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Best Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy: Alternatives

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We live in a world of lightning-fast technology. Progress does not stand still, and we all strive to keep up with its pace of development. Education has always been an integral part of career growth and self-development. And this area does not graze the rear in terms of innovation.

Electronic online learning platforms like Udemy are the future of education. We all want to get the desired specialty for professional growth as soon as possible. Without exaggeration, most areas of science, service, work, and entertainment are ready to offer you online training as a course.

In this article, I will introduce you to more platforms like Udemy, but better. In the course of the examination, I was able to highlight the best available services.

Overall Comparison of Sites Like Udemy

Alternatives Customers’ rate Lowest cost Field of specialization
Creative Live 4,5/5 $15 Creative professions
Skillshare 3,4/5 $19 Versatile
edX 4,5/5 $50 Tech

Each of them has its peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages. Most of these apps offer unique services that can be useful for students and experienced professionals.

Also, various educational platforms allow you to choose the most suitable for your specialty. If you’re interested in learning programming, then will suit you. Or maybe you’re struggling to develop creativity, and then Creative Live is what you need.

If you have long dreamed of learning to sing from Christina Aguilera herself, then MasterClass will help you.

I’m sure you’re already intrigued and want to learn more about the options available to you. Learning in a matter of weeks has never been so real. Let’s not hesitate and get down to our list of the best sites like Udemy.


Price starts from $13
  • The courses are taught by eminent experts who have achieved heights in their careers, and they share their unique experiences and mistakes they made in their time.
  • The platform concentrates on the creative component, teaching students to think outside the box and encouraging them to pursue their artistic goals.
  • CreativeLive provides lifetime access to the chosen course or a monthly subscription, depending on the student's preference, providing flexibility and accessibility.
creative-live-promoAs you can understand from the name of the platform, it will be all about art and inspiration.

Users of this site like Udemy, receive advice in the form of a course in a particular creative field.

Professional eminent experts act as mentors, sharing their experiences to help students get closer to their goals.

The unequivocal highlight of the platform is the concentration on the creative component.

The traditional education system emphasizes theory and logical thinking but does not teach students to think outside the box.

The same can not be said about Creative Live.


I positively noted the fact that the instructors are people who have reached heights in their careers. Experts not only know what they are talking about, but they also share their unique experiences, as well as the mistakes they could have made in their time.


However, let's look at the existing disadvantages. Let's start with the fact that the price for an individual course is relatively high by market standards. Not every student can afford it.

Also, the list of suggested destinations seemed limited to me. Namely, not all creative areas were covered by the service.

The pricing policy of the site directly depends on the accessing alternative you have chosen.

The first option is lifetime access to the chosen course. The cost of such an offer varies from $15 to $200, depending on the specialty.

The second option is a monthly subscription that will cost you $29 monthly.
Users rated the service 4.5 stars. Fans of the application admire the quality of the content and the professionalism of the experts. Most of the complaints were related to the high cost of the courses.


Price starts from $19
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  • The platform offers a wide range of areas to choose from, including marketing, animation, and graphic design, among others.
  • Skillshare offers group lessons and teamwork to help students develop their social and communication skills, which are becoming increasingly important in the remote work environment.
  • The premium subscription allows full access to all the lessons, which students can use to gain knowledge and skills for career advancement.

Another alternative service on the list of platforms like Udemy also offers courses in various applied areas. The platform boasts a wide range of areas, from marketing to animation and graphic design.

The brand also made a selection of useful articles on the topic of motivation and the path to success.

Among the advantages of the service, I can highlight the presence of group lessons and teamwork.

Social and communication skills development is becoming increasingly difficult in the modern world, as most large companies are moving to remote work.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus, interpersonal communication has decreased significantly. Skillshare offers work in groups of different sizes.

Considering this platform like Udemy, I tried and realized that I ran into a couple of drawbacks.

Namely, they do not issue a certificate of course completion, and accordingly, you will not have any confirmation except for honorable memories.

