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Should I Hire a College Consultant and Why?

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The process of applying to colleges isn’t straightforward in any way. Not only is the process complicated, but it is also ever-changing. Several questions have to be answered and it can easily become overwhelming.

How should a student prepare for the admission process? What steps should a student take to get ahead of the competition? What are the right standardized tests to take?

We’ve discussed why you might want to hire a college consultant, but it’s also important to know what private schools look for in applicants. This information could be crucial in shaping your applications and making the right impression.

These questions and many more are what parents and students have to find answers to. Finding answers becomes even more complicated as the students and their parents are from two different generations. Should things be done in the modern way or the old but tested and trusted way?

Though school guidance counselors can be helpful, the truth is that they aren’t experts in the college admission process. They also have to work with too many seniors for them to be able to offer individualized advice. If you are a parent or student struggling with the college admission process, what you need is a college consultant.

In this article, we will be taking a look at reasons why hire a college consultant, who they are, how to find one, and many more.

Who Is a College Consultant?

Before answering questions on why hire a college admissions consultant, you need to first understand who a college consultant is.

A college consultant is a professional that offers assistance to students and helps them achieve their career and professional goals. When you hire a consultant, you will get professional support on your way to college, during your time there, and even after college.

To put it simply, a college consultant assists students through all facets of life including educational, personal, and professional.

Why You Need a College Consultant

The process of getting into college used to be more straightforward. All students had to do was to fill out a form while their schools sent the necessary pieces of information. However, things are much different now and this is why you need the assistance of a professional. You may check out our list of the best college consultants.

Here are some reasons why should you hire a college consultant:

1. The Admission Process Is Increasingly Competitive

Every year, it gets even more difficult for students to gain admission into schools. This is because the admission rate at the most selected schools is now very low while that of less selected colleges and universities is between 10 to 30%.

Why are the admission rates so low? Well, an increasing number of students are trying to get into schools and there is a rise in applications per student. Due to the emergence of Common Application and other online platforms, it has become convenient for students to submit multiple applications.

As a result, it is incredibly tough for applicants to stand out from their peers. An experienced admission adviser fully understands the requirements of the best schools and the best way that students can present themselves. When students know what is expected of them, it gives them more confidence and boosts their chances of getting into their favorite college or university.

2. The Application Process Is Exhaustive

Another answer to the “why do you need an individual college counselor?” question is that the process of applying for college is highly detailed. There are several steps involved and a single mistake can be very costly.

Most parents and applicants are usually surprised when they discover how much planning is required for the process to be executed smoothly. One could easily forget to register for an interview or miss the deadline for the SAT.

Your level of preparation and proactiveness will have a significant effect on the success of your child’s application. To start with, an applicant needs to have a solid resume. It should contain information such as what they did in high school, how they spent their holidays and the accomplishments that set them apart from other applicants.

Experienced individual counselors make their clients’ applications stand out by helping them tell their high school stories. They also eliminate the need for applicants to do any research or guesswork on what colleges are looking for.

Parents and students already have a tight schedule and do not have to add the extra stress of the admission process. This is a full-time job and it should be handled by a full-time professional.

3. The High Cost of College

Four-year residential colleges become more expensive with each missing year. Looking at how big of an investment will be required, applicants need to apply strategically.

Why should you hire college consultants? You should hire a professional because it will be an excellent investment. Choosing an admission consultant can be as essential as choosing the right school for your child. A professional can also guarantee that a student gets admitted into the most suitable college for him or her.

Working with a professional will help you create a personalized strategy that will ensure that your child has a fruitful academic career.

4. Save Time and Energy

College is one topic that can cause a lot of stress in any household.

The application process consumes too much time and energy. It can be very difficult monitoring everything and not even knowing if the right steps are being taken, this can easily get everyone worked up in a home.

Fortunately, experienced professionals save families valuable time and energy. They take care of schedules and school lists, tell students what extracurriculars to take, give opinions on essays, prepare them for interviews, and many more. Generally, a college consultant ensures that their clients are on the right path.

This way, professionals don’t just help students take the right approach to their application process, but they also save time and energy.

5. Guidance Counselors Have too Much to Do

Though their roles may seem similar, an individual admission consultant and a high school guidance counselor are very different from one another.

