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How to Tutor Writing and be a Good and Effective Tutor

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Do you have a flair for writing and communication? If yes, have you considered monetizing your skill?

Yes, you heard us right—you can turn your passion into a milestone for your professional development by offering tutoring services as a freelancer or with writing centers.

As a writing tutor, I’m sure you understand that creating an outline for a narrative essay is part of the writing process. Do you want to delve deeper into this? Our article, ‘How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline’, provides insightful tips to draft an effective narrative essay outline.

If you’re wondering whether it is a viable career choice or not, we have something that can help you decide. According to Zippia, there are more than 20,800 writing tutors in the USA and more than 18,400 writing center tutors.

This article will explore the world of writing tutors and talk about everything you need to know to understand how to tutor writing effectively.

writing tutors and talk about everything

What Does a Writing Tutor Do?

A writing tutor is essentially someone who smoothens the process for people that lack the skill.

You will have to teach your students the techniques, proper language, composing and structuring, and other writing processes. You might also be required to provide academic support by guiding them through their class writing assignments or school papers.

If you’re a budding writing tutor and also interested in how college essay writing rules can benefit your students, we have something that could be of great help. Our comprehensive guide on the ‘Ten Essay Writing Rules for College Students’ provides in-depth insights into the grammatical structure and nuances of essay writing.

Often, tutors help students through a writing assignment by presenting a sample to observe the construction of the piece and how the communication has been delivered.

As paid tutors, you must monitor your student’s progress and modify your teaching process accordingly.

Responsibilities of a Writing Tutor

So, what does a writing tutor do?

Let us glance over some of the most prominent day-to-day responsibilities of writing tutors

  • Edit documents for your students
  • Educate your students on the fundamentals of reading, writing, and reviewing all genres
  • Offer exceptional knowledge of grammar, language, and composition. It includes providing insights into sentence structure, paragraph development, and more
  • Help students develop writing strategies
  • Attend and conduct meetings and workshops on writing styles, grammar, and formatting
  • Practice peer tutoring
  • Use telecommunication and internet tools to ensure a smooth learning process
  • Manage your branding for yourself or the writing center or university campus you are associated with
  • Help students develop critical thinking, organizing, and analyzing skills

How to be a Good Writing Tutor?

Now that you know what a writing tutor does, you might be wondering how to be a good writing tutor. Here are the critical skills required for writing tutor jobs.


As a tutor, you should be able to provide a vast knowledge of language and grammar to help students. When you enable students to work on their grammatical errors, their work improves significantly.

Personalized sessions can help you analyze their work critically and bring out any gaps in the structure, syntax, grammar, and overall content.


While grammar may be the backbone of writing, literature is crucial to writing too.

A good tutor has sound knowledge of literature and can pass it on to students through discussions and courses. The more the students understand literature, the better they can develop their critical thinking and analyzing skills.

Tech Savvy

Technology has taken over most aspects of our lives today. If you want to be a successful tutor, you need to be tech-savvy to connect with your students.

Not only should you be well-versed with online conferencing options for classes, but you should also provide your students with videos and virtual assignments.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills

Tutoring is a profession where you will interact with all kinds of students. If you want them to have a pleasant experience, let us look at some soft skills you need as a tutor.

  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Active listening
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Positivity
  • Confidentiality
  • Communication
  • Time management

How to Tutor Writing Effectively?

Whether you tutor individual students or take group sessions like writing center consultants, tutoring is not an easy job.

Let us look at some ways you can tutor students effectively through the various stages of their progress.

Help Students Understand the Language

Reading is perhaps the most crucial habit to write well. It shows children the correct form of the language, and they tend to learn from it.

You can ask your students to rewrite the content that they read to help them develop their style and vocabulary. At this point, you shouldn’t be concerned with the content. Rather, you should emphasize composition and narration.

Focus on Revisions

Instead of asking your students to maximize the quantity of their output, work towards enhancing the quality.

Revising and creating one good article is far better than writing five mediocre articles. You should be a critic of your student’s work, but remember to present positive criticism.

Encourage Students to Rectify Their Mistakes

When you focus on revisions, don’t do most of the work yourself. Instead, let your students work on their errors till they submit the perfect write-up.

Being a good writer, you might be tempted to make the revisions yourself. However, encouraging the students to work on their revisions enhances their learning.

Dimensions of Writing

Teach your students about the three dimensions of good writing.

