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Inside Recruiter Review 2021

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By Alina Burakova fb Jul 04, 2021
Reviewer at Edurewiever

InsideRecruiter is one of the worst hire-to-write resume writing sites from Los Angeles that you can get when writing a professional resume! We have prepared this short review for you to see why we have a bad opinion about this service. They offer many things, but this is far from a professional service that should be on your list.

Through this article, you will also understand what things you need to pay attention to when looking for a similar service, as well as the reasons why you should not opt for this service. We will present the general story of the service, their pricing table, services, quality of best federal resume writers, ways to pay for the service, the customer service, website usability, and list your pros and cons.

All Inside Recruiter reviews that you can find online saying that this is a fantastic service that takes the professional approach to write a professional resume/CV that might get you a job! The company’s overall service provides professional CVs and resumes to people who are not skilled or do not have enough time to write these by themselves.

We were strongly dissatisfied as there was no consultation with the expert about your resume before writing it and delivering it to you! We managed to talk to several of these, and all of them were extremely rude! So, we have to say that all the reviews you have read were not true at all!

This Inside Recruiter review should slowly start with the services that you can get in this company. The company offers resume writing services for different job positions: early career, experienced, manager, licensed, and executive. This is actually based on your level of experience, prior education, work experience, etc. Of course, the pricing table is different for each category, and we will talk more about it in the next heading.

Besides writing resumes from scratch, you can also get your Linkedin profile updated so the recruiters could find you and your profile interesting. The guy that did our Linkedin profile update was anything but professional, so we recommend you avoid this service! You can also get the interview preparation for your next job.

During the consultation, you are supposed to discuss all the concerns, mock interview questions, and common subject analysis with the professional who has significant experience in the subject you are interested in. However, in our cases, these discussions never ended up well, as the professionals actually were rude and not polite towards our inquiries, so we give them 1 out of 5 stars! If you need a top-notch resume writing service, check, a team of professional certified resume writers.

Additionally, you can opt for free-of-charge webinars where you can get free education and training! These webinars are never available, and the prompt notification about these is never posted on the website. According to entry-level job seekers, these are very helpful, although we could not attend a single webinar as it was not available or hosted at all! You are supposed to discuss the whole process of hiring, preparing for the interviews, and strategies for negotiations, but we think these do not exist as well.

Even though the pricing table is not cheap, Inside Recruiter’s success rates are not that high, neither guarantee that you will get a job. The service has included some examples, but in our opinion, these are fake and not legit. Eight different pricing models apply for clients who want to get their resumes:

  • $89 for under 2 years of experience;
  • $185 for 2+ years of experience;
  • $275 for Manager/Director positions;
  • $229 for licensed professionals;
  • $345 for executive/CEO positions;
  • $45 for Linkedin updates;
  • $65 for 1-1 interview preparations;
  • $89 job search consultation.

The pricing table is not cheap, especially when you consider that they do not have a high recruiter success, despite their stories and promises. The rates apply to both writing new resumes and updating the existing ones, which is not okay. The prices should be totally different. Better check our top IT resume writing services list for a good affordable resume.

All reviews talk about the payments and how you can make a payment for the resume you get or any other service. There are standard ways like a credit card, Paypal, Skrill, bank transfers, and check, but there are no additional or other web wallets that you can use.

We recommend card or Paypal transfers as these are the fastest solution. Of course, once you receive your resume/update/training, you have 24 hours to review it and confirm that you are satisfied. We filed a complaint but never received any response, nor did we receive a refund!

This review would not be complete if we did not discuss the quality of resumes and knowledge you get. The resumes are not flawless, though these are custom-tailored, so they fit your references, knowledge, experience, and requirements! All these should be written by professional recruiters who have been in the HR branch for a long time, but the ones we had received are not that close to the professional writer.

You can be sure that you receive a bunch of errors and plagiarized content. We detected plagiarism in all of the CVs that we received. You can check another service, like, one of the best resume writing services. Check reviews on ResumeWriters from their former clients on our website. cannot be praised as one of the best services of this kind when it comes to customer service. They are not very responsive, whether you call them using the telephone number from their homepage or contacting them through an email. It takes a while before you receive a response from them!

To simplify things, the company has invented a simple contact form to inquire about the price for writing your resume or any other service you need. However, still, the overall impression is not so good.

The website does not look that bad, but it could use some UX and design improvements. The menu is not clear, neither the functional buttons are easy to spot and find. Though they are proud of themselves for having a straightforward ordering process, things are different in reality.

