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By Alina Burakova fb Jan 21, 2020
Reviewer at Edurewiever

Finding a reliable company to order your resume from is impossible without studying a few options and learning the background and offers of each service. This is a tedious and long process. However, we offer you not to waste your time on the research and read our comprehensive reviews on resume writing services instead. With the help of our professional reviews, you can learn all the data about each company and will be able to choose the one that suits you the most!

Why do you need to take into account our peer review?

Our team is engaged in helping people find smart writing solutions for quite a long time, during which we have reviewed lots of websites. We have a detail-oriented approach that helps us note down the smallest details. Finally, trusting our reviews you will never make a mistake because never collaborates with writing services we review, so our reviews are honest and true!

How do we evaluate each service?

We look at multiple criteria to collect all the needed data about a specific service including its services, prices, customer reviews, guarantees, etc. Then we compare the service with others available on the Internet and give it an objective evaluation.

When choosing a service that can satisfy your needs, you must define which of the following resume types you are planning to purchase:

  • Mini-resume;
  • Nontraditional resume;
  • Functional resume;
  • Chronological resume;
  • Resume with the profile;
  • Combination resume;
  • Targeted resume;
  • Infographic resume, etc.

Also, you have to consider the price and reputation of the services you are choosing from. There are many more things to keep in mind before you can make a decision. Luckily, you can read our reviews to save time and rid yourself of an unnecessary headache.

This article is our ResumeProfessionalWriters review. Its goal is to give you the answers to the main questions you may have about this writing company. is one of the biggest providers of resume and CV writing help that you can find on the Internet. According to the statistics, provided on their website, the team of Resume Professional Writers has already developed over 18 000 LinkedIn profiles, written over 100 000 powerful resumes, and developed over 26 000 federal resumes. These numbers sound impressive.

The company has an excellent reputation, which is confirmed by numerous reviews and it still holds leading positions in the market of CV writing help. The major concerns of the company are clarity and factuality. This is exactly what most of their customers love about this service. Most importantly, they have an individual approach to every client and aim to collect as much information about them as possible to create truly authentic and personalized resumes.

The team of ResumeProfessionalWriters consists of many certified writers. The company claims that all employees have many years of experience, during which they have been honing their skills to reach better results with each new CV they create.

In many Resume Professional Writers reviews we could find the claim that this service doesn’t focus only on resume writing, which is 100% true. The company offers a whole range of services including:

  • Developing federal resumes;
  • Writing unique resumes tailored to customers’ needs;
  • Writing brilliant CV’s;
  • Developing powerful LinkedIn profiles to help job seekers promote themselves online more effectively;
  • Posting on various job boards for maximum exposure;
  • Additional resume services including writing Follow up, Cover letters, etc.

Therefore, this service has much to offer to its customers depending on their needs and goals.

Just as many ResumeProfessionalWriters reviews claim, prices at this service are not cheap but still affordable. There are several packages suitable for different purposes:

  1. Basic – this package will cost you $125 and it brings you a resume in Word and PDF copies, completed within 4 business days, unlimited revisions are included.
  2. Deluxe – if you purchase this package, the turnaround time decreases to 3 business days and it gives you some extras in the form of Thank You and Cover letters. The price for the Deluxe package is $195.
  3. Premium – Those, who pick this option, can count on the shorter turnaround time – only 2 business days and in addition to everything you get with a Deluxe package, you also receive a posting of your resume to the top 25 job boards as a bonus. The price is $305.
  4. Ultimate – this is the most advanced package that assumes 1 business day turnaround time, all the features present in the Premium Package, and free e-books + LinkedIn profile as a bonus. This package will cost you $485.

The pricing seems to be fair but there are a few nuances to keep in mind. First of all, although they claim that all updates and revisions are free of charge, you can claim them only if you have not received an invitation to an interview. Also, bear in mind that by the turnaround time they mean the time when the first draft of your resume will be ready, so it doesn’t mean that you will get a fully completed order by this time.

A customer has to proceed with payment before he or she even makes an order. First, you buy a suitable package and only then you can request the needed services, which is quite inconvenient, especially if you are new to this service. Also, be cautious because on the payment page you will be suggested to buy a whole bunch of extra services in addition to the package you have chosen. Note that if you choose to add some, it will turn out more expensive than to switch to a more advanced package!

The available payment methods are not indicated anywhere on the website itself. This is another disadvantage because you can only learn how to pay for the company’s services when you go to the checkout section. This is a major disadvantage, cause has no such problems for example.

As for the payment options, they are quite standard. The company accepts credit cards including Visa and MasterCard. There are also options to pay using American Express, Discover, or PayPal, so it is quite a basic set for such a service. The good thing is that all offered payment methods are time-tested and secure. However, it would be nice to have a few more options to choose from.

ResumeProfessionalWriters gives its customers a number of guarantees:

  • You get unlimited revisions for free – you can ask for as many free adjustments as needed in the case if you are dissatisfied with the quality of your order or you didn’t get an interview;
  • Free lifetime document storage – you can buy a single resume at this service and, even if it gets lost, you can always come back to the website and download it again;
  • Future updates – if after a certain time your CV has to be updated with new information, the team of ResumeProfessionalWriters will do it for free;
  • Guarantee of an interview – the company guarantees that their resumes will get you the desired interview within just one month or less.