Also, not all service specialists have teaching experience. Being a successful designer and teaching design are completely different things.

Of course, you want to know the cost of using this site. You will be offered three different service packages: free subscription, premium subscription, and team account.

You will not have full access to all platform content in the free version. At the same time, the premium subscription allows you to enjoy all the lessons and will cost you $19 per month or $99 per year.
Users rated the service 3.4 out of 5. The main complaint was poor customer service.

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Price starts from $50
Promo code N/A
  • The platform collaborates with leading universities worldwide and provides students with access to undergraduate and graduate programs, including executive education programs.
  • edX has issued over 1.4 million official course completion certificates, which students can use to their advantage during job interviews and career advancement.
  • edX covers many popular and not very popular specialties, both technical and humanitarian, and has received recognition as the best STEM learning platform.
This advanced platform offers its users a variety of courses for both general development and undergraduate and graduate programs. The service cooperates with leading universities worldwide and composes training courses in cooperation.

Among the eminent partners are world-famous universities such as Oxford, Boston University, University of Texas, London School of Economics, and many others.

Since the beginning, edX has issued 1.4 million official course completion certificates. This means that students can use this experience as a benefit during job interviews and an advantage for career advancement.

The service is one of the best websites like Udemy and covers many popular and not very popular specialties, both technical and humanitarian.

The platform has also developed executive education programs. They are designed for business leaders or just professionals who want to develop in leadership. The list of courses is quite impressive.

Among others are Data science and analysis, Healthcare and well-being, Marketing, Sales, Design, and more. EdX has received the title of the best STEM learning platform.
As you can guess, the pricing policy of this service is quite high. If you're on a course, most of them will set you back in the $50 to $300 price range.

However, if you want to get a complete higher education at the bachelor's or master's level, then the price immediately increases to a range of $10,000 to $25,000.

Among the minuses places like Udemy might have, I can single out a high pricing policy as well as the lack of payment methods. Only PayPal or credit and debit cards are available for payment.
Students' rating of the service is 4,5/5. The only negative feedback claimed the user interface was not intuitive enough.

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Price starts from $15
Promo code N/A
  • The platform brings together top experts from different fields and offers unique training courses in partnership with them.
  • MasterClass provides the opportunity to learn from the best representatives of their niche, offering expertise in fields such as leadership, cooking, and even the art of negotiation.
  • The platform provides a variety of services among the relatively standard specialties, which can help students gain unique knowledge and skills.

Have you ever imagined learning leadership from Bill Clinton? With MasterClass, one of the online education websites like Udemy, it became a reality. The platform has done its best to bring together top experts and create unique training courses in partnership with them.

Moreover, experts from completely different fields are now in better access. Starting from the economy and ending with the modern practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.

Without a doubt, the main advantage of the platform is the opportunity to learn the secret of success from the best representatives of their niche. I was also struck by the variety of services provided among the relatively standard specialties. You can also find training in poker, cooking, and even the art of negotiation.


From my own assessment, the main drawback of the platform is the lack of a theoretical base. Still, the classes and the secret of success can be very useful for your development, but they cannot fully replace conventional education.

Also, the platform does not offer live lessons, and training takes place entirely in a remote format.

And since this e-learning platform like Udemy does not imply individual training plans, online lessons in real-time, or personal programs, the price is accordingly very pleasant.

You can choose the service package that suits you. There are individual, duo, and family subscription options among them.

The most profitable is the monthly family subscription, which is displayed at 24 €, and you can use the account from six different devices simultaneously.


The customers gave this app a 2,7 out of 5.

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Price starts from $29
Promo code N/A
  • Suitable for those who want to gain new skills for their existing job, get promoted or switch jobs.
  • The courses offered cover basic needs and are in demand such as Microsoft Excel, design, data analysis and finance.
  • Affordable pricing options for individual users and teams, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from clients.

This platform positions itself as an ancillary service for those who want to gain new skills for an existing job, get promoted, or even get a new position. Trying out service will be very useful if you are stuck in one position and do not see any development in your career.