  • Fast payments with PayPal.
  • Generally good content.
  • A wide range of available formats for your resume.
  • Custom-tailored based on your preferences and experience.
  • Well-formatted and free of grammar error content.
  • Group packages for companies and enterprises.
  • Consulting agents are not very polite.
  • A bit pricey, especially for beginners.
  • Not very fast and responsive.
  • The homepage may be improved.
  • Not so easy to navigate.
  • Only standard web wallets are supported.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Insiderecruiter

As we have come to the end of this review, we have to say that you should avoid this service if you can, as you can find better services for the same price. Whether you want a simple resume that you do not have time for or a job consultation, you will have problems until you arrange and make everything clear with these guys. At the same time, the service is anything but cheap, and there is no guarantee that you will get a job afterwards.

Even though the company has more than just a set of positive reviews, things do not look so bright in the end. So, our advice is to avoid this service if you can.

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I am absolutely pissed off after working with InsideRecruiter. They did a worst job possible on my resume and cover letter and I am looking to order new resume, because their was trash.
I was very impressed by their website and support, but the result and ability to write with correct grammar and spelling were awful. If you are looking to boost your resume and cover letter I would definitely NOT recommend their services.

Peter O.

IR was a huge scam! Services provided were expensive and unprofessional! They tried to help me reformat my resume and ended up screwing the whole resume. I enjoyed speaking with Natasha, but I will definitely not be going back to her when I will need my resume edited.

Tommy Lee

They do not know what the customers need. If your resumé is need of an overhaul, as a “trained professionals”, as they say, they think they can help and bring out your best on paper. But in the reality, they are not, they are the most unhelpful persons I have ever met. I ain’t gonna see any job offers with the resume they sent me. I hesitate if to use such services again.


I had not made any serious updates to my resume since 2015. They took it to rewrite and to determine my goals, skills, and the particular oddities of my industry (tech support). I was shocked when I saw the result! Now I am just do not know what to say. At the beginning they seemed very helpful and knowledgeable, but when I received my resume back, I understood that I had made a mistake spending my money on their services. I would not recommend them to anyone seeking an outside perspective on their resume.


I have recently tried to put me resume together and thought of internship in the field of Law.
After attempting to do it I realized I didn’t even know where to begin I reached out to Inside Rec.
I have to admit that at first they were helpful, polite and kind. I couldn’t have imagined that it could be so bad in the end. I have not received any call backs because of it! I’m not sure that they know how to craft a good resume, I will definitely give them 2 starts. The first impression was good and that’s it, results were not.


I do not know about the previous guys, but my experience was awful in all aspects. The resume was sh**. Support was unfriendly, unprofessional and impolite. They were unable to do my resume, cover letter and update my linkedin account within my time frame, they asked for 1 week more when I paid for the short deadline. In the end product was gokay I guess, but not as I expected! I had asked for a refund, at least for a partial but received a negative response. So now I will not see neither my money, nor a job I want. “Thank you” I.Recruiter (*sarcasm*)!


I was not pleased with the revisions of my resume. I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks to spice up my resume and now finally I received it. I made an order based on the positive reviews on different websites and reasonable prices.
They did not improved my resume, they ruined it. Yes, they gave me some good tips about LinkedIn. But If you’re looking for help with your resume, I would definitely not recommend contacting InsideR!


They weren’t great with writing my resume. I had the same resume since high school. I am sure that they used someone’s old resume and just added my information. It was terrible, you know, I know that resumes are difficult to create, but you were supposed to be pros and mine was just basic and it definitely would not catch a recruiter’s attention if it was used for a career.I could apply only for entry-level positions with the resume they provided me with. Waste of money.


Most unprofessional resume I have seen!  
Awful job!!!
Insiderecruiter is the worst!  
I can only recommend them to my competitors, so that they would not get a job!
Stay away if you look for a job!

Adam Torkildson

I couldn’t recommend Inside Recruiter based on my experience with them. As an entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience, I have a very diverse background and skill set. After an in depth conversation with them, they were unable to draft a strong marketing resume and cover letter for the role I was applying to. Better use a different service guys!


I am quite disappointed for the amount of money I spent for the services of Inside Recruiter.
First, the phone talk was via speakerphone and there was a constant echo coming from the other side.
During the interview, the resume writer seemed to fly by the questions and did not fully grasp core concepts (which was reflected in the resume) – perhaps more than an hour is necessary to fully comprehend a person’s career (and some different questions should be asked).
Afterwards, there was no communication for some time. Then when I received my resume and LinkedIn profile update I thought it was a joke. Because it looked much less professional and appropriate than my own resume.
It was shortened to 200 words, spelled names wrong, also had my location wrong, made certain accomplishments sound inane, had duplicate skills listed (for example: Adobe Pro and Adobe Acrobat Pro).
Sadly would not recommend this service!


I would not recommend Natasha/InsideRecruiter and her resume/cover letter services if you are looking to create a brand new resume, or needing to update your current and possibly outdated one. They were bad in everything that I ordered, including services like assistance with a LInkedIn profile and interview prep.