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By Alina Burakova fb Apr 05, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Having so much to do that you hardly go out can be a real cause of worry. And for a student who is yet to strike a school-social life balance, the pressure will keep building up to a point you cannot take it anymore.

So, do you decide to submit incomplete assignments knowing very well what that would mean for your grades at the end of the day? What about students who do have the right skills necessary for literary composition? Are they doomed?

Well, at, we do not think so. With so many places where students can go to such as reviews and seek help, the internet is perhaps the best thing that has happened to academia. There are thousands of education services to choose from and we are here to help.

However, not all custom agencies have what it takes to deliver, and that brings to the fore an issue of whether legitimacy.

If you had a bad experience with writing services, fearing to hire help from third parties for academic projects can be subject to rigorous soul-researching because you do not want to end up with a scammer or someone who doesn’t delivery expected quality. However, it doesn’t hurt to tread with more care this time around, especially if you take our review writer into consideration.

Our criterion for selecting the best service for every student means looking at the following key issues:

Writer hiring procedures and whether they meet the highest standards of academia. At reviews, that is taken care of because recruitment is not just an everyday activity but a process that filters out the best talent fit for various academic projects.

Trust is another factor that makes our peer review worth giving a try. We look at customer satisfaction cutting across a range of issues such as paper delivery timeline, rating based on quality and individual reviews.

Does an essay service like hire native English speakers or writers? This is important because quality write-ups border on the ability of a writer to prepair grammatically correct papers.

Confidentiality is another thing we prospect for, and it because while ordering papers take place online, no one wouldn’t want to wake up to a shocker that his or her personaldetails have been misused. Writer com reviews meet this important requirement, therefore, a basic upon it qualifies as the best place to buy academic essays.

A student who wants to attain the highest grades must, first of all, go out there are seek a reliable answer to a question like ‘who can write a research paper for me?’ And while there are many places from where assistance would come, finding that one place like is no easy. From this point onwards, get to find out why it is arguably the best service for students needing academic help.

No student deserves to pay expensively for academic papers. For those who have been unfortunate in this regard, it is time you checked out reviews for affordable help. The agency’s mantra is; ‘Better than expected for a surprisingly low price,’ and it is not a ploy to woe students to their side. Imagine being able to spend less on the best paper services any day because that is students have been getting from the writing company.

The good thing about costing when you place orders here is that you get to know how the costing per page works so that even if you want multiple pages written, the on-site calculate breaks down the calculations.

There will be days when you simply cannot cope with deadlines because there is a backlog of assignments in the study.  But did you know with you can still own the deadline? When placing paper orders, you choose a specific date on which you will be expecting the paper.

When it is impossible to meet tight deadlines, the service makes it a reality so that your homework assignment reaches a teacher’s desk on time.  Delivery timelines vary from a few hours to more than a week, writers com reviews help ease the pressure handling a lot of academic projects.

One of the most challenging things when it comes to hiring academic paper helpers is finding someone or a service that will craft a paper from zero. It is because filling blank pages require more than just creativity. There has to be dependable and measurable information/data. helps you review writer so that you get to hire a perfect candidate for the job. It is important to work with someone who understands your concerns every step of the way and also appreciates the fact that for a student to score better grade, there has to be custom writing.

Being able to choose own writer is a rare privilege when hiring through custom writing services.  Writer com reviews make that possible by granting you special access to writer base where you pick on a candidate you feel meets expectations on many fronts.  But, that is not all.

You conduct a short interview for the candidate to determine whether he or she is the perfect fit. Elite expert writers have attained the highest qualifications, and that is how they earn their place in the academic writing service. Almost the same opportunity is on – make the right choice about your writer.

Whether you are in high school, college or University, reviews also acknowledges the existence of different services from which students can choose need-based assistance. For example, if you want to score the best marks in Math, there is always someone who will deliver to expectations.

Other areas for which you can seek help include thesis papers, dissertations, lab reports, business plans, research proposals and different types of essays such as argumentative, expository, narratives, informative, and more.

