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Actual information

My Rate: 4.2 / 5

Price From: $99

Deadline: 24 hours

Payment: PayPal

Writing a CV ought to be a priority for a person who is going to look for a job. Owners of businesses, HRs or executives of different firms demand resumes as well as CVs to scan the candidates fast through checking their credentials. So every job hunter has to make sure that he or she has an impressive piece to show in an interview.

The site has been around for more than two years serving the needs of various clients. If you have stumbled upon and wanted more details on the different functions of the site, you are reading the correct piece. Here is a quick yet comprehensive review that may be useful to those interested in further cooperation with the platform.

Our reviewers have shown only research facts emphasizing the usefulness as well as some drawbacks of Resume Yard. It has a sleek layout, diverse features, and direct means for client support. Thus, due to the attributes, writing about the site was worth the effort.

A job seeker could use some aid in creating an essential document for his or her application. But, before committing to any service, it makes sense to skim through the facts regarding them first. Read further to get acquainted with what our composers have learned about the enterprise that improves the careers.

Typing the words like “yard services resume” on Google or Yahoo’s search bar might point you to the site. Or else, you would receive the results of the pages containing Resume Yard reviews.

Visiting would let a job hunter see what the site is all about without wasting any time. On the front page, there is an image of a CV. Upfront, there are assurances on achieving satisfaction and even getting an interview with the help of the provided piece. The company promises privacy, no extra charges, and the cheapest cost at $99 too.

The navigation menu is likewise available to reach all the useful sections. On the upper right area, the pricing, samples, and contact numbers are visible. Call-to-action buttons are also there and even highlighted for quick order processing.

It also boasts the acceptance of its previous clients by the known brands. On top of that, scrolling down the main page leads to the provided services. Together with them, the ordering procedure and target customers are also mentioned. These things prove the company’s dedication to guiding people to land a job.

The company was established more than two years ago in New York, USA. There are 15 professional resume writers who work for the site providing CVs as well as resumes of the highest quality and within the set deadlines. The experts help the clients not only in the USA but also in the UK, Canada, Australia and more than ten other countries all over the world.

The part of the website displays the tasks the service can handle. In addition, the cost for each assignment depends on the level of the writing needed. For instance, the most affordable paper would be the $99 resume that is fit for the entry level. But that price can become $159 for executive level writing. Requesting a LinkedIn profile could further one’s expense too. It is understandable that the cost goes up when the set deadline is close.

Some people may find it expensive even to consider paying $99 for a well-written paper. But the thing is that getting the work means competing with other candidates. So if you’re going to submit a CV, you might as well produce one that could give you a schedule for an interview. Resume Yard might assist you, as it did with the others who are currently working in various notable companies.

Those who wish to order quality application papers have to be in possession of a PayPal account to order. But credit or debit card holders may have the privilege to make requests as well.

The site is secure for payment as it uses HTTPS as the security protocol. When inputting letters and digits, you could rest easy knowing that your account is safe. Aside from that, millions of people consider PayPal as one of the best payment systems online. For those uncomfortable writing down their card details, this is the fix to the issue.

As of now, the authorities have no record linking to any hacking problems.

The enterprise has a freelance system. It means that it’s working with freelance writers in getting the papers done. But, even though this is the case, a lot of clients reported receiving exceptional output. The network of scribblers hired by the service knows what is generally appealing. They can produce summaries of their clients’ bio in the ways that employers expect.

There is even a section designed for showing before and after examples of people’s resume. Based on it, one can deduce that the writers of Resume Yard use different methods to help. It is even clear that they alter the design and formatting of the documents to have a sophisticated look. As for the content, writers incorporate particular keywords and use helpful templates too. In the end, clients get papers that not only look great and have their credentials but are ATS compliant as well.

In fact, all the assignments often come with a deadline. One more service that has no problems with deadlines is The writers are aware of them and work hard to deliver the right papers on time. Despite the research, proofreading, and editing needed, freelance composers usually finish without failing the deadlines.

On the topmost right part of the main page, one can see the contact number and even click on it for convenience. But the availability of the representatives is only from 8 AM to 5 PM, EST. If the voice calls aren’t your thing, there’s always an e-mail address situated at the bottom too to connect with CSRs.

The colors on the page are easy on the eyes, being a combination of royal blue, golden yellow, and white. The font types and sizes used are sleek. Most descriptions are in black, and highlighted text is in white. In the entire website, call-to-action buttons are yellow with white text inside.

Using the site isn’t that hard to browse since the top part has the menu for navigation. In addition, the interface for ordering and the page with the samples are easily accessible, free, and not difficult to use. To understand the specifics of the offers, though, checking the terms and agreement page is a must.

To order, one has to be a member of the website. It only takes a few clicks and writing some personal information to gain membership. Even so, it’s a good thing because request tracking would then be possible.

Like the other Resume Yard reviews, this one is fair too. It shows not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of the website.

  • Fresh graduates, workers pursuing growth, and career shifters have plenty of options. They could have either a CV, resume, LinkedIn Profile, and cover letter, or even all together to submit.
  • Customers have to fill in a form to specify their order before paying up. So they can decide on which service to avail and stick to a budget.
  • Clients can call or message service representatives or even the writers. That's to address the distinctive concerns.
  • A buyer has unlimited revisions so one can expect to receive a quality copy.
  • The service offers refunds for its possible mistakes.
  • Monitoring one's order is possible by website membership.
  • Customers have to pay first before getting the help they need.
  • The starting price, which is at $99 might not be affordable to everyone. People may feel discouraged to seek the experts’ aid in writing because of this.
  • To talk to people who are the part of the company, phone calls and e-mails are necessary. There is no chat widget on the website for instant messaging.
  • The revision period mentioned lasts only for two days and starts on the deadline date.
  • The only time the company would return any full payment is if a client doesn't get any output. The issuance of a full refund would take place 30 days after ordering.
  • Some might want to make anonymous orders. However, it isn't allowed by the writing service.

My Verdict

With this and other Resume Yard reviews, one might say that the service is something that is worth trying. The company has been around for a while now, served many customers well, and even offers some free stuff. Still, before shelling out money, it is essential to assess the details of a website. That is to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.
This is our take on the page, and we hope that you found the website and its description useful to decide on what way to choose while composing a CV or a resume.

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Thank you for your work , dear resumeyard team, but one disadvantage that you didn’t reply me on my first call(( Something with your contact form! Please, check this!

I’m thankful that I now have a writer who wrote the resume that I needed. The writer is always very quick to respond to all of my requests and messages. Thanks guys!!! I am proud of your services!