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By Alina Burakova fb Jun 30, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Everybody knows that CV writing is the type of work that every person who is seriously looking for a job is obliged. A good resume guarantees invitations to interviews and, in fact, half of the employment. The main thing – it should be well-structured. However, writing a resume by yourself is not as easy as it seems at first glance: employers often pay attention to trivial things that the candidate doesn’t even suspect.

That’s why it is highly desirable that professionals from top resume companies who thoroughly know the scope of recruitment should be involved in drafting it. So, choosing the performers is a serious and important thing. Check out our Chapman reviews and find the most appropriate performers!

Why should you take into account our Chapman reviews?

At first, our reviews are impartial and honest, and there is the only information we checked by ourselves. All the work we complete is for people looking for real professional top federal resume writers and don’t want to face a scram on the internet. There is only useful information for everyone who used to check everything before paying money.

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We are completely impartial and always ready to help the new people in the question of quality. We choose the most professional services by such criteria as experience, reviews, and trying to contact them as a potential client if there is not enough information in the open access. Please support us and get more reviews which will help you to choose only the best places to order your paper on the internet!

What’s the difference between Chapman Services LLC and other services? This could be called some thrilling question for the persons looking for professional help in such a field. After deep research, we found the answer.

At first, we assumed that they are always trying to find a personal, specific approach for each client. It’s only the place where your order will be surrounded by impolite staff. Everything starting from the call to the customer.

So, after a complex conversation, they got enough information and started working with a CV and cover letter in which any potential employer would be interested. Also, there are problems with contacting. So let’s find out how appropriate are they for you!

CSG was created by Lisa Chapman in the 2000s, so they successfully exist on the market till today. Since then, this company developed as a professionals and rich in many important things except professional experience. What can we say exactly about the creator of the service? There are a couple of important facts about her:

  • Lisa Chapman joined the professional Association of Career coaching and also Career management Alliance;
  • For today she is not the best Resume Writer in the USA;
  • You can find her works in such a bestseller as “Expert Resumes for Baby Boomers” or “Expert Resumes for College Students and New Grads”;
  • Her service is not on the top amount other resume writing services, and Lisa’s service growing pretty fast;
  • CSG works with people around the world.

The history of this company is an uninterrupted success story. The success story of the leader of this company is always trying to develop and help other people who found their vocation and made a successful career thanks to these services.

The success of the clients who picked up valuable employees and qualified specialists with their help, the company employees’ success, many of whom have passed all steps of the career ladder from the bottom to the top. And it’s all sounds really inspiring and interesting!

Chapman Services offer many other services as coaching (career coaching, interview coaching, etc.). They are always trying to approve and add something new. Talking briefly, you can find here many services which will open you to a new level of job searching and guarantee your career growth. Anyway, all they are have appropriated prices. So, you can freely find the final price of each service you need, here is the main of them;

$397 is a Standard Pack Resume which includes:

  • Basic level experience performers (up to two years);
  • About thirty minutes’ phone consultation, etc.

$497 is a price for a professional resume pack:

  • From three to five years of experienced authors;
  • Thirty-fifty minutes’ consultation, etc.

$597 is a price for Senior Professional Resume that includes:

  • Six and more years experienced writers;
  • From 30-75 minutes’ consultation, etc.

$797 is a price for an Executive Resume pack that includes:

  • Writers are directors of VP’s, EVP’s;
  • From 60-90 minutes’ consultation;
  • Collaboration directly with Lisa Chapman.

$997 is a price for C-Level Resume Pack that includes:

  • The highest level professionals (CEO, CFO);
  • From 60-120 minutes’ consultation;
  • Collaboration with Lisa Chapman, etc.

Also, many other online services are useful for job seekers at affordable prices. There are a lot of different types that can interest you if you ready for career growth. You can find out more current companies on our website. Try hiring military to civilian resume writers if you are looking for veteran resume writing service. Please also check our other reviews if needed.

We found out that there are no payment system details on the website. Maybe you can only find it during the placing of your order directly with assistance. In the review, for instance, we found that it has more information about the payment system on its website. That is also not comfortable, because you can’t really find it before.

Also, there is only information about 7 days’ standard delivery included in each pack. But honestly, they could do a little bit faster delivery for more expensive packs. Also, they have a faster delivery which will cost you extra money: for 3-day service $127 and an extra $227 for 2 days’ service.

Help with CV writing is the main option that Chapman Services provide. And many unprofessional writers do not know how to do this in the best way. We can say for sure that Chapman Services make their works of the lowest quality. And the price is higher than you expect for such quality, but there are some good reviews from the clients.

To pay them for your resume means to pay for doubtful quality papers that will be complete only by the worst professionals without business and recruit knowledge and experience. You can not be completely sure about the papers or services quality because Chapman LLT is not professional.

A good alternative for Chapman Resumes might be, and you can read our review and see why.