Also good for people who want to get additional features or combine several jobs.

Although the choice of courses is narrower compared with other websites like Udemy, the proposed materials are in demand and cover the audience's basic needs.

You can learn how to use Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office products and improve your performance in design, data analysis, and finance.


The biggest drawback for me was the lack of a mobile application, which means that you can use the service exclusively through the browser. Being a picky user, this provided a factor of discomfort for me.

You will certainly be pleased with the fact that before buying a full version of the application, you can use the free option and a trial period. However, the premium subscription is also quite affordable.

If you want an individual package, it will cost you 29 € per month, or 14 € per month, subject to an annual subscription. If your company pays for a subscription for the entire team from 2 to 50 people, the price becomes even more attractive.


The clients' state is an average of 4,8 out of 5.


Advantages of Coursera:

  • Offers more than 3900 programs in various niches, from Art to Mathematics, Physics, and Social Sciences.
  • You can choose the pace of learning that is comfortable for you.
  • Offers a variety of courses with individual tuition ranging from 0 to $99 and special programs for four to six months ranging from $39 to $79.


I am sure that many have heard about this e-learning app like Udemy. However, if you have not tried to use it, I will briefly tell you its main differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Deciding between different online coding courses can be a challenge. Our comparative analysis, Colt Steele vs Angela Yu, could help you weigh your options and make an informed decision.

Thanks to Coursera, you can complete the course you are interested in and get the necessary diploma for personal development or career advancement.

The service has more than 3900 programs in various niches, from Art to Mathematics, Physics, and Social Sciences. Ease of use lies in choosing the pace of learning that is comfortable for you.

If you are interested in the price of studying in an app like Udemy, you need to know that it directly depends on the course you have chosen.


Therefore, you need to check the information on the site yourself. However, on average, the price for individual tuition ranges from 0 to $99. While for a special program of four to six months, you must pay from $39 to $79.

As for the downsides, in the course of my research, I studied a lot of comments from users. Most of the complaints were related to slow and insufficiently professional customer service.

Also, one student spoke about a technical problem due to which I was unable to pass the assignment during the course.

Whether you’re an instructor or a student, finding the right online learning platform is crucial. Dive into our Teachable platform review for a comprehensive understanding of its features, pricing, and user experience, guiding your choice for an effective learning journey.


On average, Coursera has received 4,5 out of five based on clients’ reviews.

At Your Pace Online (AYPO)

Price starts from $15
Promo code N/A
  • Provides flexibility to complete assignments whenever possible, without pressure of deadlines.
  • Designed for several different states, taking into account the peculiarities of the legislation.
  • Offers real estate and MLO courses.
I'd say that the motto of this site is "no need to rush, take your time." This is exactly what we all lack in the modern world of fuss.

Various companies like Udemy began to pay more attention to students' mental health. This is what, in my opinion, drove the developers of this application. The ultimate goal was to remove the constant pressure of deadlines on a person.

The company provides real estate and MLO courses where students can complete assignments whenever possible. The courses are designed for several different states, taking into account the peculiarities of the legislation.

Among the unequivocal disadvantages of this platform is that the program is designed only for a limited number of states in the US.

Also, the scope of competence is very narrow and is limited to only one direction of real estate.
Let's look at the prices of courses that will help you obtain a real estate agent license. Check the current price on the site, as it may vary depending on the state of registration.

However, the standard plan will set you back at about $199. If you want a premium package, be prepared to invest a significant amount in this project. The maximum tariff will cost $400.

Customers gave this app a 2,7 out of 5.

Price starts from $16
Promo code N/A
  • Ideal for experienced programmers to improve their skills in certain areas and for novice students to learn the basics of programming in various languages.
  • Offers free access to many activities, allowing you to enjoy the basics without paying.
  • Provides pricing options suitable for different users, including a standard monthly package of $16.66 per month, a premium package of $22.49 per month, or a monthly payment option of $59.
I would like to start right away with the salient features of this e-learning platform. There are no instructional videos on the site. You are probably wondering why.

