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Best SES (ECQ) Writing Services Available Online

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I personally know that an SES resume is one of the most complex types known to men. As such, UI has been looking for the best SES ECQ writing services that can help ordinary people stand out when they are applying for a specific job. Do you want the same thing?

First of all, SES stands for Senior Executive Service. People who apply for this position need a proper SES resume. The resume must include ECQ or Executive Core Qualifications. There are typically 5 of these, but the number can vary. In addition, resumes of this kind need Technical Qualifications or TQs as well.

These resumes are far more complex, important, and detailed than people may believe. In my experience, writing one by yourself is not great unless you are a resume writer.

Even the smallest mistake can have a huge, negative impact and put another candidate in front of you. I tried and realized all of this on the hard way. Trust me.

I also know that there are a lot of service providers that have been helping people get the best SES resume within days.

That’s why I have decided to test them. The whole process included checking the website, guarantees, and features and then ordering the resume.

After that, I analyzed the resume and used additional features like revisions, adding new sections, and more to see whether writers would accept it.

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Below you can see the actual reviews and specifics based on my testing that took place over the last months. I will try to be as specific as I can.

Best SES ECQ Writing Services Online

Here are the top 3 service providers I could find and test. All of these are popular today, and they have been known to many happy customers.

But there are differences as well, so I will try to cover all of these.

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Craft Resumes

Price starts from $139
Minimum deadline 24 hours
  • Professional resume in a reasonable time.
  • The website is simple and easy to use.
  • They are professionals, and they know what they are doing.
  • They are not the highest in the business, but they are far from the most affordable.
Craft Resume might be the best SES writing service option here. Service executives from FedEx, Amazon, IBM, JPMorgan, and many other well-known companies have been using this provider.

This is always a good thing and one of the advantages I want to see. They claim to have completed over 2300 perfect resumes.
CraftResumes review
The process starts with a CV or resumes writing. This will cost you $229. A dedicated writer will complete the resume and perform ATS optimization. Stylish formatting will be used. The basic plan is $279.99, and it adds a cover letter to the first plan. The optimal plan is $339.99, and it adds a LinkedIn profile to the equation. All-in-one plan costs $499.99, and it offers thank you letters and career coaching (available 24/7) besides other elements. This is the professional plan. You can also choose entry-level and executive, which can be appealing.
Craft Resume review

I must add that Craft Resume offers all other types of CV and resume writing options. They can edit the existing resume, provide coaching or complete a completely new resume.

When choosing the writer, a client can see the success rate, number of finished papers, and additional specifics that can make things easier. I can add that the provider does have many writers working around the clock, which is a good thing.
CraftResumes - our resume writers

  • Advantages

I liked many things about craft Resumes. The main one is that they will deliver the professional resume in a reasonable time. It won’t have any mistakes, and it will be perfectly optimized. As such, this has to be one of the SES ECQ writing services I like and want to recommend.

The team behind the scenes is not huge, but there are still many writers who will tackle your resume. They are professionals, and they know what they are doing. I noticed that the provider is looking to expand at the time of testing, so they are looking for new writers. The application process and the test are not easy, if I may add.

The website is simple and easy to use. It looks modern, and all the needed pages are easy to find. Placing the order is easy as well.
CraftResumes - information

  • Disadvantages

I noticed some issues with the live chat. It can become unresponsive, not show, or something similar. Luckily, they do share the telephone number at the header of the site.

The process is not low. They are not the highest in the business, but they are far from the most affordable. Luckily the quality is high as well.

Resume Writing Lab

Price starts from $139
Minimum deadline 24 hours
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Professional authors of SES ECQ.
  • Poor customer support.
Resume Writing Lab is another provider I have tested. They also share the facts that their clients are people working for Google, Tesla, Verizon, and other well-known names. This is something I like to see, and it usually means that the provider is not an entry-level option.
Resume Writing Lab success stories
When it comes to prices here, you have a few career levels that you need to know about. The available levels are entry, professional, executive, and federal. You get a great price if you use entry-level choice.

All levels start with the basic one, which includes a resume and a cover letter. It will cost you $179.99. Optimal level ads LinkedIn profile and distribution. It is priced at $229.99. The all-in-one costs $399.99 and includes all the elements of the first two and ads coaching. The price might be higher than with other providers, but clients get a CV and a cover letter! In other cases, the client will get a resume only and have to pay for a cover letter additionally.
Resume Writing Lab - pricing
Every user can choose the one that matches his or her needs the best. But, if you move to the federal career level, you will see that the prices are much higher. The basic package is $479.99, the optimal is $549.99, and the all-in-one is $729.99. In a nutshell, I find these packages a nice addition.

Resume Writing Lab has over 200 writers, and they are expanding. The company doesn’t change any fees or anything similar, and all of this is confidential. One thing I like is the fact that they share success stories on the website. There are a few of them, but they do make the whole process better.
Resume Writing Lab reviews

  • Advantages

One of the biggest advantages here is SES ECQ writers. They are professionals, and they have been in this line of business for a long time. I got a perfect resume and the one I was happy with.

