EduReviewer7 Best PSAT Test Prep Courses This Year

7 Best PSAT Test Prep Courses This Year

Getting ready for the PSAT is a lot like getting ready for a marathon: you know the road will be long, but the prize at the end is worth every step. My research into the best PSAT online prep courses has led me to a wealth of information that can help students reach their fullest potential. The range and depth of the materials I came across, from customized study plans to full-length practice tests, were helpful. This guide will show you the PSAT online prep course reviews sites that have not only lived up to their claims but also produced accurate results based on my experience.

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$399 Price starts from

The Unlimited Prep Option;
Beyond the Classroom;
Two Practice Tests.

Best PSAT courses
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Generous Score Improvement Guarantee;
Rich Content for Learning;
Learn-Adaptive Engine.

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Personalized tutoring;
Beyond the Basics;
Satisfaction Guarantee.

Best instructors

Key Decision Factors and How I Check Them

When I look at PSAT prep courses, I mostly look at how well they cover a lot of material, how well they can be adapted to different learning styles, and how well they get feedback from real users. Through careful study and hands-on tests, I've found what's most important:

In-Depth Content

What matters is not how much you have to do, but how well it aligns with the PSAT. The best results come from courses with organized, quality material, as evidenced by my tests.

Practice Tests

How do I feel when I take these tests myself? The structure and level of challenge must be the same as the real PSAT. I can only really judge how well they work through this perspective.

Learning Tools

I've been focusing on lessons for keeping track of progress. I tried, and that's when I realized how valuable these features are because they make studying more personal and accessible.

Users Experiences

I read a lot of sites and collect real user stories about studying for exams. This step goes beyond what companies say they will do and shows how it will affect students' learning trips.

Best PSAT Prep Courses

I’ve found online PSAT prep course reviews that offer unique features and have been shown to work after a lot of research and testing. Each course has been looked at to see how well it generally improves PSAT scores, how good the material is, and how easy it is to use. Below, you can find an in-depth analysis of each course presented.

Course Distinctive Feature
Kaplan This prep course is known for having a lot of valuable materials and practice tests based on practice tests and a structured approach.
Prep Scholar It stands out because it has adaptable learning technology that makes your study plan fit your needs.
Varsity Tutors Provides one-on-one training lessons customized to meet each student’s needs.
Princeton Review Known for using strategic ways to prepare and guarantee score gains.
PrepExpert Unique for its strategy-based curriculum developed by a perfect score achiever.
Mometrix Offers a lot of valuable resources and practice materials at a great price.
Double800 Specializes in SAT and PSAT with focused, efficient prep courses.


Visit Kaplan

When I chose Kaplan’s live online method, I immediately saw how having live access to teachers made a difference. It’s beneficial to ask questions and get answers immediately instead of waiting for replies like on-demand forms.

This makes it the best PSAT online prep course. In my experience, this interacting setting makes it much easier to understand and remember what you’re learning. The live online course costs about $200 more than the on-demand choice but comes with 15 hours of direct teacher help.

Comprehensive Study Plan

Each Kaplan course carefully goes over PSAT topics and techniques, and it comes with two practice tests to see how well you’re doing. Kaplan is different because it uses advanced analytics to determine what students are good and bad at, which lets them make a specific study plan. I tried and realized how beneficial this method is for putting efforts where they’re needed most and avoiding wasting time on previously mastered things.

Beyond the Classroom

Kaplan knows that you can still learn after the live session is over. Access to their on-demand material is part of the PSAT live online course. This gives you access to an extra thirteen hours of training to help you remember what you’ve learned at no additional cost. My experiments have shown that this mix of live and on-demand study tools is an excellent way to prepare for the PSAT.

The Unlimited Prep Option

It’s a big deal that Kaplan offers Unlimited Prep to kids who also want to take the ACT or SAT. In exchange for $1,999, this deal comes with lessons for the PSAT, the ACT, the SAT, and an AP review. In my experience, this all-inclusive package is excellent for people who want to prepare for more than one standardized test.

Kaplan’s PSAT Prep Community Feedback

Looking at online boards and Reddit, most people who have talked about Kaplan’s PSAT prep classes are positive. Students like how well they are taught, how flexible the class times are, and how thorough the study tools are.

kaplan psat review

What Makes Kaplan Special

Kaplan stands out from other PSAT prep companies because it offers live online lessons and a wide range of tools that can be used anytime. This two-pronged method works for all kinds of learners, so each one can find a rhythm that works best for them. Also, to learn if Kaptest is good or not, check out the new Kaplan review.

Prep Scholar

prepsholar course for psat

Visit PrepScholar

When I look for the best PSAT prep classes, PrepScholar stands out because it has a lot of great tools that help a lot of different types of students. In my experience with this platform, I found a treasure trove of adaptive learning, complete material, and a fantastic score growth guarantee that makes it stand out in the crowded PSAT prep market.

