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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 19, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Do you hate writing essays, have no time for them, or need professional homework help to boost your grades? You must be looking for a legitimate essay writing service or the best algebra homework help websites.

Perhaps you have come across and are probably asking yourself, “Is 123HelpMe safe.”

You came to the right site because here, you’ll get a 123HelpMe review from people who have actually used the service.

So, the information you find here is nothing but the truth. As usual, we can observe writing websites with high-quality services. Rest assured that we have given a serious thought before publishing this 123HelpMe essay review.

Hopefully, our open-minded opinion will answer your question – is 123HelpMe reliable?

Our main goal at EduReviewer is to make your life easier by showing you the top essay writing services on the market today.

Essay writing is not always a fun activity. If you need help completing an assignment, avoid choosing the first site you came across on the internet, read the best assignment service review online first. Trust us, we have been there before, and we understand the pressures that students go through.

As the most trusted essay writing reviewer, we are very selective in evaluating a website. We take a lot of time before concluding with confidence that a particular site is worth a try.

Sometimes, even the so-called top-ranking websites may not meet your academic standards. Based on our experience, has not proven to be a reliable service.

We suggest that you first take a look at their samples but do not pay immediately. After inquiring, talk to the customer care representatives and see how different they are from other sites.

We consulted 123HelpMe for a term paper. First, the website is not so different from similar sites. So, our biggest question was, “is 123HelpMe legit or just another scam?”

Shockingly, there is no phone number or a live chat. But one of the things we love about the site is a grading tool that is almost like a Grammarly checker. Anyone can use it, including those who haven’t been registered on the site.

Moreover, there is a huge array of essay samples. According to the website, there are over 400,000 samples, including term papers, sample essays, course works, etc. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the free samples.

But there are some samples which you have to pay for. These papers are only for paraphrasing, and you cannot cancel your prescription after signing up for them.

The other thing we wanted to know was, “is 123HelpMe plagiarism?” After downloading our paper, we passed it through Turnitin, and there were zero results.

Basically, there are two main types of services found at sample base and online proofreader. By clicking the ‘Get Started’ button’, you can check your paper for grammatical errors. Then you can preview samples by searching for any topic on the ‘search our database’ tool.

Some of the most popular essays include descriptive, argumentative, informative, classification, description, and personal essays.

You will also find papers in various fields of study, such as sociology, healthcare, humanities, education, history, philosophy, finance, economics, etc.

One thing that makes 123HelpMe legit is the wide variety of essays for students. The range of the topics covered is impressive. You are sure to find any type of essay, thanks to the clear menu.

All you have to do is to type what you are looking for in the search bar. What a perfect tool to complete your assignment and save time!

The other great thing about 123HelpMe samples is that they are suitable for all academic and language levels. Apart from free essays, you also get free guides and tips on being a better writer.

If you take a close look at the site structure, you will see 5 major sections highlighted in different colors, i.e., free essays, good and better essays, stronger and powerful essays, term and research papers.

To get a free paper, choose among the samples highlighted in black and open the document. Remember that you must sign in as a member to get the free paper.

The site claims that their papers are donated by students. Taking a glimpse at their papers, you will find out that they are written in particular formats such as MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago styles. This means that the papers are written by people who know what they are doing.

There is no assurance if the supposed top-writer will produce quality work. However, at 123HelpMe, you get a chance to see exactly what is provided through samples.

Most of the 123HelpMe com reviews from other sites show many complaints, especially about customer service. There is also the issue of quality as most of the papers are not 100% original.

Our biggest concern was the lack of contact. Even if the papers are ready for purchase, there is a need for a reliable client support system. We still don’t understand why the company doesn’t care about this. Because according to many 123 Help Me reviews, this is a big issue at this company.

Before you spend your money, you want to know, “is 123HelpMe safe?” Because we have already used the site, we can assure you that your personal details are totally safe when making a transaction on this site.

To place an order, you write something in the search tool. You will see a list of samples differentiated in colors:

  • Research papers – green;
  • Term papers – turquoise;
  • Powerful/masters essays – blue;
  • Stronger/undergraduate essays – purple;
  • Better essays – yellow;
  • Good essays – orange;
  • Free essays- gray.

Note that free essays are rare, and they might not be available even for simple topics. To enjoy full samples, you are required to subscribe to one of the plans. When subscribing, ensure that you’ve read all the Terms of Use.

Note that you cannot get your money back, while at Paperell, you can, so check reviews from customers and our own detailed review to be sure.

The company operates on a subscription basis. So, you have to subscribe to the service for a specific time rather than buy an individual essay. This might leave you wondering, ‘Is 123HelpMe scam?”

But we are here to confirm that they cannot steal your money. The monthly prescription costs $14.95. There is also a $2 plan in which you can access the papers for two days.

The best prices for essays can be found on EduBirdie. The quality of their paper is top-notch too. How much is EduBirdie? So, read the EduBirdie review and see how our order there was completed. For instance, we got 2-day access at $2 only without a monthly plan. We found it to be a great deal as we didn’t use too much money.

Alternatively, you can choose a 3-month plan that goes for $29.95. You have to be careful when subscribing to the payment plans. Your subscription is renewed automatically as soon as the term comes to an end unless you cancel the plan within a week.