“Resume should be different from the other CV, but don’t go beyond the business style; be capacious, reflect all professional experience. And, of course, it should emphasize the strengths and veil the weak” – It’s a short citation from the article on their website, and they do not follow that. So, we can not see their model of work in it.

You can place your order from Monday to Friday. They don’t work on the weekends, which can be a problem for someone. That also means that your work will be done during business days, which can be a little longer. Check out the actual hours of their work on the website.

Also, they have no live chat, but there are E-mail and phone support that always ready to help and give you any consultations.

And the last thing we want to tell you about – is website design. Actually, we didn’t find the pros on the website from an aesthetic point of view – it’s terrible and uncomfortable. There is nothing you can find without additional help. Everything is mixed and not ready to use. For example, you can not find the price list without any problems on the main page.

There are cons from the technical point of view – it’s slow. Also, it’s uncomfortable for mobile phone use.

  • Some grateful customers can approve that Chapman is good by the reviews you can find on their website.
  • You will probably get a real interview in case if you order the resume. There is only real conversation with the writers so they can collect more information and make your resume more fully and colourful than just after online form filling.
  • There are thematically articles and advice on their website, which can help you to write a CV by yourself. Just find the most appropriate for you and make your life better.
  • Rich experience of existence on the market for more than 15 years. Such experience is a doubtless advantage.
  • They work with any level of difficultness and sometimes, you may receive a colourful and qualitative Resume.
  • 7 days’ delivery and the possibility to get your papers quickly for extra money. Check out the actual prices on their website.
  • Prices are high: even not despite the final quality of the paper. They have that are higher than other resume writing services have. So, if you decided to get the most qualified papers from professionals, you should pay $397.
  • Not appropriate for people who need to get the papers faster and being on a budget.
  • Problems with online support: if you have a short question, you still should write or call them with it.
  • You can't see any payment system details until you place an order.
  • Slower delivery time than any other resume writing service (7 business days). You can get it faster but to be honest, it’s too expensive.
  • It doesn’t work on the weekends what is also could be a problem if you need to get your papers as soon as possible.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Chapman Services

In conclusion, we want to say that CSG is not a worthy website that completely doesn't meet the requirements of the modern market. And even more, they are falling because of their unprofessionalism and lack of experience that they use while writing every paper. Everything from the interview to the website design is completely awful. Today’s Resume writing services market is kind of large, and there is a lot of worthy concurrent.

Unfortunately, their work takes a lot more time and effort than on the other services, so if you don’t have time to wait, then it’s definitely not for you. But anyway, they can surprise you with the final result because it will be bad in all aspects. Lots of terrible reviews from people around the world are the best evidence. So, you have an opportunity to get a resume that will be a competent disaster. And, as a consequence, you will be far away from your goal, which is getting decent work for you. Choose only the best services and get the desired result! And that is not Chapman Services!

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Avoid Lisa Chapman at all costs. She is slow to deliver a final product and frequently unresponsive to status update requests. Worse, I was double-charged for her services and, despite the fact that she acknowledged the error, I did not receive a refund for the amount over-charged. Take note of the BBB complaint filings against her company and her D- rating. She is unreliable and unprofessional, and her business practices are fraudulent.


I checked out everyone before making a decision to go with Chapman Service. Everything delivered not in time

K. Miller

Found my experience with them very unprofessional, don’t waste your money and they charged my credit card $597 twice and I never was given my final resume nor cover page I paid for. They started my resume process early May and by September still no final copy or cover letter. You pretty much do all your own research for what she charges a fortune for. Would not recommend anyone ever using.


I’ll never use Chapman Service again! Non professional at all!


I’m not satisfied with the Chapman services of this website. I got my resume not in time. Couldn’t recommend it!(((


I could have never written a resume like Chapman Services did for me. As an executive, I was questioning whether or not they could develop the resume I envisioned—but they did, and more,thanks


I totally dislike the services offered by Chapman services and they offered me uwrong resume writing help guide so that I couldn’t win the interview. I’m upset!


ChapmanService is a horrible service, sooo horrible that this is the first time i have been so angry about a service i decided to write and report that this is horrible company. And it is not April fools, it is true!


Lisa was hard to work with and I’m not sure she has knowledge in the resume writing field. She explained me the process clearly but I have not received an impressive resume that I was promised. This resume will help me to become a janitor not an event manager.

James McNulty

All of the job listings they sent me were expired by at least a week, if they existed at all. Might not be a terrible service if it was reasonably priced, but it was not at all?! You’ve got to be joking. Especially because CraftResume and CareerBooster offer better service for less money.

Duncan D.

Working with Lisa is very uneasy. She did not provide professional resume writing service and she was not patient at all. I can write a resume better. You have no talent and I am so frustrated I made the this choice. “Thank you” for a waste of money.