One of the many mistakes students usually make when doing academic assignments is rushing to meet a deadline without taking into account what is at stake, the expected quality and whether they have all the resources for doing a given a task. It is true that reviews help learners place their orders for papers at the right place, but, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

There is a support desk that is operational round-the-clock (24/7) to listen to your order instructions while also advising accordingly on whether deadlines for specific tasks are tenable or not. Whether it is in the middle of the night, or during weekends, the person on the customer service is a real human who understands academic paper requirements, but not a chatbot.

The internet can be unforgiving. For example, you do not want to go through ridiculing that fellow students would want to throw at you once they discover your name on a writing site, even if they did too. A paper service that protects the intensity of students is always a safe bet. This review also recognizes the highly confidential nature of because of the safety of clients matter.

You also pay for your order securely, which means, there is no chance of your financial information leaking online.  With credit/debit card payment security, or any other secure and convenient money remittance channel, no extra costs on every order.

With plagiarism detection software everywhere these days, it is easy to find out if a student has dubbed assignment from another source. But, that is not all. There have been stories of students losing their places in colleges and Universities due to persistence submission of copy-pasted work.

The question is: why should you fall into temptation of copying someone’s work when you can have an expert writer craft original work with the help of review writer?

Let the writing professionals handle the bulk of the work starting with the preliminary stage of research, writing to final stages of proofreading and checking with top plagiarism detectors if your paper is original and unique. It is important that your project stands out from the rest and that is what the service helps every student achieve.

The A-Writer web design has been changing since 2011 several times. The last updated on their design was back in 2017. And it hasn’t changed since. The website looks good, but sometimes it works bad, we saw some bugs while ordering an essay on


Updated: 05.04.2020

  • Quick-turnaround on every project
  • Money back guarantees in case of order cancellations or when a paper fails to meet your expectations quality-wise
  • Excellent collaboration, in which case, you get regular updates about progress on your order
  • Access to a pool of writers with many years of experience crafting different academic papers
  • Proper paper structuring and formatting to meet desirable academic writing style
  • Relevant citations and comprehensive bibliographic information on a thesis, research and dissertation projects at no extra cost
  • 25% discount for new customers
  • The samples do not look current
  • A bit slow in processing urgent orders
  • They haven’t completed a lot of orders (less than 15,000 compared to others services that have done millions)
  • Customer satisfaction falls below 95% at 94.2
  • Pricing per page is a little high
  • No discounts for orders below $30 for members
My verdict
Don’t Recommended this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit A-writer

Finally, we can say that is not the best writing service out there. Yes, there are many good things about the company, but the papers may not meet your needs. Pricing per page is also higher than many other good writing services. You will find a better one than

10 reviews
nicolas says:

Will not work with A – writer service again, it was difficult even to contact them

Ms. Avery says:

I had a research paper that I needed to do, so i ordered it from them. First off all, the paper wasn’t even completed in due time. Furthermore, the writer completely missed all my instructions, then I submitted the paper for the revision and they sent me the same god damn thing!

Abigail says:

$370 for a ten-page essay with a 5-day deadline, damn, these guys robbed me. This definitely doesn’t seem affordable to me! Next I’ll use a different service!

Yan says:

No! No! One more time – NO! Will never ask you for a help again! Didn’t get a good service at all!

Pharell says:

There’s no way my paper was completed by a native speaker. So many mistakes, I had revised them three times in two days. Even missed my deadline for submission. Do your job better awritercom!!!

Andrew says:

A -writer service – thanks, but didn’t match my expectations! Pity and couldn’t recommend. But the choice is up to you before to make a decision!

Veronica says:

Done well exactly in my deadline, great

Alexander Dawson says:

The only good thing that I received from them is a sale code for 15%, but even with it my paper was expensive. And for such money they did not even managed to correct all the mistakes in the text!!!

Samantha says:

Save yourself the money and just write your own damn paper or use another service. And besides everyone I spoke to had poor communication skills. Do you really want someone who can barely speak English type your paper? Probably not, then ignore a writer dot com!

Maria says:

Bad mark , bad mood, lost my money(( A writer – low score!