarantee that you can utilize in case you did not receive your paper before the deadline or you were not satisfied with the quality of the content that you received.
  • Respect for Deadlines– The writers are professional not only with the work but even with the deadlines. We ordered the paper with a week-long deadline, and surprisingly it was delivered to us in five days, which was two days shorter than a week. We got the time to review the paper on our end, proofread it, scan and run it through the plagiarism checker to make sure that it was error-free and original.
  • Overnight Delivery – Many online websites and portals do not have the provision to deliver your content overnight, but at paperhelp.org, you can ask even for a 3-hour delivery, where the essay will be yourswithin three hours! Who can be quicker than that?
  • No Communication with Writer – There are many academic writing services that allow you to talk to the writer or choose the writer that you want to work with, but here there is no provision like that.
  • No Pre-written papers – They don’t have any pre-written papers that you can order, which means they write everything from scratch. While it might be a great thing, having pre-written papers in stock enables you to address the customers who need things quickly.
  • Average customer support – When you land on the website, a chat-box will open asking you if it can help you in any way. It is an automated and computer-generated message, which is of no use to the customers as such. The real thing would be to employ a proper customer supportworkers for users on calls, messages, chats and everywhere else.
  • 100% Advance Payment – They don’t take half payment before the work and half after completion, but they take full payment in advance.
  • Can’t Guarantee Errors – While there isa low chance of errors, but still you should always check and double-check your paper for any errors before submitting it to your mentor to avoid last minute rush.
  • Additional Costs – While you may think that the cost of paper is what the cost calculator displays, it is notcomplete. Cost calculator hides a lot of additional costs that you will see once you will be redirected off the payment gateway. So, you should always have this thing in your mind that you will be charged more than what is being displayed! But even then, it is less than what their competitors charge.