EduReviewerServices99 Papers Review: A Comprehensive Look into Their Legitimacy

99 Papers Review: A Comprehensive Look into Their Legitimacy

By Alina Burakova, Updated January 7, 2024


Our opinion here is not influenced by the company reviewed, even if we are partners. Read how exactly our team scrutinizes online services here.

About 99 Papers
Lowest price$9.95
Charged per page
Minimum deadline3 hours
My Verdict Pros & Cons
Not Recommended


  • If other writing services have disappointed you, 99Papers will do the same.
  • You should better see what other writing services like CustomWriting can do for you.
  • There is a good chance that you will be scammed with this writing service.
  • Thanks to their unquick turnaround, few revisions, and poor customer care.
  • The writers are not even experienced enough to understand your requirements.
  • Unfortunately, all of this is present at 99 Papers.


  • Their prices will not leave a dent in a student's pockets.


  • You can track your project on the go.
  • If you wish to cancel a project midway because it is no longer necessary, you also get your money back.
  • Service assures secure payments.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Multiple revisions.
  • Track your project on the go.
  • Toll-free customer care.
  • Cheap service at less than $9.95 a page.
  • No unlimited revisions.
  • No bargaining.
  • No one-page summary for the whole project.
  • You will sometimes wait a little longer when in need of urgent help with assignments.
  • Loyalty bonuses are exclusive only to long-time members.
  • They have limited free essay samples.
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Best Writing Services

When it comes to writing academic papers, sometimes students face a myriad of challenges, some of which are hard to overcome. It could be that one doesn’t have enough time to enable them to finish schoolwork, or the questions are too difficult to understand or tackle within the specified time.

Under these circumstances, most learners are always left stranded with no clear plan of action in mind. Some ask questions like ‘Where can I find someone to write my research paper.’ or ‘who can help me do my homework for cheap.’

The truth is: with so many best writing services agencies out there, sometimes it is not easy to differentiate a legit helper such as from a fake service. At 99Papers review, a trusted peer 99 papers review on writing services, we help put all the worries behind you.

So, do you want to know is it a top choice for many? Is 99papers legit? Is 99papers reliable? Take a look.

Check our Fixgerald reviews before picking any service. Yet, how reliable are they? Is it legal to use them, and do they help get things done affordably?

99Papers Overview


We know choosing a service for your academic papers can be a painstakingly laborious process. It can also consume tons of your study time, and before you know it, the deadline for submitting homework is due.

So, it is in this regard that we always compile and review only the best after applying the following criterion:

  • Online reviews by clients.

There are many custom writers on the web lately but not all provide the quality you seek. EduReviewer only picks the best from all around the web based on user rating. 99Papers has a rating of 9.1 out of 10.

  • Client satisfaction is another feature we look into.

The service boasts of 95% returning clients seeking more help with other projects. But the real 99papers rating online is not that good as it seems to be. There are many 99 Papers reviews where clients are not happy with the services provided.


  • Amount of work and portfolio.

When writing this review, we noted that 99 Papers state that they have been able to complete over 1 million assignments so far. There is also a free sample request if you need to catch a glimpse into what to expect.

  • Practical knowledge of writers, not to mention a solid professional and academic background.

99Papers Professionalism

Poor grades are the worst nightmare for any student, and it is because repeating a grade is as dreadful as doing a challenging project.

We put forward 99 Papers as the worst place to be when in need of professional academic writers because of reasons such as the following:

  • Poorly-trained writers will consistently deliver the best.

Apart from having the bad qualifications for the job, they do not know how to approach every paper with the seriousness it deserves.


What’s more?

The writers do not understand the dynamics of writing which include applying suitable styles, formatting, and structuring so that in the end, all you get is a highly unpresentable paper.

  • Another attribute that makes 99 Papers writers unworth the money is a pool of writers whose communication prowess is nothing but unprofessional.

What does this mean? When placing your orders, it is vital to work with a writer who will pay attention to all the issues you raise and be attentive to details. According to reviews from former clients, they lack all of this.

  • Every paper is written from scratch.

Their professional writers will run the risk of copying and pasting material from other sources and claiming it’s original. That would amount to an academic crime of plagiarism.

The hiring department conducts background checks on the people they hire for academic tasks because it contributes to their good name as a top service for students looking for help.


And some clients mentioned in their paper writing reviews that their papers are plagiarized.

99Papers Prices

One of the challenges that students face when looking for paper helpers is finding an affordable service. It gets even more complicated when one has to flip over tons of WebPages in search of one.

Doing the 99Papers prices review, we found that 99 Papers beat some of the customs agencies out there because their prices will not leave a dent in a student’s pockets. But how do they achieve this?

Well, their pricing strategy is accommodating, taking into account:

  1. Paper complexity against value;
  2. The number of pages;
  3. Deadline for delivery;
  4. Level of academia. prices

Therefore, once you check into their or another site like, one gets to choose from tailor-made price ranges suiting different projects. There is an on-site calculate to make your work easy when doing so. Read more in the writers review on our blog.

99Papers Academic Services

It is not easy to find a website that provides academic help services cutting across many different disciplines and subjects. But, worry no more, because 99Papers takes in any project. But given the 99papers paper writing reviews, they are not that good at it.


Whether you are a student of Geography, History, Biology, or any other discipline, there is always someone equal to the task at EssayPro. Is Essay Pro reliable? This service further assigns you a writer who will be able to able a top-notch write-up on essays, thesis, lab reports, dissertations, research work, and other subjects.

