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FindMyProfession Prices for Jobseekers [Beginner to C-Level]

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So, you’re diving into the professional world and need that stand-out resume? It’s critical to make that first impression count. Find My Profession could be your game-changer, especially if you want top-notch, professional resume writing services.

But let’s talk business – how much does Find My Profession cost? Knowing the numbers, particularly for students, is essential before choosing.

How Much Does Find My Profession Cost?

Service Entry-Level Professional Executive C-Level
Reverse Recruiting – Standard (per 4 weeks) $2,499 $3,499 $4,999
Resume Writing $395 $595 $795 $995
Priority Service $149 $149 $199 $199
Cover Letter $110/$119 $110/$119 $119/$149 $119/$149
LinkedIn Profile $200/$399 $200/$399 $300/$649 $300/$649
Professional Bio $199/$349 $199/$349 $299/$449 $299/$449
Networking Resume $199/$349 $199/$349 $349/$699 $349/$699

With the market brimming with options, zeroing in on Find My Profession prices might have you pondering whether it fits your wallet and career ambitions.

It’s crucial, stay tuned and keep reading! You’ll be thankful you did when your resume is lighting up the inbox of your dream employer!

Know This Before You Start With FindMyProfession

Before diving headfirst into the professional resume-writing waters, here’s a quick rundown for those in a hurry. How much is Find My Profession is a pivotal consideration, and while investing in your career is crucial, understanding what you’re getting into is equally important. So, for those wanting quick, actionable info, here it is!

Find My Profession offers a variety of services, not just resume writing. From LinkedIn profile optimizations to career coaching, they’re like your professional one-stop shop! But remember, quality comes at a price, and prices here can range significantly based on your career stage and the services you opt for.

Now, it’s wise to check out a Find My Profession review or two before making a commitment. Reviews can give you a real glimpse into the experiences of others, providing you with insights into the quality and reliability of the services.

And there you go! If you’re pressed for time, consider these nuggets of info and get going! If you have a little more time to spare, keep reading for a deep dive into the details to make an informed choice.

Find My Profession - features

Does Find My Profession Come Without a Price Tag?

Let’s dive into the million-dollar question – is using Find My Profession like hitting a jackpot of free career services?

The straightforward answer is no. Quality, especially top-tier quality, doesn’t come free. While how much does Top Resume cost is a vital question, knowing what’s included in that cost is equally significant. From standout resumes to polished LinkedIn profiles, understanding the value is key when weighing the costs.

It’s all about ensuring that your investment leads to that dream job, so stick with us, and let’s explore the ins and outs of Find My Profession’s offerings!

What’s the Price Tag for Find My Profession Services?

Breaking down the cost of Find My Profession can feel like unfolding a road map to your next career move. It’s crucial to understand what you’re spending and gaining in return!

How Does Their Pricing Pan Out?

1. Reverse Recruiting:

This service is like having a personal career advocate. They will actively reach out to employers on your behalf, pitching your profile and skills. It’s a proactive approach to job searching, and the costs range from Standard at $2,499 to Elite at $4,999.

2. Resume Writing:

A polished resume is key to getting noticed, whether entry-level or C-level. The costs start at $395 for Entry-Level and go up to $995 for C-Level, tailored to exhibit your experience, skills, and accomplishments most professionally.

3. Priority Service:

In a rush? This service ensures your needs are met promptly, with costs at $149 for both Entry-Level and Professional and $199 for Executive and C-level individuals, ensuring you’re ready to seize any opportunity.

4. Cover Letter:

A well-crafted cover letter can be your ticket to grabbing an employer’s attention. The pricing for this service varies, starting at $110/$119 and reaching up to $149, ensuring your introduction is as compelling as your resume.

5. LinkedIn Profile:

In today’s digital world, a LinkedIn profile is your online resume. Prices range from $200/$399 to $300/$649, aimed at presenting a professional and engaging online presence to prospective employers.

6. Professional Bio:

A professional bio showcases your career story and achievements. With costs ranging from $199/$349 to $299/$449, it’s designed to highlight your professional journey and accomplishments.

7. Networking Resume:

This service offers a resume tailored for networking purposes. The pricing is between $199/$349 and $349/$699, providing a concise snapshot of your professional experience and skills.

Each service is structured to cater to different career stages and needs, offering a broad spectrum of options to help you make the right investment in your professional journey.

While the prices might seem steep at a glance, weighing them against the potential return on investment is essential. For those wondering about services across the pond, our Purple CV reviews provide insights into UK-based resume writing services. After all, the right services can be the catalyst to landing that coveted position in your desired field!

Find My Profession - worth the investmentFind My Profession - great service for busy


When considering resume writing services, it’s always wise to explore alternatives to weigh your options adequately. Here’s a quick comparison between Find My Profession, TopResume, and ResumeSpice.

Service Provider Service Level Cost What You Get
Find My Profession Entry-Level Resume $395 Tailored resume showcasing your skills, experience, and accomplishments.
Professional Resume $595 Advanced resume tailored to professionals with substantial experience.
Executive Resume $795 High-level resume focusing on leadership and managerial achievements.
C-Level Resume $995 Top-tier resume emphasizing executive-level accomplishments and experience.
TopResume Professional Growth $149 Professional resume suitable for individuals looking to progress in their career.
Career Evolution $219 Advanced resume focusing on extensive career experiences and achievements.
Executive Priority $349 Executive resume emphasizing leadership, achievements, and strategic thinking.
ResumeSpice Entry Level Resume $479 Entry-level resume highlighting your skills, education, and potential.
Professional Resume $589 Professional and detailed resume suitable for individuals with significant experience.
Executive Resume $699 Comprehensive executive resume showcasing leadership and strategic accomplishments.

For those of you diving deep into research, check out our other articles, including Zipjob reviews, to gain insights into different service providers in the resume-writing market.

We also have Let’s Eat Grandma resume reviews, offering an understanding of the quality and reliability of their services.

In addition, if you are stuck in the Resumeble vs TopResume dilemma, we’ve covered you with detailed analyses and comparisons.

This extensive comparison and our detailed reviews aim to help you make an informed decision by providing a holistic view of the various services, offerings, and price points available in the market.

Find My Profession - reviews


Is Find My Profession free?

No, Find My Profession offers premium, paid services. Their professional services are meticulously crafted, and the prices reflect the quality and expertise they bring to your career development.

What is an alternative to Find My Profession?

TopResume and ResumeSpice are notable alternatives. Each offers different service levels and pricing structures, catering to various career stages and needs.

How much does a professional resume cost?

The cost can vary widely, but professional resumes start at $395 at Find My Profession. To explore costs in the realm of the best resume writing service, be sure to read our specialized articles.

Is Find My Profession worth it?

Given the quality and extensive offerings, many deem Find My Profession worth the investment, especially when seeking premium services. For a deeper dive into how much Find My Profession costs, our articles provide detailed insights.


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