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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 18, 2018
Reviewer at Edurewiever

There are countless education sites that provide online writing services today and you have to find the one you can trust. What you need is a partner you can rely on any time and for any academic assignment. Get ready for the inside scoop of Trust My Paper to stay informed. This service has been delivering academic papers for years and we decided to review My Paper because it is our inherent desire to give scholars comprehensive evaluations of this type of services.

We have taken all the time needed to come up with this post including using our money to buy an essay so we can document concrete evidence regarding the experience we’ve had with TrustMyPaper. Also, we have taken into account other third party reviews as well as past clients’ testimonials. Speaking of testimonials on the site itself, they are all positive.

Moreover, the company claims to have a 98% loyalty rate. But we couldn’t rely on these claims alone. We needed a real experience to determine whether Trust Paper is legit. Keep reading to find out what we learned.

Our story

Our order entailed rewriting of an Architecture Term paper that consisted of 10 pages with 5 sources under the topic ‘Modern House Designs’ and had to be delivered in 14 days. We instructed the writer (we chose a US writer) to make it formal, well-structured, and grammatically correct. We chose Senior 4th year as the academic level and APA style. This cost us $165.92. Gladly, the paper was delivered 3 days ahead of schedule. Stay tuned to learn if there were any mistakes or quality issues.

The site has been redesigned recently and the new features are really attractive. We examined all content including the guarantees, Trust My paper reviews, samples, and contacted the service agents, probing for more details. The site has a lot to offer and it is a modern business design with distinctive features.

The price calculator is very convenient because it provides an instant quote without requiring you to register. Then there is a discount pop-up and other widgets which sometimes cause slow loading. But the content page is fine. Basically, the site is easy to navigate because there are no clutters or distractions. is one more example of well-designed interface. The details are point-blank with the main writing products you might be seeking.

It was easy to determine the type of services that TrustMyPaper offers. They are classified into academic writing, dissertation, admission, resume, copywriting, rewriting, editing, proofreading, multiple choice questions, and science and statistics. The available products are listed in each category, making it a commendable navigation method. It was easier for us to locate the exact service we needed, in this case, rewriting and place an order for a 4th-year college level term paper.

If you are looking for reviews, lab reports, presentations, all types of essays, and other forms of academic projects, you will find them at There is also a creative department that deals with scholarship and admission essays. Graduates can order dissertation and theses papers. Generally, the services are solid but not extensive. There is nothing unique but if the quality is as good as they claim, then TrustMyPaper would make an ideal choice for a regular writing assistant.

Price is a very important consideration when it comes to choosing an online writing service. At the lowest end of the pricing scale is a high school essay ($12.99 per page) completed in 14 days. Ph.D. level projects have the highest price range up to $44.99 per page. In our case, we managed to apply a discount and saved $33.98. So instead of $199.90, we paid $165.92. The price is above average and would be reasonable if it matched the level of writing quality.

The cost depends on several factors like the academic level, type of writer (US or UK based), number of pages, deadline, and extra features. UK writers, for instance, are more expensive than US-based writers. The same thing applies if you order a single-spaced rather than a double-spaced paper. accepts popular payment methods and you can pay through MasterCard, PayPal, Maestro, Discover It, American Express, Visa, and Wire Transfer. The payment processor which uses SSL certificate is absolutely secure.

Since our paper was delivered before the deadline, we took our time to review it step by step. It was in the right format and properly styled. However, the sources were not enough and we realized some typos. This is probably because we never paid for premium editing service. Again, there were some Canadian spellings which gave us the impression that the writer was not from the US so we requested a revision.

Overall, the paper quality of the rewritten material was average. We expected more than this. There was nothing creative and the writer didn’t add any new information. Even though we got a discount, we think that is not worth the prices they charge.

As stated earlier, we needed a rewrite for a 10-page college term paper. A few hours after placing the order, someone contacted us to give an assurance that the project had been assigned and a writer was working on it already. We were able to communicate several times with the writer in the course of the two weeks. We found the writer to be very professional, smart, and courteous. We received a notice that the paper was ready for review and on the 11th day the final draft was ready.

