Prices: How Their Pricing Really Works
Online Learning Prices: How Their Pricing Really Works

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Preply is a platform for students and teachers to connect. It is the first and largest global online marketplace for private tutoring. The service helps students and teachers to find each other, create a safe environment for communication, and make their learning process more efficient and effective.

The Preply app has been downloaded more than one million times in 190 countries. Their users include millions of students looking for private tutors or language exchange partners and millions of language teachers who want to improve their teaching skills, broaden their horizons and earn additional money by teaching online.

The platform has been developed by professional linguists who understand what it’s like to be a language learner. Their aim is to make studying languages more fun and engaging for everyone.

As well as providing excellent educational resources, they also offer support for teachers through their professional development program, which includes workshops and online training courses.

How Much Does Preply Cost?

The rates for Preply tutors vary according to the language the tutor teaches, with Finnish tutors charging a higher rate than Spanish tutors. Present you a list of the cost average hourly rate for the top 20 best-paying online tutoring jobs for teachers on the platform:

Subject Average Hourly Rate (USD)
Sales 38.90
Corporate Finance 34.00
Hebrew 32.17
Latin 30.72
Danish 30.33
Business 29.13
Law 29.08
Acting 27.75
Norwegian 27.00
Artificial Intelligence 26.83
Sign language 25.11
Python 25.02
Music 24.97
Public Speaking 24.96
Javascript 24.90
Statistics 24.73
Dutch 24.72
Finnish 24.53
German 24.48
Arts 24.03

Remember to take Preply review into account when deciding which tutor to choose.

Before committing to a full session, you can also try a free trial lesson with new tutors to see how they work with you.

What Should You Know Before You Start With Preply?


Preply is an online educational platform for students, teachers, and tutors. It was created by three young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to create something that would help people improve their language skills.

The founders wanted to create a place where people could meet others with the same passion for learning languages if they wish to become better at their mother tongue or learn another language altogether.

The idea behind Preply is that anyone who wants to learn or teach a language can find someone with similar interests on this platform while also making new friends along the way. It’s like having your language exchange club in one place!

On Preply, you can also answer questions from other users and help them improve their English by correcting mistakes they make while speaking.

You can also create your playlist of questions and answers that other users can answer when they want to practice specific topics or expressions.

Is Preply Free or Not?

Preply is free to use and will always be. To sign up, there is no fee. The service does not charge for hosting your profile.


It does not charge any fees for its services or for creating an account with Preply, which means that it does not charge you anything for creating and sharing a profile on Preply or for sending and receiving messages from other users.

The commission is only charged when a tutor gets bookings from students. For every trial lesson with a new student, the commission is 100%. For all the subsequent lessons, the commission depends on the total number of hours taught on our platform (between 18% and 33%).

Total number of completed hours Commission rate
0-20 hours 33 %
21-50 hours 28 %
51-200 hours 25 %
201-400 hours 22 %
400+ hours 18 %

When setting your hourly rate on Preply, it’s a good idea to consider the commission.

An example is if you are a new tutor on Preply with 10 USD per hour and you have 6.70 USD for every non-trial lesson, while more experienced tutors with the same hourly rate (10 USD) will receive 8.20 USD for each non-trial lesson.

Cost of Preply App

Preply is an app that allows students to create free accounts and connect with teachers and tutors worldwide. It has been downloaded over 10 million times and is available in 20 languages.

The Preply app cost is $0. You can purchase hours rather than whole programs, allowing you to choose what fits your needs best.

In addition to being a free resource for students and teachers, Preply also offers premium accounts for teachers who want to use the app as part of their curriculum or who need access to additional tools like video recording and sharing.

You search for and select lessons, then make reservations with the instructor. A single-hour lesson at the hourly rate listed on the school’s website is between $10 and $15.

How Does Their Pricing Work?


The way it works is pretty simple: You sign up, connect with other people on Preply and offer your services as a teacher.

The platform will then connect you with potential students based on their needs, so there is no need to spend time searching for students yourself.

As a teacher, you can set your own Preply prices for lessons and decide how many hours you want to offer per week. You can also choose what type of student you want to teach (e.g., beginners or advanced learners).

Preply pricing works in the following manner:

  1. The student pays nothing to use Preply.
  2. The student can choose to pay a fee of $5 per month or $50 per year (which is equivalent to a 50% discount), and this will allow them to get rid of ads on the website and have access to additional features such as unlimited feedback, customized proposals, etc.
  3. If the student chooses not to pay anything, they will still be able to take advantage of all Preply features except for those mentioned above (ads and additional features).
  4. They do not charge any commission on payments received by tutors as long as they are made using our platform.

Problems of Preply

The quality of the education provided by Preply is generally good, but some problems can make a student’s learning experience less than ideal.

The main issue with Preply is that it does not offer any sort of refund policy for students who are unhappy with their courses. This can be problematic because it is difficult to determine whether the course will be helpful until after you have paid for it.

This can be particularly problematic for students who do not speak English as a first language and are trying to learn from an online course in English.

Another problem with Preply is that many teachers are not native speakers of English. This can cause problems if you are looking for an instructor who can correct your grammar or pronunciation errors in real time during an online chat session.

Comparison with Alternatives

EduReviewer has recognized Preply as one of the best English language-learning sites. You can find there your perfect foreign language tutor.

It’s an excellent way to promote your teaching skills and help more people learn something new. At the same time, other sites can help you as well.

Incidentally, on our website, you can find articles on such topics as italki vs Preply and Cambly vs Preply.

By the way, here are some alternatives to Preply that you can consider: Varsity Tutors, Wyzant, and SoFloTutors.

  • Varsity Tutors is a marketplace for tutors and students. It allows teachers to create their profiles and list their skills. Students can search for tutors according to their location or by skill.
  • Wyzant is another platform that connects students with tutors. Students can post their requirements on the website along with their budget and location preferences, while teachers can bid for the project and get paid once they complete it successfully.
  • SoFloTutors is another online platform where one can find a tutor who suits their needs perfectly. The site has an extensive database of tutors whom its team of experts has verified before being added to the database so that only qualified individuals find a place here. In this case, they also specialize in SAT and ACT tutoring.
Lingoda Preply italki Babbel
60-minute classes. 50-min lesson. From 30/45 — up to 90-minute classes. 15 minutes a day.
Free 7-day trial. You can book a trial lesson. Trial period, lessons start from USD 4. The student can test a lesson for free.
Pay every 4 weeks. Fees as agreed with the tutor. Fees as agreed with the tutor. You’re paying in advance for access for the period you select.
Cancel or change your plan anytime. There’s no subscription —learn when you want. There’s no subscription or rigid schedule. Learn when you want, as much as you want. Babbel subscriptions renew automatically. If you want to stop learning with Babbel, you should cancel your subscription before your next payment.
Enjoy small group classes: 3-5 students. Private lessons with tutors. Take customizable 1-on-1 lessons. Lessons in small groups.
Support service available. Support service available. Support service available. Support service available.
There is a mobile app. There is a mobile app. There is a mobile app. There is a mobile app.

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