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Best DAT Prep Courses

Studying for the DAT on your own can prove a challenging task. The aim is to crush the test and hit a high score to ensure dental school admission. The seriousness of this test has led to the development of numerous prep courses that aim at equipping students with the tools required to ace the test. The challenging task is selecting one or two out of a wide pool of options. I took it upon myself to research and try out different DAT test prep courses, this review is a product of that research in simple terms. This way, you will be able to make well-informed decisions.

Top 1
Customer choice
$299 Price starts from

Positive User Experience
Free Full-length DAT Practice Items
Structure and Curriculum

Top-notch live classes
Top 2
$99 Price starts from

Customizable study plan
5000+ DAT practice questions
7 Full-length CBT simulating the actual experience

Best Study materials and books
Top 3
Editor choice
$45 Price starts from

Wide range of materials
Expert DAT tutoring
Share your tutoring hours with friends and family

Most personalized training

Key Decision Factors

You must be wondering how I make it easy to identify the best options for DAT prep courses. I consider key factors, compare different companies based on those factors, and make a rating. The four-step system I use ensures that the rating is free of bias and based on a company's performance and success rate. I follow these steps when reviewing DAT testing sites.

Buy Course

The first thing I do is make a list of DAT prerequisite courses with good reviews from past users. Then, I purchase access to the courses to experience all the features and DAT review courses fully.

Analyze course

I analyze the course content, depth, diversity, and accessibility. On courses with instructors, I test the subject mastery and certifications. This evaluation allows me to decide which platforms make it to the next stage.

Direct Experience

I know better than to trust general reviews on the internet, so I ensure that I try out the courses myself. I carefully test out different aspects of the course, checking the effectiveness and how easily students can assimilate it.

Rating and Review

A good experience qualifies a course for a review. I bring all the experience and create a simple review informing students on DAT preparation courses' quality and value. These reviews save you from trial and error.

Best DAT Prep Courses & Study Materials

Here are some of the best DAT prep courses students can opt for:

  1. Best value for the money: DAT Booster;
  2. Elaborate and efficient: DAT Bootcamp;
  3. Top-notch live classes: Princeton Review;
  4. Best Study materials and books: Kaplan;
  5. Personalized Training: Varsity Tutors.

A descriptive build-up of these programs will be provided to offer you better insights that can yield better decision-making.

DAT Bootcamp

datbootcamp welcome page

DAT Bootcamp has become popular among many students preparing for their pre-dental exams. The course has been consumed by over 50,000 students and is still one of the most purchased courses. DAT Bootcamp Comprises 3500+ Lesson videos that are comprehensive and engaging.

The program also offers 60 practice questions with 10 Full-length tests that are representative of the real DAT. 12,000+ are in place to ensure you feel ready to take the test. The platform knows how important mobile-friendliness is. Thus, a dedicated app is available for students who want to practice on the go.

DAT Bootcamp brags of the following:

DAT Bootcamp customer reviews

DAT Bootcamp students have an unfair advantage, and this is because they have:

DAT Bootcamp students feedback

Practice Before Purchasing

You can access a handful of questions on the site before upgrading to a plan. Quick study, daily warm up and question of the day are features you can access for free.


To get the full experience, you must make a purchase. There are two plans available, and although the content of both plans is similar, one lasts longer and includes a few additional items.

DAT Bootcamp Pro

The DAT Bootcamp offers you 90 days of access to a great library of learning materials. The structure and content are great for every type of student. Here is what you get for $499:

DAT Bootcamp Plus

If you want to go a bit further and ensure that you’re completely ready, you can check out the DAT Bootcamp Plus plan, it lasts for 180 days giving you more time to practice. This plan is worth $899. What do you get here?

DAT Bootcamp is a great place for students who are passionate about passing the DAT. The Program is thorough and has one of the largest libraries of learning materials. The platform has a supportive study group with over 20,000 students sharing and helping each other.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review DAT prep course main page

Financially stable students prefer to go for this DAT prep course, the program is loaded with three DAT courses:

Fundamentals Course

This course offers 30 hours of live tutoring, After which you can take 4 full-length practice tests. You get a textbook (Cracking the DAT), a workbook is included, and an in-class compendium. The biology coloring workbook is cool and interactive. There is a PAT practice kit and access to the online portal as part of the plan

DAT 20+ Course

Here, you get 55 hours of live instruction, which gives you more study time. There are 4 computer-based practice tests. You are guaranteed a DAT 20+ score. You are supplied with 4600+ DAT Exam-Style practice questions. There are extra chemistry videos and DAT 20+ resources. DAT workbooks, including a full-color tear reference book. Plus, everything else you get in the fundamentals.

