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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 30, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Building a career nowadays is not as complicated as a decade or two ago, thanks to the numerous job searching platforms that provide opportunities for career development for people with different backgrounds, skills, and requirements.

Nevertheless, it is important to make sure the service you choose for your work search is reliable. This is exactly what we decided to do with as we did with resume writing services and the best professional resume writers online.

Why do you need to take into account our peer review of ZipRecruiter?

Firstly, we are not interested in its promotion and are curious about what makes it different from the rest of the work search platforms.

Secondly, we use a long checklist to review ZipRecruiter and take into account significant criteria users should consider when choosing recruiter services:

  • Product list & services;
  • Pricing & payment options;
  • Quality;
  • Customer service;
  • Website usability;
  • Mobile app;
  • Positioning in general.

Thirdly, we’ve checked ZipRecruiter reviews on Reddit, ZipRecruiter reviews on Trustpilot, and other websites with user feedback, then spent some time investigating the service website and app to come up with an ultimate and fair ZipRecruiter review.

ZipRecruiter was an excellent choice for analysis, particularly because 89% of users on Trustpilot rated it “Excellent,” and 5% chose “Good.” If you look up in the comments, however, you are likely to find many ZipRecruiter bad reviews.

Does that happen because users are more likely to share emotional messages and negative feedback or are we looking at ZipRecruiter fake ratings? Let’s try to figure this out!

What is ZipRecruiter? It is a tool that actively connects people to their next great opportunity – this is what the company website manifests.

So, now you know what is Zip Recruiter, let’s clarify the things for those bothered by the “Is ZipRecruiter legit?” question: Yes, it is 100% legit. It is a leading job search service built on AI smart matching technology, able to connect work providers and seekers through the web, mobile, and email services.

Is Zip Recruiter safe? Yes, it is. It has over 7 million active monthly users, over a million registered employers, 10,000 new companies subscribing to the services monthly, and 40 million users subscribed to job alert emails. So, if you have a question like “is ZipRecruiter trustworthy?”. Then yes, it is one of the most trustworthy companies we have ever reviewed.

The company was founded in 2010 in Santa Monica. Its purpose was to provide small businesses with a tool for distributing work offers among platforms easily and affordably. Nine years later, it is a marketplace with over 120 million users looking for career opportunities and over a million employers.

How does ZipRecruiter work? You don’t need much time to figure out how to use ZipRecruiter. It is a simple five-step process:

  1. Post a job or a CV.
  2. Please wait until the AI assistant sends it to job sites or redirects you to a search page.
  3. Get a list of matching candidates/offers.
  4. Review the candidates/offers.
  5. Hire/get hired.

Scroll down to the website footer, and you’ll find two big sections – For Job Seekers and Employers. Let’s take a closer look at their functionality.

For Job Seekers

Create a Free Account. Nothing new here – users start with entering the basic data required for effective searching.

Search Jobs. To get recruited, users need to register by entering their full names and emails, then fill in the form, indicating essential career information and preferences. Users can rate job opportunities to get the most suitable offers and set instant notifications on new positions.

Browse Jobs. There is a catalogue arranged in alphabetic order for those who know precisely what they are looking for. Just click on a letter, find a title among the full list of titles, click on it, and choose a preferred location.

Salaries. Usually, reviews for ZipRecruiter don’t mention this feature, although we find it really useful. By entering the name of a job position and location, you get access to salary statistics which often helps decide on the preferred salary rate.

Job Seeker Reviews. Here you’ll find a lot of ZipRecruiter employee reviews with comments about searching experiences. They look encouraging and inspiring.

For help with resume writing, you can check reviews or a Resumeble review on our website to find top resume writing services, for instance, and you’ll find your dream job faster!

For Employers

Post a Job Now. An employer can post a description and get it featured on over 100 boards around the web with a single submission. The service also offers help in screening and rating the candidates.

Search Resumes. A CVs database with candidates from diverse spheres is built on powerful AI and delivers quality candidates quickly. It is possible to set up custom alerts to find out when a relevant candidate appears for a convenient and efficient ZipRecruiter resume review.