And all because the founders of the application are sure that the video steals your valuable time and does not give you as much information as you could read on your own.

Therefore, training courses are based on written notes.

Initially, the application was created for software developers. Experienced programmers can find programs to improve their skills in certain skills.

At the same time, novice students have the opportunity to learn the basics of programming in various languages.

I must warn you about the disadvantages of this representative of training sites like Udemy. In my experience, I first noticed the relatively small number of courses available on the platform.
Since we have already mentioned many versatile sites like Udemy with thousands of different lessons in our rating, this service did not impress me with such diversity.

Let's get straight to the good news. Educative has free access to many activities, so you can enjoy the basics without paying.

However, if you want to get the full package, you will have to choose a plan that suits you. The standard monthly package will cost you $16.66, subject to an annual subscription to communicate for $199. The premium subscription costs $22.49 per month at $269 per year.

If you do not want to make such a long-term subscription, you can pay $59 monthly.
The rate from the clients is 4,5 out of 5.

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Linux Foundation

Price starts from $299
Promo code N/A
  • A wide range of courses and training programs focused exclusively on Linux operating system and related topics.
  • Courses are divided into different levels of complexity, making it easier for users to choose the appropriate course for their skill level.
  • Provides access to a large number of free courses, making it an affordable option for users with a limited budget.
The company has been on the market since the beginning of the 2000s, and during this time, it managed to enlist the help of advanced developers.

This platform is one of the online courses sites like Udemy and was founded as an educational project for the exchange of experience between seasoned and very novice developers of the Linux operating system.

Thanks to its advanced technologies and, at the same time, proficiency in this niche, the company is in great demand and respect among IT professionals.

All the 102 courses on the site are aimed at knowledge expansion of Linux-related topics. The great convenience of the site lies in the clear division of courses according to the level of complexity.

You don't even have to read the detailed description. The methodologists have already marked the level for you.

The platform provides access to a large number of courses free of charge. However, some individual courses can cost up to $3200 (the price of the Fundamentals of Linux course for beginners). This amount can only be paid by credit card.
During the analysis of public satisfaction with the use of the service, I came across a comment from a client who was not very satisfied.

The complaint was related to the overpriced cost of education, according to the student, as well as the company's lack of support for students.
Linux Foundation has got 4,6/5 from their clients.


Price starts from $8
Promo Code N/A
  • Offers a large variety of courses in innovative technologies, cybersecurity, marketing development, and lifestyle.
  • Offline access to accompanying documents makes it easy for users to continue learning even without an internet connection.
  • Video tutorials are easy to understand and have high efficiency, making it suitable for beginners.
This platform boasts a huge number of dedicated users, which is more than 1,000,000. The service offers innovative technologies, cybersecurity marketing development, and even lifestyle among the available courses.

If you also have a subscription, you can have offline access to accompanying documents. This greatly simplifies learning since you are not tied to an Internet connection.

It is worth mentioning some of the advantages of this service. In addition to being able to download the files you need, you also don't have to worry about notes.

Also, during the training, you will watch a video with instructions. Such a video sequence is very easy to understand and has high efficiency. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you can easily emphasize a lot of new information for yourself.
My experiments have shown that when comparing this platform with other courses like Udemy, a couple of disadvantages can be noted.

The first and most obvious is the concentration of the site only in the field of innovative technologies.

The second drawback is quite subjective as some students find text-based explanations easier while others may find them boring.

I am ready to share the details with you after studying the available subscription options. The first option available to you is to choose a specific course and pay for its cost.
On average, it ranges from $49 to $99. The second option would be an annual subscription to the service. This variant will remove all restrictions on access to various courses that are updated monthly. The business package will cost you $249.99.