Private Tutoring 

Priceton Review DAT Tutors

There are two private tutoring options under this category:

Features of Princeton DAT prep Review

Princeton DAT prep top features

I have made a comprehensive breakdown of the features of Princeton DAT; here are the top features of the platform:

Pricing Summary

The Princeton DAT prep courses in person are quite pricey but offer an exclusive experience that can help prepare you for your DAT. The course has great reviews and testimonies from previous users.

Plan Fundamentals DAT 20+
Cost $1199 $1999
Active for 270 days 1-year
Full-length practice test 4600+ 4600+
Hard Copy Materials Yes Yes
Live Class 30 Hours 55 Hours
Guarantee Yes Yes


Kaplan limitless prep class style

Kaplan is one of the programs that offer you an access period of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. The delivery is impeccable, and students enjoy a wide range of learning resources, ranging from live courses books, and full-length tests.

You can opt for one of two programs, namely:

Limitless Prep by Kaplan

The limitless plan offers you the opportunity to renew a month-by-month access. The class style is cool. Practice materials include:

The price range is structured this way:

Private Tutoring

Kaplan Private Tutoring Approach

This is a more stylized and personal approach to learning. The plan offers you a flexible package that can be tailored to suit your specific learning needs. Experts are paired with you to help you through the learning process. The rates are a bit higher, and here is a breakdown:

The program is flexible, and you can pay for a specific time. If you need to brush up for just some hours before the exams, this is the best plan for you. You can skip some classes if you meet your expectations. The top-notch study plan helps you get a sense of flow, progress, and direction. The tutors are matched based on your learning needs and goals. The augmented system and 3D rendering allow you to get a more realistic feel of concepts that are a bit abstract to think of. You can zoom and tweak images to get a better view and understanding.

Kaplan DAT book

Kaplan DAT book page

A book is provided for students who prefer to read, and the Kaplan DAT prep Plus prep book is current and provides a unique way to digest the contents of DAT with ease. The book has 800+ pages filled with priceless information you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

A Few More Interesting Options to Check

If you are looking for a private tutor, a Canadian test prep company, or free practice tests, check one of the DAT prep websites reviewed below.

DAT Booster

datbooster starting page

DAT Booster has mastered the art of simplicity, and the study materials are simple to assimilate with no stress. The video lessons are concise yet packed with valuable information. 3000+ lessons are interesting and engaging. The study notes are the most attractive feature of more than 3000 lesson videos on this platform.

There is an active monitoring system that allows you to track your progress and access your performance. The program lasts 90 days, but you have the luxury to extend this access period as you want until you’re ready. The downside of this program is the unavailability of a mobile app for learners who are on the go.

What is Unique about DAT Booster

DAT Booster positive feedback

The DAT Booster program is for students who want to enjoy:

Detailed study schedule: most students want an easy approach without being overwhelmed by too much, so the study plan here helps you compartmentalize your study needs. This way, you can concentrate on what matters most to you. The study plan is divided into three sections

This means that for the entire period, you will be occupied with the curriculum until you are ready.

DAT Booster good review

A variety of learning materials

Flashcards, video lessons, test quizzes, full-length practice tests, and other materials are available for learners with different learning needs and styles. There are over 3000 videos that are direct and helpful.

Tracking and monitoring

You can check how far you have come. Even though this system is not the most impressive compared to the competition, it helps you identify strengths and weaknesses.

DAT Booster good student review

DAT Live Crash Course 

If you don’t want to go for the full 90-day course, you can binge the crash course and you will get valuable information. This gives the feeling of a traditional classroom, the Biology crash course is the best and most exciting

Money-Back Guarantee

Students who pass through the course and don’t hit a high score are guaranteed a money-back offer. This shows the platform’s confidence in the quality of the material they put out.

DAT Booster Pricing

Pricing is an important factor when opting for a prep course. DAT Booster keeps its pricing at an affordable rate. You can opt for the 90-day plan, which goes for $399, or the 180 plan which goes for $699.

DATCrusher – Canadian DAT Prep

DATCrusher Test Prep

Canadian students who are looking to ace their DAT have the option of trying out the DAT crusher. This program has 6700+ Canadian DAT questions and 2000+ HD videos to help you get familiar with different ideas. There are unlimited PAT questions that you can practice with. Here is a concise breakdown of the features of this platform:

Incredible Study Tool

 The site provides you with a wide collection of learning materials that enable you to improve within a short time. It is considered one of the most comprehensive study tools in the Canadian market.

