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D&D on Resume: How and When to Use It Properly?

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Adding D&D to your resume can be a good talking point in an interview. It can be interesting to know how to put Dungeons and Dragons on a resume and how the conversation will be shaped if you have D&D included in your resume.

If you are a fun person and enjoy this exciting game, you have all the reasons to add it to your skills section. You will be surprised to know that many people are sharing this hobby. Continue reading this guide to learn how to put DnD on a resume.

Let’s face it, using D&D on a resume has become a big sensation and a hobby to many people. Associating it with you should be normal and a thing that makes you proud of yourself. You must also learn and appreciate the fact that a resume is a professional document that you just don’t include anything that you want. We are in agreement that D&D can be added. You just need to know how to use D&D on a resume to have a good presentation of yourself.

Should You Use D&D on the Resume at All?

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Should You Use D&D on the Resume at All?

Even before you learn how to put D&D on your resume, you first need to assess the importance of adding this skill. Is it a necessary addition? Will it help your candidature? These are some of the questions that you need to answer before you decide to add this skill.

We can’t tell you whether or not it is important because your job context determines the importance of adding this skill. But we know it is a special skill that can do great wonders on your application, and you can land a job based on your D&D skills.

Knowing the pros and cons will help you determine the suitability of adding this skill to a resume.

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Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons that will help you decide whether you need to add this skill to your resume.

The Pros

  1. It showcases various skills

The top reason why Dungeons and Dragons on resume are great is that they help to display your skills. There are many sets of skills that you can learn when you play D&D. We will discuss these skills in the later section of this guide. But you should know that adding it helps to create a good standing in an interview.

  1. Makes you relevant

If you are applying for a job that needs the skills learned on D&D, using it on a resume can be beneficial since it will make you relevant. Since many job openings are looking for people who match the qualifications and skills set, you can be ahead of the competition if you have the right set of skills.

  1. Appears natural

Your resume will appear natural and unique when you add such skills to it. Some employers are looking for unique qualifications from suitable employees.

  1. Extra skills

You will have an edge in getting the job because you have extra skills. Treat it like a professional qualification that you possess, which might be needed in a job consideration.

More about the benefits of Dungeons and Dragons on a resume will be discussed in the skills sections of this guide.


It is hard to come up with cons because the skills that you add to your qualification are great. However, we have encountered two scenarios where adding this qualification becomes detrimental to your job application.

  1. It doesn’t appear professional in some careers

We had initially talked about context when thinking about D&D resume. You need to examine the context and make a sound judgment on whether it is beneficial or not. It can work against you if you add it to a career that doesn’t require such skills. For example, if you are applying for a medical position, this might not be professional. It will only look good if you were applying for an IT-related job opening or to a gaming company.

  1. If you have plenty of IT skills

It is also a disadvantage to add it if you already have plenty of IT skills to showcase. You will be reducing the value of your IT skills when you add D&D to a resume. Therefore, check other skills and evaluate which should be put and which ones should not be added.

How to Incorporate D&D Into Your Resume?

How to Incorporate D&D Into Your Resume?

Photo by Sophie Elvis on Unsplash

If your analysis of the pros and cons has it that you should add it, then you need to know how to put DnD on your resume.

To do it right, you need to add it like any other hobby. The exact place that you put the hobby should depend on your commitment level and the kind of accomplishments that you have. Here are some unique places that it could appear:

  • Hobbies and interest section put at the end;
  • Accomplishments section where you describe achievements that can be quantified and have an impressive outcome. This is a perfect place to add D&D;
  • Professional experience section. For you to put it here, you must justify why you consider it professional. Remember, a resume doesn’t offer much space for explanations, thus, our recommendation is to put it under the accomplishments section.

Factors that determine where you add d7D on your resume

There are three factors that will help you determine where you will add it i.e.

  1. The level of experience that you have with D&D;
  2. The kind of job that you are applying for and the skills related to Dungeons and Dragons.

Will Dungeons and Dragons Look Good on My Resume?

This is a subjective question, though its overall answer is a YES. The set of skills that you get when you play this online game are great.

You also need to know that relevance is what makes D&D look good or bad on your resume. If the skills are relevant, it will be good, and vice-versa if the abilities are not relevant. You should update your resume based on the applications that you are making.

Top D&D Skills for Your Resume

The whole idea of adding Dungeons and Dragons is to make a resume outstanding. There are many abilities that you get when playing this online game. Here are the top abilities that you will be showcasing to your potential employers:

  1. Leadership skills

In this game, players talk at the same time, causing confusion. The team leader is tasked with stepping in and providing leadership to the team to stay organized. Your employer will be pleased to have someone who can take up leadership roles when needed. Even if you are not applying for a leadership position, you can always be called on in some situations to showcase this skill.

  1. Social skills

The ability to interact with people is an important skill that you need, regardless of the job that you are applying for. Employers look for people who will easily be part of the organization and relate well with others. D&D develops this skill since you are a constant communicator with others in the team.

  1. Problem-solving skills

You will also be learning important problem-solving abilities when challenges are thrown at you playing the game. You need to be tactical during the game to solve problems. This is a trait that most employers love because it can improve productivity in the organization.

  1. Team-building skills

Team-building abilities are learned when playing the game as team members have to engage in joint tasks. Recruiters will be keen on how you can help to bring together members of your team when you are employed.

  1. Preparation and planning skills

In this game, you have to plan for other players. Planning becomes a central part, which develops your natural planning abilities. You can display this skill to your potential employers.

DnD on Your LinkedIn

You can also use DnD on your LinkedIn. This social networking platform is a fine place to showcase all the skills. The reason why it is important is that you have all the space to create a new section for it.

Exploring resume spice reviews can offer new insights as you prepare to showcase EIT on your resume. With professional help, you can present your Engineer in Training experience compellingly to future employers.

Just go to the skills section and add the set of abilities that you have mastered because of playing DnD. You should also indicate the level of experience that you have. Read this article to know how can you do it correctly.


Now you know how to put DnD on your resume. If you are applying for a job that needs the set of skills that we have highlighted, make sure to add DnD. Use the right section to make it stand out. If not sure about all of that, ask for help from professional resume writing services, we have the best ones listed on our blog.

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