Job Test Prep

Price starts from $65
Promo code N/A
  • Specializes in helping people looking for work by strengthening their skills in their professional field to get the desired position.
  • Has a long-standing reputation and experience of 30 years in the industry, making it a reliable option.
  • Offers a popular test, the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, which provides detailed information about the user's abilities in just 15 minutes.
The specificity of this site is to help people who are looking for work. Namely, it's for people who want to strengthen their skills in the field of their professionalism to get the desired position.

This representative of online training sites like Udemy has been on the market for 30 years and, accordingly, has the necessary experience to do business.

The founder of this platform David Meshulam has a Master's Degree in Psychology.

This platform is highly respected among the top companies in the world. And also, leading universities advise their graduates to seek help on this site for help in getting their first job.

Their most popular test, which is the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, caught my attention. With it, you can get the detailed information regarding your abilities in just 15 minutes by answering 50 questions.

This examination will cost you $65 a week, or if you wish for a longer subscription, it will cost $75 per month and $85 for three months.
As you may have noticed from the previous description, the platform offers three package options. Their difference is the duration of the subscription.

The shortest subscription allows you to access data in 3 to 7 days and will cost you approximately $79.

A medium-length subscription will give you access to the courses from 7 to 30 days and will cost $89. The longest subscription option will last from 1 to 3 months and will cost $99.

Having evaluated users' comments, I highlighted the lack of certificates as a drawback. After completing online courses like Udemy, receiving evidence of your participation is very pleasant. Diplomas can also be used in future work interviews.
Job Test Prep has got a 4,1 out of 5 from their customers.


After analyzing the information received during this assessment, we can conclude that the choice of a platform for online learning depends solely on the area you need.

Some apps like Udemy specialize in a large number of different areas, and by purchasing a premium subscription, you can have access to any possible areas of science and art.

Looking to level up your coding skills? Our in-depth Codecademy review discusses the platform’s offerings, course quality, pricing, and more, providing you with all the information you need to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

While other services specialize in a specific niche, and although you will not be able to enjoy a wide variety of destinations, you will receive professional support in a specific specialty.

List the criteria that matter most to you to help you narrow your choices. Whether you want to work in a team or independently, you are interested in learning in person or remotely.

If you’ve been exploring online learning platforms, you’ve probably come across Udacity. But what is Udacity? Our comprehensive review sheds light on this platform, discussing its courses, value, and overall user experience.

Is a certificate important to you? All these factors must be taken into account. And then, you will choose perfect e-learning websites like Udemy for yourself.


Is there anything better than Udemy?

Udemy is a top-rated application, so it’s quite challenging to surpass it. However, I managed to find several unique platforms that are not inferior in any way.

For example, Creative Live is a platform that specializes in artistic professions. Or MasterClass, a service that cooperates with famous personalities who share their experiences.

Who is a competition to Udemy?

The best sites on the market can compete with Udemy. For example, edX is in partnership with advanced universities around the world.

They have issued 1,4 million official certificates of course completion. Linux Foundation is another example of an experienced and trustworthy service that focuses on innovative technologies and software development.

Is Skillshare or Udemy better?

According to the reviews of regular customers, Udemy is rated much higher. However, Skillshare is perfect for people who want to improve their career and business performance. In comparison, Udemy is a more versatile platform with a wider choice of courses.

Is Udemy the best learning platform?

According to the latest rating of online learning programs, Udemy occupies the top position. This is because in all individual criteria, the site received the highest marks.

Also, the experts highlighted Udemy as the best service for niche topics.

Do professionals use Udemy?

This is a versatile platform that provides services to absolutely all categories of people. You may be a student looking for the necessary skills to get your first job.

Or you may also be a seasoned businessman who needs to learn new technologies to advance the business. Udemy always has something to offer you.

Is Udemy worth buying?

Do not buy a subscription unless you want to improve your skills in absolutely any field, get a dream job, get a promotion, or find a new hobby.

However, if you do pursue the goals we have listed, then the site will definitely come in handy for you. The platform is one of the most respected representatives of the niche.

By Jennifer Broflowski
Updated on October 31, 2023
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