  • Cohesion: Ensure that every piece of information being written is relevant to the topic
  • Variety: Keep the content interesting by using different types of words and punctuations. Moreover, the sentences and paragraphs should have varying lengths
  • Vocabulary: Instead of piling on adjectives, try using rich verbs and nouns

Help Students Identify Their Errors

While teachers generally mark their students’ errors and ask them to work on their mistakes, you could also let them find their own errors.

Hold brainstorming sessions and give them hints, such as “There is an unnecessary comma on this page.” It will enable them to figure out where they went wrong.

How to Create your Resume for Writing Tutor Jobs?

How to Create your Resume for Writing Tutor Jobs?

If you’re unsure how to present yourself as a tutor on your resume, look no further. We’ve rounded up our trusty tips to help you nail your resume.

Things to Include

  • Skills: Pick relevant keywords from the job description to highlight your skillset. Write about your tutor training course or any other writing-intensive courses that you’ve completed
  • Experience: Only include experiences relevant to the position, such as faculty member or educational center director
  • Achievements: Focus on accomplishments that are unique and quantifiable. For instance, “introduction and successful completion of e-learning in the spring semester.”


If you want your resume to appear professional, you need to ensure impeccable formatting.

You should also try to build a resume that is ATS-friendly. Employers use the software to sort through applicants.

How to Become a Freelance Writing Tutor?

The first and most important requirement for becoming a writing tutor is ensuring that you possess the necessary skills. While passion is essential, it isn’t enough to become a tutor—the skills are what make you eligible.

It doesn’t mean that you need to have a degree. However, your chances of success in the field may improve with a degree.

You should, of course, hold some formal education in the language you want to teach. If you can demonstrate your academic and professional background, you can convince people that it is worth paying you to learn from you.

If you’re confident that you possess the skills and abilities to make a difference in students’ life, you should proactively look for opportunities.

Do your research and look for bulletin boards and services that advertise freelance tutors. You will have to make an effort to market yourself as a worthy option.

How to Become a Certified SAT Tutor?

If you think you can help students crack the SAT, becoming a certified SAT tutor is a great career opportunity for you. As long as you possess the skills, you shouldn’t have any issues finding students.

While there are no official certification requirements to become an SAT tutor, you could get certified via private organizations. Besides helping you market yourself better, the certification will also enhance your abilities.

Going the extra mile to become a certified SAT tutor by taking a tutor training course will also stand as a testament to your dedication.

How to Become a Resume Writer?

Resume writing is the art of portraying someone as an ideal candidate for a job using appropriate language. You can take up resume writing gigs as a freelancer or associate yourself with an organization.

If you want to become a professional resume writer, you can take up courses to train in the field. One of the most popular courses available is from the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA). Their training program consists of nine modules encompassing basic and advanced strategies.

How to Become a Writing Center Tutor?

How to Become a Writing Center Tutor?

If freelancing is not your thing, don’t worry! You can always look for writing centers. Since t will be a formal job, the writing center might have specific requirements in terms of education and experience.

Although a writing center will typically require you to possess a college degree, in some cases, a high school degree, a GED, or a tutor training course might suffice.

If you’re interested in working as a lone wolf, a writing center might not be the right place for you. At a center, you will be a part of professional staff and must work in collaboration with other old and new tutors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find jobs to tutor writing?

Tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular profession. The writing process can be challenging to grasp, and tutors try to bridge this gap with their influence.

If you think you can positively influence someone’s writing, you should actively seek opportunities in the industry.

There are many tutoring companies and services that can help you look for tutoring gigs. If you’re not sure which one to pick, don’t worry. We have reviewed dozens of these services to help you find the best opportunity for yourself.

2. How to tutor your child in reading and writing?

It is important to foster these habits from a young age.

If you want to teach your children how to read, begin by reading aloud to them. You should then ask them questions to help them recall what they heard. Writing is a tad more challenging task. Sit with your child and brainstorm their ideas before you begin writing to get their creative juices flowing.

If you’re looking for tutors to give your children a boost while you continue tutoring them at home, you can always check out our website.

Closing Notes

If you want to become a writing tutor, you need to prepare for the good and bad of it all. While the opportunity seems quite lucrative, it will involve heavy lifting, such as producing a writing sample from time to time, studying various disciplines like history, and even peer tutoring.

You can decide to become either a freelance writing tutor or join a writing center. While freelancing will give you the privilege of choosing your own students and creating your own schedule, a writing center provides job security, and you won’t have to scout for gigs yourself.

The field of becoming a writing tutor is quite vast and full of opportunities. If you’re interested in becoming one, look for resources and the best tutoring platforms that can make you a better tutor and help you find gigs.


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