Job Boards. ZipRecruiter lists all the job boards they work with. It is not a product, rather an explanation of what makes the product different from those boards. To save your time, you deal with a marketplace that embraces and integrates the most popular boards.

If you are a veteran trying to find a job, we recommend checking military to civilian resume writing services so that they could craft a personal and professional document for you.

ZipRecruiter app available for Android and iOS is rated #1 among mobile job search applications. It is downloadable from stores or via a link sent in SMS after a request on the website.

The most useful features are applying with one tap and seeing when the company views your instant application. There is hardly any other service that offers this. Users can also enjoy standard job search app features – access to hundreds of boards, numerous filters, daily email alerts, saving interesting offers, etc.

#1. Partner Programs. There are several helpful features for the enhanced employer experience:

  • ZipSearch – a widget with a powerful AI matching algorithm for an employer’s website.
  • ZipAlerts for sending job alerts with your own branding.
  • ZipPost referral program that encourages bringing new businesses.
  • io software for starting your own job board with all 8 million featured offers.

#2. Industry Solutions for the most in-demand spheres: Accounting, Construction, Healthcare, Legal, Sales, and Technology. Employers get access to optimized templates, custom screening questions and get an opportunity to invite candidates actively.

#3. Hotline for those who need an advisor. Talking to specialists can make hiring professionals simple for those who have some questions.

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How much does ZipRecruiter cost? Good news for job seekers: they can use the website for free.

But how much does it cost to post a job on ZipRecruiter? There are three plans for employers – Standard, Premium, and Pro; each comes with a free trial.

ZipRecruiter pricing plans and trial period duration, however, are not indicated. You find out information about the cost of ZipRecruiter only after you register and fill in the basic data: your name, company name, emails, phone, and monthly unique visitors.

According to some fellow reviewers, you get a 4-day trial period, and ZipRecruiter price starts from $99/month ($590/year) for a basic plan, $149/month ($990/year) for teams, $229/month ($1,490/year) for corporations. is more straightforward. There are three plans – Basic ($249/month), Professional ($349/month), and Enterprise (prices discussed) with a 14-day free trial. No ZipRecruiter free trial review today, but you may try using this tool if you are curious about it.

The subscribers are billed monthly or annually. If a company decides to stop using the services, the plan will be cancelled at the end of the subscription period with no following charges – no ZipRecruiter scam to worry about. Users can upgrade and downgrade their plans anytime or post more offers by simply buying extra slots. Detailed reports and bills are available in a personal account. So, do not worry, we haven’t found any evidence of Zip Recruiter scams online.

Is Zip Recruiter legit? The service has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. It is used by Target, Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, PayPal, and Netflix, among others. Numerous ZipRecruiter employer reviews are positive. These things already say a lot about the service’s reputation and quality and how good is ZipRecruiter, but you probably need more evidence.

How effective is ZipRecruiter? Well, job seekers get access to millions of openings almost immediately, and all of those positions come from credible companies. Meanwhile, employers can enjoy many customization features and partnership programs that save their time and increase income.

There is a contact form on every page, a phone number to reach the hotline, and a live chat pop-up window for those who cannot figure out some important information.

Job Seeker Help, Employer Help, and Support sections feature numerous topics with detailed answers. Whether you want to find out how to post a job or a CV, to set up your account, to deal with plans or billing, you can find everything here.

Flexible plans, subscription options, and ZipRecruiter pricing policy have been developed to help companies of any scale. The service keeps developing, evolving, and introducing new features for both seekers and employers.

Last but not least on today’s ZipRecruiter job reviews agenda: website usability. The design is simple, laconic, and nice. The interface is user-friendly. The application process and account management are completely intuitive.

Website designers managed to accommodate loads of information without making it look messy and avoiding information overload. All forms are clear and don’t require entering too many details.

Speaking about the practical features, users can search for jobs and candidates by keywords, city, state, or zip code. It is possible to indicate the geographical range and other uncommon parameters for search clarification – AI algorithms here work better than on the majority (if not all) job marketplaces.