Learn-Adaptive Engine

review prepsholar psat course

Smart, innovative technology is what makes PrepScholar work. The website doesn’t just give students information; it carefully figures out what they’re good and bad at by giving them initial assessment tests. My experiments have shown that this personalized method makes the study plan so unique for each student that it feels like a suit made just for you and your prep needs.

Generous Score Improvement Guarantee

What makes PrepScholar stand out from the rest is the bold 150-point score rise promise. They are very sure that their program will work because of this. This guarantee is not just empty words; they stand by it. It gives you peace of mind and protects your investment. I tried and realized how comforting it is to start your prep process knowing that you will see results or get your money back.

review on prepsholar course psat

Rich Content for Learning

PrepScholar doesn’t skimp on the information. Thanks to the site, which has more than 7,000 practice questions and more than 100 hours of online lessons, students have a lot of resources. Because there are so many tools, you won’t see the same question twice. This will make your study sessions interesting. Their video lessons, in particular, break down complicated topics into manageable sections. I wrote more about this in the PrepScholar PSAT review article.

Costs and Packages

PrepScholar has two major packages that people with different budgets and learning styles can use. For about $400, the Complete PSAT Online Prep is an excellent deal because it gives you access to their great tools for a whole year. The Complete + Tutoring package adds one-on-one lessons with a teacher, which makes it more specialized. The price goes up to about $1,000. Even though it’s not cheap, the offered tools and help make it worth the money.

Expertise and feedback from the community

A lot of students and parents agree with me about how useful the website is, how suitable the lessons are, and how much it costs. You can read about this on online boards and Reddit posts. These first-hand reports further support my opinion and show that PrepScholar is the best in its field.

Varsity Tutors

VarsityTutors course for PSAT

Visit Varsity Tutors

After closely examining what Varsity Tutors offers, I believe they are the best PSAT prep course. It’s easier to find a better combination of price and effectiveness than these. They make top-notch PSAT training easy to get without breaking the bank.

Varsity Tutors Live Online Classes

The live online class format is among the best things about Varsity Tutors’ best online PSAT prep course. Each lesson lasts two hours and happens once or twice weekly for five to eight weeks. This setting has 16 hours of live teaching, giving students plenty of chances to interact with the material. In my experience, this live part encourages students to work together to solve problems and get answers to their questions right away.

Complete set of course materials

review Varsity Tutors PSAT course

People who sign up for Varsity Tutors can use many different tools. This comes with two full-length practice tests, like the real PSAT, a guide complete with study materials, many online notes, and more practice tests. I tried to realize how useful it is to have all of these things in one place on the Varsity Tutors client account, which can be accessed from any phone.

Personalized Guidance

The pairing with an Educational Director is a unique and helpful part of their program. With this specialized help, you won’t be just another face in the internet crowd. My experiments have shown that having someone help you stay on track with your PSAT goals makes it much more likely that you will do better. Their complete course is worth it because of this personalized supervision.

Value Proposition

Varsity Tutors markets itself as the best choice for students who want to prepare for the PSAT without spending much money. Their dedication to making education available is reflected in their prices, which are very low compared to others in the same field. In my experience, this is a good place to spend because it has a lot of resources and gives you a lot of personal care.

Community Endorsements

VarsityTutors PSAT course review

After reading through online groups and Reddit, most people who have taken part in the past agree with what I found. A lot of people like the course because it’s stimulating, the tools are good, and the program can be changed to fit different ways of learning. These recommendations from the community show that the program works and the excellent experiences of people who have been through this before.

What Makes It Special

Varsity Tutors PSAT prep is unique because they offer live, engaging online lessons and a complete set of self-study tools at a price that most people can afford. This mix creates a lively and adaptable learning experience that works for various plans and learning styles.

Princeton Review’s PSAT

Princeton Review Course for PSAT

Visit Princeton Review

After researching Princeton Review’s PSAT prep program, I was impressed by its customized teaching. Unlike many prep courses, Princeton Review customizes each student’s experience to meet their needs and learning styles.

Personalized tutoring at its best

Princeton Review sets high private tutoring charges at $170–$190 per hour. I think the high-quality training and personalized tuition justify the fee. Students and tutors collaborate to create a customized plan with realistic goals for each session.

Review on Princeton Review PSAT Course

Beyond the Basics

The program’s rich materials and one-on-one teaching make it unique. Full-length practice examinations and over 2,000 practice questions provide pupils with plenty of material. Princeton Review’s PSAT prep materials boost learning.

Open Communication

Princeton Review’s coaching is known for its open communication. This ensures that students constantly have help, creating a supportive and feedback-rich atmosphere. I tried and noticed how much this affects students’ confidence and readiness.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Princeton Review guarantees 100% satisfaction with its teachers after the first session. Their approach of offering to swap tutors if the match needs to be corrected shows their dedication to providing the finest instruction. This degree of student satisfaction dedication is unique and noteworthy in my experiments.

A Unique Offer

Princeton Review PSAT prep is known for its individualized, one-on-one approach. The program’s structured yet flexible approach and high-quality instructors make it a top choice for tailored prep.

