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How to Become a College Admissions Consultant

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How to Become a College Admissions Consultant

When it comes the time to prepare for college, high schoolers may face various challenges. It all begins with selecting the right university or college, the application, and many other things that are waiting for them in the process. If you would love to help the students get into college and get the most out of the experience, becoming a college admissions consultant could be the perfect career choice for you.

If you are wondering how to become a college admissions consultant, all the steps are listed below. At first glance, it may seem too complicated. But with some work and effort, you will reach your goal, and you’ll be in a position to help high schoolers get into college and have the best experience possible.

Main Steps to Become a Professional College Admission Consultant

If you are ready to pursue the career of college admission consultant, knowing all the stages you need to go through for becoming one is essential. In this easy-to-follow guide, you will find all the steps on how to become a college consultant.

The road may seem complicated and full of obstacles, but that’s far away from the truth. If you put the work and effort into it and have passion towards helping the students, you will go through all the steps below pretty fast and with enjoyment. Knowing that you helped a person pursuing a dream career based on their interests, goals, and passions, is an amazing reward.

Earning Needed Credentials

The journey towards becoming a college consultant starts with a bachelor’s degree in counseling or education. In the process of getting a degree, you will learn how to help students in the best way possible. In addition, you will learn new skills.

The next step would be getting a graduate degree, especially if you have in mind that such a degree is something many college admission companies that hire consultants require you to have. Moreover, a degree will help you have more clients, and that’s an additional reason to earn it.

Once you get a degree, it is time to get some experience. Jumping into the field of college consulting right away could be too much. Instead, you may begin by working as a counselor.  By doing that, you will get to the bottom of the process, and you will earn the experience that would be more than valuable once you go one step further and start working as a consultant.

While degrees are significant, you can always do more and become even better. How to do that? Consider courses that will help you gain additional skills and more knowledge. At some point, the extra skills you possess could be a big plus. The same goes for certifications you may get. The goal is always to work to be better. The degree is important, but becoming a great consultant means finding ways to do more and be more.

As a prospective college admission consultant, widening your horizons can be beneficial. Why not explore the avenue of becoming an ACT tutor? Our article guides you on the requirements and salary structure of a tutor with no experience, equipping you with essential knowledge that complements your consulting role.

Start Building Your Professional Network

When you get a degree and some practical experience working as a counselor, it is time to build your professional network. You can start by joining a professional organization such as Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). Next, attend college consultant conferences. The events are usually organized annually, and you can attend them and meet people working in the same field. Getting to know other consultants and having the chance to be advised by them, especially those who have years of experience, is priceless. A piece of straightforward advice can change the course and make you an even better college consultant in the future.

Next, start learning as much as you can about colleges and talk with admissions representatives. Tour the campus and gather information about the place, including scholarships, extracurricular activities, and more. The entire process will take some time and lots of effort, but it will be worth it. Being a professional college consultant means that you can offer the best to the students, and you can achieve that only by being devoted to your work and knowing all the essential things. That will allow you to find the best option for the particular student.

Don’t forget to leave your contact to admission counselors, as they can recommend you to the parents who are looking for a reference. When talking to people, always be ready to answer the most common question many ask, and that’s “Why should you hire a college consultant?”. Tell everyone you know to have you in mind if they hear someone is looking for a college consultant. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you have the chance to expand your professional network.

Go Into the Details of Your Business


If you are going to be an independent college consultant, you will have to create your business plan and figure out the details. The first year could be a tough one, because there will be lots of traveling, and not many clients. You need to focus on gathering info on colleges, activities, and all other important things as you need to offer the best solutions to the students when the time for that comes. After a while, you will start earning a salary and your financial situation will become much better.

If you wonder what college consultants normally charge, the amount varies and you will see that for yourself. You may adjust your prices based on the number of clients you are planning to have, or do have at the moment. The salary you are going to have depends on different factors, such as your credentials, degree, experience, years spent in the field of college consulting, additional skills and certifications you may possess, to name a few.

Decide on the services you will offer. You can focus on particular things. For example, you can provide help for selecting schools or with the choice of extracurricular activities. Or, you can offer the whole package of services. It is all up to you.

Become a specialist in a specific area. If you think about this, it is quite an essential part of the story. You can be an exquisite consultant if you share your passion with students interested in the field you love. Let’s say you love tech. You can work with students interested in information technology colleges. When you share your passion, you can help students find what’s suitable for them much easier.

As a college admission consultant, knowing how to create a powerful resume quickly is a skill worth having. Our guide on how to make a quick resume offers you a step-by-step process to develop a resume that will impress any admission board.

It’s Time to Focus on Marketing

After getting a degree, building a professional network, and working on the details of your business plan, it’s time for some advertising. After all, you need to put your services out there for the rest of the world to see it. While getting clients by referral is fantastic, you can get even more with simple marketing strategies.

First, create brochures containing all the crucial points about your work, such as your specialization field and the services you offer (particular one or an entire package). It would be great to include the testimonials of the students who used your services before so they can share their satisfaction. Add your phone number and email address so that potential clients can reach you with ease. You can leave the brushers just about anywhere. You never know who might need the services you are offering.

These days, an online presence is a must, especially if you want to expand your business and stand out from the rest. To make that happen, you can start by creating social media profiles. Also, you can build a website that will contain the same thing as a brochure but in an online format. Add the services, testimonials, contact, etc. When people need a service, they will either ask for a recommendation or look it up online. If you are there, the chances are you will have more clients faster than other college consultants.

You can put ads in high school programs and advertise your services. The prices of ads vary, and they depend on several factors, such as the size of the ad, the school, and more. But, the amount of money you will spend on the advertisement will be worth it as it may help you land new clients.

When providing guidance to students as a college admission consultant, knowing the ins and outs of affordable learning tools like Memrise can be invaluable. Check out our comprehensive breakdown of Memrise costs to offer the best advice on affordable learning resources.


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