Unfortunately, you cannot have cash rewards at 123HelpMe. There are no special offers or discounts. The only way you can enjoy price reduction is by subscribing to a more extended payment plan.

We can rate the quality of papers at 123HelpMe as average. Most of them are fine, but you might want to look elsewhere if you need top-notch papers of 100% originality.

The other thing we noted is that some topics have only a few papers, so your choices will be limited. Before you pay for papers on this site, make sure that there are enough samples available.

We would like you to know that whenever you purchase an already written paper, the only thing you have is access to this paper. This means that the original writer may have all the property rights.

As such, when you buy an essay from 123HelpMe, only use it for research and never submit it as your own work to your professor.

If you are looking for a writing website with 24-hour customer representatives, is not the right place for you. But this doesn’t mean that 123HelpMe scam. The service is absolutely legit, only that they lack a support department.

There is only one contact window plus email communication. According to our experience, we think that there are only a few managers who work once in a while and so it might take hours before you get a reply.

Without a phone and live chat, it is impossible to get instant replies. Clients submit their complaints through a special form and are told to wait for answers through their email.

  • A wide range of resources: you will find all types of essays, research, and term papers arranged in general topics. The papers are coloured to choose the level of quality.
  • A huge database of samples: there are numerous writing sites out there but not so many share samples of their work.
  • Reasonable prices: generally, their prices are good, and there are some special offers.
  • Free grammar check: this is a convenient check tool that allows you to view the uniqueness of your written content.
  • Fast and straightforward: finding a paper is as easy as ABCD. Type in your inquiry, and you’ll get samples instantly.
  • Safe payment: you pay via PayPal or credit card.
  • Customer support is questionable: we sent a question regarding the references, but we had to wait for almost two hours to respond via email.
  • Prepaid services: you receive your paper only after payment except for the free samples.
  • You cannot cancel a prescription: In the Terms and Conditions of the service, they say you can stop the subscriptions, but past customers say that it is not easy.
  • Furthermore, you cannot get back your money if you are dissatisfied.
  • There is no genuine quality guarantee: The Company claims that their papers are of high quality and that 123HelpMe plagiarism doesn’t exist.
  • But we found grammatical mistakes in a few samples while their originality was not 100%. The best we got was 90%.
  • Unreliable 123HelpMe reviews: the client feedback on the site is positive, and we are sure they are fabricated.
  • There is no information regarding the writers: They claim that the papers are donated by good guys. Who are these people anyway?
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit 123helpme seems like a new essay writing company. If you are looking for ready papers, then the site would be of great help. While this seems like a smart process, you cannot tell when the papers were written.

We don’t know for sure if the materials have been used before. So, we advise you to check anything you get from this site with a plagiarism detector.

Also, please do not rely on the testimonials on the site because they don’t seem honest. While we had a few complaints about grammar, we received a term paper that inspired our writing.

So, we do not recommend the service to anyone who needs urgent help. And as far as the legitimacy of the company goes, you have a lot to worry about because there are scam reports here.

If you want to get a paper from 123HelpMe, do not rush into subscribing to the payment plans. First, check the free samples, and they might inspire you to write your own unique paper. Sometimes, all you need are a few ideas when your writing skills are on point. If you use the free samples, be sure to rewrite them to avoid plagiarism. Generally, this site is worth your trust.

Finally, the answer to the question - is safe - is no. There are not many benefits of using the site. The only one of them is a wide variety of papers.

The quality of the papers is not satisfactory, and the customer service is poor. The site can't be a great source of inspiration. For comprehensive and reliable assignment help, we suggest you look elsewhere.

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If quality is what you are looking for, just contact 123helpme. One thing I dislike is bad customer support connection. But in general papers are ok!


When I contacted 123helpme they helped me at such a professional level! Thanks them for that!


This service is not really helpful, you buy access to a base of plagiarized papers. For what purpose?
For this amount, you can buy a custom written paper from other services.


I think this service is only useful for those who want to sell an article or essay. Because you can sell your paper to 123helpme! Only useful for writers or cancelled assignments that are already written!


123helpme is a good choice is you need your academic paper be done fast and accurate. Great job!


I was sick for a long time and after I come back to my college I need my essay be edited. So I think 123helpme did a good job , but thier support service doesn’t work at a proper level. Please, check this point!


Your paper writing service is okay. If I see that I’m short of time to write something worth, I know which essay site to contact. It will be not 123helpme, I’ve had better experience with edubirdie. 123 is not the most reputable and reliable writing service I’ve used. But If you don’t really care, you can contact them.


Was glad to choose this service at first. I thought great prices, nice support, many options. But soon I realized that I don’t like everything about them. The price was okay, but support turned out not that good, those options were not that useful.

Mr. Hoffman

I don’t like the way they react with urgent orders. It wasn’t my first order. I already had a few deals with this service. But my last order was for an essay within 24 hours. Everything was done not on time as usual. Will not order from 123helpme again.


For such a pity I couldn’t recommend this service. Maybe I was unlucky with a writer, but my essay wasn’t professional , so I got a bad mark. Maybe you need to have a deeper look at your writers.