EduReviewerThe 5 Best Resume Writing Services for Engineers

The 5 Best Resume Writing Services for Engineers

Best Customer Choice
Price$139Lowest priceTime4-7 daysMinimum deadline
1-on-1 Consultation
High Quality Resumes
7 Days for Free Revisions
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Price$395Lowest priceTime3–5 daysMinimum deadline
ATS Optimized
Only US-based Expert Writers
1-on-1 Phone Talk with Resume Writer
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Price$495Lowest priceTime7-10 daysMinimum deadline
Unlimited Revisions
In-Depth Intake Consultation
Experienced US Career Coaches
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Price$139Lowest priceTime1 dayMinimum deadline
Affordable Prices
Great Option for IT Professionals
Real Resume Experts and Career Coaches from IT Industry
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Price$179Lowest priceTime3 daysMinimum deadline
Unlimited Revisions
Get Free Expert Resume Review
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Best Engineering Resume Services

The first thing after acquiring relevant engineering skills through training is to start marketing yourself. Since other candidates are seeking the same positions as you, you have to perform exceptionally well.

Your resume is a great marketing tool and you can choose to drop it as a hard copy or through emails to the hiring company in a bid to secure your dream job.

Often, job seekers fail miserably when writing resumes, which hampers their job search. They fail to focus on the key areas, making their resume irrelevant.

Thankfully, a few professional resume writing service providers have come up with a solution for engineering resumes writing by hiring the highest-rated professional resume writers.

Each resume services provider has different packages available from a single resume package to complete services that include things like career coaching and cover letter writing.

Let’s look at some of the most fulfilling engineering resume writing services in detail.

ZipJob Engineering Resume Writing Services

Price starts from $139
Minimum deadline 2-3 days
  • Fast turn-around of 3-7 days.
  • Friendly and professional writers.
  • No experience-based discrimination.
  • Document re-write after 60 days without receiving job invitations without being asked for explanations.
  • Launch package has limited features.
  • The site does not function during holidays.
It is one of best the engineering resume services out there. This certified resume writer service provider ensures you are matched with an ideal writer to win over hiring managers.

To make sure your job search is fruitful, the company has specialized writers to give you top resume writing services in IT.

ZipJob resumes that get you hired

Talking about their packages, you do not have to milk your pockets dry. Professional resume writing packages cost $139-$299 for a custom resume.

The packages range from launch to premium, which has more features. These are the services provided:
  1. 60-Day interview guarantee;

  2. Unlimited revisions;

  3. ATS keyword optimization;

  4. Custom cover letter;

  5. LinkedIn revamps;

  6. Future updates;

  7. Face-to-face customer support.
The service quality is high, and customers have rated the services in different sites: Trust Pilot 4.4/5, SiteJabber 4/5.

Although the service does not have a mobile app at the moment, its website is user-friendly. Customers find navigating the site straightforward.

ZipJob easy writing

ZipJob is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches so you can expect the best resume writing services here.

This is another reason to trust them for resume services for engineering professionals.

Check our detailed Zipjob review and find out everything about their services.


Price starts from $395
Minimum deadline 48 hours
  • You will be paired with a writer experienced in writing resumes for the IT industry.
  • There are different packages to cater to candidates on different budgets.
  • No recurrent payment after the initial one.
  • 60-day interview guarantee.
  • Services are provided virtually with no offices to visit.
  • Some packages have hefty prices.
Find My Profession is undoubtedly one of the best engineering resume writing services. It caters to entry-level professionals to those at the executive resume level.

All the writers in the service are professionals and from the United States.

So, they understand the market trends perfectly and what hiring managers and companies are looking for in candidates.

FindMyProfession professional service

The service provider has two approaches to writing your resume. The first of their resume packages involves you uploading your own resume to them for review .

Alternatively, if you are stuck in where to begin, you can provide some details and leave them to it.

After that, you can relax and wait for your professional resume writer to craft you a polished resume that's perfect for the engineering industry.