Guidance counselors are very dedicated and they provide valuable services to their place of work. However, they just aren’t in a position to offer personalized assistance to every student in their schools during the admission period. They also lack the experience and expertise needed to mold students into perfect applicants.

Even in private schools, their job is mainly to assist rising seniors. So, they don’t guide students on extracurricular activities or any form of strategy. What do college prep consultants do?

Individual consultants make their clients a priority, work hand-in-hand with families to develop customized admission strategies, and finally, ensure that a brilliant applicant profile is created in the end.

How to Find the Best Admissions Counselor?

How to Find the Best Admissions Counselor?

Now that you know the benefits you will get from hiring a professional to handle your ward’s application process, you need to know how to find the right one. The importance of this is to ensure that your investment yields the expected result.

Check the best college admission consultants in the detailed college consultants review on our blog.

The right individual admission counselor should be reputable, experienced, and personable. Take a look at the things you should look out for below:

1. Check Out the Consulting Firm

Before hiring a firm, the first thing that you need to do is to check their results. Take a look at the schools that have admitted their students in recent years. You should also check how successful they have been in the most competitive schools.

After that, you should do deeper research on the firm. How reputable are the consultants? What do their history and results look like? The right firm for you will make its history, strategy, and vision clear to potential clients. From there, you should be able to find a counselor that has the tools you need.

Finally, you should go through their reviews on online platforms like Google, Facebook, Trustpilot, and BBB. This is the easiest to discover how satisfied their past clients were.

2. Get More Information on the Individual Admission Consultants

Find out if the consultants work full time. If they don’t, you need to know how they plan to cater to your wants and needs. Will they be able to work with you throughout the process or will they hand you over to others along the way?  You should also find out if the firm stays updated on admission trends.

Settle for a professional with a solid background in the job and ensure that the person will be able to go all the way with your family. The right person will have a good idea of how to coach students, maintain good communication, and have a clear plan.

Furthermore, you should check out your potential consultant’s educational background. Professionals that attended the best school won’t just know how to get in but also have a good idea of what students are to expect there.

3. Find the Perfect Fit

Since you will be working with your consultant in the long term, you have to ensure that you find one that fits.

A good professional should provide a free initial consultation and you should take advantage of this period to find out if he or she will be a good match. Also, the meeting should be physical if you will be working in person.

It shouldn’t be all about someone who is highly experienced in college admission applications. A good professional should also be emotionally intelligent to get your ward over the hurdles along the way.

4. Full and Personalized Support

The right admission counselor for your ward won’t pick a school based on grades alone. He or she will also try to find a school that fits your child’s personality.

You should find out if your preferred firm offers complete, customized services to each client. Avoid firms that hire professional essay editors that have little or no idea of what the schools want. If an advisor gets to know your ward well, he or she will be in the best position to create the perfect profile.

5. Understand the Process

Now, this is one step that you can’t afford to overlook. Having an organized and responsive counselor will go a long way in guaranteeing a successful application.

Find out what you are to do and when to do it. You should also ask if the counselor will be able to cater to the unique needs of you and your child. How many hours will he be available daily? Will he or she remain current on all admission-related news and events?

How Much Do College Assistants Charge?

The logical question to ask at this point is “how much do college assistants charge?”. Well, the cost of hiring an individual college advisor varies as it depends on several factors. However, the average cost of the service in 2021 is $200 per hour. For comprehensive packages, you should expect to pay between $850 to $10,000.


1. What Kinds of Students Should Consider Hiring an individual College Counselor?

The types of students that require the service of an individual college counselor are those whose parents and school counselors can’t offer all the help they need. A professional can provide the extra information needed to find the most suitable institutions and also assist students who are having difficulty writing their essays.

2. Do I Need a College Consultant?

If you want to know what college prep consultants do, a college admission consultant can ensure that you remain focused and do not miss essential deadlines. You should also hire a professional if you relieve your family of the stress of the application process or need assistance sorting out the financial aid options.

3. What Should I Look for in a College Consultant?

There are several things to look for in a college consultant. These include his or her educational background and certificate to become a college consultant, the success rate in your child’s preferred institution, process, availability, and personality.

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