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By Brooke Hayes fb Apr 08, 2019
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Job seekers often ask many questions. For example, how does one avoid negative publicity when setting up a LinkedIn profile? Do I have what it takes to craft a resume that wins jobs? Is my personal statement good enough? How will a CV writing agency like help me make the most out of my skills, knowledge, and experiences? These questions can go on and on, but without finding out the truth about a company that writes custom resumes, you may end up jobless.

In this review, however, you will learn everything about knockemdead com so you can stack unlocking employment opportunities. But first things first…

Why do you need to take our peer review seriously?

In making sure to give job seekers the best stab at an opportunity, our peer reviews are crucial because of the following reasons:

  • We have many years of experience in providing users with independent, verified and reliable information regarding custom writing services.
  • We are a team of professionals who steer clear of biases when presenting reviews.
  • We do our work from an experience point of view.

By what criterion do we choose a CV/resume service?

In deciding that service is worth reviewing, we take the following into consideration:

  • The professionalism of CV writers.
  • Variety of services.
  • Responsiveness of customer service.

Types of resume and things to consider when choosing a service

Now, apart from the above factors, getting to know the types of resumes a service writes is equally important.  They include but not limited to management, mid-career, executive, military, IT, tech, military, entry-level and professional resumes.

Knock ’em dead is a custom resume writing agency that also specializes in management training, coaching and creating social media profiles. This way, your most valuable documents are in the hands of professionals that make things happen. It helps you plan and strategize for an employment opportunity by tweaking your resume with the right keywords. Moreover, by ensuring that your CV is of the highest standards, thanks to professional writers, credentialed resume experts, and editors, your confidence levels rise.

Now, with everything ready, job applicants who use knockem dead, arguably the most important stage in career management then get a one-on-one opportunity with Martin Yate. Yate is a New York Times bestseller, and also the founder of the resume writing/job search guide platform. He takes you through the dos and don’ts of an interview, including discussion on important topics.

Whether you would want to have a fulfilling life, secure a lucrative job opportunity or realize financial stability, is the place to check out and most importantly, find help. Having understood that with a good resume, one can unlock endless opportunities and ace through interviews with great ease, Martin Yate decided to create a small team of professional CV writers. His success story is in the public domain for everyone to see.

Moreover, with his Book Knock Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide, now in 32nd edition, job seekers who use the platform can learn about issues related to job hunting and career management in the 21st century. It would also interest you to note that knock em dead Martin Yate is available in 63 languages, making him a globally recognized career coach. Knockemdead is a top choice for professionals from some of the best companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal, Deloitte, CNN, NPR, New York Times, The Pentagon and others.

You would want to know how much charges for its services. The truth is that while the prices are quite high, the fact that you gain access to many other resources in the process of hiring someone to write your resume or tweak your social media account, makes the pricing reasonable, at least for most clients.

Science and IT resumes start from $689, management CVs at $789 and the most affordable ones being DIY resume optimization and review starts from $139. It is important that you go through details of each package to get up and close with goes into giving you a perfect chance of winning the attention of employers and securing a job interview. But in us opinion we recommend check resumewriters review or craftresumes review, the price is cheaper and the quality is very good!

When it comes to making payments, no one wouldn’t want to risk doing so via insecure platforms. Moreover, being able to pay for a service by choosing from a variety of gateways is equally important. takes all the above issues into serious consideration. Apart from being a BBB accredited business, the website is also hack-proof. PayPal is the most preferred payment channel on the platform because it is the most secure online payment channel, fast and convenient for most people around the world.

Quality service is an important consideration when hiring a resume writing service, and so, you would want to ask, what do you get from Martin Yate knock em dead? Well, given the experience of Martin Yate as a career coach and a respected author, the service is one of the best you will ever get out there. Moreover, with thousands of satisfied clients, free re-writing and more than 30 years in business, quality write-ups has helped knockemdead soar high.

You would also want to use a service that is always ready to help no matter the time of the day or night. With this in mind, we wanted to confirm if knock em dead meets our minimum threshold on matters of customer service and availability. We found out that clients could reach the support desk via telephone, by filling contact form on the website or through its various social channels 24/7. But, there is no live chat. website features great design. Talk of color and fonts, then you get an impression that Martin Yate took his time building a user-friendly platform for job seekers who need career advice and resume writing help. At the top are navigation buttons to various webpages, and when you move to the bottom of the site, you get access to more helpful resources such as career advice blog, audio/eBooks, coaching, FAQs and more.

  • The platform enjoys immense reputation and is trusted by professionals from top rated companies.
  • Quality resume writing help.
  • Professional career advice.
  • Massive resource to position you for a job, including a private session with Martin Yate.
  • Enjoy up to 4 hours of job search via video streaming.
  • Get your write-up in a desirable format for computability, i.e. PDF, docx.
  • Prices are quite expensive, hence may not favor entry-level job seekers.
  • Limited payment channels.
  • Money-back guarantee policy is lacking.
  • Some users have expressed reservations with the service after delays in getting their orders completed.
  • Occasional delays with processing orders.
  • Lack of live chat makes it difficult to talk to with support real-time.
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In a nutshell, with the above information at your fingertips, it goes that using a best resume writing service and job search platform should border on having access to reliable and trustworthy review. Thus, we hope that our review will help you with not starting to use as your most preferred website in that regard henceforth.

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My resume was delivered days ahead of the deadline and was upset with it quality. I hope your professional service will be better!