Find My Profession has six packages of professional engineering resume services and are classified according to the level of experience of different candidates. They include:

  1. C-Level resume writing- costs between $995 and $1295;

  2. Executive writing- costs approximately $795-$1095;

  3. Professional writing- priced from $595-$895;

  4. Entry-level writing – charged from $395-$695;

  5. Curriculum vitae writing – costs between $695- $995;

  6. Federal writing – charged from $795-$1095.
All these resumes have a turn-around time of between 3 and 5 business days with unlimited revisions.

If you want a faster turn-around, often 48 hours, you can pay an additional priority fee of $149.

FindMyProfession categories

The website interface is user-friendly so you can access exactly what you need straight away.

Customer support is committed to each client’s needs and dedicates quality time to help you.

You can also reach them by phone, which makes them outstanding in case you need real-time support.

Find My Profession engineering resume service reviews show that the company delivers what they promise and clients get value for their investment.

According to BBB, it scores 5/5, 4.9 on Trustpilot, and 4.88/5 on Sitejabber.

Each final resume is optimized to pass the ATS system and is downloadable in both word and PDF formats.

We found that in the scrutinized Find My Profession review; check it out if you need more information.


Price starts from $139
Minimum deadline 24 hours
  • There is a 60-day interview guarantee.
  • All the resumes are optimized for ATS.
  • All the writers are professionals and certified.
  • Turn-around time is quick, usually 5 business days.
  • You can choose a relevant package based on your skills and experience.
  • You can schedule video calls on Viber or Skype for a more authentic feel
  • Resume writing packages at all levels have limited features.
  • No mobile app.
Craft Resumes provides professional engineering resume writing services to entry-level to executive professionals.

The provider serves clients from all over the world and has professional resume writers from native English-speaking countries.

Their selection for writers is rather strict, and they have to be certified to ensure they deliver quality work to clients.

CraftResumes upload your resume

The professional engineering resume writing services from Craft Resumes include:

  1. Entry-level. This is valued from $139 to $399;

  2. The professional package which is valued between $299 and $499.99;

  3. Executive package from $399 to $629.99.
All these packages have resume writing, basic, optimal, and all-in-one options. Each option has different features that differentiate it from the others.

Working with Craft Resumes feels authentic because of the way their customer support handles clients.

You’ve got to work with some of the best resume writing services for engineering professionals to beat the current market competition. Gaining competitive skills alone in the market is not enough.

The resume writing process is challenging and if your writing skills are lacking, you should partner with a field professional to help you craft a winning piece.
CraftResumes simple steps

The company provides lots of resume writing packages to help you with job hunting.

Each of these packages are great but you have to be careful about which one you choose depending on the services you require. Let us look at each:

  • Student. It is priced at $169.95;

  • Professional. It is the most popular package and goes for $199.95;

  • Executive. The package costs $299.95;

  • Career Change is priced at $249.95;

  • LinkedIn profiles. Costs $199.95;

  • Military-to-civilian package cost $169.95;

  • Tech/IT package goes for $229.95;

  • CV package costs $299.95;

All these packages are delivered within 72 hours after completing your order.

All the final resumes are provided in a Word format and you can have them revised if they don't quite meet your expectations. No re-writes are given before 60 days and after 90 days.

CraftResumes prices

Craft Resumes is a member of software engineer resume writing services, which helps in boosting trust in companies.

If you have hired their resume writers before, remember that you can leave your reviews about services right below our review.


Price starts from $169
Minimum deadline 1 day
  • Quick turn-around.
  • Affordable packages.
  • ATS optimized resumes.
  • 60-day interview guarantee.
  • Professional and experienced niche industry writers.
  • There is a limit to re-writes.
  • Your doc is only available in word format.
You’ve got to work with some of the best resume writing services for engineering professionals to beat the current market competition and have a professionally written resume.

Gaining competitive skills alone in the market is not enough. If your writing skills aren't up to scratch, you need to hire a professional resume writer.