I also like the confidentiality guaranteed and the fact there are no hidden fees or anything like that.
Resume Writing Lab about us
The next thing is the ability to choose the level of the resume you need. If you need the best possible outcome, you will pay more.

But, in my experience, not all clients will need the ultimate package. Many can opt for a more affordable package and save some money.

I also like the fact that Writing Resume Lab uses as little information as possible when a user is placing an order. This just makes things safer and better. Personally, I don’t like sharing my information online unless I have to.

  • Disadvantages

One issue I noticed here is customer support. It is there, but all the elements of it are average.Resume Writing Lab contact us
The thing I didn’t like is the fact I couldn’t see available SES resume writers before I created the account. This means that I have to become the user and then choose if I want to use the service provider. In my opinion, revealing the writers to potential users is a much better approach.

Job Stars

Price starts from $495
Minimum deadline
  • The provider does what they claim to offer, and there are no issues here.
  • Guarantee of confidentiality.
  • Career coaching at Job Stars is better than average.
  • Packages are a bit confusing, and they are complicated to understand.
  • SES ECQ writing services are overpriced.
Job Stars doesn’t feel like any other best ECQ writing services I tested. It feels more like a blog than a professional website. This can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on how you view it.

Personally, I find this a downside. There is too much data potential clients will need to process until they place their order.
Job Star intro
The process here is a bit different than other providers have. I noticed that there are different packages. The bronze package is the most affordable, costing between $550 and $950. The silver package is between $750 and $1395. The gold package is between $1050 and $1695.
Job Star pricing
After placing the order, I got a resume that was perfect. It was well-written, there were no mistakes, and the whole process was excellent. It was a bit more complicated to use than other providers, but it was still decent.
Job Star customer reviews

  • Advantages

In a nutshell, the ECQ writing services reviews of Job Stars were great, and I got the same impression. The provider does what they claim to offer, and there are no issues here. The delivery was on the better side.

I also got and even used (due to testing purposes) corrections and changes that were possible after the third day from the order date. All of this was paired with guaranteed confidentiality, something I like as well.
Job Star resume writing process
I want to add here that career coaching at Job Stars is better than average. It is excellent, in my opinion, and very versatile. In today’s era, when a small difference can mean a lot, and we all look for perfection, this can make a big difference.

  • Disadvantages

The SES ECQ writing services cost is not the highest I was able to find, but it is on the higher side. Furthermore, the packages are a bit confusing, and they are complicated to understand. There are not many clarifications about each package.
Job Star gold resume package
I did mention that the website feels like a blog, and this can be an issue in some cases. Clients will need a bit more time to find what they seek and this is something I didn’t really like.

Comparison Table

Here is a table where I have compared all three service providers. I hope this will help you get instant details and specifics you may want to know about.

Craft Resumes Resume Writing Lab Job Stars
Lowest price $139 $179.99 $150
Delivery time frame 1-5 days 2-3 days Up to 5 days
Writer quality 9.5/10 9/10 9/10
Customer support 10/10 8/10 9/10
Level of Expertise 10/10 9.5/10 9/10
Reputation 9/10 8.7/10 10/10
Total score 9.7/10 9.5/10 9/10

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The Final Word

Thanks to these providers, the SES resume writing cost is generally more affordable than ever before. Clients have a lot of options at their disposal, and they can opt for the provider that works best in their particular case.

I have used these three providers, and I was more than just happy. There are a lot of differences between them.

But, at the end of the day, all of them provided a resume I could use and the one that could get me the job. This is the main point of all this!

My recommendation is to try all of these ECQ writing services and find the one that works best for you. Try to look at the main advantages of each one and the downsides that are not important to you.

All the providers I have tested come with pros and cons, and there is no way around that.

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  • How do you write an ECQ?

You will have to include the main qualifications of the executive and also technical qualifications, besides using a specialized format for the resume. These resumes are not the same as ordinary CVs you may have written before.

  • What is a ECQ?

This means Executive Core Qualifications, and there are usually 5 of them that must be present in the resume. These goals are to make the potential employee look more suitable for the position he or she is applying for.

  • How do you write a resume for SES?

You will use 5 pages only. Each resume must be tailored to a particular position (no generic resumes), and CCAR format must be used. Make sure that ECQ and TQs are linked and that they promote one another.

  • How long should each ECQ be?

Each ECQ should be limited, and they all need to have the same or at least a similar length. Ideally, this will be limited to 1-2 pages per qualification. A single resume should have 5 of these qualifications.

  • What is a core qualification?

A core qualification is the list of the skills, certificates, and others that will be useful and needed when applying to a particular job position. We can see that these are essential among senior executives where a particular set of skills is more important and even mandatory.

By Alina Burakova
Updated on October 18, 2023
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