As for the quality of the documents, it is quite good. In every CV created by the writers from, you can see a personal touch and individuality, which is exactly what most resumes are lacking. Sometimes, you can spot one or a few mistakes. However, thanks to the free revisions, you can always ask your writer to fix them.

One thing that disappointed us was the time of performance. If you look at the packages offered on the website, you can see that the longest turnaround time is 5 business days, which is quite fast. However, do not take it for granted! On the website, they say that this is the time when a customer can get the initial draft of his or her resume, meaning that it can take much more time for performance if you don’t like the first draft.

As for any online service, high-quality customer support is important for Resume Professional Writers, or, at least, they claim this. However, our experience has shown that there is much to be improved in the way they provide customer service.

There is an FAQ section on the website. It is supposed to answer all questions a customer may possibly have. Nevertheless, in our opinion, their FAQ section here is not detailed enough – it answers only a few questions avoiding some really important matters.

There is also a phone number. You can make a call to talk to a career specialist, which is not exactly the same as the customer support manager, and it should be noted that it is quite hard to get through the busy line. Therefore, we would mark this contact option as inconvenient.

Finally, there is an email form and online chat. Both work as supposed but the time of waiting is too long in both options. Unfortunately, the customer support is not available around the clock and works only during specific hours, which, in fact, are not specified on the website. This isn’t a good thing for a modern writing service because in a modern world, ordering certain services, customers want to feel the support 24/7.

When writing a review, we look simultaneously at several key factors concerning the company’s website and its usability. For your convenience, in our review, we decided to break it up into several relevant sections.

Design: The design of this website is simple. However, although they stick to minimalism, you can clearly see a personal touch that makes the website look simple, stylish, and memorable all at the same time. There are no complicated graphics or flashy banners.

Content: The information on the website is provided in a clear and brief form, making it easy to understand. It is also well structured, which helps users find the needed data quickly. We liked the fact that this website is not too heavy on text.

Functionality: All features of the website work well except, probably, the customer service, which makes you wait too long until you get a reply.

Usability: Without a doubt, Resume Professional Writers shows high usability and user-friendliness thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness, which is also a big advantage.

Intuitiveness: It is intuitive. Thanks to correct structuring, the text on the website is not difficult to perceive and there are also relevant sections to make navigation even more intuitive.

  • Fair prices – but only if you pay for a package because purchasing extra features additionally is more expensive.
  • Stylish, minimalistic, and user-friendly website design.
  • Guarantee of an interview or free unlimited updates.
  • Good quality.
  • Many positive ResumeProfessionalWriters com reviews both on the website and on independent platforms.
  • Convenient use and safety.
  • Payment made before you make your order.
  • No possibility to choose a deadline yourself – all deadlines are already specified in the packages.
  • Poor FAQ section that doesn’t give answers to some important questions.
  • Customer support is only available during specific working hours.
  • Long waiting time for the response from customer support.
  • The phone line is almost always too busy to get through.
My verdict
Don’t Recommend this serviceAlina Burakova
Visit Professional Resume Writers

Among a huge variety of professional CV writing services, Resume Professional Writers dot com is a decent choice for everyone who is looking for quick help and affordable help. This service has some major flaws compared to more experienced services. However, its prices are much lower compared to the pricing of companies that are more professional. Therefore, we can say that the quality this service provides is good for this price and this quality should be enough to help you land a few job interviews. However, if you are aiming to get a prestigious and well-paid job in a big corporation, we wouldn’t recommend you to use Resume Professional Writers.

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C. Cohen

I am very dissatisfied with what I received, for the amount of money I paid especially. I would not recommend this service whatsoever. I got WAY more value out of the free resume review than I did after paying my $$$ to them.


I came to ask Resumeprofessionalwriters for a help, because I had been retired for 2 year and wanted to re-enter my job. It took around a week and I got a new job! Wow! Thanks!


I waited for six weeks for my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and still below the standard I signed up for. After applying for nearly 100 jobs, I had ZERO interviews. Use on your own risk!


The Resume looks fantastic! Thank you so much for your professional service Resumeprofessional!


Resumeprofessionalwriters, thank you for doing resume in such a short period, it is perfect. I’ll be sure to contact you again , really appreciate your help!


I should say, Resumeprofessionalwriters you are sooooo good at what you do, I am very happy with the outcome of my Resume and have already recommended you to all my friends! Amazing!


I submitted edits, but all these “”professionalwriters”” did was “”accept”” my track changes for the final version. They didn’t re-write anything. I wound up re-writing everything myself. I just used the new template they sent, which is one that I could have found online! The cover letter was even worse. I don’t think that they have even read it! There were clear typos.


I wasn’t getting any responses from employers even though I knew I was more than qualified for the positions, so I realized that I needed to re-do resume that they made for me. Should have done it myself, damn!


RESUMEPROFESSIONALWRITERS – great job! Thanks for giving me a chance to pass my debts!


I give them 2 stars because of the price, communication of their “”writers”” and online format. Those are average at best. The writing ability of these people assigned to me was extremely poor. I believe they outsourced this to the Indians.
My finished product in both the resume and LinkedIn package had spelling and gramatical errors throughout the page.