When we realized the paper had some mistakes we contacted the customer representative immediately and they replied promptly. When we asked questions about the missing sources, we didn’t get a specific answer. It is like the agent didn’t understand the question. And that is when we realized that we were speaking to a bot rather than a real agent!

To make matters worse, the site charges extra money for premium customer service. We find it a bit annoying to be subjected to an autonomous customer care desk just because you haven’t paid for ‘better customer support’. Why do they charge clients to speak to real agents? It actually costs $9.99! This is an indication that they don’t have sufficient customer care representatives. It was one of the most frustrating experiences we had with TrustMyPaper.

Finally, we got our revised paper but no one apologized for the poor customer service. We still get email notifications asking us to order again.

Before publishing this TrustMyPaper review we took time to explore the website and read several samples. Some of the samples are of equal quality to what we received and most of them are even better. The other thing that can attract you is the testimonial section because every comment speaks well of the company. Most clients are happy with what they get and have had the privilege to use the promo codes. We never got a chance to fully investigate all the promotions. Nonetheless, we didn’t find any accusations of the site engaging in scams or failing to deliver tasks. We, therefore, concluded that the website is legit.

Like most academic writing websites, provides complete assignments, plagiarism reports, free bibliographies, and free revisions. They also have an interesting blog in addition to quality samples that have been published. The other distinctive feature is the option to choose between the UK or US writer. However, there are no Australian writers available.

  • Security of the payment process
  • Free tables of content, bibliographies, title pages, and revisions
  • Courteous writers
  • Attractive discounts, promo codes, and loyalty programs
  • Easy-to-navigate website portal
  • Informative blogs and free samples
  • The paper quality didn’t meet our expectations
  • The services are overpriced given the low-level of paper quality
  • Non-existent customer care agents unless you pay for premium support
  • Extra cost for hiring UK writers
  • The writer’s credentials are not displayed on the site
  • Australian writers are not available
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit TrustMyPaper

The quality of the paper we received led us to believe that TrustMyPaper is not a good option for top-notch academic papers. You may order from them if you need a standard paper, say a high school essay. As far as their pricing goes, we would rate them as realistic but due to the low-quality results, we think the prices are unfair. But the prices have been put in line with the industry standard by their discounts. The fact that the website liaises with the better business bureau is a huge plus so you can be at peace knowing that your paper is in trustworthy hands.

Given that the site has been redesigned recently, it would be right to say that they are doing fine. We are certain that it is legit but we don’t like their customer support system which requires you to pay extra dollars to communicate effectively. However, the writer’s professionalism is commendable.

In conclusion, is an average writing service. It is not bad but if you want a creative paper, you might want to look elsewhere.

10 reviews

I received my paper one day after I ordered it on Trustmypaper. I am very satisfied with the order I have received. I will work with your company again in the future if I need your services again

I would never recommend TrustMyPaper for those who need both quality and fast delivery. They will definitely fail any of these. I prefer quality, so I always try to submit instructions even before the actual order placement. It gives me time to check if everything is OK and to submit revision comments to make sure that I get what I pay for.

I just want to thank you for helping me submit my thesis on time. I couldn’t expect I would be able to do that. Thanks a lot!

Save your money and seek help via your academic writing center! Horrible experience, and they don’t give you your money back! Even with adequate proof. Waste of time and money! You’re better off doing it yourself

My grades have improved because of the trustmypaper service that I was able to get from your company. I did not have problems with my dissertation class anymore because of your help

It is clear that writers from trustmypaper are not native to English. My essays were missing simple words such as “”the”” and “”of””.
I ordered a 4th year college level writer and it was more like high school senior level. I had to rewrite both essays.
Grammar was okay and punctuation was not.

I am not sure that I trust this writing service and their paper. Normal writers who perform not that good quality papers, but a helpful support team. Also the prices are relatively high. Maybe they should use coupons or smtng.

With the help of your company – Trustmypaper , I was able to finish my dissertation on time. I did not have to wait for another semester because I was able to work with your company. I will tell my friends about your services is not the best service, but is not the worst. I have doubts if they may handle any complex or volumate task like thesis or dissertation, but as for simple essays they are okay.

Avarage job guys! You did not a high-quality job. I got a very bad grade because of your thesis, so I couldn’t trust Trustmypaper.