ResumeWriters engineering resume services

There are lots of resume writing packages with this company to help you with job hunting. Each of these packages works incredibly awesome, but you have to be careful about which one you choose. Let us look at each:

  1. Student. It is priced at $169.95;

  2. Professional. It is the most popular package and goes for $199.95;

  3. Executive. The package costs $299.95;

  4. Career Change is priced at $249.95;

  5. LinkedIn profiles. Costs $199.95;

  6. Military-to-civilian package cost $169.95;

  7. Tech/Software package goes for $229.95;

  8. CV package costs $299.95.
All these packages are delivered within 72 hours after your order is placed.

All the resumes are provided to you in Word format, and you can have them revised to meet your expectations. You can't have a re-write before 60 days or after 90 days.

ResumeWriters information

Unfortunately, Resume Writers does not have a mobile app. However, you can access their website with your mobile devices easily and without problem.

The quality of this provider can be assessed through the engineering resume writing service reviews on different sites. Sitejabber 4.67/5, Trustpilot 4.7/5, and BBB 3/5.

Resume Writers have elaborate customer support that includes a physical office in case you need further assistance.

ResumeWriters service

Besides LinkedIn profiles, all the packages have a one-on-one consultation session, which you can choose to take or forego.

You can find even more information about the services provided by the company in the ResumeWriters reviews that customers leave on our website.


Price starts from $149
Minimum deadline 24 hours
  • Affordable packages.
  • ATS optimized resumes.
  • Supportive customer support.
  • Professional writers who are knowledgeable in their fields.
  • Lots of customer reviews for engineer resume writing services, making them more trustworthy.
  • Not available during weekends and holidays.
Top Resume is the best resume writing service for engineering professionals, with the best rating on our list.

The site has performed incredibly well, considering it has thousands of reviews and still gets an overall outstanding rate. It scores 4.4/5 on Trustpilot and 4.31/5 on Sitejabber.

TopResume information

The site has 3 relatively affordable packages that are provided:

  1. Professional Growth – costs $179;

  2. Career Evolution – costs $219;

  3. Executive Priority – costs $349.
Career Evolution and Executive Priority packages are the only Top engineering resume writing services with a 60-day interview guarantee. Professional Growth does not.

Customer support is available on weekdays between 9.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. ET. You can reach them through mail or phone for inquiries or complaints.

So, is the top resume service worth it? According to thousands of engineering resume writing service reviews submitted by previous clients, this resume service is totally worth it.

TopResume pricing

Although they are not available on holidays and weekends, it is one of the best resume writing services for engineers outside of these times.

Find out what customers thought about the services in the TopResume reviews that they left below our review.


What are the Pros and Cons of Using engineering resume Writing Services?


  • Job seekers receive industry insights and career coaching from experienced experts.
  • Your strengths are highlighted in a professional way to pass the ATS system.
  • It takes little time.
  • You get support by a proffesional resume writer in your job search.


  • Getting a professionally written resume can be expensive.
  • Some professional resume writing service providers fail to deliver work on time.

How Much Does an engineering resume Writing Service Cost?
Since each service provider operates differently, there is no standard cost for the top engineering resume writing services with guarantees.

Some charge according to their reputation, while others charge according to what is includes in their packages.

A professional resume writing service can cost anywhere from $100 to $2500 for the engineering industry.

How Do I Know that a Particular engineering resume Writing Service is the Best?
The best way to know about the quality of a service is through referral.

However, if none of your friends has used a professional resume writing service, you can start looking at the service’s online activities.

Check for things such as the frequency of customer reviews, if they are social and how often the company engages with their audience.

If the up-to-date information available about the resume service is mostly positive, you know if their services are worth using.

Conclusion: Which Services Hire Top Engineering Resume Writers?

In the quest for a dream job, software engineer job seekers often struggle at the first hurdle: resume writing.

Thankfully, there are many certified professional resume writer services available.

What’s more, you can also get help with a cover letter, career coaching, career advice, and much more.

So, whether you’re needing an executive resume, quantum tech resumes, or an entry-level engineering resume, check the abovementioned providers to find the best resume writing service and impress future hiring managers.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on April 25, 2023
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