Support from the community

Review on Princeton Review PSAT Course

Online forums and Reddit show that students and parents love Princeton Review’s individualized instruction. Many report score gains, proving the program’s usefulness and tutors’ competence.


PrepExpert course for PSAT

Visit PrepExpert

PrepExpert, which focuses on the SAT, is also a strong PSAT prep option. The SAT and PSAT share subjects; thus, PrepExpert’s rigorous curriculum prepares kids for both examinations, a double benefit that’s impossible to ignore.

Customized and Effective Prep

For students on a tight schedule seeking PSAT achievement, the 4-week curriculum with twice-weekly sessions is ideal. This fast plan promotes productivity without losing content knowledge. A 4-hour full-length PSAT practice test makes this a valuable course for severe test-takers.

Guaranteed Score Improvement

PrepExpert course PSAT review

A highlight of PrepExpert is its score improvement guarantee. This bold claim shows the course’s efficacy and the company’s faith. I tested and found that such assurances make investing in this course less dangerous despite its high price.

Unique Selling Point of Prepexpert PSAT Course

PrepExpert’s USP is its results-driven approach. PrepExpert focuses on PSAT (and SAT) tactics and practice unlike more comprehensive courses.

Community Opinion

PrepExpert PSAT course review

Prior students often agree in online comments and forums, citing huge score gains. Critiques center on the course’s expense and need for more features, although overall pleasure with the results is expressed.

Mometrix PSAT Course

Mometrix PSAT course

After exploring Mometrix’s exam preparation resources, I found one that is comprehensive and user-friendly. My hands-on experience with Mometrix shows a simple yet complete toolset for passing CNA state tests, TSI, and other examinations.

Visit Mometrix

Simple and Effective

review on Mometrix PSAT course

Mometrix excels in simple test prep. The material simplifies complicated ideas by reviewing fundamental abilities. I’ve tried and noticed that its straightforwardness helps you focus on exam study by cutting through the noise.

Actual User Experiences

Online feedback shows that Mometrix has improved users’ exam preparations. One user thanked Mometrix for saving them after a bad experience with another provider. Another noted that the TSI Study Guide and free videos helped simplify arithmetic.

Value for Money

Mometrix PSAT review

Mometrix’s practice exams and study guides are affordable for their quality and scope. The $40 resources can make the difference between passing and excelling. In my experience, this investment pays off with test-day confidence and competence.

Mometrix Unique Products

Mometrix PSAT course review

The combination of printed and digital resources distinguishes Mometrix. The GED exam preparation book is more effective with Mometrix’s online videos and practice questions. This dual approach accommodates different learning styles.

Comprehensive Support

Mometrix guides you through your preparation, not just gives you a book and wishes you luck. Mometrix teaches coaches and mentors via extensive feedback after each practice exam and test anxiety methods.

Double800 SAT & PSAT

Double800 course for PSAT

Double800’s SAT/PSAT prep is its highlight. This method saves time and money and improves comprehension of standardized testing procedures for both tests. I recommend studying both examinations simultaneously, especially for junior and senior students who want good results.

Unique Features Double800 SAT & PSAT

Game-changing post-practice exam video evaluations. I tried these sessions and found they help analyze performance and transform mistakes into learning opportunities, which improves exam results.

Community Opinion

Double800 PSAT review

Many internet forums and Reddit users praise Double800’s cost and efficacy. However, several agree that the application needs additional information and features.

Value Proposition of Double800 SAT & PSAT

Students receive a simplified, concentrated study plan customized to the SAT and PSAT for the fee. Official practice exams and critical video critiques enhance comprehension and development.

Visit Double800


In summarizing the exploration of PSAT preparation courses, our in-depth review highlights the best PSAT prep courses, underlining their strong alignment with typical success metrics. Platforms such as Kaplan, Prep Scholar, and Princeton Review lead the pack with comprehensive resources, adaptable learning technologies, and personalized tutoring options. These courses, equipped with in-depth content, practice tests, and personalized study plans, provide a foundation for PSAT success. For those seeking a focused study aid, the best prep book for the PSAT offers another valuable tool complementing online courses for a well-rounded approach to mastering the PSAT.


What is the best way to prepare for the PSAT?
A blend of practice exams targeted weak area revision and regular study habits work best.
Are PSAT prep classes worth it?
Yes, especially for National Merit Scholarship applicants and SAT benchmarkers.
Which PSAT prep courses are the best?
Comprehensive resources and specialized learning methods distinguish Kaplan, Prep Scholar, and Princeton Review.
What is the best digital PSAT prep?
Prep Scholar and Kaplan offer powerful digital platforms with many tools for varied learning styles.
Is Kaplan PSAT prep worth it?
Many students benefit from Kaplan's PSAT prep's comprehensive resources, practice questions, and planned study regimens.
How long should I study for the PSAT?
We recommend 2-3 months for preparation, including practice tests and study.