Guides and Videos

With HD videos covering different topics, students get a better understanding of concepts that might be hard to read. There are step to step solutions that are detailed and elaborate.

Unlimited Practice Questions

Knock yourself out with unlimited exclusive PAT questions. The good thing is that these questions are regularly updated to serve the current needs of prospective DAT Candidates. There are PAT generators that ensure you have a good supply of questions to keep you occupied.

Intuitive tracking

You can improve your learning process by getting feedback on your progress. By knowing where you are weak, you will know how to allocate resources to be more efficient. The unique tracking software aids you to be better.

Average scores of DATCrusher students

The official site is transparent to display the average score of students who have taken the course before their DAT. This is the performance of students:

24AA| 23 RC| 23 PAT| 26 MDT.

DATCrusher five star review


DATCrusher positive cutomer feedback

DATCrusher student good recommendation

Upgraded Plan Offers

By upgrading your plan, you get access to the following:

DATCrusher Pricing

To upgrade your plan to be a premium member, make a financial budget of $299. The plan does not auto-renew and it lasts for 90 days. There is only one plan on this platform and it is affordable compared to the other programs on this list

Varsity Tutors – Personalized tutoring option

Varsity Tutors DAT Courses and Classes

Varsity Tutors offer award-winning courses, and the platform has a rating of 4.90/5.0, and over 15,000 clients. The platform has been featured by FOX, CBS, U.S. News, Times, and USA Today. One exceptional thing is that the platform has tutors from Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Cornell University. This shows the quality of the  platform and its regard for the highest standard.

The course offered here boosts your self-confidence and makes you ready for the exams. The platform has an Administrative structure that looks like this:

General Break Down of Questions

This brings the process to 5 hours, which can be considered to be brief. Bring it down to the  content area, we have:

Natural Science Breakdown of Questions

The natural science section includes Biology, Organic Chemistry, and General Chemistry., each having 40. 30 and 30 questions, respectively. The topics here span genetics, development biology, evolution, behavior and ecology, cell and molecular biology, and diversity of life.

Varsity Tutors trustpilot positive review

Varsity Tutors great customer review

Quantitative Reasoning Breakdown

This section comprises:

The applied mathematics includes word problems that are representative of the actual test. Here is the format of this section:


The site charges $50 to $100 per hour, which depends on the subject you choose to study. In some cases, the price can be as low as $99 and, in some, as high as $$1,296 for 12 hours. The hours of instruction can range from 12 – 48 hours, depending on what you want.

Hours Hourly rate Cost total
12 $108 $1296
24 $102 $2448
36 $95 $3420
48 $91 $4368

The platform is excellent and creative with its approach, and students have access to a wide range of materials. You can share your tutoring hours with friends and family. You can also access urgent tutoring when needed. The only drawback is the unavailability of a mobile app and live chat options.

BeMo Dental School Admission Consulting

BeMo Dental School Admission Consulting starting page

Students who want help making decisions and preparing for their DAT can jump on this platform. This top choice has an excellent reputation in the industry, with a 4.8 rating on Google reviews. Without breaking the bank, you access numerous materials that help you get in shape for the exam.

Hands-on experience with BeMo:

I experimented with this platform, and my experience was worthwhile. If I were to give a rating right off the bat, I would maintain the Google review rating of 4.8 out of 5. The consultants are current, and they know how to easily make everything flow. I discovered the following while on the platform:

BeMo Consulting customer review

BeMo Dental School Admission Consulting positive review


I can’t say that the price is low but it is worth it. Different prices are depending on what you want. Students must fill in details that allow the system to make suggestions, and this is what will determine the price you will pay. The standard package costs about $4,999, but the value you will get is priceless.

Final Verdict on DAT Prep Materials

After experimenting with all these products, here is the final verdict to help you make well-informed decisions

Now you can choose a program that will best prepare you for the DAT.


What is the best program to study for the DAT?
There are many incredible programs when it comes to preparing for the DAT. In my review I have pointed out some of the best options for students who need a little boost for their exams. You can assess your learning needs and goals and pick a plan that best suits you. However, the finest platform, according to my experience, is DATBootcamp.
What is the most accurate DAT practice test?
In terms of accuracy, Princeton and DATBootcamp go head-to-head. These platforms offer the most representative DAT questions.
What is the best app to study the DAT?
If you are on the go, then the best option for you is the DATBootcamp app. It is tailored to serve all your needs on the go. You can access videos, practice tests, and notes from the app.
Is Kaplan good for DAT prep?
Kaplan is one of the finest DAT prep courses in the market. The program is ideal for different types of students and has a high success rate.

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