One more useful feature is synchronization – or rather a quick service reaction on user activity. Right after you apply for a job, you are redirected to a page with a list of suggested vacancies.

A bit later, you receive an email notification about similar job positions. There is no need to set up everything manually anymore, while you can turn it off in the settings whenever you want.

So, let’s proceed to the main pros and cons of ZipRecruiter.

  • It is a free service for job seekers.
  • It provides flexibility in terms of plans, payment, and partnerships for employers.
  • It is transparent, so getting bills and reports are not a problem.
  • It features numerous job search statistics from different fields.
  • Both the website interface and mobile app have a nice design and are user-friendly.
  • The support team is ready to answer all the questions 24/7 via email, chat, or phone.
  • User plan prices are not indicated in their descriptions.
  • Users have to register every time they want to find out details about employers’ opportunities.
  • There is too much information in the “Trending” section, and it looks distracting.
  • Industry solutions are provided only for several fields.
  • If you want to get an app download link via SMS, you have to pay for it (standard SMS fees, but still).
  • Instant job notifications that start flooding your mailbox may seem annoying if you haven’t planned to subscribe.
My verdict
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ZipRecruiter is a revolutionary job search tool. And though “revolutionary” may sound a little bit exaggerated, the service that posts/collects vacancies and opportunities from thousands of job boards and instantly delivers them in a clear and visually pleasant form is certainly worth your time. Now, let’s wrap up everything in a couple of FAQs.

If “Is ZipRecruiter legit?” was your main concern at the beginning, now you should be worried about how to choose only one offer from all the suggested. It is legit and beneficial.

Is ZipRecruiter a scam? Even legit services can be poorly managed, but this is not the case. We haven’t noticed or heard of any ZipRecruiter scams.

How does ZipRecruiter work? Just register and fill in the required information. Then look for a work opportunity or a candidate. The intuitive interface makes every next step clear.

Is ZipRecruiter free? It is free for candidates, but ZipRecruiter cost for employers varies depending on their needs.

Is ZipRecruiter safe? Yes, the service doesn’t ask you to reveal too much personal information; it takes care of your privacy and security.

Is ZipRecruiter good? It is legit, scam-free, free to use for job seekers, offers flexibility for employers, and features millions of opportunities for both. It is certainly GOOD! reviews you find on the web might differ. Nevertheless, no other service allows you to reach as many applicants and as many positions as fast and safely.

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ZipRecruiter is a great tool, that helped me to find my dream job. My first working day will start tomorrow and I’m so excited about that. It was such an easy process for me to find exactly what I want. My score is 5 from 5!


I do not use this from a business stand point but as a user looking for potential employment, this is the most efficient software to utilize to search for a position right for you. It is very straight forward and to the point so your time and the employer’s time is not wasted.


It was a real pleasure to work with, I appreciate their efforts to make everything at the professional level. My new resume boosted my confidence. I’m sure I’m on the right path.


ZipRecruiter is easy to find online, easy to set up, easy to use and is a good program to use for job search. I am at a time where I am looking for another direction for my career and have used several online job search programs. I have found that it shows more local companies that are hiring than some of the other online job search programs.

K. Adams

I’ve used this software as both a job seeker and a recruiter. As a job seeker, they really need to do a better job of cutting down the spam and fraudulent job postings. It really decreases their value. People apply to jobs that are either fake or they are sent to another website that just spams them with fake job listings. As a recruiter it is a bit more useful. It allows you to easily post and gives useful updates.


I love using this website because you can apply so easily to jobs. Just a few clicks and boom, applied. I also love how it tells you when employers view your application. It makes me get excited.


ZipRecruiter was a great service to use to help fill the position at our company! We would definitely use ZipRecruiter again!! Richard was great with finalizing the process! My only critique is the price. They could lower the cost a bit and would likely have more people using their site.


I strongly recommend ZipRecruiter. Getting a new job with them was so quick. I’m really glad that I ask them for a help. So many companies contacted me! Thank you a lot! My dream job found me!