EduReviewerServicesBid 4 Papers Review: Assessing Custom Paper Writing Services

Bid 4 Papers Review: Assessing Custom Paper Writing Services

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 7, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About Bid 4 Papers
Lowest price$13.40
Charged one-time
Minimum deadlinefrom 48 hours
My Verdict Pros & Cons
Not Recommended


  • Not one of the best writing services, but it can at least meet your requirements.


  • The company has some experienced writers who know what you need, and they maintain a good level of communication.
  • If you are looking for an affordable writing service, and you do not need the best quality paper, then you can try them out.


  • No customer support.
  • Bid4Papers is legit.
  • Rate writers according to the quality you get.
  • Choose a writer on your own.
  • Writer ratings inform your decision.
  • Talk directly with your writer.
  • Pick from a range of price offers.
  • Cons of the service.
  • No customer support.
  • Not a very impressive rating of 6.8.
  • Writers hardly respond to revision requests.
  • There are no discount codes.
  • Only for basic academic projects.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get high-quality papers.
Best Customer Choice
Price$18Lowest priceTimeREVIEWEDUPromo Code
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Unlimited Support 24/7
Top Writers
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Customer Support 24/7
100% Refund Guarantee
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Students who want to get the best grades at school should have time and try hard to find the top writing services online.

However, hiring someone with whom you cannot discuss all the details and requirements for the future assignment frequently leads to disappointment and low grades. So, the question is, can essay bid sites help?

Notably, bidding sites are increasingly flooding the web as they target learners looking for quick help. In our EduReviewer reviews series, we landed on Bid 4 Papers to do our own review.

We wanted to answer: Does the service help students realize their academic goals, or is it just another scam agency seeking to rip off unsuspecting clients? Overview

bid4papers intro

We always try to remain neutral when reviewing academic paper help sites and the following reasons informed our decision on Bid4Papers review:

  • The service has been processing thousands of students’ orders on non-personal terms, and in which case, its unique way of handling academic papers caught our attention.
  • There is so much going on regarding the service, especially its straightforward bid approach to taking orders. We wanted to find out if it is easy to hire a writer on this site and through what criterion.
  • Client feedback on the site regarding writing help is above average, something that always informs EduReviewer choice on custom agencies that make it to the peer review.
  • Before picking on Bid 4 Papers review, we also looked into the pricing mechanism, and in which case, it became a mainstay of this post.

In the quest for the perfect writing tool, Grammarly often pops up. To help you decide if it’s the right fit, we’ve compiled comprehensive reviews of Discover how it can streamline and enhance your writing.

bid4papers main steps

Having looked at the above, it was time to go into specific details regarding the service, especially how it relates to students seeking academic paper help. Is it a top assignment writing service? So, what we found out.

Bid4papers Prices

Is Bid4Papers legit when it comes to pricing?

That is a question people keep asking. According to our findings, the pricing strategy is legit, and students get to choose the cheapest offers from among many. You have the discretion of selecting a writer who you feel provides the most inexpensive help. is also famous for its loyal prices. Learn more about them from reviews on our blog.

bid4papers pricing

While doing our Bid4Papers prices review, we found that the lowest price we could get per page is $13,40 for a simple one-page essay on history. Better writers cost more. In our case, the price was up to $30 per page.

Bid 4 Papers Marketplace

In our Bid4Papers review, we should also note that the website operates as a freelance marketplace. It is very different from custom websites where a student fills up an order form. Here, you post a writing project, and writers bid on it, and from whom, you choose a suitable candidate.

Seeking an efficient writing aid? We’ve put ratings under the microscope to provide you with detailed insights. Explore our ratings to discover if this platform meets your writing needs.

bid4papers people talk

Bid4Papers Customer Service

Is safe? Since you posted a paper writing request, the site does not have a customer service desk to seek personalized help on various issues. What’s more? Well, the projects in which you seek help are rather basic, according to our Bid4Papers reviews.

bid4papers info

The best assistance you can get is available at Edusson. Their customer support team is polite; they answer in minutes and handle all your issues quickly. Is reliable? Check the review written by our team.

  • Bid4Papers is legit.
  • Rate writers according to the quality you get.
  • Choose a writer on your own.
  • Writer ratings inform your decision.
  • Talk directly with your writer.
  • Pick from a range of price offers.
  • Cons of the service.
  • No customer support.
  • Not a very impressive rating of 6.8.
  • Writers hardly respond to revision requests.
  • There are no discount codes.
  • Only for basic academic projects.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get high-quality papers.

Bid 4 Papers Alternatives

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Bid 4 Papers Reviews 12

  1. Michael says:

    If you are like me, tired of writing because of work, you can safely order. Quickly opened the project, got feedback, and chose the best one. The coursework was written in 6 days. The topic was complicated, but the author coped. Everything is cool.

  2. Mary says:

    I issued college already five essays on music, but I needed more time to write them. I ordered a job and chose an author with education in the field. Prices sometimes bite, and here you can select a writer yourself. Can recommend!

  3. Chloe Fuller says:

    Do someone still believe those “”reviews”” on the website? Because there are only good ones, with no complaints at all.
    Nevertheless, I made an order from this service, I’m the guy who at that time believed those comments, of course it turned out not that great, but it was okay. My task was not that difficult, so i guess I should have written it myself, but i’m lazy.
    Bid4Papers is normal service, nothing more that that. Author of the review here is right with his rate.

  4. M. Hanson says:

    Not the most cheapest essays I guess. I ordered an urgent proofreading and they sent me reports that my paper was plagiarized. That’s cool, because I thought it was ok, I was in a hurry, let them fix this. However, when the deadline was pressing they suddenly said my writer got into an accident and couldn’t complete my paper! They could find another one! Can you imagine my panic? But the paper eventually was okay.

  5. Stephany says:

    That isn’t a wow service, but they managed with their work. Thank you!

  6. Layton says:

    Nice website, poor quality and no support managers. Received a paper from them and I asked for revision as I`d found a lot of grammar mistakes in the text. They refused to do it for free and suggested that I should order a new paper from them. Not gonna do that, thank you. Hope that I can do that myself, thanks that you made a paper at least.

  7. George says:

    Surprisingly, I got my paper on time and the quality was acceptable but the service itself needs improving. I waited for their answers too long. That`s not the best way to treat customers. I would say bid4papers are okay, not great, not shitty, just okay.

  8. Galich says:

    The academic paper from Bid4papers was the amazing and on point. I got an A+ on that. They are the best online essay writing service

  9. Alvares says:

    Not sure I’ll use bid4papers essay writing service next time

  10. April says:

    My thesis had a significant importance and that is why it required some assiduous efforts on the writer’s part which they almost failed to provide and made me face its consequences. If I was not asking how’s it going all the time and to send me drafts, i’m sure it would’ve been total failure. They did well in the end, with my help of course.

  11. Tim says:

    Not good and not bad company, this Bid4papers writing service. Something in the middle for me! I tryed your help but not sure that I will contact you again because of very poor support team work

  12. Benito says:

    My teacher said, if you cannot do something by yourself, just pay for this! So that is why I called to Bid4papers for an essay help! They did a good work and I’m really glad! Thank you very much!

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