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italki Prices: All You Need to Know About

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When you sign up for new online tutoring websites, finding out what everything costs can be overwhelming. That’s where sites like EduReviewer come in — we want to make it easy for people interested in Italki to find out all the details about their pricing plans and decide whether it’s worth signing up.

Italki is a marketplace for language learners, connecting students with teachers. Anyone can sign up and become a teacher, and any student can join for free and start learning from the registered teachers.

italki does not charge its users to use the English language learning platform. The teachers choose the price for their lessons, but there is a minimum price of $4 per lesson and no maximum price range (the highest reported price being $80). The site also offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

italki Prices for Students

Here are the average prices in the most popular languages:

Language Average Price
English 4-6 USD
German 6-8 USD
Spanish 3.5-5.5 USD
French 5-7 USD
Italian 3-5 USD
Chinese 4-6 USD
Japanese 5-7 USD

Sometimes you don’t want to go to a traditional class, but rather learn something from a real person.

If you are looking for a teacher and not sure where to start, you can try italki. It is a popular website that teaches languages and offers writing, reading, and speaking classes.

That is why we at EduReviewer wrote this article: to help people learn about italki and its price.

italki is one of those platforms that has a few different pricing plans. The first thing you need to know about italki is that its teachers choose their own prices.

You can see a sample of what teachers charge on the price list page, but it doesn’t include every single teacher on the site, so you need to look at each teacher’s profile page to see the price they charge.

The second thing you need to know is that there is a minimum price of $4 per 50 minutes of class time. There is no maximum price, but most teachers set their prices between $10 and $80 per hour.

Before You Start With italki


It is essential to know about italki because it is not an online language school. It is a free platform for teachers and students to meet and communicate to set up private language classes.

The website does not guarantee that students will have good teachers or that the quality of classes will be good, but it does ensure that students can find their teachers.

Its teachers are located all over the world. Although its courses are available in English, French, Spanish and Ukrainian, there are over 150 languages on offer—ranging from Spanish and French to Japanese and Hindi. Chances are, whatever language you’re looking to learn, you’ll be able to find a tutor on italki.

The main feature of italki is its messaging service between tutors and students. They can both use this messaging system to send messages before they actually start up any lessons together.

The messaging system also allows them to communicate during the lesson in case anything goes wrong or if clarification is needed. As well as sending text messages, they can also send audio files or other media, such as documents or pictures.

After the class, students can leave reviews on italki for the teacher and rate her class on a scale from one to five stars. Teachers are ranked based on their average rating by students. The higher their rating, the more popular they become as a teacher.

You can also search for tutors based on their skill level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This information will tell you how they will best be able to help you and what they may expect from you in return.

There are three types of teachers: Private tutors, Group tutors, and Teachers with an “instructor” title who teach the special course, including pronunciation and writing lessons.

Private tutors only offer one-on-one classes, while group tutors offer classes with two or more students at a time.

How much does italki cost? Mostly, italki costs between $10 and $20 per hour, with most courses costing between $50 and $80 each.

Is italki Free of Cost?

italki is a website where you can find teachers to learn a language from, and it is not free. You can pay for lessons by credit card or PayPal. Every teacher sets their prices, and those prices vary widely. You can pay as low as $5 and as high as $100 per hour.

Now, what does that mean? It means that you have a lot of options available to you when choosing a teacher for yourself.

If you don’t know where to start with your search for a teacher, we highly recommend looking at the number of lessons they have given on italki. This will give you an idea of how good they are at teaching.

At the very least, all teachers should have at least 10 lessons given but some have many more. Many teachers have 100+ lessons given but that is usually because they are more established and are not paying for lessons themselves.

Cost of italki

How much does the italki app cost? All classes are held on their website and online platform, so you are already familiar with the prices.

italki is a great way to find an affordable teacher for language lessons from the comfort of your own home. It’s a very simple site to navigate, with a clear and easy-to-understand layout.

Users can search through teachers by country and level or look for their country of origin or the price range they’re looking for.

After finding a teacher that suits their needs, users can purchase packages of lessons at predetermined prices.

When you buy an italki lesson package, you need to decide how many lessons to include in the package and how much each lesson should cost per minute.

How italki Pricing Works

Let’s start with the basics. The cost of learning a language varies depending on the language, the tutor, and the duration of the lesson. If you’re looking for a few weeks of lessons, italki can be an economical option for you.

Clients can also choose to give an extra tip after the class, so it is best to check with a teacher before booking the lesson if you wish to give a tip. The tipping system is optional, so it is not required, but it is helpful if clients have enjoyed their lessons.

The pricing model allows teachers to create packages with their students and set their own prices. This would allow them to, for example, offer more hours of content at a lower price point, or they could offer fewer hours at a higher price point.

The teacher can also charge more if they require the student to purchase textbooks or other materials from the teacher or third-party vendors.

The prices for italki are entirely different from other online language schools and teachers. After you sign up, you can contact a teacher directly and negotiate.

You can also set your own price as a teacher to attract new students.

Alternatives and Comparison

italki Preply Lingoda Babbel
Customizable 1-on-1 lessons. Private lessons with tutors. Small group classes: 3-5 students. You can choose between Babbel App Subscription or virtual classes.
30-minute trial lessons (depending on the teacher). You can book a trial lesson. Free 7-day trial. The first lesson in every course is free to try.
There’s no subscription or rigid schedule. There’s no subscription or rigid schedule. Cancel or change your plan anytime. Cancel or change your plan anytime.
The teacher chooses the price. The teacher chooses the price. Lingoda chooses the price. Babbel chooses the price.
Teachers are native speakers. Teachers are native speakers. Qualified, native-speaking teachers leading your class. Certified teachers, and native speakers.

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