99Papers Quality

Have you ever hoped for the best marks after submitting a term paper only to end up with a zero and asking your tutor why? The answer you get is that the paper was inferior in facts?

Many students fail not to know what to write but because of write-ups that are poor in grammar, poor in punctuations, and other grammar-related shortcomings.

And so, the question many ask every often is where they can get someone who writes quality papers.


Therefore, a quest for quality is another reason why every learner should not use 99 Papers. Apart from handing in your project assignment to unprofessional writers with the worst academic accreditations, you can always look forward to low-quality work that will fetch the lowest marks.

From supreme grammar mistakes, inappropriate punctuation, incorrect formatting for readability to proofreading, your plagiarized paper from the 99Papers will always meet the lowest standards set by your language teacher. Remember about spelling and grammatical mistakes henceforth.

Moreover, students who place their orders at 99Papers can be sure the final delivery will not meet quality on the research premise.

When you have too many assignments to do, even going out into the field to gather information for a project can be a problem.


You don’t want to present guesswork or fabrications and expect good marks out of it. With the help of someone you can pay to gather relevant information at Edusson or PapersOwl, one can always look forward to a paper delivery rich in facts and powerfully informative. But this is not possible at 99 Papers.

99Papers Plagiarism Checker

There are many reasons why sometimes the temptation to copy and paste existing work then claim ownership for it is very high.

However, we are not going into that. The catch is: how can a student make sure they submit an academic research work or a thesis paper that meets the highest academic standards?

Well, it takes the intervention of a custom academic help service such as 99 Papers to do a plagiarism-free paper.

First and foremost, a writer with whom you will be working does not make sure sources of information are appropriately cited within the text.


Secondly, bibliographic/referencing information in papers you get from the service is not up to date, which means students who place their orders will not score highly on the currency and relevance of data/information.

Your paper will not be passed through highly-rated plagiarism checkers to make sure the content does not exist anywhere else on the web, as without that, you have the worst grades! While many other essay writing websites do that effectively.

99Papers Writers

If tutors keep complaining about your written grammar, then it is time you switched to the best service. There are very high chances that all this while at 99Papers, a non-native writer/speaking is the one who has been writing your papers.

Now, this takes us back to the hiring procedure that goes on at 99 Papers. There is a rigorous filtration process at the recruitment stage to make sure the person to whom you place your order speaks and writes in English like a non-native.


But why is this important?

Quality academic write-ups border on grammar use. You do not want to end up with someone whose written English will sound like a direct translation from a local dialect because it would be a straight path to getting poor grades.

With the help of a non-native writer, something which 99Papers emphasizes, you can always be sure of proper sentence arrangement, paper structuredness, and a high readability score.

  • If you wish to cancel a project midway because it is no longer necessary, you also get your money back.
  • Service assures secure payments.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Multiple revisions.
  • Track your project on the go.
  • Toll-free customer care.
  • Cheap service at less than $9.95 a page.
  • No unlimited revisions.
  • No bargaining.
  • No one-page summary for the whole project.
  • You will sometimes wait a little longer when in need of urgent help with assignments.
  • Loyalty bonuses are exclusive only to long-time members.
  • They have limited free essay samples.

99 Papers Alternatives

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99 Papers Reviews 10

  1. Francisco Padilla says:

    The first paper I purchased was wonderful. The writer had a conversation with and we discussed all the necessary things.
    There were some minor errors, but all in all it was great. The quality was good. It was formatted correctly.

  2. Destiny says:

    For the price I paid the overall quality of the paper was okay. There grammatical errors, the reference used in the paper provided was not the one I gave them. The writer was repetitive and the citations were not done properly. I did order the plagiarism test and it was 80%, when I needed 70%.

  3. Lilly says:

    99papers came as my savior and thankfully I got my dissertation written by expert writers. I owe this service a lot. I recommend this service to all those who face similar problems in writing dissertations.

  4. Shon says:

    My friend and I ordered from We got our orders not in time. So I couldn’t recommend you(( Sorry, guys!

  5. Jessica says:

    To be honest, I expected to receive at least some comments about my research paper from the 99papers editor. Instead I got only a clean copy.(( It is frustrating! My opinion isn’t positive, I recommend them!

  6. Sim says:

    I was a bit disappointed with the delay with final revision of my draft. You sent me first draft so promptly, but next revision took 2 days!! Why?

  7. Ciara C. says:

    What is really important in any kind of a service is a customer support, don’t you agree? 99papers has a real problem with this! I called you a few times to ask about my potential order and got no reply! I’m outraged by this. It’s not a proper way to attract customers!

  8. Nora says:

    99papers has one issue with website, sometimes when you place an order your deadline resets to 15+ days so be careful.
    They can change it but you will have to pay the price difference. Not a big deal. I got an amazing paper though, quality, content, format and everything else were just like asked.

  9. Darren says:

    I got an essay for my English class. “Good paper” that’s what I thought at first, but had to move somethings around. Anyway it worth the money. Probably would do it again from

  10. R. Jones says:

    I had only one bad experience with 99papers, which consisted of missing deadline for 4 hours.
    I ended up receiving a penalty for sending an essay late. I know that it is fair website, because they gave me a coupon on my next order as a refund I will probably order from them again.

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